Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What kind of a disgusting ad is that???

When a respected and respectable newspaper carries this offensive, yucky ad on it's entire front page on a Sunday, and nobody protests,it's time to worry. Come on, guys. Show some basic decency.
The other television commercial that gets my goat features Dhoni(what's the bet he's Bollywood- bound?) and a little boy who wants to pee. Dhoni picks up the kid and takes him to a kennel in the garden and makes him pee into the chained pet dog's food bowl!!! This is apparently to teach the pet dog not to pee on Dhoni's car. Disgraceful!
The ad I like stars Neetu (" I know EVERYTHING!") Singh.This one is clever and wonderfully executed. More Neetu, more! Now that Rauf Lala aka Rishi Kapoor has walked away with all the acting awards, it's time for you to strut your stuff - solo!


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Anonymous said...

Questioning about an ad through re-publication is a protest or promotion?

Manju M said...

Hello Shobhaa Ji...Yo have again stirred my mind as usual...This ad issue nvr caught my eye..Again u brought to our notice....It is absolutely necessary that basic levels of decency are maintained. And ads influnce the society at large. The ad-makers and media (newpapers, tv channels) should definitely re-think the after effects of airing or publishing such distasteful ads..

@Tushar- This re-publishing was necessary..So that the readers who have missed out on the ad in the newspaper come to know wat is being talked abt! So it is definitely a protest..not a promotion..

Anil Kumar said...

Your concerns sound like crocodile tears

What happened to the standards set by Vidya Balan and endorsed by you as awesome and masterstroke. What is the difference between this ad and that kutti you praised??

The bottom line is Indians have finally got hold of chuttad money by doing bajaru/dirty acts. Had this DIRTY money been available earlier you would have seen it when you were young.

There are numerous examples---various ads on TV show sick mentality of Indian society, DIRTY talk by some muslim bastard in bollywood with Madhuri Dixit and the sight of her husband Ram Nene looking helpless and everyone in the audience enjoying it, Harbhajan Singh lifting Nita Ambani and in the process stucking his finger inside her buttocks -watched in horror by Mukesh Ambani. There are numerous examples where MEDIA is showing woman as GB road commodity.

I wonder why does it bother you now???

Yesterday I saw a poor Rickshawawalla wearing a T-shirt with FUCK written in BIG abd BOLD letters. Little did he know the meaning of what he is wearing . Besides the people who made this T-shirt must have done it intentionally and twisted the UK brand FCUK. What a cheap way to spread the filth of west in India. Govt is sleeping while BLACK Negros from Nigeria are supplying drugs in west Delhi. A police estimate says there are more than 3000 black negros living in unauthorized colonies of Navada, Mohan Garden in west Delhi and are spreading the menace of drugs. THE MAHAJANS OF BJP used to get it from such crooks. Sardar Manmohan Singh is sleeping while the landlords ar GREEDY becaus they can get more rent from this thick skinned black race who are into drugs and fraud business.

I dont agree with Muslim philosphy much since they are fighting everywhere in the world for land and always portray themselves as victims. But I do give credit where its due. Imran Khan the Pakistani cricketer once rightly said...the state of people in India is similar to "Buddhi khotti with laal lagaam". A society which has majority of people believe in show-off and without any substance. They feel more at home when they speak in English or wear skimpy dresses or talk dirty like Musalman from bollywood. I wish Shahrukh Khans little daughter turns 18 soon so that I can put my finger inside her and let Shahrukh Khan watch her daughter enjoying the finger and lets see if he could maintain same smile.

Chakravuy said...

Anil Kumar..Wah..spoken like a true inbred, imbecile white supremist. Even though I know you are dark brown and scrawny.
when people ask what is wrong with the world...ITs you, people like you, you stupid chamar..:)

numerounity said...

Agree with you for the 1st two ads...They r gross and makes no sense to the product nor communicate a message.

Reg Neetu Singh' ad "I know everything". I love the actress and was looking forward to this ad when someone told me Imtiaz Ali is working on it..But the actual ad downplayed my expectation and I felt that they wasted neetu singh there.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

There is a thin dividing line between journalism and yellow journalism and when that is broken we do not know when the colour will change :)

suryakant palaskar सूर्यकांत पळसकर said...
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*Aham* said...

