Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paisa pheko, tamasha dekho....

My Istanbul moment.....
What an incredible destination! Layered and complex.... it takes several lifetimes to reveal itself to mere mortals like ourselves. Like India, in many ways. I have great images... let me know if you are interested.... and I shall post them here taada taadi....
This appeared in Asian Age today....

                     IPL-6 –UPA-2  -  Paisa pheko, tamasha dekho!
Of course, the joke’s on us!The biggest one! A smaller version was enjoyed earlier this week in a brightly lit cricket stadium. The other one, has been running for nine years. Think about it. Is there much of a difference between the IPL and the UPA? There’s even an overlap of scandalous, disgraced players !Cynics might sneer – same- same, but different. Sure. But both brands are guilty of an identical crime – they have taken India for a jolly good ride. The country has indeed been taken to the cleaners. And in a way, we asked for it. Both brands (for that’s exactly what they are) have systematically shredded India’s reputation  -  globally as well as within India itself. And that’s an awful feeling. The dreams and aspirations of a billion plus people have been taken for granted, and collective sensitivities trampled on. Worse, precious hopes have been cruelly shattered. The IPL muck that continues to surface in bits and bobs  (adding up to precisely nothing), has underlined the basic rot within the entire system. A rot, so corrosive and pervasive, that it extends well beyond the cricket field and pretty much sweeps everything into its voluminous fold. So far, the names of political biggies (who are as much a part of the conspiracy to cheat the public as those tainted players), have been carefully shielded.Ministers are quoting vague laws. The writing on the wall is abundantly clear : nothing is going to happen to anyone. Had the government in power not been as blatantly corrupt , chances are, cricket too would  have been less corrupt. It is because of the rampant abuse of power by leaders who rule us from Delhi, that the dangerous goons who hijacked the IPL had the guts to do what they did  - not just to the well loved  game of cricket, but to millions of  believers across the world.Remember, cricket is a ‘religion’ for diehard fans.
Sham is a pretty powerful four letter word. These days Indians have been forced to confront it on a daily basis. Nothing is as it appears. Everything is naqli. Most of what you read is fake. Nearly every action in that stadium (as in parliament) appears to be stage managed and manipulated. The shadowy figures controlling crores of rupees in illegal betting, are no different from the equally shadowy figures who control the IPL and are a part of the sarkar. Someone’s son, someone else’s son-in-law.  Even as we struggle to decode Coalgate or the 2G scandals involving billions of our money, we also watch open mouthed as disgraced cricketers, bookies and brokers, discuss dirty deals supposedly orchestrated by the D-Gang in Dubai. And while Delhi cops make a big show of how efficiently they’ve cracked this particular racket, bewildered citizens are left as confused as ever. It’s come to a stage where whatever goes wrong in India – be it in politics or sports -  is blamed on Dawood! It’s our best bet. It shuts mouths. It provides a convenient alibi. But why does nobody ask  – is India so weakened that we have allowed an overseas gangster to take charge, take over and assume absolute control ?
The UPA-2 has given itself high marks in the report card. Sly, off-the-cuff remarks quoted in the press suggest all is not hunky dory between 10 Janpath and 7 Racecourse Road. That’s a pretty cunning way to relay an important message.If our Madam so wishes, she can downsize anybody – the P.M. included.The truth of the matter is, the track record of UPA -2 is as abysmal as the sudden  fall from grace of IPL-6. The masks are off for both.The halos have disappeared.There is the bigger issue of zero accountability, zero transparency, zero punishment. To say nothing of autocracy, sycophancy, and plain nepotism . If the IPL bossman Srinivasan was allowed to run the franchise like a dictator from a banana republic… if his son-in-law Gurunath is suspected of collusion in several cricketing deals, how different is the story from Sonia Gandhi’s , as Srinivasan himself has boldly and brazenly pointed out?? She too has controlled the UPA in a dictatorial fashion for nine years. She too has had to deal with son-in-law issues. The one thing both tarnished brands continue to have in common is big talk and tall promises. There’s far too much at stake for either to come clean and make amends. Both are in the same business, as it were. And that business involves duping countless trusting citizens, emotionally and financially.
One would like to believe the party is really and truly over for those who brought such shame to cricket and politics. One team ( Mumbai Indians ) has won the cup. And with the closing ceremony another IPL season has ended. India may or may not see IPL-7. But what will happen to the UPA in 2014? Political pundits insist UPA-3 ain’t happening. But that still won’t get our stolen money back!The netas in both rackets are nanga in the hamam.But who will name and nail them? If Srinivasan is the Baddie. Who are the Goodies?It’s so much easier to go  after chhota mota cricketers. Those chaps are dispensable. After a point, nobody will care. Sreesanth will receive offers galore to host reality shows, publish a book, act in movies.Even  become a member of parliament  like  Azaruddin. Notoriety has its advantages these days. But the all-party politicians who call the shots in cricket, will swiftly cover each other’s backsides and talk piously about cleaning up cricket.As always,it is only genuine lovers of the game who  will  be excluded from this  cosy party.
This isn’t cricket. Perhaps it never was….


