Saturday, September 14, 2013

End for the rapists... but rapes go on.

This appeared on the front page of the Mumbai Mirror today....
                        Death to rape…. or rapists???
So, the four will hang. When? Where? Don’t ask. The only thing we know right now is that the Judge, Yogesh Khanna, took under ten minutes to announce what India had anticipated. The second he finished reading out the short judgement, spontaneous applause broke out inside and outside the court. Frankly, I was a little sickened by that. The ghastly rape and murder of an innocent young woman was horrific enough. Then came the applause. I have to add here that I am opposed to capital punishment. Having made my position clear, let me explain why the public’s reaction distressed me. It was a grim case to begin with. For nine long months we had hungrily fed on gory details about the crime – which of the men did what, who did it first, why was a metal rod involved, what did the rapists actually do with it, did her male companion watch all this, how come the juvenile rapist turned out to be the most sadistic, did  Nirbhaya, a paramedic, lose consciousness at some point, for how many hours were the two victims lying stark naked on the road after being flung out of the bus…. and  some even more intrusive queries that cannot be printed in a family paper. Were we genuinely concerned about their pain … or acting plain voyeuristic? The girl was dead. Did it matter how precisely she had been sexually assaulted? Is our society really that sick? We refused to spare the memory of a woman who’d suffered what no human being ( man or woman) ever should. We just blabbed on and on…. demanding a death sentence…baying for the  blood of Nirbhaya’s killers. Hooting and howling like crazed beasts ourselves.
Tomorrow, we’ll demand these men are hanged in public. We will talk idiotically about ‘closure’ ( as if there can ever be closure in such circumstances).We will speak airily about the death sentence sending out a strong signal that will deter other men from committing such a heinous crime in future. Even as I key this in, just a few short minutes after the judgement, there must be an equally ‘heinous’ rape taking place in some part of India – perhaps in your own backyard.What has changed?  If and when Nirbhaya’s rapists swing, do we really want to participate in the actual hanging, even as bystanders? Come on, which country are we living in? And in which century? Next we’ll start stoning criminals to death at Flora Fountain, and attempt to justify the barbarism on the grounds that public stoning discourages crimes. That is absolute rubbish! Even in countries that accept this medieval style  of delivering ‘justice’, the crime rates are comparable to the rest of the world’s.
To call Nirbhaya’s rape, the ‘rarest of the rare’ is in itself misleading. Every rape is just as terrible. In this case, Nirbhaya succumbed to her serious injuries. Survivors (male and female) will tell you, they die a little every day they are alive after being violated. Nobody ever ‘gets over’ rape. There can be no real closure. Judge Yogesh Khanna must have faced a tremendous amount of  public pressure, no matter how impartial and objective he tried to be. He is human, after all.If every future rape judgement is going to be measured against this one, we are asking for trouble. It raises a very disturbing issue in a larger context. As it is, the judiciary seems to be in charge of India (just as well). If the judiciary starts taking its cues from public sentiment and emotional issues, we  too will start behaving like we are in a banana republic – let the mobs decide! This is dangerous in the extreme.
Four men will go the gallows soon. So be it. One juvenile from their gang will walk free a few years from now. So be it, too. And the violence against women will not abate. I certainly won’t say ‘so be it’ to that! The fight must go on. But in a more meaningful way. Let’s revisit dated laws and demand change. Constitutionally. And quickly.

Meanwhile, can we please keep that uncivilized applause on hold?


Nature Walker said...

Dear Shobha
I fully understand your contempt for the applause. This is a solemn occasion- not a celebration. To what deep dungeons have we descended that we must measure the acts of violence and the suitable punishment there after? To what depravity have we sunk that we can find this a topic of not only discussion but also debate?

There are those who make this out to be an issue of social justice, and still others who label it a malady of unequal distribution of wealth (sic! Really!!!) And those who are screaming murder and those who are shouting hoarse on gender sensitization.

IN this case, much as you are against capital punishment, there is nothing less that would have worked. Also it is not about retribution, it is about justice.

When I saw the mug shots of these four in the morning paper- the only thought I had was, My god! They look indistinguishable from anyone I could meet in the course of a day!

If they did what they did- and now there is no doubting that ghastly fact- what, in your opinion would be suitable punishment?

It is all very good to say that we must behave in a civilized manner. It is also very well to say that everyone deserves a chance.

