Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bharat Ki Jeet...

A recent photo shoot we did for Nirav Modi, at his elegant salon, over high tea and pretty baubles...

             This appeared in Asian Age today...
                       Bharat Ki Vijay, says Namo…
Narendra Modi’s early tweet after his stupendous sweep at the polls, says it all. He has described the BJP victory as ‘Bharat Ki Vijay…” And how right he is! The people of India have delivered their verdict - 814 million of them. We have to bow our heads and accept the new order with humility and grace, no matter what our reservations and apprehensions about the man who will soon be anointed the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. Change was imminent. Change has happened. A brand new chapter in India’s history has begun. The first few lines are still being written, even as more results trickle in.  This is not the time to gloat.  Or even mourn. There is a great deal of work that needs to get done. And get done quickly. Let us see if Narendra Modi  and his team live up to people’s high expectations from the party that promised ‘Minimum government. Maximum governance.”
Is anybody really surprised by the numbers we are seeing? Yes and no. Political pundits had predicted pretty accurately  (for a change!) that the country was ready to shift gears and elect not just a new leader, but a new political eco system. India has given its mandate to a brand new leader. Indian voters have demonstrated their faith in a person who decisively projected dynamism and  strength, stressing on ‘development’ over ‘dynasty’ all along. Perhaps that was the precisely pitched emotive call ( to finally overthrow a family that had effectively run  and ruined the country for six decades) which did the trick. Let’s be honest - this was a vote against the Gandhi family – make no bones about it. It was also a vote against systemic and sustained corruption. Voters equated the two ( Gandhis and corruption) and delivered a strong verdict against the Congress-led UPA government. A verdict that  says one hell of  a lot about the frustration and rage of the electorate – the youth of  the country, in particular. Modi’s strident call to aggressively fight India’s first family of politics, was exactly the trigger that led to the snow balling of a nation- wide revolt aimed at overthrowing Sonia Gandhi and her son, Rahul Gandhi, - two individuals who had become emblematic of all that was wrong in India’s polity. Modi’s focused campaign drawing attention to the rampant corruption that had eroded and corroded the very core of India, eventually worked in his favour and propelled the party to its spectacular win.
The real test for Modi and his team begins now.
All eyes will be on the man who toppled several apple carts and changed the paradigm as it were. Political discourse will never be the same again - historians will talk in terms of Pre-Modi and Post-Modi India. The biggest achievement of Elections 2014 is the final collapse of the class-caste mindset, and there can be no better example of that development having taken place than ‘Chaiwalla’ Modi. One of his cleverest comebacks to the ‘tea seller’ jibe was to use that very putdown to his advantage and make Mani Shanker Aiyar look like the biggest fool (which was easy!). While the Shezada and the Empress refused to read the writing on the wall, and while the Congress courtiers in Sonia’s Durbar, fiddled away, India was changing. And changing how! The young today really don’t give a damn about which politician went to Oxford ( Salman Khursid found that out when he lost) and which one sold tea. They backed the person who was like any one of them… only far more ambitious and intelligent. Modi’s team took an enormous gamble when it was decided to make NAMO the face and future of the BJP. His was the sort of  belligerent personality that antagonized and alienated the old school. A lot of concerned citizens had a problem with his handling of Godhra or, the more recent ‘Snoopgate’. These were and remain moral issues that cannot be swept under the carpet just because he has trounced the opposition. Perhaps, once the euphoria settles down a little, and the mundane day-to-day business of running the country as vast and complex as ours , becomes a reality, there will be sufficient distance and time to assess Modi sans prejudice, sans baggage. Till then, all eyes will be on the new government to see how old enemies, bitter rivals and trenchant critics are dealt with by Namo. More than any other person, how will the NDA deal with Robert Vadra ? Modi is known not to forget or forgive. There is widespread fear that he will go after those who have criticised him in the past …. those who opposed him… those who mocked him. Vendetta is a harsh and ugly word. If Modi proves his detractors wrong by not being vindictive or petty, he will win over many die hard opponents who, at the moment are watching their backs. What India needs is not a witch hunt, but a thorough clean up. And this is where Arvind Kejriwal’s jhaadoo played an important role. Never mind the AAP’s poor showing – even those four seats represent an important start for a fledgling political party which was shunned by big business and had no money to fight wealthy rivals. The creation of the Aam Aadmi was a vital step forward. It began as a one man crusade and grew into an authentic people’s movement . It will always  be seen as a defiant protest that  fearlessly took on the mighty . For doing  just that, we should thank Arvind Kejriwal.
As for Rahul Gandhi,let’s not crucify the Reluctant Prince. It was a tough job that was thrust on him. The poor guy tried. Alas, India did not find him good enough. The Congress party has been decimated. Which is a good thing. This signals the death of dynasty. And the rebirth of democracy.
Congratulations Narendra Modi. Here’s hoping India will prosper on all levels with you at the helm. An inclusive and equal India is a strong and stable India.