Seriously. didnt check the papers on sunday... else how would i have missed this?

and what do they mean to say with the copy "Whats your size? "

do they mean to say that men in india have different penis sizes and they would custom make their underwears basis the size? thats definitely not the brandpromise!!!

i did my research. found out that RUpa Eruro was managed by O n M kolkatta in 2011 and now the account is with Scare Crow communications. article : http://www.afaqs.com/news/story.html?sid=29951

Scare Crow Communications :

i am writing them an email asking them what exactly is the idea behind this advert.


i find this advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHTB-KUXmdo of kellogs very very very offensive. extremely sexist.


Dhoni advert.. ufff.. that one was sic. we should unleash a whole kutta union behind the agency to bite their arse.


i long for the cadbury's cricket wala "Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein"...

i long for the stupid yet cute "sabsse achaa ek drink hai.. s o s y o.. yeh hai sosyo yeh hai sosyo.. yeh hai sosyo...

i long for the direct "kyun naa ho masterji.. main apna daath dabur laal dant manjan se joh saaf karta hu"

and that pan parag "yeh leejiye pan paraag... PAN PARAG"

and the "ek chidiyaa.. "

and "tree of unity"

******************* koi lautaa do mujhe beete huee din...

Editor said...

The ad is bordering on obscenity but in today's world,much worse stuff is being thrown all over the print and other media.Perhaps too late to call a stop,since the horse(s)have already bolted the stable.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

The ad you photographed is silly and very juvenile but not all that offensive. Perhaps, placement of this ad on an entire front page of a newspaper is not in good taste. However, is it different from the "respectable" Indian newspapers (TOI,Hindu, HT times, Express) showing very big and very graphic closeup photographs of mutilated bodies and stomach churning violence in the name of "news".... on the front page? Indian newspapers seem to specialize in front page gory visuals. Only difference now it is male cheesecake!

'Mid-day mate from whatever page" becomes "respectable"newspapers front page. Anything that catches viewer eyeballs (mostly violence or sex) is probably too lucrative to resist for the editorial/business teams of a slowly dying print media.

Respectable Indian newspapers of yesteryears are all tabloid like now, so why the hue and cry? Literally every story is no more than 2 inches of column space. If it is not a photo of a "neta" illustrating the story, it is graphic of a showbiz person or attractive female in a low neckline blouse illustrating the story. No analysis except for the editorials (if that). Personal views in regular Columns make up more than half the papers in any case. Objective reporting is at a minimum. So how are any newspapers respectable?

I think they should make huge billboards of this not very clever ad and hang them up everywhere ala David Beckham's underwear ads. Evens the playing field a bit for women who are usually the ones portrayed as sex objects. I just wish the graphic department of the ad agency had done a better job on photoshop! The bodies on these men have been photoshopped so much that their heads look disproportionate and tiny. Microcephaly anyone:) Perhaps that is the sex appeal...hahahaha. Good body, pin head and no brains. Now I am thinking like the stereotypical male that marketing people make advertising for :)

I have not seen the Dhoni ad, but cruelty to animals and others who cannot defend themselves (Anil Kumar...color of skin for example) seems intrinsic to desi culture.

I remember the vividh Bharti jingles for "Rupa bayaaan and underweeeear". So cheery, fun and sweet. The new age Rupa advertising is silly at best. The business departments of newspapers are just plain stupid.

afterglow said...

Finally that Dhoni ad got a shout out! I despise the idea that Dhoni is advertising. It's simply a bad idea for an ad. Ad sense has gone really down.

Anil Kumar said...

@Chakravuy, Reality does hurt buddy. I would love to be a Chamar by profession so that I can stich a nice pair of shoes from your skin - Hope it has some originality and there are no tracs of plastic in it. And hope you are also not a buddhi ghodi with lal lagaam.

May be you are some drug addict who buy drugs from these black negros or are in the business of delivering it. It is also possible that you are the missing child of BJPs Pramod Mahajan whose son also loves drugs and buys them from negros.