But… these men… can we even call them men? As a doctor, and as a mother, and as woman, and as a human being- whatever little I could read about the incident made the hair at the back of my neck stand up in terror and disgust.

These men can not reasonably be called men. And the juvenile- who was the worst of them is going to be let lose on society that could not care less after three years.

Yes, there are bigger social issues here. The system that allows this to happen needs introspection, and the roots need to be examined for termites that threaten the fabric of the society.

Human rights? What of the rights of each woman who faces the glare and the proving of many such animals in the guise of humans every day? What of the rights of the human beings who suffer at the hands of those whose rights are somehow now becoming a point of discussion?

This might never get resolved. And who are we to judge- you would be correct in using that argument. We are not judges- but we cannot be silent spectators.

So what would you- in your capacity for being heard and in your capacity for influence- what would YOU do?

Dyslexicon said...

I agree "Death Penalty" is too mild to be a deterrent for other or to be even called a justifiable closure of this case.

Rapes & murders will continue . . . and all we will continue to do is "talk".

And some of us will continue to write with a stance & style adopted to attract maximum limelight.

RIP Nirbhaya.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shobha completely and disagree with Nature Walker.

Here is why:

Firstly, the so-called death penalty hasn’t put the fear of God or Devil into anyone – as statistics the world over – where capital punishment is still capital – sorry about the silly pun – go to show.

That said, I have no time for the stupid bleeding heart business people yelling from rooftops about the human rights of criminal elves purely for the sake of self-pelf.

[I can prove the human rights’ yelling boyos and girlos are weirdos and are pure business people who are in this for money and a wee bit of fame and possibly a seat in parliament. Whenever someone wants with the evidence I can provide tons of it, but that is not the point I am trying to make here.]

So, the Nature wants to know what one would do instead of the death penalty to throw a scare into those outside the prison, but nurturing hopes of a sickeningly enjoyable gang rape.

Firstly, had I been a member of parliament, I would have piloted a private members’ bill to punish the brutes.

The punishment’s salient features to be administered to those found guilty would be:

1. Medically supervised castration without anaesthesia

2. Tattooing on the forehead of the convicts as “rapist, rapist, rapist!”

3. Ten years imprisonment – in solitary confinement in complete darkness. The food and change of clothing to come into the cell by a chute.

4. No visitation rights for any relative

5. No remission

6. The convict’s health parameters would be observed through infra-red cameras

7. The victims utterances – even the odd whisper to be heard and recorded by specially placed microphones

8. Highly souped up sensors would monitor the every minute change in health parameters – like fever, indigestion, common cold, cough, infection through various possibilities of allergy to certain food items etc.

Okay, what would all this do?

Firstly, any greenhorn psychiatrist or psychologist would be able tell anyone that in a completely dark room, with none to talk to, the convict would get disoriented within 4 hours.

In a nutshell, four hours would seem like 40 years to the man.

He would begin yelling his head off, beg for mercy, for light, for someone to talk to, confess, pray, blah, blah, blah.

He would get none.

The yells and his behaviour would recorded vide the infra-red cameras, coloured and telecast for the benefit of viewers.

A solemn faced police officer would say thus in multiple languages:

This is what will happen to those who rape.

Of course some smart lawyer can try to spring the accused.

Some under-trial prisoner may be innocent.

After all the avenues of appeal are exhausted, the convict will be doing this for 10 years.

Those who still nurture hopes to rape someone, beware.

God Bless India. God save Indian women.

I am willing to bet my last paisa that the incidences of rape would come down dramatically.

It is not too late.

The law can be amended anytime in parliament.

None would dare to oppose this.

And once it is passed, the rapists would be laughing from the other side of their faces.

So, bleeding heart Nature Walker, would you oppose these ideas convincingly please?

If all you want is a chance for criminals to reform, the ideas suggested above would do precisely that … even before the crimes are committed.

Did someone not say prevention is better than cure?

What say you, man?

Dyslexicon said...

@TVS Hari:

First, salute !

Second, would you also recommend "Preventive Castration" of individuals whose psychoanalysis demonstrate criminal bent of mind ?

I like your "to-hell-with-amnesty-international" flavor !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dyslexicon!

I wrote a blog on these lines long ago.

None paid any attention.

Even now, none will, unless someone like Shobhaa begins circulating the idea - far and wide.

