Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why No WAGS in India...?

There was just one marvelous (published) ‘family’ image after the Indian Cricket team’s spectacular win at the historic World Cup, which looked romantic and intimate… it featured the Captain Dhoni’s young bride Sakshi, resting her head against his broad shoulders, her eyes shut , and a big, blissed out smile on her face. He himself looked slightly preoccupied and distant, with the (replica?) Cup held lightly between his knees, his freshly tonsured head reflecting the last rays of the setting sun. This picture was taken at the disastrous, hastily put together reception for the team on the lawns of the Raj Bhavan. Other than that, zilch! we had countless photographs of our hirsute, burly ‘Boys’ smooching the Cup – the blessed Cup! Not wives, not girlfriends! How peculiar. Sachin, the idealised Father , was allowed to take his victory lap with his two kids ( strictly, no spouse). But being the reticent, restrained husband in public, he also did not blow kisses to his wife nor pose for lovey -dovey pictures with Anjali at all the countless photo shoots that followed. Even the biggest players in the team ( and I’m not talking about their performances on the field ), Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh, behaved coyly on and off the grounds, especially regarding the late, late, late ‘after party’ dawn hi-jinks at the Taj Mahal Hotel. It was only after starlet Neha Dhupia posted a picture partying with Yuvi, and dj Sophie Choudhary tweeted about the same fella at the same event, that fans found out Yuvi was indeed on a double date with two buxom glam gals that glorious night. Disappointingly, Bhajji was his lonesome ownsome self during the revelry – no wonder he drank gallons of champagne to boost up his flagging spirits. About the others – well, if there was something sizzling to report, we’d have known it by now.

What’s with us? Look at the sex appeal quotient of the current team – they are all serious hotties – himbos, even. Great bods, great attitude, proven performance. Testosterone- in- motion. And yet, when it comes to hook- ups and scandals, they behave like virginal school boys with stern principals looking over their shoulders at all times – even in the boudoir. Compared to these Goody Goody guys, an older generation of cricketers appear far more rakish, daring, dashing and lust worthy. All those juicy stories, all those link- ups….wow. The Noob and his Begum ( Pataudi and Sharmila, if you must know), Imran Khan and Zeenat Aman. Then later, Azaruddin and Bijli. What’s the point of being a God- like, macho sports star with swooning fans, if you are going to behave like a village school master or a head priest? These guys are young, some are single and free to mingle, and others are married to good lookers…. come on…. loosen up! Look at those English footballers, or the soccer\ baseball stars in America. Check out Christiano Ronaldo and his track record with girls. Or the Aussies! Shane Warne and his tootsies across the world ( Liz Hurley being the latest). These guys add some much- needed masala to the sport they play. The smartest move David Beckham ever made was to marry Posh. She’s the one with the brains, while he has the brawn. Together, they make a fantastic combo. So fantastic, in fact, that they can happily retire on the endorsement fees they’ve earned as a couple – perhaps the best looking couple on Planet Sports. That’s shrewd thinking. I really don’t know what our Boys are waiting for – they should just go ahead and do it – flaunt their lady loves. There’s no dearth of great lookers ready to date these men. It’s a win-win situation for both. But according to reliable sources, these hunks are scared of their mothers! Reportedly, each time Bhajji gets close to a girl, he warns her that his mother’s approval is what matters the most! When these chaps do marry, they keep their wives under wraps and rarely pose with them. Thank God our tennis stars are more upfront – and why not? Leander has Rhea. Mahesh bagged Lara. Both realize the brand value of their high profile partners. That leaves the other World Champions – Vishwanath Anand never hides his lovely wife. But Abhinav Bindra and Vijendra Singh are reluctant to reveal their dates ( assuming they do date!). Come on, Boys in Blue. What have you to lose?The world is at your feet… and that includes countless gorgeous gals. Go for it! Hila do !


cmpershad said...

Pritish Nandi said 'the Indian cricket team taday is as inclusive as it gets. The bowling attack is led by two young Muslims The coach is a devout christian. The captain comes from a backward state. The icon player is a Brahmin. The top spinner is a sikh.' Hail the unity in diversity in India that is Bharat :)

Sushant Kumar said...
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Sushant Kumar said...

I guess if they loosen today, those threads would be pulled (badly) if they loosen up their game or are in bad form.
But yeah, someone has to take the lead.

avidblogger said...

How come two same articles are posted under different headings? "If I were Dhoni's mom.." and "Why no WAGS in India?" have the same article posted. Kuch gadbad hai bhai. I dont want to miss out on any of the articles so can someone please look into this.

Tsomo85 said...

If I were Dhoni's mom was fun and sweet article. I read it from the decan chronic......yeah it seem as there's some tech problem here. Don't worry guys I'm sure she will fix it & you guys will not miss it. hehe

Tsomo85 said...

cmpershad: That proves at end of day we're all human being with same needs & necessary & suryadev has gave all of us same amount of power & strength to shine us. Rest who cares!

Pushkal said...

Every 1 in the team had comrade of winning d WC and after winning d WC v can c d pantomime in each n every player in d team n also d fans who were watching it without even an break ...!!

Go Boys BLEED BLUE it'ssssss time 4 party ......!!
Chak De INDIA.....!!
Hila do............!!

Shampa said...

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Chandrasekar said...
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Arjun said...

The logic is very simple here. The moment you start making comparisons with the likes of Beckhams and Roonies, it'll just not add up.
Those guys have been well paid bunch of footballers for long now. The IPL has just made our sportsmen the envy of the world not very long ago. Anyone and everyone nouveau riche sportsman that is being paid such handsome sums is bound to make sure it lasts, be it through endorsements and/or simply by playing. Now on the technicalities, start comparing the number of hours these boys have to stay on the field representing either their clubs or their respective nations, and add up the hours spent in the three activities of bowling, batting, fielding per player is far greater than footballers. Even if it is said that footballers play all year round too, just the fact that every football match outing is over and done with in a mere 1hr 30mins, means that footballers have a lot of time they can spend in between every outing, out of their time on fitness regimes, endorsements, et al. Compare that with the WAGS scene of cricketing sportsmen in England itself, or Australia or S.Africa; its not even an iota of what the sights n sounds or combinative brand following thats generated by footballers.
Most importantly, while attitudes and mindsets are moving steadily on the lines of western openness, and acceptance, the girls here are still quite conservative about the association with a guy celebrity. They're still not free to experiment like their western counterparts, where if things dont work out, they go their different ways. Here it is almost a case, where the couple will show themselves off, only of they are amply sure that they'd tie the knot on a mutually agreeable future date. :). So our players play the WAGS card very very carefully.
Bhupati and Leander's was a different case, where those guys hardly spend anytime in India, and more than a decade or so of overseas tennis circuit, have actually got them doing things more Firang than Indian, and they made merry under the limited local media intrusions in their lives, as Tennis is certainly not as big as cricket in India.

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