 Jai Hind!


Latha said...

A good assessment, though I wouldn't agree with 1 or 2 points.
Yes, the best part is that we have done away with caste politics, isn't it ? Even Mayavathi was mercilessly thrown out of the map along with her & her elephant statues & Rs 1000 notes' malas. Good riddance. Now the tigress is licking her wounds somewhere. Even dalits carefully avoided the caste trap. Total awareness & a high voter turnout & a buoyant stock market (Neeche aane ka naam hi nahin leta)! Muslims have voted for NaMo in a big way. Now it is time to remove the shameful "caste" column from all the application forms which can be found nowhere in the world & to give the financially backward & deserving students scholarships.
Another important aspect of this election is the woman power. Jayalalitha has won 38 seats driving DMK to 1 seat (Kani, Karuna etc swept out of the map). Mamta has won 34 seats. Apart from these wins Kiran Kher from Chandigarh, Hema malini from Mathura, Harsimrat Kaur badal from Punjab, Sushma Swaraj from Vidisha, Sonia Gandhi from rae Bareli (against all odds. You have to give it to her & rahul Gandhi who are the only ones who have won in CONgress), Maneka Gandhi from Pilibhit have won. Meenakshi Lekhi has won in New Delhi with a large margin. That is huge !!! We don't need any 30% "Biksha". We have proved that we can rise on our own & contribute to the victory. Only the other day we celebrated "International womens' day". But I wonder whether any other country will have so many women participating in elections & winning. I'm proud to be an Indian today & I congratulate all these women for the hard work they have put to achieve what they have. (Hema Malini !!!) Except Jaya Pradha & Smriti Irani everybody has won. Let's be proud of the fact that women power have contributed in a big way in this election. At least now the RSS should consider us as entities & should not brush our problems under the carpet.

V said...

Gorgeous lady evergreen! Balanced article.

Anonymous said...


As usual, you are right.

I have been saying that Modi would register a thumping win, but he ought to be careful about those knaves with the knives.

Here are some links:

The links would give you an idea as to how consistent I have been.

Let us understand some of the basics:

[1] The Indian and the foreign media had been predicting a Modi win [not this massive, though] for the past 3 months.

[2] The main representatives of the main foreign regimes of the world - USA, UK, EU, Aussies etc made a beeline to Modi, fell over each other offering him visas. So, they had seen the writing and righting on the wall.

[3] Indian industrialists, the top babus ... all of the jokers in politics, police ... the works ... of all hues, religions, regions etc knew the writing on the wall and that would perhaps accounts for the huge amounts spent in the run up before, during and even after the polling in many states ... to ensure where voting was to take place and all that.

So everyone who mattered - including you - knew who the new PM would be.

And you asked that question about the money spends in one of the TV shows ... hitting the nail on the head again! Good, Great! Enjoyed it!

Pooja Rathore said...

Beautiful pic all 3 of u look great(gorgeous,but yet my vote is for u I dont know why ...may be iam partial or honest I dont know).
Iam not a BJP fan,sushma swaraj is my only favorite in the party,well as u said we should accept the verdict-hopefully Modi will not let us down,quite right abt kejriwal too,I agree with my blog friends the post is well assessed /balanced..true very straight and practical with a dose of optimism ,hoping the very best for our country .

Unknown said...

Regional politics and politicians will be difficult to deal with. Seems modi is overtly friendly with jayalalitha which may upset Karnataka and seemandhra pradesh. The locals of these two states hate tamilians. The shivsena's friendship with BJP will not be welcome in some quarters of north India if the sena parties start their anti northindia politics once again. The northeast has its own set of problems peculiar to them. Not to forget insurgency in Kashmir and naxalite terrorism.
It is easy to brainwash, bombard the electorate and win elections and it is not easy to rule a country as vast and as diversified as India. The Vadra factor ruined the dynasty beyond repair. Mayawati has an all india appeal if she can use her dalit card intelligently. I am thankful that India was saved from Mulayam singh or shard Pawar becoming prime ministers by default. About Jayalalitha and mamata, the less said the better.

Unknown said...

What happened to media? Are they in some trance? Are they so much afraid already?

Junaid said...

Masha Allha, you are beautifull

Abhirami Muthu said...

What a mum! Those kids are lucky, no money can buy that kind of love.

vinay said...

I think now when they are failed with a great extent, they have to give up politics. Priyanka or Rahul don't have an attractive figure like their father Rajiv.

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