Anyone with common sense will feel alarmed to see so many black negros caught with drug offences, fraud activities and many of them are in Tihar Jail - giving company to Sardar Manmohan Singhs right hand A. Raja and Kalmadi.

Dr. Nene is in noble profession and must be earning good money in USA. I dont think he has come here to see some other person telling his wife that he gets hard when he stands next to her. But if he indeed is for cheap/dirty money and its not an issue for society then I wonder why Shobha De is surprised to see the filthy ad.

I do have problems with Muslims because their track record is so bad. The simple reason is that the male muslims are coming with dirty acts and portray themselves as modern muslims. But majority of these halal eaters hide their daughters, sisters and mothers behind the curtain called Burka. I would love to see Shahrukh Khan's mother doing CHEERLEADING act in IPL by wearing just a thong with her nipple tring to yawn from her bra or Salman khan's sister giving a nude scene of herself in a lesbian act or Hashmis sister doing a scene showing her arse being taken to task by a rusty stupid chamar.

I wont give Aamir khan a bad time since he has done some good work - although his wife Kiran Rao knows that she has a stinking song and it will stick to her bottoms for the rest of her life.

Filthy money can blind best of the people. So my question is still the same. Why so much hue and cry over this newspaper ad when the entire print media, electronic media is so full of slutty pics and cheap language (few exceptions like newspaper Hindu) and then there are wonderful reviews from Ms De for slutty performance of Vidya Balan.

What is wrong with this newspaper ad ???

Boya ped babool ka - fir aam ki ichha kyun rakhte ho ??

Chakravuy said...

Oyevay! Anil Kumar there you go again..ranting like a lunatic..you proved you are insane and mentally disturbed. They do have psychiatrist in India, dont they?
Alas, you moron sorry to dissappoint you, dont do drugs, have no need to, imbeciles like you provide me more thrill than any drug can.
To be honest, you are probably just as dark as these "negroes" you refer to and maybe,just maybe if you get a moment of sanity look into your own backyard and see what desis are doing. As far as skinning me dude, Good luck.
BTW tell your mom she was horrible last night I might have to dump her.

PS: I dont like using mothers as scoring points and I think its in bad taste but sometimes idiots like this anil kumar should b given a taste of thier bad comments.

harjeet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harjeet said...

funny indeed!!

you are absolutely right in expressing this issue. I don't know why anyone dont protests against these filthy ads.

Great finding!

Harjeet Kaur

Anil Kumar said...


Your desperation shows either you are into DRUGS business and part of this black Negro distribution process or you are a cross breed of Black and some other race. I would suggest you to check your DNA with Sir Vivian Richards and Nina Gupta also. May be they didnt disclose their second child.
If you do succeed and tests proves that you indeed are the victim then please get in touch with Digvijay Singh - he will hear your case patiently and will make sure you are paid your dues. He did help some other IDIOT who had same symptoms as yours and N D Tiwari had to pay his love child.

My condolences that you cant understand the foreigner Negros flooding this country with DRUGS in the heart of the capital and this doesnt alarm anyone. Our PM Manmohan Singh is sleeping in his kachha with his eyes and ears shut completely.
And the filth spread by Bollywood Musalmans with the help of shameless anchors in Media and some desperate brainwashed ladies who think they are actress, when actually they are into flesh trade. Only ironly is that those in GB road are doing the flesh trade against their will and were tricked into it while those in bollywood are born prostitutes.

Before I forget, the congress party office is located at 24 Akbar Road near India Gate and your plight will be handled with utmost care.

Good Luck !!

Chakravuy said...

Anil Kumar,
Let me guess, you sit in your shit all day and play with it right?
Fortunately I dont live in India, so I dont have deal with racist imbeciles like you. Amen!
Do you work for Bal thackeray or NAremdra Modi? One thing is sure you are what we call in the US"A home grown Terrorist"
I hope you come here so the KKK can get ya...LOL and your brown ass.
As for the so called bollywood men, I bet your wife dreams of them every night .
Good for her, better than your ugly face.

Anil Kumar said...

