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Happy New Year, Blogdosts !

      It has been one hell of a year, it has! I am glad it is nearly over. 
Here's to new beginnings... hope and happiness in 2015. 
I love your comments. Do keep them coming! 
Have a glorious 2015, dear, dear Blogdosts! 
Thank you for your love and support!
       Where have all the children gone….?
I am writing this on X’Mas Eve. This is possibly the first time in several years that my mood is hopelessly down… the festive spirit has yet to touch me. I have gone through the motions, of course – the tree in the living room is fussily decorated, the front door lit up. I have the presents neatly gift wrapped and ready to distribute. Someone has sent us X’Mas cake and pudding…. someone else, champagne. We have attended five pre-X’Mas parties… there are two more to go. The weather in Mumbai is unbelievably cool and the sunlight, a pale shade of gold. On the streets there are countless Santas tapping car windows and peddling velvet reindeer horns. Along the seafront, people are lighting ‘wish lanterns’ imported from Thailand. What sort of a wish should we be making?
Ever since the Peshawar attacks on helpless children that left 132 kids dead, I have been thinking of  little else but the plight of  grieving mothers mourning  their murdered sons. Their lives will never be the same again. And while the rest of the world readies itself for a brand new year… new beginnings…. 2014 will be permanently marked as the year of grief for these unfortunate women. There can be no grief as profound, as scarring, as deep as the death of a child. Almost every other loss known to mankind  is  replaceable.  But nothing and no one can take the place of a child. I know couples who lost children under tragic circumstances more than forty years ago. But even to this day (while they  themselves confront age and death), the memory of that child remains vivid and omnipresent. Every little reminder, brings tears to the eyes…every family occasion is tinged with sorrow. The dead child’s absence is tangible – a powerful pull that touches the living more acutely than the vibrant  presence of  all the others present.
Of course, the world has moved on and away from the gruesome killings in Peshawar.  Closer to home, schools across India are tightening security and conducting emergency drills, just in case there is a repeat of that horrific terrorist attack on Indian soil. As the year draws to a close, it is time to ask ourselves what we can possibly do to combat  threats of this magnitude, involving defenseless innocents. Children are the world’s most precious resource. How can we protect them? Most mothers of slain children end up blaming themselves .Some may be thinking ‘If only I had been there, I could have saved my son and taken the bullets.” Or, “What if  I had not sent him to school that day? Why didn’t my sixth sense warn me something terrible was going to happen…” Hind sight is an awful affliction, and mothers possess more of it than needed. Unable to come to terms with the enormity of the tragedy, mothers obsessively recreate the last few hours of  the time spent together and conclude they could have prevented the tragic turn of events. A mother in grief ceases to be a rational person. It is useless trying to talk her out of flagellating herself emotionally. Perhaps that is the only healing she knows… and she should be granted the space and respect to deal with the tragedy in whichever way she chooses.
Women and children – the world takes both for granted. This is intrinsically wrong. Horribly wrong. 2015 is a good year to begin a genuine transformation, that goes beyond lip service and weak legislation. Our track record in India is abysmal on all counts. We treat women and children atrociously. Always have. 2014 was no better. But why bleat and plead and beat our breasts? Why not push for the overdue changes ourselves? Let’s begin with basics – let’s prosecute those who exploit child labour and treat the guilty like the hardened criminals they indeed are. Nobel Peace Prize winner  Kailash Satyarthi has shown us the way forward. Let’s also focus on getting our girls into schools. Malala Yousafzai… fittingly won her Nobel, for fighting this war . If 2015 is dedicated to women and children by a united world, we would have taken the first major step in the right direction. Can we afford to wait for even a day more? How many women and children do we want to lose to violence before we wake up and do something to save them…to save humanity at large?
The narrative for women and children must start now. Let’s ring in the new year on this positive note.