The girls and boys who yelled for punishing the brutes in New Delhi and are baying for the blood of the schmucks in Mumbai ought to take note.

If you can, boss, kindly circulate this idea amongst your friends and contacts. Let us drum up some action and tell the weirdo rapists thus: "Olde sons! This is where you get off and if you do not stay off, we simply slay off your sex life and smear you forever!"

Latha said...

Shobhaa, I disagree with you. I don't think anybody would be voyeuristic or sadistic about this. I'm talking about normal human beings & not psychos. We were so shocked by the details that we were numb - paralised. Many would've lost their appetite.
You have cleverly avoided stating what should be done with the culprits. If sending them to a reformatory home, giving psychological counselling, giving them food, clothing & shelter in jail for the rest of their lives in your & my tax money, I'm sorry I'm not game.
It's weird that real brutes who do a vivisection of a helpless girl should not be given capital punishment but Kasab who could have never said "no" to his master Hafiz sayeed should be sent to the gallows. Very warped judgement !

harish iyer said...

i love you for this post and more de. I had lost track of your blogs in between, busy with my social welfare activites and a boring job. but this article made me realise that i was missing all the gupshup in my favorite place in cyberspace.

you are speaking about this applause, i am scared when a bhau in train said very plainly... "un rapists ka public mein rape karneka".... i asked him "toh, rape kam hojayega yaa woh ladki ka dard kam hoyega?"... he replied "tabhi nakki hoyega ki... insaaf huela hai"... of course i debated debated and debated... "kiska insaaf? tumhara ki us ladki ka... aur yeh kyaa insaaf hai?" and he stuck to his guns.... i wonder when people will understand that by raping the rapists, you are breeding new rapists, ... when will people understand the repercussions - psychological and emotional of even mentioning "hang them in public"/.... if that really happens, and we rejoice, it will be a black day for humanity....

i think in a bid to stop violence, we have been thinking of being violent already... thoughts become things, so i am sure that this internalized images of violence would see an outward outcome soon too, and the effects would be catastrophic.

the debate of capital punishment aside, i wonder how could anyone be happy seeing another person die.?

Dyslexicon said...

Some people would always take a "contra position" no matter what actually happens - especially the "social activist" & "socialite" types.

The black day is when people write judgement sitting on they cosy comforts of their bedrooms . . . far detached from the harsh realities of the breeding grounds of the criminal minds.

Sirs & Madams, please take out 1 week from your busy page-3 lives & spend that week in a busy police station talking to police personnel & observing criminals & criminal activities from a safe distance (no I won't suggest that you meet & interview them in their raw environs). You would have tasted a bite of the cuisine that's absolutely foreign to your tongues (& pens).

Dyslexicon said...

I have lived there a significant part of my life . . . the sad suburbs.

Anonymous said...


Heard of the saying Bains kay aagey been bajaana?

You seem to be doing exactly that ... to the male and female buffaloes.

And for your info, snakes are deaf and do not hear the music from the been, which, in my reckoning, is melodiously useful ... just as your and my suggestions are.

In all probability, Lord Harish Iyer and Lady Latha have not even read my input, which has probably been read by Shobhaa and has met with her approval.

But then, why should the Page-3 crowd of bleeding heart civil rights' activists who get fat fees for chanting inanities by donors from abroad who have their own nefarious designs on India listen to guys like you and me, Dys?

After all, their bread is buttered for muttering asinine axioms and dysfunctional diatribes against sane advice!

Manuel said...

a show of justice now pronounced
after all and sundry fiercely denounced
the horrific events widely announced

ideas and theories at length discussed
by so called intellectuals who canvassed
and myriad punishments deeply focused

our selfish society however sadly ignores
those uncared millions living amidst gore
whose failings again they will loudly deplore

from tender age having faced only abuse
no hopes only wants and nothing to choose
its vile they turn to having not even life to lose

look at this country over a billion strong
only dishonesty and poverty does prolong
which is why everything is so terribly wrong

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Regarding that inappropriate applause. I am not surprised. That is how Indians behave, very very inappropriately.
I am writing on a different context altogether, not related to the rape. Last year, a movie star of our state committed suicide, allegedly due to depression and lack of work. His family and parents devastated, were too shocked to come to terms with it. That was when some of the megastars, the colleagues of the late actor came to his house to mourn. And can you believe what happened? The crowd who gathered started applauding and cheering at the sight of megastars ! How badly downtrodden are these people !! I mean - these are the same guys who applauded when the court sentenced those beasts the death penalty.

