Friday, October 18, 2013

Ready for the Red Carpet!

I am so thrilled with my rejacketed books! I think they are looking smashing!
 Blogdosts - opinions, please!
Gavin , the super talented designer at Penguin Random House Books, has 'styled'' and 'dressed' the covers in pure Red Carpet style!
I am delighted the back list is selling well. With these 'hot'' new covers, I am sure we'll attract more readers - young, hip and hungry for words!!


Hafza Majeed said...
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Hafza Majeed said...

They Look Fabulous Shobhaa ! I'll be picking up my copy soon !

Pooja Rathore said...

super hot De...covers look fresh and catchy.....attractive, I have read only sisters(I am not much novel person...but I will put them on my to read list!).Tons of luck to the renovated version.

Ambika said...

But don't they look the same? I prefer the old ones somehow

Unknown said...

They all look the same, like its the same book with different covers, I wish they'd gone with a better idea to have one feature thats distinct/ unique for each book.

Sorry - but I am very underwhelmed :(...

Nikhil Asrani said...
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Nikhil Asrani said...

Honestly the name 'Shobhaa De' thrills me more than the picture. Good to see 'SD' in a bigger font than before.

Ranveer vishal said...

Shobha-ji, I have always loved ur books and the ones before 2008, Sultry Days and Starry Nights. I love the way they have been re-packaged since it carry a sexy element.
Cheerz to ma favorite columnist

i NumeroUnity said...

The covers r definitely unique, classic n bears a good taste. Bravo!

Avash Roy said...

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Mano said...

Of all the above, I like De's Strange Obsession most. But where's my most fav "Selective Memory?"

sindhu said...

Common shobhajee,
leave this glitzy selling to these young authors struggling to sell..
you have a class of ur own... sultry & sexy and direct.. these are just cheap..
me, a big fan of ur writing style but may be you should change the design guys who think of ur intent not the publisized wrong image of urs... i mean those sexy jeans on sisters cover and this violet top?
what happened to class and your brand mark crudity?

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Aditya said...

It's Awesome!!!!

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