Thank you for sharing 2014 with me, beloved readers… I value you in my life. Here’s to a better 2015.
                                  NDTV  BLOG 18               30th Dec 2014
                     Why  Bollywood doesn’t stand by its own…
I was on a television panel discussion last night. Yup. Same one on which the anchor provides all the answers to questions asked by the nation. The topic was volatile (widespread vandalism of theatres screening the Aamir Khan starrer, ‘PK’ in Ahemdabad, Bhopal and elsewhere)  but the panelists were thanda. The panelists who were supposed to condemn the violence, that is.While the three defending the disgraceful shenanigans belonged to right wing  political/ religious outfits, the three of us representing the  ‘voice of the people’ were disappointingly muted. Well, I tried my best to be heard over the din of smug, self-appointed custodians of Hindu sentiments, but it was a frustrating and pointless exercise. I asked why the channel had not invited someone more ‘tagda’ to represent Bollywood . The reply didn’t surprise me – nobody of any importance from the movie industry wanted to speak up  - for the principle, not an individual. For the wrongness of what took place. Not for Aamir Khan. Or Raju Hirani. Or even the contents of the controversial movie. Speak up against these sort of intimidatory tactics. Speak up for our threatened freedoms. Speak up for democracy. Speak up for peaceful protests. Speak up for their own future, for heaven’s sake!
The answer is pretty obvious: Bollywood is scared.
Bolllywood  has reasons to be scared. Very scared.
And this is the real story : Bollywood is vulnerable. Perhaps, more vulnerable than any other sector in India.  It has always been this way. In earlier times, when Bolllywood itself was run in an erratic, unprofessional and disorganized fashion, it was easier for anti-social elements to exercise control over the film industry.  These ‘elements’ were dangerous and armed. They resorted to direct threat, blackmail and murder. The motive was money. Bollywood was a soft target for extortionists looking to make a killing the easy way. It was hard to stand up to these goons…and still stay alive. Some who tried to take on the underworld, paid for it heavily… and got the message fast enough. So did the others. Perhaps, this was when the term ‘setting’ was coined. It was a polite way of admitting you had done a deal with the ‘Bhais’. Yes, it was hard to handle outright threats back then. Maybe, it’s even harder now.
Today, even though the Bhais are still around, the Bollywood model of doing business has changed. Bollywood is corporatized now and run more professionally by men and women wearing Armani, not sleazeballs in polyester safari suits. But hello! the monies generated by superhits have gone through the roof, too!  ( ‘PK’ has grossed Rs.233 crores already).The vultures are still circling the big studios. But there are new players on the scene to contend with. These  people exercise  muscle power and clout as well… and as effectively.  Bollywood continues to run scared. There is no place to hide.
I don’t blame big stars, producers, directors for not jumping into the latest ‘PK’ imbroglio. They simply can’t afford the risk! There is far too much at stake and nobody wants to commit professional hara-kiri by challenging the might of shadowy outfits claiming to represent the majority.
This is such a shame. If Bollywood had indeed decided to take a joint stand and speak in one voice this time, perhaps the film industry would have benefitted in the long run. After all, this sort of wanton destruction serves no real purpose. It is not Aamir or Raju paying the price for the ‘protests’ – it is theatre owners! The movie has been cleared across the board. Leela Samson has issued a sane statement in the wake of the debate. Justice Lodha’s directives are abundantly clear. The film has been screened without any incident for 10 long days. All of a sudden there are violent reactions? Come on. 
And Bollywood has  kept mum.
Is it cowardice or good sense that dictates how Bollywood reacts to threats? I’d say it’s both. Silence has become the standard. Which in a way, implies surrender. Most stars shy away from engaging in larger issues that concern the film industry. They remain obstinately non-committal. Or genuinely indifferent. This is just so short sighted and selfish. If the big wigs in Bollywood get together and form a strong and singular body to represent their interests across the board, such attacks can be better addressed. It is not merely Aamir’s problem or Hirani’s problem. It involves everybody! Bollywood tends to segregate and compartmentalize crises, with zero show of unity when it is most required – like now.
Soon the ‘PK’ attacks will die down. But there will be more. Of that, we can be sure. What then? Will Bolllywood continue to play ostrich? Suffer amnesia and laryngitis? One hopes not…for its own sake.
There’s nothing as sinister as the silence of the lambs…
Attn: Meenal,Sudipta              Mumbai Mirror   26thDec 2014
               Chick of the year : Malala Yousefzai