Dyslexicon said...

Please don't be mistaken. The applause was not for the death sentence. The applause was for the judge who demonstrated some uprightness & did his duty. However, it's a sad commentary on the state of our country that anyone who just does his job right needs an applause.

I'm waiting to see when writers would be applauded.

Dilip nare said...

well said

Common Man said...

Dear Shobha

The last is still not heard on the conviction!!! I say that because I am sure there will be a series of appeals by the Defense counsel Mr AP Singh who crossed all limits when he declared
"Why don't people first control their daughters? I'd burn my daughter alive if she was having pre-marital sex,roaming around with her boyfriend at night"
I understand that lawyers have a code of ethics that they will defend their client no matter what his case is. So in that sense, if the defense counsel tried to defend him in court, that is reasonable. But taking it on a personal level outside the Court is simply unpalatable and just not acceptable to the rest of us. (This is where the NCW and the so many other Woman's bodies must step in and make sure such comments are not made!!)

He must not take this conviction to be an attack on his professional abilities!! It is important for him to make this distinction otherwise he will continue to claim that his clients are innocent (while the accused themselves confess to the crime) and keep filing the case in higher courts and then to the President also!! It would only further delay the justice.

Also, what sort of times are we living in, if the rapists in such a high profile crime, which rocked the sense n sensibilities of a billion plus nation are yet to be punished after 8 months!! Now, the defense counsel claims his clients are innocent!! If getting justice in such a high profile case is so difficult which even the honourable court had classified as ' rarest of rare', punishing your local 'road side romeos' for eve teasing or molesting may be an impossible task!!

Further, Imagine the travails of any ordinary woman trying to get her rapists to book. Would she ever be able to get Justice in her life time? No wonder, so many rapes are not reported!!

Justice, in order to be effective, has to be delivered swiftly and surely and more importantly needs to be seen to be so, to prevent recurrence of such incidents!!!


Anonymous said...

@ Common Man!

I will quote your last sentence verbatim:

"Justice, in order to be effective, has to be delivered swiftly and surely and more importantly needs to be seen to be so, to prevent recurrence of such incidents!!!

If that is what you believe, read what I wrote what I wrote. And pay attention to what Dyslexicon has been saying!

Amit.S said...

On just hearing this thing, I cried and couldn't gulp down my food. 2 weeks I was not able to make eyecontact with any girl. If I would have been there I might also clapped.

Amit.S said...

On just hearing this thing, I cried and couldn't gulp down my food. 2 weeks I was not able to make eyecontact with any girl. If I would have been there I might also clapped.

Anil Kumar said...

Ms Shobha De,
People feel bad about death penalty where civilized population lives and system works for its population and justice is delivered quickly every single time. And there are good reasons for calls to abolish death penalty in such countries.

Indian society is a mixture of Bollywood cheapness and uncivilized creatures - both educated and those sending their kids under "Laadli Yojna".

I hope you don't feel depressed after this death penalty and can have your occasional FART at usual sound.

I was reading your article on your DEEP love for Rahul Dumb Gandhi and Narendra Modi in Sunday's Times of India. Sometimes I wonder whether you want better life for downtrodden poor people of India or want to fool this country every time by projecting Rahul is better choice because his last name is stolen from Mahatma Gandhi. You are doing a GREAT disservice to this nation. If after so many corruption this Sonia ka poot can not say a word then what prompts you to place him in such high regard for the post of PM after sardar's meek surrender.

I guess by writing this article (which sound like paid article) on Rahul I can hear your loud FART being enjoyed with great pleasure at 10 Janpath and Lyuten's Delhi.

Hindu's are this countries biggest enemies and there are loads of them who can be called traitors. These same jokers who call Muslim as the only affected minority while rest of the minorities take a back seat. If you take into consideration global village - Muslims are not a species which is going to extinct on planet earth. They are still in business of converting tens of thousands of poor people to adopt muslim religion and second only after Christians in terms of sheer number of people.

Pooja Rathore said...

