Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Baby Doll'' Sunny Leone...

This appeared in The Week...
                     India comes of age with ‘Baby Doll’ Sunny Leone…
Appropriately enough, I am writing this on All Fools’ Day! And in front of me is a copy of a popular fanzine featuring ‘Baby Doll’ Sunny Leone. It quotes her as stating, “I know that many people don’t like what I represent…” Shall we call that the understatement of the year? So… what DOES Sunny Leone represent? Bluntly put : sleaze. Sunny Leone’s extraordinary life is worth a film in itself. But right now, she is enjoying the success of her horror-erotic movie, ‘Ragini MMS 2’. I haven’t watched it so far. But going by the reviews, it is obvious Ms. Leone has a valid reason to celebrate. So does her canny producer, Ekta Kapoor. For those coming in late, Sunny Leone ( real name Karenjit kaur Vohra, born in 1981), an established adult film star in Canada, became known in India after she entered the Big Boss house. The publicity around her participation revolved around her chosen career –  Sunny  was identified as a ‘porn star’ . One of the hottest in the world! It is to her credit she didn’t hide her antecedents. She efficiently handled all the jibes and taunts that came her way during those early days, with dignity and poise. That Sunny was a married woman came as a surprise to puritanical critics. That her husband, Daniel Weber , was also her manager, knocked the socks off those who had already branded her easy game. So much for pre-conceived ideas and hasty judgements. I also plead guilty!
Today, when I watch Sunny going about those incredibly tedious promotional activities for her film, I marvel at her tenacity. It couldn’t have been easy getting a toehold into tightly controlled Bollywood circles for a woman who is seen as an ‘outsider’ (the annoying outsider-insider dilemma is not restricted to politics alone). Credit must be given to Ekta Kapoor as well to have the vision and guts to cast Sunny in such a pivotal role. Of course, Ekta being one of the shrewdest players in the movie business, coolly extracted  her pound of flesh ( why not?), by heavily focusing on the erotic content of  Sunny’s debut movie in all the tantalizing promos. A less daring producer might have tested the waters by casting Sunny in a multi-starrer, or by getting her to perform a sizzling ‘item song’. Characteristically enough, Ekta boldly went the whole hog and presented Sunny with a solo vehicle that – surprise, surprise – did indeed involve a bit of acting. Just a wee bit. But what the hell.The movie could easily have been a shamelessly voyeuristic sleaze fest, with heavy duty moaning and groaning and little else.But Ekta actually bothered to provide a fig leaf of a story line and projected Sunny Leone as a bona fide star.This was a master stroke – an inspired brain wave. And given the lopsided logic of the movie business, if the film is a hit, nothing else matters. Least of all the heroine’s past.
Let’s see what happens to Sunny now. She talks about shuttling between her home in L.A. and her work in Mumbai. She definitely does not talk about going back to her old job as an adult film actress. One guesses those days are over. Her manager/husband of six years is very much around, and was last seen playing Holi with the Bollywood crowd. Given the status of the Balaji banner Sunny has been launched by, she can afford to sit tight and wait for other assignments, now that her movie has been declared a commercial success. That Sunny found audience acceptance in a country like India, is again very telling. Ten years ago, someone like Sunny would have been mocked and attacked by the hypocritical film industry itself. It would only have been producers of C-Grade ‘blue’ films who would have pursued her. Today, Sunny can walk with her head held high alongside any of the other newbie actresses, and demand the same level of privileges ( a fancy vanity van to call her own). Whether or not she’ll be able to sustain her current level of success remains to be seen. But the fact that she broke through the invisible cordon that makes most of  us pre-judge persons who choose a different career path, must be acknowledged. India has sure come a long way, it must also be said. If there is space in our hearts and minds for a Sunny Leone, there is hope for us.

And yes – boo to you, Muthalik!


Ananya Tales said...

I was so happy to read your thoughts about Sunny, few days back I wrote an article about Sunny Leone with thoughts from an Indian mother's perspective.

DO read about it here said...

It is a good sign we are showing our true colors.
First step of changing (signs)for the better, rather than being the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Won't be surprised if the likes of Muthalik and Togadiya turn up, become more prominent in the near future, as we want progress at all cost.
Cheers till then and have the good times while they last.

vikram suryawanshi said...

i think she's finally getting everything that she deserves, starting as a pornstar and becoming a bollywood star, this must be one of the most difficult journeys in bollywood......