Quite possibly, Malala Yousefzai is the most famous 17- year- old on the planet right now. As she well deserves to be. Her acceptance speech after winning the Nobel Prize for Peace 2014, is remarkable on several levels. It sounded like it was written by her and not drafted by a professional speech writer. It was the impassioned voice of a young woman, aware of her extraordinary position in history, and yet girlish enough to admit she still fights with her brother! Her message to the world was profound and yet, couched in simple, straight forward language. When she talked about leaders opting for tanks over text books , she received spontaneous  applause from the well-heeled, hard- nosed audience  assembled inside the magnificent palace in Stockholm. Watching her on countless television screens across the world, were millions of awe struck admirers…plus, a few powerful foes. Her voice remained as steady as her gaze.  It was hard to believe she was not yet eighteen!
What must it be like to  be Malala – a teenager who achieved global recognition the day she defied the Taliban and in return, got shot in the head for daring to challenge a diktat that forbade girls from attending school.This was in 2012 – the dramatic year that soon became a pivotal one not just for Malala, but for all vulnerable students in Pakistan. The first miracle was that she survived the gunshot. The second, was still more notable -  she carried on with her education,  and in the process became a hugely admired global icon. Where did this young girl get the courage from? What made her take on the Taliban… and emerge victorious as an international ambassador for education? I’d say, look no further than her family. Malala has  publicly acknowledged the role played by her parents in her fight to speak up on behalf of  children who are denied a fundamental right – the right to study . Ziauddin Yousefzai, her proud father, and Tor Pokai, her supportive mother, are two people who deserve to share her Nobel honour equally. Had they compelled her to rethink her decision and stay put at home after she survived the attack, perhaps the history of education for girls in Pakistan would have been different. Unfortunately, the significance of what Malala stood up to and would continue to stand up for, was completely lost on her government. Yes, a $10 million Malala Educational Fund was announced amidst great fanfare. But the tragic truth is that even after that, the number of girls who DON’T go to school  in Pakistan ,has gone up! Malala herself pretty much lives the life of an exile, unable to return to the country of her birth.  The book ‘I am Malala’ has become an international best seller, inspiring countless young people to derive strength from Malala’s incredible life. But she herself, lives away from her country, her people, in distant Birmingham
This year indubitably belongs to Malala – she is the chick of chicks. At seventeen, she has seen more life than most women at seventy. What happens to Malala next is crucial. Will she stay the course? Will she remain unswayed by all the adulation and fame? How far will her activism take her? Twenty years from now, she will be just 37- years- old  –  how will she use these two decades? She talks of becoming the Prime Minister of  Pakistan someday. Inshallah, that will happen. It’s hard to believe anyone could possess such a resolute vision of life at the tender age of seventeen. But then again, Malala is not the average teen. She possesses a maturity  -  a sense of destiny  -  that is way beyond her years.
Pakistani watchers insist the massacre in Peshawar occurred as a direct fallout of  Malala’s Nobel. It is said the Taliban wanted to send out a strong message to girls who want to follow Malala’s example. Well, they now know they risk getting their heads blown off  if they persist. If so, Malala faces an extra challenge. The safety and security of several thousand girls has been unfairly thrust on her. Malala was fortunate – she survived the gun shot. Others may not be as blessed. Malala’s crusade is pretty daunting. She is a natural born leader…. politics is but a part of natural progression. Reassuringly enough, tomorrow’s Prime Minister of Pakistan  is still kiddish enough, candid enough, to publicly confess she fights with her brother! Thank God, she does! Or else the world would have wondered if Malala was for real.
For now, it’s enough that Ms. Yousefzai is doing what millions of  students her age do – she’s studying hard, appearing for exams, and making sure the grades are good. And yes, she continues to scrap with her brother!
Here’s to 2015, dear readers. And to more Malalas across the world. Thank you for sharing this space!


