Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jhenda Ooncha Rahey Hamara....

These two images from my Paris- Reims trip are meant to tease your imagination. It was a memorable moment for me... tres sublime, as the French would exclaim! More about this particular ceremony and honour in my next blog. Till then, keep guessing!

This appeared in Bombay Times on Tuesday,11th Oct....

Can anybody explain the Malinga Magic….?

A really vibrant, well- traveled and very attractive Australian lady of a certain vintage, had stars in her eyes when I went to collect her from the hotel she was staying at. I thought she was blushing and teased her about it. She cooed, “What do you expect? I was in the same elevator as Malinga… he is soooo hot!” Wait a minute. Malinga? Hot? Apparently so. And not just ‘hot’ in the eyes of mature women. I have heard twenty-somethings gushing over the guy and screaming his name when he is playing. There has to be something bewitching about the man. But what? Charisma and sex- appeal are like that. It’s impossible to deconstruct the two. If Malinga appears an unlikely candidate to sweep the ‘sexiest man in cricket’ title, let’s take a straw poll right now. Hands up, for Malinga the Hottie! Did yours go up? Well, there you are. It can’t be the hair. It isn’t his physique ( not with that pot belly). It most certainly isn’t his sartorial style ( Malinga could pass off as the friendly neighbourhood coconut vendor ). So then? He isn’t even the best cricketer around! But , honestly speaking, he is certainly the most unforgettable one. Howcome? His errr… bowling action, for one. And above all, his rustic, natural charm. His individuality. He is a player fans want to watch. When he’s bowling ( or batting!), you can’t take your eyes off the guy. And with so many swooning females as his core constituency, Malinga should be getting a lion’s share of the juicy ads other cricketers hog. Mumbai Indians invested well when they put down all that dosh for Malinga. And what a thrilling Champion’s League win! Let’s wait for the next IPL… and more Malinga magic.
As for Shane Warne…. poor guy. This one is a goner! Crikey! As the Brits would say… a bloke who shares his girlfriend’s bronzer and mascara? Warne swears by Liz Hurley’s beauty products and readily admits to raiding her make–up kit. Ever since he hooked up with the luscious Liz, he has lost his original personality totally. While the weight loss is a good thing, the frosted hair, blush- on and lip gloss are a tad distressing. The old rough and tough Warnie has been remodeled by Hurley into a botoxed dandy. Next thing we know he’ll be confessing he likes wearing frilly knickers to bed! Since a wedding seems imminent,Liz must be working doubly hard on getting Warne into photo-worthy shape in order to flog the rights to the X’Mas nuptials – the bidding wars of the glossies have just begun.
A huge round of applause to Preeti Maria and the IMC Ladies’ Wing for getting the legendary Bangladeshi Fashion Icon, Bibi Russell to show her impeccable collection in Mumbai. Bibi is an extraordinary person who has almost single handedly revived the rich weaving traditions of her country, thereby providing much needed employment to thousands of skilled crafts people in and around Dhaka. Bibi is a pioneering entrepreneur, and it is only appropriate that our own dynamic women entrepreneurs honoured Bibi in the city, before the stampede to their charity-led annual pre-Diwali extravaganza begins today.


चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Malinga!!!!!!!! Hair style makes all the difference :) Congrats for the playcart... but looks they change the board as and when a new guest comes!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

blanc de blanc!!! Interest in a vinyard? Varietal named after you? Grape stomping party ho jaye? Did you have men in gold body paint, sandals and loin cloths, peel grapes for you? Awards and all. I am sure whatever it was, it certainly was an honor.

Come on, fess up, even brag a bit but tell all about your trip!

Liz Hurley has always been shaani but skanky. Men are merely her foil. Shane is being airbrushed with make up just as easily as her various "convenient for the moment" husbands/partners are airbrushed out of pictures. More power to both of them. Hope they both get maximum milage.

Yeh Malinga ka kuch pata nahi. I need to youtube him. Love it. To youtube is verb.

obssesor said...

like the board...I'm guessing a flower named after you?

Another Kiran In NYC said...
Those cheekbones!!!! Like Rachel Zoe would say. I die!
Just checking out Bibi Russell's work. Very nice.

Divya Virmani said...

Nice post. Never thought of Malinga in that way but I guess people do consider his a hottie! LOL

Mrs. De, I don't know if you have seen Bol movie; it's a pakistani movie but definitely a must watch.

Anil Kumar said...

Let me be clear...Malinga looks harmless and seems a nice guy.

But women from western world has this misconception that dark skinned people who have long and untidy hairs have also got a LONG DICK. They have this tendency that these kind of men can please them sexually as broken relationships from white men make them bitter. There are loads of such mixed couple in USA and they do look pathetic.

So Ms De don't get excited and carried away to write about such non-sense when some of these women who wont hesistate to have sex even with a OLD gorilla provided there are condoms available to match Gorilla's size.

There are more than 10,000 BLACK Negros who have started living in Delhi and adjoining areas and most of them supply drugs to some of these sluts and bastards. If this GREEDY Indian society and it's ministers dont wake up quickly to clean up these scums, the Indian families will face the same problem as faced in USA by white people. THE ONLY WORK THESE BLACK NEGROS KNOW ARE HOW TO SHIP DRUGS AND Laundiabaaji. If anyone reading this has any thoughts not to risk the future of familes and specially girls becoming victims of these black negros then make the MEA - ministry of external affairs to check the menace of negros in India and give special power to police so that they can check these peoples passport/visa and throw them out of the country who are trying to settle here and spread the curse of DRUGS to young men and women.

Pooja Rathore said...

i just closed my eyes and thought of malinga are right one cant take eyes off him(his persona is like that you have to keep looking at him) but every time he came on field his hair took my attention(i like the experiments he does with his hair and hair color).But my favourite is Sangakara something happens when i see him i find his face very intresting and he is very Handsome!

kakaka said...

its nice that you allow all comments on your page...but u need some censorship. how can you allow people to use the N word so openly. It is so offensive, please scan all your comments and delete the offensive ones.
Shane Warne will soon be raiding her bank account as well. She may be very smart but he is a master player, total Casanova. this relationship will fizzle as soon as they are out of media limelight.

Sudhir Kekre said...

de nombreuses felicitations pour dame.
Incidentally I too wrote about Malinga in my blog.

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