Anonymous said...

'Ek Tha Tiger' movie shooting was done in Istanbul - correct?
Kya entry thi Salman ki.
Anyway, move photos जल्दी से|

Ravi Patel said...

God came to see me yesterday morning, and alluding to the vermins who infest our public life, asked me, " Ravibhai, do you know who has created such piece of work"? I said, " sorry God, but I do not know who has created such piss of work"!

Small little venal ugly men and women with small little venal ugly brains are now effectively in total control of our Bharat 'Mata'. This caboodle of politicians, sports administrators, bureaucrats, and the media crook swines have so sardonically raped their own Mata, that even God has been left wondering as to who could possibly have created such dregs?
With the country's economy in turmoil, it's international credibility in tatters and diseased worthless reptiles like L.K. Advani seemingly conspiring to give the crooked UPA a third slog at fleecing our hapless country, one wonders, how much worse can it get?
Might as well apply for refugee status in Somalia!

pepguru said...

Please, do be even handed in your analysis. Corruption is a way of life in India- UPA and its allies. But why highlight "DELHI" as usual? What about Maharashtrian politicians like Pawar, Shinde (who was holidaying in the USA while Maoists slaughtered), Kalmadi, Adarsh scam et al? Or Ankit Chavan? And why use the term "Delhi cops make a big show of how efficiently they've cracked this racket"? The fact is that they HAVE cracked the racket and that too upstaging Mumbai police, who is now running helter skelter actually "making a show"after getting egg on their face. Look within before pointing at Delhi. By the way none of the accused cricketers are from Delhi. Thank God! Otherwise that would have been your headline!!

Jogeshwar said...

Nice picture with a beautiful landscape, I guess that's the date tree to your right and am ingnorant which monument is that in the background. Yes please post some more pictures.

Anil Kumar said...

Cricket fans can forgive these chuttad (Thats the only hindi word I know for butthead people) people who have taken over the game of cricket. Be it bollywood's sluty heroines, chuttad khans, corporations selling cements. The silence of Jaitley, Rajeev Shukla can also be ignored since they belong to political breed.

But Indian fans will never forgive the legends of the game who have not come forward to protect the game and their mouth is shut by the sluty money given to these yesteryear stars by BCCI. The most CHUTTAD and GREEDY of all these former players are SUNIL MANOHAR GAVASKAR, RAVI SHASTRI and ARUN LAL. These bastards were worshipped when they used to play for India but now these same haraami's only speak the language of BCCI and fail to give honest views.

Marathi are in plenty in BCCI and the way Gavaskar/Shastri's defend Srinivasan - it shows how low Marathi can go.

No doubt delhi is ruined by politicians but only Delhi players have been vocal about the ugly face of board and billionaires running cricket. Bishan Singh Bedi, Kirti Azad, Maninder Singh have openly saying for number of years the ugly face of board and administrators and now bollywood also.

Kapil Dev took a bold step to stand against board and he was silenced for 6 years by Sharad Pawar and his pension money was blocked. Nobody in the media said a word about injustice against Kapil Dev. Poor chap who was named "Cricketer of the century" by wisden in England finally gave in and made peace with the board.

This muck which you promoted in the previous articles has shown how it has destroyed the game. My only surprise is that I am not a journalist and can sense lots of bullshit going in India but the media and writers pick up the story only after water goes over the nose.

Kudos to Arnab Goswami on TimesNow channel for single handedly taking on politicians / BCCI / Gavaskar head on and inflicted yet another wound on the corruption. Other channels like NDTV / CNN IBN / Star etc are pathetic second when it comes to asking tough questions and cornering these monsters who roam freely in India.

Unknown said...

You have left out Sharad Pawar, the biggest one. Even he has a son in law. I think the police cracked selectively and leftout a larger chunk with more influence. there maybe more skeletons hiding in the cupboards. Srinivasan seems to be the easy target. Symptom of a disease.

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