Sibasish Deb said...

Very well said ma'am ... The ruckus over PK exposed the rifts within Bollywood...

V said...

Wish You n Your Near n Dear Ones A Very Happy New Year! Pic is nice. Bloody world needs that innocence.

rupam sarma said...

Happy New Year 2015

Ashwini Sane said...

Happy New Year!

Ashwini Sane said...
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Pooja Rathore said...

Happy New year Maa De ,family and blogdosts -Loved your theme and card- very thoughtful , touching and easy to connect with due to its simplicity.
I am yet to watch PK but quite agree in matter of principle one should stand ....but that how Bollywood works.....hope all goes well with pk.

RAJ47 said...

Happy New Year 2015
to you
to your family
to your friends and
to all your & my blogdosts

Megha said...

Happy New Year Ma'am :)


Unknown said...

Dear Ms. De, I was a participant at the alumni dinner yesterday and it was wonderful to hear you share your amazing experience at Xavier's. With regard to the same I wanted to write to you. Could you share your email id with me at
Would be obliged to have your voice help us make a difference.

Mumbai Smiles NGO

Unknown said...

Wish you a very happy, prosperous and healthy year ahead ma'm...!!

Nirnaami said...

When the Supreme Court has upheld
"freedom of expression" clause & Leela Samson as a member of the censor board has cleared the movie pk & it has made crores / billions whatever
why hyperbolize & mislead bollywood is "scared" ? Not at all.

Kollywood is already working on making a tamil version of the same movie with vijay the crypto christian eager to play the part of amir khan. This kollywood vijay was eagerly courted by rahul gandhi of congress prior to State Elections in Tamil Nadu as congress & dmk's sole agenda was to thwart Jayalalithaa's victory.

I am sure I need not rewind the extent to which congress , dmk , art of living dubious "avatard" ssravishankar , bollywood dream merchants farhan akthar , amir khan etc etc defended "freedom" of kamalhassan to spin whatever spiel he wanted to in his useless movie "vis.....". Betraying how little they care for MUSLIMS & how shallow they are on any weighty issues.

The JUSTIFIABLY enraged FEW GOOD MUSLIMS approached Jayalalithaa voicing their grievances. And she is not some idiot born yesterday.
Thus was plucky enough to take the right decision.

kollywood's kamalhassan (& several others like manirathnam , kbalachanders) OUGHT to have got his comeuppance from Hindus but did not. It is overwhelmingly suited booted brahmin community(the yuppies who have a disdainful attitude towards Vedic Ethos & Principles)that constitute his fan club worldwide.

Thank God for those PIOUS Muslims who wiped off the smug arrogant swagger of his permanently. Who incidentally belongs to dk of EVR the self styled megalomaniac.

In this democracee / functioning anarchy all are EQUAL citizens. We all lead a seamless existence. All are entitled to the same FREEDOM of expression.
The legitimately outraged exercised their freedom of expression by allegedly "vandalizing cinema halls".

The cinema halls exercised their freedom of expression to get vandalized a bit. Period. Atoms , molecules etc forever in constant unseen vibration decided to rearrange & reposition themselves. That is all.

The "circumlocutory motion of hands " of certain people exercised their freedom of action.

Hence why label alacritously & UNFAIRLY "disgraceful shenanigans"?

Why blame "Bhais" "underworld"?
Does not wash.

Several years ago Haji Masthan forthrightly said :- "Those who badmouth me as underworld don / smuggler during the daytime fall at my feet late in the nights asking for money to finance their crappy movies". And he had published photo of raj kapoor falling at his feet. No fauxtography existed then in India.