I completely agree about your take on rarest of rare case- what are they trying to say only if the victim dies, suffers injuries it amounts to rarest of rare case and the rest of rape cases dont?you are right nobody ever get over a rape-so to qualify as rarest of rare case the victim must die?, suffer life threatening injuries? Otherwise it does not fall under rarest of rare case-no logic.
I read the interview of the accused (of raping a NLSIUstudent(gang rape case-Bangalore)when asked did he regret he said "we wanted to commit the offence ,we did it",no remorse,-but the girl discontinued her studies unable to handle the trauma, that one act changed her whole life negatively and the trace will remain for the rest of her life. The consequences of the rape are serious and the person suffers throught out her life ...a permanent damage which cannot be compensated neither by life imprisonment nor death punishment.
Rape is a rape there is nothing rarest of rare case because damage is the same.

Dyslexicon said...

@Pooja Rathore

I absolutely agree that rape is a rape & it injures the soul of the victim - a trauma that continues to hurt throughout lifetime. And that it calls for severest of the punishment for the perpetrator.

In this particular case the internal injuries cause by iron rod & the death of the individual are more of a reflection of the psyche of the perpetrators . . . by your logic add only a little to the trauma of the victim. It is the vicious mentality of the culprits that make this case rarest of the rare. In a typical rape case the culprits tend to treat their victims with harshness "just enough" to get their act done or would kill the victim if there is a risk of getting caught but would usually not torture their victims sadistically. In this case there has been extreme perverse sadism - that's what makes it rarest of the rare.

And as I said earlier death penalty is too mild a punishment for it.

(Please note that I'm not a proponent of take away anyone's life. I know how valuable each life is. Therefore, those who do take someone's life should not be let off easy).

Dyslexicon said...

@Shobha - Sorry we hijacked you post & thanks for tolerating us.

Common Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Common Man said...

@ TSV Hari

Dear Sir, I read wht u wrote. It may sound a trifle extreme but if implemented by any govt, it will 100% yield the desired results. But, I wonder if the Govt's of the day would have the guts to implement such a scheme.

I have thought on this issue too and felt that community guards may be the answer.

Community guards may be the order of the day!! Because when all else fails, we must retain the right to fend for ourselves?. Can we form volunteers in each area of every city (in consultation with local Police of course) to prevent any untoward situation? Look at it this way - how long can we wait for someone to come and make a difference in our area/gully/locality etc? Can we devote some time towards making our own neighbourhood safer?

If we can do this, there would be no need to spend hours and days in protest, or mourning a victim's tragedy and we all can effectively make our neighbourhoods safer for our women and children. This obviously requires a lot of coordination between the residential associations in each locality and in addition to coordination effort, it requires right thinking men to devote time to this particular task.

Time - as we all understand is the most precious commodity in today's world but we must somehow extract that 'Time' from our busy schedules for this particular task - to make our neighbourhood a safer place for our mothers, sisters and daughters!!!

with best wishes to all

Parag said...

The tone and intensity of your article would be totally different if something even half as horrendous had happened with you or your family. If someone groped you at a public place, would you first think of human rights? The event was totally gruesome and deplorable and cause of grave concern and shameful not only for the society but for humanity.

Its so easy to gain mileage by writing something against public opinion. The punishment for rapes should be much more severe than capital punishment. The country is increasingly become unsafe for women. Well Shobha De, 'the celebrity' would probably be clueless, as she travels from point A to B in air-conditioned luxury personal vehicle, with a driver in white uniform, and would've never known anything other than business class. Open your eyes and come to terms with reality, which is more more harsh than your the colourful movies you enjoy and write about and that is your forte.

Anonymous said...

@ Anil Kumar!

Instead of being jealous of someone's success as a writer - like Shobhaa De for instance - and spewing venom at her creature comforts like the proverbial case of sour grapes, try to achieve success and acquire fame through the dint of hard work.

I can only take pity on your asinine outburst because it betrays a sick mind.

Whether Shobhaa De wanted to praise Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi or anyone is her problem.

If you can put forth arguments against her contentions, do so by all means. But calling her words farts shows you have a wart for a brain and a completely warped mind.

@ Parag

Please carefully read all the comments and what the others have said instead of paying left-handed compliments to someone far more success in being the noticeable space in the media.

@ Common Man!

Thanks for acknowledging my contribution to this debate. Kindly circulate the idea and attempt at getting such a law passed. That would be a great deed to improve what has become a sick society.

Kumbala kai said...

In "Spare our bodies" in the "WEEK" Shobha De writes that "...because it is our society that is guilty, not just the individual rapist".