You seems to be a cross-breed musalman and from your frustrations I seriously think you do have 50% genes of a Negro as well. But I will still give you benefit of doubt.
When you mentioned Thackreay and Modi, your phobia was very much evident and your Muslim colours are visible.
When are you going to start Jihad that Newyork was taken from Muslims by these white people and native Indians. Start working on it - otherwise you will always be driving those yellow taxis in Newyork and NewJersey.
I think its a good decision that you dont live in India and if you can take more of these parasites and leftovers from Pakistan out of India, it will be good social cause and it will improve their life too. They can drive taxis and earn a good descent living in USA.
Just remember if you follow BJPs Rahul mahajan in the department of drugs, then there is no easy way out in USA - You have to serve decades in jail. Its not like India where you can buy drugs like Rahul mahajan and get away with it.

For this valuable suggestion I think you should be thankful to Shobha De's blog. From today do something GOOD and let yor wife and sister remove that veil from their face so that they can see that world is indeed colourful and not dark as seen through the veil.

Last but not least - stay away from drugs. If you die early your wife will be lonely and all sorts of weird things will cross her mind. And If she watches too many bollywood movies then she will find it difficult to refuse Shahrukh Khan and he will probably say same thing to her also when standing next to her.

Now get a life!! I am not a politically correct person. I will call a spade - a spade. If you still have trouble understanding I dont blame you.

Chakravuy said...

Anil kumar you are seriously a demented, fool. your imbecile comments are actually funny.
I will say this and no more becuase you do not deserve the time of day.
First of uncover the veil over you brains,and no I am not mussalman or hindu. I am a human being and an atheist. I see fools like you and shy away from religion, your drug of choice, obviously.
Trouble is your head is so far up your ass you cannot smell your own shit. and lastly what is your obessesion with drugs? Was your dad a junkie who beat you and your mother in a drug induced frenzy every night? Too bad maybe it was your karma, you evil, racist bigot!
Have a nice Day

PS:while you live in your drug induced state , smelling shit and peeing on the road, not to be a show off...I live in the beautiful island of Maui...far away from idiots like you.

suryakant palaskar सूर्यकांत पळसकर said...

Anil Kumar
Your comment expressing filth hidden in your mind. my suggestion is that, think about ur sisters or other ur family women. Dont think about other's.

Unknown said...

Your expressed your views in a crude way, but there is no doubt that your views are reality in this country. The truth of the matter is that this country is hijacked by few people who are bringing the worst things from western world to Indian society. Indian democracy is neither a mature democracy - where majority of people are occupied with meeting ends means and neither this country has the system in place to protect the innocent people from these ills which are spreading because we have loads of Vidya Balan, Cheap talks from bollywood stars and so on. Just look at the latest case where a girl from 10th class in Noida was forced to drink Vodka and raped for 4 hours in a car in the city and on top of that our police officers quickly disclosed the identity of that minor girl and termed her having loose character. We all know nothing will happen to this culprits because the drugs are spreading like anything and media is making woman a sexual commodity.

When the system of state can not protect common man, its CRIMINAL ACT to spread the menace of nudity, vulgarity in the name of entertainment. Because this creates LUST amoung men and which in turn creates a monstor society which preys on women. Foreigners will not understand the realities of this country - whether BLACK or WHITE or YELLOW or even BROWN.

Thats a lame excuse that it's in an individual's mind. As you know the history of India is that they avoid solving the issues and because they dont confront the issue when it's in its infancy, they end up paying the bigger price and get humiliated every single time. The history of this country is full of this. If you look other way and don't confront those who are degrading the society for cheap money and entertainment, then this will confront you and your dear one some day. Thats a universal truth.

I hope there are more people who have the courage to speak the truth - although I do agree it should be little less crude.

You need to come back with better arguments, stay away from shit.

suryakant palaskar सूर्यकांत पळसकर said...

mr. unknown,
It is very funny to say that, +This country is hijacked by few people who are bringing the worst things from western world to Indian society.+

If we want to throw away westrn culture, first of all we have to wear Dhoti and Bandi in lieu of pant and shirt.

Anil Kumar said...