Similarly I have seen photographs of jackie shroff , anil kapoor , madhuri dixit , sudha chandran & many more in cozy proximity nursing their cocktails with certain allegedly "underworld Dons" in Dubai. Many of them including sanctimonious cricketers of sanctimonious india took lot of FREE foreign cars etc etc from them.

saif ali khan sharmila tagore's son was charged with violating FERA violations in import of some expensive foreign car but was NOT punished. sharmila tagore is also a member of censor board. ranbir kapoor walked through green channel evading paying customs duty which amounted to a nominal amount - a couple of thousands. Was NOT punished. These bolly & kolly film stars have always remained UNTOUCHABLES. Hence do not exert yourself in defending them.

And resist the temptation of blaming Pakistan & "Bhais" in your zeal for defending these indian CRIMINALS.

Thank God for alleged "Underworld Dons & Bhais" who are also spurred to do whatever they do by the SAME MAKER.

Nirnaami said...

I am sure if the same pk movie had been made by Hollywood with the cast consisting of entirely Americans (sans a single indian actor / actress) sitaram yechurys, bardhans , somnath chatterjees(btw is he still alive:-(() brinda karats, leela samsons , rahul gandhis , dmk , pmk , barkah dutts, vikram chandras, farah khans, amir khans,kollywood opportunistic scoundrel kamalhassan, manish tiwaris, sharmila tagores, shabana azmis , javed akthars, sachin tendulkars, anushka sharmas, karan johars- ALL would have joined hands to slap their thighs / twirl their moustaches at AMERICA screaming " how dare you insult our GREATEST OLDEST.....". Now they know they cannot afford to antagonize Hindus...hence would feign outrage & anger demanding apologies...bjp fulminating would not be surprising.

Good for nothing indians share only ONE trait in common- unalloyed ANIMOSITY towards America. And would have made lot of money through law suits whatever.

But Americans are not stupid. Without taking recourse to such appallingly ASININE story have effectively upheld TRIUMPH of Virtue. Of ETHICS.

So many unknown Hollywood movies have had indelible impact on me.
I am naming them with a FERVENT prayer to Lord Ssiva that the very thought of plagiarizing them by useless indians should merit exemplary punishment.

Simon Birch , Zero Effect , Wait Until Dark , Enter The Dragon , Mr.Destiny , Bedazzled , Blast From The Past , Payback , The Contender ( Jeff Bridges), The Italian Job , Road to Perdition , Forrest Gump , Philadelphia (this was not only plagiarized but also got mutilated in the hands of revathy the useless indian actress) I Am Sam (plagiarized by kollywood) Double Jeopardy ,Dolores Clairborne , Requiem of Dreams ( very poignant making us think for a long time) Mr.Schmidt , As Good As It Gets , What Women Want......these stimulate our thinking making us better people. The role of Art & Literature is precisely this.

Many more movies come to my mind but am unable to recall their names. Not Oscar winners.

Only one Hindi movie starring Sanjeev Kumar 'Yehi Hai Zindagi' handled GOD appearing in Person effectively. It is a remake of Tamil Kaliyuga Kannan.

Otherwise most indian movies are extremely crass instantly appealing to obtuse DULL intellect. Now Dev Anand old movies appear far far better. Such has been the fall in our quality of script , acting , lyrics , music. Who wants technology when story itself is lacking?

Nirnaami said...

"House Of Sand & Fog" Spellbound & Notorious of Alfred Hitchcock ( I like all Hitchcock's movies),'Death Becomes Her'.

The MASK starring Jim Carrey never falls flat on me. Thoroughly enjoyable & a potent stress buster.

The quality of humour is extremely poor & often contrived in most indian movies.

Nirnaami said...

Awfully Sorry.
Forgot to wish you.