Over 40 years ago, when I got married, in almost all cities there were cabaret halls, dancing bars etc. At the same time, if I wished to see a photo of a naked girl, it would have been a gigantic task. Today, one can watch even the dirties porn in the internet but all cabaret halls, dancing bars etc. have been banned by the Government.
What I am trying to say is that while exposure to sex has increased tremendously where even a teenager can watch sex on a screen, all possible decent outlets have been banned by the government(s). Thus, I would say that the Government(s) are more guilty and just not the rapists.

Anonymous said...

@ Kumbala Kai

Way back in 1985, I went to Germany for the first time.

I was surprised to see huge hoardings of "Blue Movies" virtually everywhere in Kaiser Platz - the red light district located bang opposite the main railway terminus in Germany's commercial hub Frankfurt am Main.

I wandered into one of them and could not bear to see the visuals for more than two minutes.

The movie house was some 70% EMPTY.

The same can be said of Paris's Pigalle - where the world famous Moulin Rouge is located.

There are very few instances of rape heard of in places like Germany and in France.

While one does hear of fathers, foster fathers, uncles and other villains kidnapping young girls and raping them for over a decade as being rampant throughout the west, one rarely hears of gang rape and murder.

The daughter of Pranab Mukherjee - a very talented dancer - told me during an interview that the Mujras shown in Hindi films were more guilty than cabarets that bared all because of what the former sought to hide - and also flaunted seductively.

I agree completely with you Kumbala Kai because - in an open environment, men who do not have women at home and/or women to satisfy their kinky desires have a physical need to visit houses of ill-fame.

S Sripall, former Director General of Police once told me, "Prostitutes are doing one of the greatest services to the nation by being women of easy virtue because their being that keeps the safety of the other virtuous women completely safe. A man with sexually bottled up emotions can be easily driven to commit the most heinous of crimes."

So, yes, Shobhaa is right when she says the prudish society is guilty. And you are perhaps more right in putting this in blunt perspective.

Anil Kumar said...

@TVS Hari!

The pity state this country finds itself can also be contributed to EDUCATED class, scholar's and sometimes authors of this country who happens to be self centric and want to look good in the eyes of their peers in western world. That's why this depression on death penalty. Those who think human rights is a one way street needs to hear in crudest language possible.

This country has been invaded many times and history is full of it. The only reason for it is because majority of successful people in this country are self-centric and don't believe in natural justice. If you stand outside the famous Tihar Jail- you will find that majority of people waiting outside for their loved ones are extremely poor folks. Everyone know who are looting this country - politicians, babus and businessmen but they are enjoying life in gated communities.

If Rahul Gandhi is so good then that bloody idiot should have the courage to speak up whenever major corruption scandal occurs or an honest IAS officer was suspended or Khemka was transferred because his Jija has acquired land from DLF. I can't imagine why people who think they have great wisdom still look for this idiot as the best PM choice.

This FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD mentality of educated class is costing the society hell of a lot. The Bollywood sluts starting with Aishwarya Rai, mallika sherawat, Kareena kapoor and media's glorification of item songs has increased the severity of crimes against women and in fact set the sick Indian mentality Gorilla on the loose.
If things don't improve and their are responsible people who will go extra mile to bring down someone who has actually done some good work for this country then crude language is the least one can offer. Besides since I studied in government schools - my vocabulary is limited.

Welcome to 21st century..

Anonymous said...

@ Anil Kumar!

In my opinion, you need to see a shrink.

The blog was about rapists.

Shobhaa's main contention was that some punishment greater than death ought to be administered to the rapists that would serve as a deterrent.

And off you went on a tangent introducing Rahul Gandhi into the equation, in my opinion, needlessly.

May be you are carrying a chip on your shoulder or a wedge in your backside against Rahul Gandhi ... I do not care which one way or other.

When I point out your flaws pointedly you mouth the same dialogues as the bleeding heart b#$%^&s again talking about the poor and the dispossessed outside prisons.

None stopped you from going to those prison gates, hugging them like Mata Amritanandamayee or better still opening your purse strings.

And now, off you go again about film actresses and call them sluts.

Before you begin teaching me the tenets of Hinduism, kindly allow me to remind of you of the following:

[1] A certain Ahalya was turned to stone during the Ramayana because her husband thought she was a slut.

[2] Lord Ram punished entire Lanka and the Rakshasa race with death because their king Ravana dared to kidnap the Lord's wife with sinister motives.

