Sunday, December 4, 2011

Willingdon Warriors....

This is the winning team at a prestigious Golf tournament at Kandy in Sri Lanka. The Willingdon Warriors walked away with that gorgeous trophy! Guess which one is my son, Aditya in that triumphant group shot??
Shall post my tribute to Dev Anand tomorrow. But I really can hear him humming 'Gata Rahey Mera Dil' with all the nubile apsaras in Heaven!


Anonymous said...

Man in Black - Your son?

shbzr said...

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Pooja Rathore said...

nice post.Dev Anand( the true Libran) will be missed!
cant make out, but i think the one in black...but i have seen his pictures in speed post i love his eyes(big,deep and sexy) ,he is goodlooking and very attractive.if i could see the eyes of the men in photo it would have been very easy for me to pick aditya.

Tsomo85 said...

I can't tell which one is your son. The last time I saw him was in diaper. hehehehe lol From your super stylish old black and white pix. hahaha

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