A Very Sincere Happy New Year to you
Shobhaa De who has chiselled away many sharp angularities in me.

I realized you are indeed a kind hearted person. That IS a precious RARE trait. Not many people are kind hearted in this world.

And someone who has no ego hassles. Considering your grasp over many issues & your ability to get your points across quite effectively lack of ego hassles is another surprisingly precious trait in you.

I treasure a statement you made on tv once extremely important for all parents:-

" Overcommunicating with our children is always better than undercommunicating".

Nirnaami said...

It is knavish & biased indian media that is craftily trying to turn it into Hindu versus Muslim fight.


I have no MALICE towards Muslims at all.

amir khan , shabana azmis are NOT representatives of ISLAM.

I find the movie egregiously idiotic. Considering entire world has been praising this amir khan, hirani (whose 3 idiots it was alleged was praised by some well known Hollywood Director as some great hatke blah blah. amir khan paraded as some great thinker (after lagaan , tare zameen par , pipli live).

When you declare someone is "missing" (la patha) it is understood that "missing" person is KNOWN. Very familiar.
Here amir khan goes around distributing pictures of Aanjaneyar & various Hindu Gods & Goddesses announcing they are all "la patha". Which presupposes he & the excessively impressed with such IDIOCY anoushka sharmas , bomen iranis are all familiar with our MAKER; who already KNOW God. When you KNOW God how can you claim He / SHE/ It is "missing / la patha"? How can THAT which is ALL pervading / Omnipresent be "missing". It is akin to claiming Space is "missing / la patha" while moving about naked , prancing in the very Space.. Even IDIOTS would spurn such a ludicrous 'la patha' pk movie.

It proves amir khans anoushkas hiranis are the ones CLUELESS about GOD. And towards the end dopey eyed ranbir kapoor having the same photos stuck on his cheeks. All idiots laugh uproariously. ONE bright Hindu, a Tamilian asked matter of factly " Can't some intelligent person give one resounding slap on their bare backs ?? Height of idiocy".

Charlatans are NOT the representatives of Hinduism.It is a misnomer to call them Gurus. Period. They are but charlatans. Who have all been brilliantly ripped apart by Americans. Art of living cultist to various charlatans have been unmasked by AMERICANS.

amir khans have NOTHING refreshing to offer. They have unwittingly betrayed their total lack of cerebral atoms. But have made what? Crores ??? What kind of financial management is this? Why blame Subroto Roys then ??

Ironically it is bolly & kollywood folks who are followers of art of living cultist sssrs , ramdev babas , Puttaparthy Saibabas , Nithyanandas etc.

I recall Dilip Padgaonkar , many well known Indian models were all followers of hideous cultist nirmala mataji etc.

When AMERICAN unmasked them they did so exceptionally well as they were already drawn towards Ramakrishna Paramahamsar , Yoga Vaasishtam of Ramayanam , Ashtavakra Samhita etc. Hence found out instantly sssravishankar was only recycling these Texts as his own "discovery".

Many gathered the strength to become whistle blowers after being bruised & taken for a ride by art of living ssssrs. etc.

amir khan comes too late with nothing to offer. As was rightly said by Daily Pioneer of Chandan Mitra.

anushka sharma has worked on her hairstyle , make up , costume , deportment to look like a replica of pretty & talented English actress Carey Mulligan.

Nirnaami said...

VHP , RSS , Bajrang Dal should get REal SMART.

The supreme court of GODDAMNED india consisting of "secular charlatans" does not have
Mariyadhai Ramans.

Indira gandhi herself defied Shah the Judge & he had to go underground. From Cauvery River Water disputes to several many of the state chief ministers have seldom bothered to follow supreme court or any Tribunal judgement.

Often MPs like prakash karats , sitaram yechurys scream "down down with judicial activism / this is judicial assassination" all of which have been dulcet notes to arnab goswamis & barkha dutts.

