Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just another manic wednesday. It could as well be tuesday.... saturday. Even sunday.... who 'rests' on sundays any longer? Not even God, I am sure. With Mumbai Indians and the Knight Riders out of the IPL, half my interest are gone. In any case, I'll be in Sri Lanka, enjoying String hoppers and some wonderful company of old friends. Yes, they will want to know what's going on with our cricketers... is SRK sulking big time, has Sachin taken responsibility for that disastrous last over bowled by Fernando? Was the umpiring fair? Will Preity still be hugging her men, well after the last match is played?
As of now, all eyes in Mumbai are on the Bandra-Kurla link.... it's looking very photogenic. Let's hope it sorts out all those hideous traffic problems that drove poor Jeffrey Archer nuts during his short visit to Mumbai. He made a reference to Indian traffic conditions at every single press conference. When was the last time Archer tried crossing the road at Oxford Street back home?


Girish Mallya said...

Nice to see you blog. I used to read your columns regularly in Sunday Mid-day (if I remember correctly), but after that I gave up, as they seem to lose the original flavour (just too many strong personal negative opinions). But this blog has been a refreshing change.

You might want to allow anonymous comments on your blog to start off and discontinue it should things get too nasty.(as it will encourage many more people to comment. Plus its just too easy to create dummy/fake profile/blog to post nasty comments, if one really wants to do it)

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