Monday, September 28, 2009

Now do you believe me???

Guys, I am astonished by the number of strange responses to the earlier pic! Here's another lion cub and more 'proof' ' ! Perhaps I am crazy... but I do love animals and the cubs were adorable. The first one is NOT stuffed, and was a bit too 'playful'. I was told not to touch its nose or tail.... or risk getting my head\hand bitten off. But as you can see, tummy tickles are permitted! I hope my credibility is back on track now!
Unlike Mr. Bachchan I had to wait for nearly 24 hours to blog after attending the same function last night. He was at it minutes after leaving the venue. He was kind enough to provide useful tech-tips on how to upload pics from my phone, but I'm still light years away from mastering that skill. I always enjoy running into Mr. B, even when we are spatting. For one, he has a sense of humour. For another, he also has a way with words. At the stylish GQ Awards, where he was given yet another Lifetime Achievement recognition, he was at his debonair best and certainly had the last word when he plugged his own blog as a parting shot. I'm wracking my brains to come up with a suitable blogwar with him in the near future - the issue has to be strong enough. Now that Amitabh is doing his Dr. Freud number in the Bigggggg Bossssss, I'll watch my thoughts before posting them!
Kareena Kapoor handed over an award (same event) to beau Saif Ali Khan with a priceless sign off line . Gushed the maiden while declaring not-so-coyly , " I am so lucky... the winner will spend the night in my arms!" How's that for straight talk?? Are you blushing??? More prude, you!!
Here's the bad news about posting my speech at the Leadership Conclave in Delhi. It was extempore and unscripted. I hate prepared texts and always speak spontaneously after jotting down a few key points on random slips of paper. I am sure the Wockhart Foundation has a video recording, so I'll just ask for it to be uploaded and give you guys the link. All I can tell you is that I spoke from the heart and in my experience that's what works best.


The Panorama said...

Nice post with yet another cute pic!

Snigdha said...

Kareena is an undereducated stupid woman...was just watching her recently on farah's show...she really cant talk. And ofcourse, she is super happy and proud to have saif as her arm candy (wonder why??) and thats why she just keeps gushing and smiling. But have to give that the woman knows how to act, guess thats just the genes...

maglomaniac said...

Spontaneous talking is what I have always liked.thoughts should be free and unbounded rather than penned and scripted.And you talking spontaneous at such great place really shows your spontaneity.Do,drop me a link.
And now the pic looks ahem ahem a bit real.


maglomaniac said...

And why the word verification.
End it dear.I havent seen any spam in your blog.
And it generally doesn't come.
Removing it wud increase commentability.


Unknown said...

Now I am trying to believe that the cub is live. I can never forget Elsa of the Born Free fame.
As for kareena and saif, the day is not far off when they will come to their senses and split. Till then, we have to tolerate her.
Farah Khan's reality show is good as long as the guests are lively. But hrithik and kangana were so deadpan and serious, the show looked like a funeral.
Lux bride show is good because all the participants are normal yet interesting. And why should the girls cry when they try to snatch one of the five as if there is a dearth of grooms? Are they little girls fighting over chocolates? Its a combination of a little bit of splitsvilla and big boss. But more tolerable because they are not denied of food and sleep and are also not that rude.
Bachchan dwells more in the past and some of his blogs are quite interesting though not his gushing EF. They sound like some bhajan group.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

We believe, we are bold and proof required please...and not so dangerous, as that one:)

"Kareena Kapoor handed over an award (same event) to beau Saif Ali Khan with a priceless sign.. " YEH TO GHAR KI BAAT HAI:-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe self.

Harish said...

Wowie! Mast che!! Wonder when our zoos would be habitable for animals, and hospitable and 'visit'able for visitors. **** amitabh is really so blog savvy?? I toh thought he wud be getting his seccy to type. **** amitabhs once-almost bahu's sister- kareena, is scatterbrained and comes across as duhh, bt all said and done, i love her frank zubaan-pe-no-lagaam speeches. She is outside, what she is inside- untutored, unpolished, raw.

manjiT said...

2 pics of u teasing the cub!! 'ajj tak' do blog, don't they? :)) lolz

Theyoginme said...

