Saturday, May 9, 2009

'Glitz and Grime' on BBC

There is a veritable mini forest of Brazilian Copper trees in full bloom outside my balcony. It is such a visual treat to stand there at sunset, looking over the canopy of gold ( why are they called 'copper' when they are actually golden?) and watch that molten blob ( SURYA) disappearing into the Arabian Sea. I love this moment, and no matter how stressful the day has been, I ALWAYS say a prayer for small mercies and salute the dying day for all that it has given me. The heat haze adds a soft focus glow to the scene, rendering it far more beautiful than it is. Mumbai's notorious pollution adds to the surrealism.... but who's complaining? We all need our illusions, right?

Gogia Pasha, where are you? The day of reckoning is here ( Election results), and everything is up in the air - including the top job. I'm off to Inox to watch Antaheen, the very Bong film with two Bengali tigresses in the lead ( Sharmila Tagore and Aparna Sen). Review tomorrow. Inshallah. Had promised my husband I'd rest my shoulder over weekends - at least on sundays. But I am not sure I'll be able to honour that vow. Khair.... if nothing else, I'll post the column that appeared in Asian Age today. Those of you who get to watch BBC at GMT times, look out for the series Glitz and Grime anchored by Mihir Bose. I have the telecast timings. But am too lazy to refer to them right now. I'm sure the website can provide those details. Gotta run. Dinner at Tetsuma, apres-movie. Since Aditya, my son with the caramel eyes, is involved with the restaurant, I am allowed to boast. It is by far the best fusion Japanese cuisine outside Nobu, as good as Wasabi... without Wasabi's killer prices. And yes - we pay for our meal, just like everybody else!! Ciao ciao. That's for my daughter Arundhati, who is holidaying with Madhu Sapre at Madhu's charming Italian seaside home in a village called Riccione. I shall miss her madly tomorrow at the Mother's Day Brunch. The first one she will be missing.


Sumon said...
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Anil Kumar said...

There are new entries for people who deserve latest round of thappads.

1) Lalit Modi - First he brought sl_tty cheerleaders to the game of cricket. Now he is allowing satta...over by over.

These PIMPS are the KINGS these days.

2) RGB/Amitabh Bachhan - Looks like MONEY is all that matters to these two clowns. They didn't even spare national anthem for CHEAP PUBLICITY. If a social activist twists national anthem you could have some respect for them. I never thought someone like Amitabh Bachhan will be so reckless with his love for Amar Singh, hungry for money.
Someone should tell him..

Poot sapoot tto kyuon dhan sanchay
Poot kapoot tto kyon dhan sanchay.

muthu said...

The setting sun does provide the most lovely scene of the day. Ms.De

and yeah... Election result day is something I can look forward to... Not only it s my b day, and it will also the day of total fun to watch (in political scenario...) :):)

obssesor said...

Your life seems such a vacation!
I knw it isnt but grass is al!

Theyoginme said...

Shobhaa can you post some pictures of this sunset.

Sameer said...

I really wish Shobhaa you should have some program on TV which says " A day with Shobhaa De" or something like that. I think it will be cool for someone from economically challenged background or socially outcast groups to be with you for a full day. I know it will be memorable event for them throughout their life. You live such a royal life but sound so "aapali" :) You mix hindi with English...I do same with Marathi and English. My american colleagues now know words like "khadus" and "nakki" :) Joys of globalization. Have fun on Mother's Day

Vijay said...

You could see the Bay of Bengal from Mumbai????

Opinionated Indian said...

I love the way you express your opinions. There is one more blog which makes me sleep which sounds like a preacher blog as if the blogger is the best, ideal human being on this earth. In reality, he is playing with National Anthem to gain cheap publicity and blaming it on producer. Indians are inert, passive creatures.

Anil Kumar said...

Indians are INDEED inert, passive creatures. The level of desperation in some of these LEGENDS and the WISDOM of MEDIA is incredible.

1) Some of the people who were taught to have journalistic values have left the journalist values in the gutter. The way parties are labeled as SECULAR and NON-SECULAR by elite media like NDTV and others is amazing.

2) Shahrukh, Preity and Shilpa are the cricket's NEW LEGENDS in this kalyugi times. NDTV's love for them is extraordinary. They too are shameless and never miss any opportunity.

3) Amitabh Bachhan's new love for NDTV is understandable. After all Aishwarya did a special dance on 7 wonders of India program and that too without revealing. And in return a mediocre actor Abhishek becomes brand ambassador of NDTV.

4) Ganguly can give useful performaces but he can't win matches of his own. But he still finds it difficult that time has come to hang up his shoes.

5) Amar Singh is a cross breed of a human and dog.

6) It's a side news when Mulayam Singh openly tells that SP will support any part who can throw Mayawati Memsahab out from UP.


Shachi said...

I love watching sunsets - and how nice that you say a touched me....

Wasabi and Nobu in Mumbai? wow life is good out there.

