Thursday, May 20, 2010

Four Season's idea of P.R.!!!!

I so wanted to caption the pictures..... even the ones from the previous blog..... but I goofed up. Well, these two deserve an 'explanation', especially the one of me taken right after my rapturous experience inside this Cathedral which houses The Shroud.
The other one was shot just before the sun sank into the hills in a pale pink chiffon haze, and the lights came on in the square as if by magic. As you can tell..... I left a bit a bit of me in Torino. I get the feeling I'll go back some day soon...... the spirits are calling me!
Talking of the worst P.R. ever - what's with these guys at the Four Season's Hotel?? Get off your high horses, chaps. Mumbaikars have grown up with the exemplary courtesy displayed by our oldie goldies - the magnificent Taj and the swanky Oberoi. For us, the Four Season's is an arriviste - a new kid on the block! Brash, bold but not particularly impressive. It is these guys who need to go the extra mile in the charm initiative. But going by a recent experience, those pinch faced, scrawny P.R. gals employed by the hotel need a crash course in basic good manners. It was shocking to see their high handed behaviour during a photo shoot. Most hotels fall over backwards once they sign on for a shoot. When we were shooting with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the J.W.Marriott a couple of months ago, it was an absolute breeze. It is a win -win situation for both parties - no favours involved or expected. But the brusque and plain shrewish conduct on display last afternoon, made me wonder if the Four Season's brand in India requires the services of a local grooming and etiquette expert to teach the staff how we do it here. The Taj durwans could provide a crash course - for free!!!


Latha said...

Although your crisp comments, "kadak head master ( Manmohan Singh ), and worse, by a class monitor ( Abhishek Manu Singhvi).....
For all those cribbing and carping or asking for Ramesh’s head on a platter...." raised a few guffaws (you have a funny way of putting things),things are not so simple Shobaa.
China is issuing passports to people in Kashmir as if it is its territory, encroaching in Arunachal Pradesh & Ladakh region of J&K, & plans to construct a dam over the Brahmaputra, known as the Tsangpo.
Not only that, it gives weapons to Pak & surrounding us on all sides. This is not a joke. If any country had done this to the US, things would've been different.
And up & above all this, this loudmouth Jairam Ramesh goes there to criticise our HM saying that we are paranoid. What was he thinking ? He deserves all the condemnation. This is no laughing matter.
Photos were gorgeous. Who is that lady who stands with you ? Pl introduce her.

*Aham* said...

am amazed, how could four seasons behave so bad. Did you give them a chamaat? guess they deserved one.

Blogs are so empowering. I also vaat lagaoed some mad guy by pasting his personal homophobic comments up opn my blog. Later, i removed it post a genuine apology.

These newbies na, they think they are in some jannat. some grow wings faster, and think they can fly.

i trust the old vintage ones. tried. tested. and jabardast.

Pooja Rathore said...

ma de,
i loved the photos newones and the ones from previous post. you look very good in a saree it enhances your personality.
i hope the hotel gets your message and do the needful-apply for the crash course at the earliest!

Sidhusaaheb said...

The closest connection I feel towards the place is through Fabricca Italiana Automobili Turino. Pity they don't make those gorgeous Spyders any more though!

Tor Hershman said...

Most amusing.

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Anonymous said...

@ Siddhusaheb, along with FIAT, probably the greatest Italian Football Club ever, Juventus, based in Turin.

UjSen said...

I think it's safe to say that most of us here envy your life to quite an extreme, yes ?


sunil golcha said...

hi shobha
brilliant photographs
btw which camera do you use
i will buy that if i can afford it

AMIT said...

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