Shobhaa both pics were great and the first one was incredible as it made the cub look much bigger, classy pic.. I think I am gonna send you one of my Ultra Flip's so you can upload videos into blogger with real ease. That is how I have done all the videos on my blog. Its really easy.. plug it in to your laptop. You will give Big B a run for his money :)

SUFFIX said...

Another nice pic, i think the cub relished by the tigress touch!! Thanks Mam, we will wait for your speech video upload.

Shachi said...

wow - u r so lucky....this picture and the previous one are amazing!!!!!

As of Kareena and Saif - I concur with the comments here....have a feeling they will head to splitsville.....

Chandni (Chanz) said...

hi shobha... i think both the pics were amazing... the earlier pic had a sense of strength and powerfullness attached to it but the second pic seems more real... :)

n as far as kareena's "the winner will spend the night in my arms" is concerned, this was just a publicity stunt... so it shouldnt really be bothering us.. way to go kareena and saif...

Lover of the written word. said...

The second para about Kareena was Hilarious!
And through your post i realized that Mr. Bachan is pretty tech savvy.
and YES..your tattoo is so amiable.

Balvinder Balli said...

Yes Shobhaa, you speak from your heart and that is the reason why you have so many fans, including me, of course.

Unknown said...

Kala love ur ‘bahjan group ‘ comment… I am diabetic becoz of reading the comments thr sic sic

Shobha u look awesome.. you have to share with us secret of your fit body!! Especially when you eat everythin hmmmmmmm

Saif n Kareena r non existent ... Kareena has no other movie except JWM to talk abt...... I am thinking..

Love always


Neeraj Shinde said...

I believe it now! :)

Jyostna said...

This is my first visit to ur blog. After Mr. Bachan mentioned about your blog in his yesterday's post, I made an effort to read some ur posts. I should say I really enjoyed ur writings and of course one will obviously u r a master of columnists. the cub is really adorable.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Kala: I am totally tickled by the Bhajan Group comment. I loved it!

the maxy blog said...

Hi Shobhaa ur so lively and so real, ur adorable, hope to c more snaps,


Another Kiran In NYC said...

So Bacchan is a new age Ashok Kumar commenting on every episode of a show?

Do you remember Ashok Kumar and his preface for every episode of Hum Log?

My goodness did I just mention humlog. I did date myself. Yes, I come from an era when DD had just one soap that we all looked forward to after dinner everynight! Bilkul Medevial!

So Bacchan, do rewatch some of those Ashok Kumar episodes. He was avuncular and honest if somewhat oldfashioned. Still I think Ashok Kumar was the best part of HumLog apart from that Chikna young lead actor (the amitious son of the family)who was my first celebrity crush at 12! Where is that actor anyway?

Samindra Das said...

One can pet Lion and Tiger Cubs in amy of the zoos of thw owrld. This is regular tourist norm in the Singapore zoo. Everyones prized possession photo of the visit to Singapore zoo is to click them with the cubs sitting on your lap. Hence, I am wondering why people were putting up the strange comments. Probably after effects of that MP who went int a tigers cage and petted it.
Samindra Das, Mumabi, India, 30.09.2009, 10.15 am

Gajendra said...

hey shobhaa....what does the tattoo say ?

Unknown said...

Hello Shobhaji,

My name is Mital,live in US and just found out yesterday that you also have a blog. I read Mr.Amitabh Bachchan blog each day and when he spoke about you having one I was so excited. I find you as one of the most goal-oriented and successful woman of our times. One major thing i must say, WHAT BEAUTY you have.....keep it up!! Looking at you makes me want to look better each and every day.
Now I know you have a blog, I'll be keeping up with it.

Take Care

Unknown said...

For once, I envy you!

It must've felt so good to make friends with that oversized kitten.


Unknown said...

Nice pic......we believe you no need for any proofs etc. Lucky woman you got a chance to play with a cub :)

Interesting idea of starting a blog war wid Big B.......we will get lots of meat. So when are you starting it?
Big B is d best host for Big Boss till date. Roping Jaya Sawant for BB was a very stupid idea. poor woman.

Kareena n Saif their career is over so they r dng anything to catch lime light.

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Maha said...

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