Friday, March 9, 2012

Ab Mumbai door nahi...

We hit the hometrack running. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. London is cold and damp ( so what else is new?), and after blissed out days spent in glorious , sunny Italy, this is such a let down. But here's some good news : I had the best airline meal ever on the British Airways flight from Naples to Gatwick. It was delicious, piping hot, served with a smile AND there were 5 options to choose from!! Let's see what Jet Airways produces during the long flight to Mumbai. The Jet service is outstanding, the food is generally terrific, if a bit too heavy. The flight attendants look after each and every passenger most attentively. What more do you want? Hugs and kisses?
Yesterday was International Women's Day, and it was slightly strange spending it in a charming but distant land. However, I noticed countless flower sellers along the narrow , winding streets around Positano, selling bunches of bright yellow flowers. I asked Giuseppe, our local chauffeur, and he said those were Mimosa blossoms that men give to women on this day. It is a tradition. My husband promptly rushed to produce a bunch for me, and Giuseppe took a picture. Sweet.
As i said my goodbyes to the malevolent Vesuvius ( it really does look pretty menacing!), I thought of all the volcanic situations back in India. The winds of change are blowing. Change is HERE! We ignore our symbolic Vesuvius at our own peril! Jago, Congress, Jago!
On a lighter note, I went to buy some mozzarella at the airport in Naples. Guess what I discovered? Our Sikh community controls most of the Mozzarella production in the region. There is a Sardarji village in Italy dedicated to producing Italy's favourite cheese made from buffalo milk. I wish I knew how to make a desi version, considering the milk we drink in Mumbai comes from buffaloes, too. Blogdosts : any ideas on this front??


Anonymous said...

Missing movies or not?
Paan Singh Tomar / Kahani

flowermumbai said...

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Pragati said...

Hi Shobhaa,

Thx for getting ur blog back up. It was not available for a couple of days.
Buffaloes milk depends on the taste of the milk they produce and that in term depends on their feed. You will never get the same taste from Indian mozzarella.


Jogeshwar said...
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Virender said...

I really liked your blog! Nice Posts!