Tsomo85 said...

Who wouldn't like to be working in crafted Mansion and Penthouse everyday, although it requires major physical labor in a lingerie that cost less then $5.00. :)
PS. One should never loss the cynicism when it comes to money & power! Rest is everything is fair in love & war!

Aarti Chauhan said...

Choosing something imoral never means that we want to do that... sometimes that's the only choice.. No matter what Sunny Leone have done in past, now she is given a chance to prove her skill and talent in acting.. she is doing that perfectly..

Maria George said...

It was really a surprise to hear that her husbands accepts her as who she is and will truly be a blow on all those conservatives out there..

Tsomo85 said...

You really believed he is her husband???? Off screen husband? BAHHh

Tsomo85 said...

Dude! Sometimes it's less embarrassing to be kind than naive/foolish! :)

shailesh gururani said...

It also takes me by surprise that a country where hypocritical values rule how could she not attract any criticism from religious outfits.
It sure is a good sign of change.

S R Ramanujan said...

Your piece on "Loose Motions". Yes, your write-up was just that. Diarrhea of words and nothing else.What is ur definition of "secular" or "communal" votes. Hindu votes are communal and Muslim/Christian votes are secular. What rubbish you seculars are talking about.Asadduddin Owaissi appeals to the voters to reject communal parties. Can there be a better joke than this?Andhra Pradesh Catholic and Protestant Churches urge Christians to shun communal forces in polls.What is all this? Where are the seculars? Do they protest against this nonsense. You say Modi will not change. Did not Indira change after imposing Emergencyc and suspending fundamental right even to life? Did not Rajiv Gandhi change after that "Banyan tree" remark. Did he continue to attack sikhs? If anyone has the slightest tinge about Hinduism is communal according to you seculars and they will not change. Remember this. India is secular because of Hinduism. Can you cite one Islamic country to be secular?

S R Ramanujan said...

By the way, what about the ban on D'Cruz's book? Does it square up with liberal values or secular values? Just because, he supports Modi, his book has to be banned.What sort of secularism or liberalism you seculars are talking about?

S R Ramanujan said...

Bollywood (or a section of it)is at liberty to support any individual or party of its choice. And that is what democracy is all about. But let there by intellectual honesty in owning up a party or individual leader. It is sheer hypocrisy or cowardice to hide behind some terminologies. Who divides the society in the name of secular and communal votes - phrases which our Constitution does not recognise. It only talks about adult franchise. When Sonia appeals to Muslims to ensure that secular votes are not split, how do you interpret it? Muslim votes are secular!If RSS can be accused of taking pro-Hindu line,what do these "seculars" do? They also indulge in similar divisive politics in the name of defending religious minorities. What is the difference? Why this holier-than-thou attitude?

Latha said...

Sunny Leone's entry into Bollywood is thanks to another woman, Ekta Kapoor. They say women are the worst enemies of women. But Ekta cashes in on the vital assets of other women to everybody's advantage. She had crossed the 100cr club in "the dirty picture" which certainly would give any producer a high & they'd want to repeat the formula. The K girl of TV's saas bahu series has the key to minting money & success. Everybody will not be as lucky as Sunny Leone in getting a producer like Ekta.

sk nizam said...

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TRAVEL said...

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Zen Touch said...

Sunny or otherwise, Indian men need to learn the ART of loving a woman. So much research about about women discovering their sexual potential to achieve multiple orgasms every time us not reported in India.

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I would love to have Shobha talk about multiple orgasms, loving a woman the way it matters.

Madhvi Julka said...

it need courage to talk on such a sensitive topic on a porn start journey Sunny Leone ( real name Karenjit kaur Vohra ) to Bollywood in such a sensible way really head off to you mam. even on part of sunny Leone she act in very sensible way in handling all the criticism she have to face and finally she achieve all that respect which she deserve. credit also goes to ekta kapoor how she portrait sunny in ‘Ragini MMS 2’.but its true India have come long way.

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Simran Chauhan said...

Sunny was always criticized but she was the one who made her life worth living. She was never a disgrace to herself and stood up to who she was.

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