[3] During the exile, Lord Ram punished Vali with death because he "used" the wife of his exiled brother Sugreeva.

[4] Draupadi was the wife for 5 Pandavas ... but when her modesty was assailed in the court of the Kauravas - Bheema swore that he would drink the blood of Duhshaasana and did that. Another guy called Keechak tried getting funny with Draupadi and was reduced to a mass of flesh.

I can go on and on. But then, with your wart of a brain and a warped mind, you would come up with the brand of an underwear some female model wears and/or advertises and berate those like Shobhaa De or spew venom at me for exposing your shameless shallowness. Do so by all means. I am enjoying the exercise of taking the likes of you apart, part by part by par.

Neelam Shah said...

For Mumbaikar's w w w .mumbaibombay.weebly. c o m

Anil Kumar said...

@TVS Hari,
You seems to be suffering from Mani Shankar Aiyar kind of syndrome. he thinks he is too intelligent but looks a congress poodle at the same time.

Sure the blog is about rapists and my comments were for both rapists and the article published in newspaper on politics. Did it cause severe abdominal discomfort to you ?? Do you know the root cause of why this crime against women is multiplied many folds in last few yeards. Its about the same item songs and vulgarity in movies and advertisements which is repeated 100 of times in TV. And morons like you think a slut in bolly wood should not be a called a name?? The cheap language used in movies is spread across India and it has full approval of censor board run by Sharmila Tagore because one of the slut happens to be her BAHU now.

I don't defend any religion be it Hindu or muslim and don't have soft corner for any traitor - successful or unsuccessful.

All religions are full of contradictions and I never teach anyone that one religion is better than other. But when special treamnent is given by ruling bastards to certain so called minority community and stay quiet most of the time when whole nation feels outraged on issues which affects them - it makes little sense to DEFEND such people . All the time and energy spent by you on giving these examples on Hindu relgion goes down the drain because I still doubt whether stories on which Hindu religion is based is something which really happened or its pure fiction. But that doesnt mean that its teachings are bad and wherever its outrageous you can skip that chapter.

Crime happen in every country and every developed / civilized world punishes guilty without any delay. It is only in this country that people have sympathy for rapists / criminals when they see them going to gallows and forget everything that girl and her family went through on that night.

The moment someone uses word Hindu and muslim in black and white - most people like you think that the person is a BJP supporter. I wish Modi good luck because he seems beswt of the worst choices available. But at the same time I wish Arvind Kejriwal beats the shit out of both Sheila Dixit and BJP in Delhi assembly poll in November.

So get over it and grow up to face crude criticism and don't try to defend Shobha De like her pet poodle. She has enough capabilities to defend herself and handle any criticism - even if it was crude.

kris akki said...

Death penalty is gonna do no good, and moreover, i think one has no right to take take away someone else's life; whatever the cause maybe.
I don't resort to death penalty, but castration for rapists

Anonymous said...

Read my earlier comments Kris akki. And if you can, poke fun at that pathetic smoop gloop doop bloop called Anil Kumar.

Trupti Raswalkar said...

To begin with, I would like to state a fact. We live in a country where, we have a festival desginated to the killing of a demon - Dusshera.

So are we sadistic enough to celebrate a death? The answer is no. We do not celebrate a death. But we celebrate the victory of truth & justice. So when the public who had gathered outside the court, cheered, they had two reasons. One was, the victory of truth and justice. The second was relief, as many people were not sure if all the culprits will be hanged. But when none of them was spared, public's relief came out in their cheers.

Coming to the next point discussed in the article. Will their hanging stop or atleast deter crime against women? May be yes, may be no. But then it will be like saying "Lets not hang the terrorits as it may or may not stop terror attacks.

Should this contingency save them from the punishment they deserve?

Talking about the form of punishment. Capital punishment. It was made clear in the article that you are against capital punishment. It is obviously for the reason that human life should be valued. But the actions of these monsters are shouting out the fact that they are not humans. They are anything but humans.

Then another question was posed in the article, that will this hanging bring a closure? You are right, it will not. But is it really about closure?

I feel their hanging is the least we can do for the girl and her family.

And i personnally do not feel that our society is moving to medieval ages by resorting to capital punishments like it was mentioned in the article. Every crime has a deserving punishment and hanging is the least these monsters deserve.