Enjoy Mothers Day!

R.Alamsha Karnan said...

To break the second class citizen mentality, Indian Muslims should think about making Muslim candidates as PM of India and CM of Tamil Nadu in next 10 years:

Just look at the elections. Everyone takes Muslims for a ride. Muslim vote bank is becoming irrelevant in the win/loss of a candidate. 250 million Muslims are standing as silent spectators expecting that a great saviour will emerge one day from nowhere, pull them out of their political "shutradom", and will put them on par with other political Brahmans.

If someone says that a Muslim can become the next CM of Tamil Nadu in less than 10 years, it will sound like some sort of travesty and blasphemy on Indian politics. It is just impossible for 20% Indian Muslims to make a Muslim candidate as the next CM of Tamil Nadu, even if they vote en masse.

It is definitely possible if they can send the right message to the 80% Hindus and win their support. If Muslims can think about the magic formula required to win the support from 80%, it will automatically push them out of second class mentality.

Is it possible?. What Indian Muslims should do to make a Muslim as the next CM of Tamil Nadu and PM of India?.

LumousP said...

this is the first time i am commenting on your blog, though i have been following it for days. i could understand though, how can the Bay of Bengal be seen from Mumbai? ;)

plus, yeah, Antaheen does looks like totally Bong. will wait for your review.

LumousP said...

Another thing i couldnt comprehend, how come 'Jalsaghar' comes under the 'foreign films' category in your profile?

kala said...

Read your Asian Age article. Excellent. No doubt, you write with a heart.

Nivedita said...

We all need our illusions. Love that!!!

Just happened to find you on the bloggers...such an interesting space you have here...and I had no idea.

While I was reading your post, all of a sudden I missed being in Mumbai.

Stop by my blog sometime. I've met your son a couple of times, at art events, here in Dubai.

shall keep stopping by your blog for more :))


Nikita said...

Happy Mother's Day.
Loved your description of the sunset.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Sudheendra Kulkarni of the BJP and Jyotiraditya Scindia of the Congress declared the other day (on NDTV 24x7) that BJP and the Congress might actually 'work together' to form a govt. of 'national unity', following the elections.

Politics surely is the art of the possible.


Anil Kumar said...

I think it's a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY on the part of political parties that before the elections these parties are cutting each others throat and when the results are about to come they become strange bed fellows to form the government.

That's why an average voter gives DIRTY LOOKS to all those in MEDIA and BOLLYWOOD who encourage people to vote.



Eis hamaam mein sabhi nange hain and each party is making the water in this HAMAM VERY FILTHY AND DIRTY.

Isn't it time to put existing DEMOCARTIC process to dustbin and formulate a different approach to cater for the demands of this country. Huge number of regional parties, multiple languaqges, different castes and so on makes our democracy USELESS...All intellectuals who are sitting and teaching in universities should be included in a national debate on how to change the laws related to the magical number of 272 so that our democracy becomes bearable.

IF MEDIA IS SERIOUS TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE AND COUNTRY THEN THEY SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON THIS ASPECT OF DEMOCRACY RATHER THAN CONCENTRATING ON IPL, asking people to SMS on Rakhi Sawant'sswanyawar to generate revenue and so on...the list of their stupidity is endless.

*Aham* said...

we should start building a museum of trees. They would soon be history. We should have a rule imposed about every building adopting atleast 2 trees... if not on a national or state level, atleast every building society should have a "Tree Nurturing" fee component in their society bills. Be it just 10 rupees a month... Paying up.. would ensure a deep sense of responsibility and ownership... Hai na?

Sharmila.. I dont know why, i was never fond of her when in her youth.. i feel she looks better now. And I dont find her to be a great actress...

Aparna... I love her.

Miohir Bose wala interview online, is viewable only in the UK... Still, here is the link.

Aditya! your genes at play... definitely... Chak De! :-)

You come across as sisters and friends with Arundhati, but at the same time... you are the Mother who is a friend.. and not a friend who happens to be her mother :) SAw her pics on FB. She wished me on my birthday there... Very beautiful she looks :)

Vyne said...

The molten blob outside my balcony never sets....that too is on the B.O.B. Bay of Bengal? naaa... Bank of Baroda:)

Hard to believe there used to be a time when BBC was the only Phoren news channel widely available!

Yeah election results are eagerly awaited...after the BJPs India Shining and five years of Congress Hand Job lets see who gets to wear the crown..

Pls let us know when Nobu opens here. Will have to start saving a year in advance:( impossible to get over their Ginger Sorbet..

Finally, where's the review of the Bengal tigeresses? We want to know who got more points? Bay of Bengal or Babes of Bengal?

suresh said...

surprising that after being a thorough Mumbai-bred, you cannot distinguish the Arabian Sea from the Bay of Bengal ? Too much of gossip about people makes one forget Geography, eh ???

maha said...

pictures are missing in the post if that are available the post will look very cool....

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