I have no choice but to use crude language since I dont have patience to go Gandhi or Anna Hazaare way. If I have my way, I will beat the shit out of the corrupt politicians, people who are spreading filth in the society and showing woman as a commodity and using cheap filthy language in TV programs. Once I beat the shit out of their system, I will hang them upside down on major intersections for public viewing and let the eagles have a feast.

Don't read it if you cant digest it. Its a disgrace to respond to you.

Your lack of understanding of India as a country and what it was 10 years back...You cant understand the scale of problems here. The kind of things you take for granted are non-existent here. The western way of life is very good for few rich people here but has drastic affect on poor people of this country. Just ask Oprah Winfrey and she can educate you better. Forget about people being racist here, majority of population is still caste based if you understand it. Being racist is not a bad thing as long as someone doesnt harm people from other race. Caste system is in India for thousands of years in India and its not going to go away in 10-20 years. I know 95% of people in USA only know that world begins in east coast and ends in west coast. Your mouth only spits shit. Get it checked from doctors as facilities in your country are excellent. And Negro may be racist word in your country, but its not here.

There are lots of wonderful things in the western world which we can adopt. And there is no harm or shame in doing so. Pant shirt is one of them since in fast paced life no one has time to keep a watch on lungi/dhoti and that lungi might get stuck in Metro.

The ills of western world are spread of lethal drugs in the society from Blacks in Nigeria, portraying of woman as a sex object, beaming of filthy language on TV news channels in the name of entertainment, showing women in provocative dress and so on.

Showing women as a commodity works ok in western world because they have tough laws on what is legal and what is illegal and everyone is aware of their rights and law has very big hands. So you dont see the kind of scenes you see in India where rape of 12 or 14 year old girls in moving car by 4 - 5 or even 15 men is becoming normal. And these are not isolated cases...they are happening every other day and these culprits know they are not going to jail at all. Woman get into prostitution here because someone tricks them. They lure them with job offer or marriage and none of them come willingly.

The good things from western world and specially people in media can do a great service to this country is to teach the uncivilized Indian society about how to become good citizen. Teach the people about basic manners, how to be a good human, how to keep surroundings clean, how to be environmental friendly, how to respect other human beings and be honest. The list goes on and on and all these good things are practised in western world. Take their good things but our media run by MONEY HUNGRY, GREEDY SOULS only focus on showing the desi and western woman in two piece bikinies, using them in movie songs or they have stooped to such low levels that now they talk dirty during awards ceremony.

So broaden your horizon before you blindly follow everything available in this world. Countries like China, South Korea and even some muslim countries try to preserve their culture and be modern citizens at the same time. In India the elite and educated class' mentality is that they are all VIP and Kings and other people are here just to serve them.

The message from media and other avenues to youth is that make money at all costs cheap or dirty or dishonest, exploit people if you can, commit crime and you will get away with it.

If you expect that Indians will get respect in the world...FORGET IT. The world will know their TRUE IDENTITY AND UPBRINGING SOONER OR LATER.


Chakravuy said...

Anonymous..LEts see
you say"So you dont see the kind of scenes you see in India where rape of 12 or 14 year old girls in moving car by 4 - 5 or even 15 men is becoming normal."

and yet you have no problem when Anil kumar says quote "I wish Shahrukh Khans little daughter turns 18 soon so that I can put my finger inside her and let Shahrukh Khan watch her daughter enjoying the finger and lets see if he could maintain same smile."

you think it okay to talk about somebody little daughter like that just because they are rich, a different color, religion or nationality? Raping a minor should be punishable with the death penalty, I think. Whats worse is in India a victim is always victimized further.

Whats wrong with the world is bad things happen because too many good people do not speak up when they see bad things happening.

Thank you @ Mr.Pulaskar. The world could use more people like you.

read this article about the rape you mentioned and was disgusted.
What a sad,shameful story.


suryakant palaskar सूर्यकांत पळसकर said...

@ mr. unknown,
Funny guy! who gave u rights to decide good or bad for people? let people decide this.

astrosunilnomy said...

yes, there must be preapproval board at state or national level, a govt body. All the new advertisements must be screened before they go live in newspaper or radio or television. The basic intention of this body must be to give the freedom of expression, while not compromising on the decency level or cultural values of Indian society. Is there such a body already ?