When you mentioned that our society will next demand a public hanging, it reminded me of a cartoon printed in Mumbai mirror. It said: Today is the public hanging of the gangrape culprits, women on the right side and men on the left, so that we do not have issues.

Yes, our society is full of jerks. That is the reality of our rotting society.

So public hangings are out of question

I would like to conclude by saying: One rapist and murderer dead is One less.

Habeib Khan said...

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Bally said...

This is why the verdict, although apt at it's place, would nevertheless make no difference or change towards the betterment of it's fundamental flaws... "women liberty" and not women liberation, is the moto...she don't need our liberation.. the beauty about liberation is; it can never be imposed...
Lemme explain... most ppl think about women's safety, which makes me worry why can't they jus be safe in the first place and not find a need for making them feel safe.. liberty for her means if she doesn't wanna have sex, she has all the right to stop any man from doing so.. but, and here's the flip side of the coin, even if she wanna 'have' sex, she should have all the right to... none of her father, bother or anyone should have any say...

But what happens on ground level.. father, mother, all others brain wash their girl child since birth, that she better not give her flower to anyone until they say so... I mean, isn't a crime being committed then and there itself...
Also I feel, not to try sounding like the other stereotypes, on the contrary I'm being the total opposite.. but yes it is indeed the fault of our indian women on the whole or for some part of it... Indian men wont jus over the night change, for some rapists who are being convicted and hung, that's just editorial news for them.. charity needs to begin at home... so print this as an article and together let us start this Champaign where each and every Indian women, and I mean all women reading this, just for a month or two, should wear short skirts or hot pants... just for a month...oh n I request you'll to wear that only at home as I have no demographic to direct you what you wear outside... and lemme explain the third side; which I call the circumference side of the coin also which ironically binds both the sides firm together.. so by doing the above, women would know who needs a lessons in respecting women manners at their very own home... u know like testing the water but within their own confined hypothetical imaginary boundaries of so called home..... lemme remind you, even Sita, DID cross the laxman rekha made especially for her..but she yet is considered to be pure.... if Indian women get that, India would be beautiful to live in for women, or else we should jus legalize fire arms once and for all, sold only to women.... there is no other way to make our India country men, men again... CAUSE REAL MEN DONT EVER RAPE, simply cause a real man can always woo a woman, else he ain't worth staying a man let alone 'staying real'...
P.S. Till the time Indian women ain't gonna move ahead, our country can't do the same... Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking post, Bally!

You are one of those rare persons who notice the rim side [or as you call it the circumference side] of a coin - which I call the third side.

The human perception is flawed.

Take the coin, for instance.

Whatever be the method of seeing the 3 vistas of a coin [fix video cameras to focus on the 3 sides separately and beam them on 3 separate telly screens - to put it garrulously] the human eye can only see one side and the judgement of the coin being legal tender or not - purely depends on that. Here, I am referring to the legal side of the law supposed to safeguard women.

You said there should be a gun - in the hand of each woman.

That is something very nice to hear, but a rather silly thing to say.

Let me explain:

The lecherous man thinks his male organ is his strongest point. It also happens to be his weakest. Knee the rapist on the crotch, the potential assailant of a woman's modesty would bend double with pain unable to do nothing except yell like a goddamn ninny.

That kick would be more effective than the firearm and yet be more benign as it would not take the would be assailant's life and simultaneously aid the girl in protecting her honour.

Yes, the scared girl under such a circumstance may not be able to think straight under the threat induced stress of a possible rape.

That is where the education of the modern woman comes into play. Educate the girl in self defence.

But, as in the case of Nirbhaya of New Delhi, when the inhuman characters [I will not term them beasts as animals do not rape] raped the unfortunate medico, the punishment should send chills down the spines of every potential rapist.

Sadly, the death penalty will not work.

I had suggested something much more effective.

Send the convict into 10 years' solitary confinement [sans lights but monitored by sensors and infrared cameras from beyond the confines] without remission and/or parole under any circumstance, castrate him without local anesthesia and upon release, send him out with a tattoo on the forehead, RAPE CONVICT!

Just think what the images of the convict yelling his head of from day 2 onwards in the dark loneliness - perhaps going mad - would do to potential rapists when telecast by rule on all national channels with one legend Rapists ... beware ... this is what awaits you when caught.

In my opinion, if something would bring down the rape count, the above punishment will.


TSV Hari

Habeib Khan said...

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