But this skewered judgement favouring pk is to be welcomd & exploited FULLY by VHP , Bajrang Dal & RSS. Henceforth any indian film star, director , producer asking for protection from xyz should be DENIED Police protection.

VHP should call it "freedom" of xyz to allegedly "extort". Help the "underworld Dons" to make all these indian film fraternity go totally bankrupt.

All Police Protection withdrawn. Call it freedom of "dacoits , burglars" to break in & steal....this is democraceee....

We often hear of many Mujahideens desiring to rehabilitate themselves & join mainstream society. Ask them to pulverize these toxic scum infesting India as price for AMNESTY & seamless integration into mainstream society.

Our adversaries are not Pakistan & China but in our own midst WITHIN. Ask Hollywood to slap penalties on indian film fraternity. hemamalinis included should be DIVESTED of their kilos of Gold , Diamonds & riches.

Spineless indians cannot do it. But outsourcing this much needed FUMIGATION to Taleban, China & ISI is a splendid idea.

For accidents , adulteration & various malpractices taking place Narendra Modi should remain blissfully apathetic calling it their "respective freedoms" in this democraceeee. No investigation , no punishment.

Nirnaami said...

amir khan so sanctimonious on celluloid is reported to have denied legitimate share of property to his own brother by procuring a fake certificate from psychiatrist calling his brother a "psychiatry patient".

hemamalini STOLE some Keralite Writer's story making a movie calling it "her own". And when that Keralite Novelist went to the court she threw some crumbs silencing him calling it out of court settlement. hemamalini travelling in a train sans ticket -many such unsavoury acts by indian film stars ought to be taken to the people.

Why do these filmstars react violently against journalists when they write some facts about them ? saif ali khan has behaved very violently several times.

Why do politicians become touchy when their effigies are set on fire?? They are but effigies.They are not being set on FIRE live. Yet why do police are asked to lathi charge & fire ??

Next time God Willing / Insha Allah should any bomb blast take place in Mumbai , Parliament or NDTV studio the Commandoes should rejoice. Call it freedom of expression of certain people.

Do not offer ANY help.

Pooja Rathore said...

Dearest Maa De,
Happy birthday to you....happy happy birthday to u(iam singing for u)lots of love and warm wishes,have a wonderful year,God bless you with good health and keep u happy!

Nirnaami said...

Since when INCORRIGIBLE nincompoops like mumbaikar siddarth varadarajans,shekar guptas,journos like tavleen singhs,madhu trehans,ramachandra guhas,arnab goswamis become the authorized people to lecture us on HINDUISM???

Hindus belonging to VHP , RSS, Bajrang Dal , BJP OUGHT NOT to fall for the bait of these indian sleaziest SLUTS in media.

Have I not been watching & hearing these nincompoops for more than a decade ? The treasonous suave prannoy roy avowedly Anti AMERICAN ( read anti REPUBLICAN , anti George Bush)diabolical communist invariably had equally treasonous shekar gupta ,brinda karat ( who is sibling sister of radhika roy wife of prannoy roy both sport BIG bindis with BIG diameter as HIDEOUS looking as the one on nirmala mataji's forehead ) vinod mehta of outlook magazine who runs porn movie porn magazines as side business siddarth varadarajan, one vidya subramaniam ( also with Slimes of India), javed akthar,vir sanghvis, khushboo as the judges in his well orchestrated talk shows aired for one hour on bbc every week. Full of vapid talk.

Talk of hypocrisy of britain & its bbc:-(( allegedly doing "investigative reporting" on
"flesh trade" in "third world countries" shedding copious tears on nirbhaya as though RAPES have been totally unheard of by these excessively intelligent & CRAFTY britain.

When Narendra Modi won the elections without having to lean on treacherous crutches christened collision (coalition this is what bengali communists taught me) partners it was again bbc reporters that were very crestfallen. I recall one bbc reporter let go of characteristic british sinister taciturnity openly ruing how dare BJP & Hindus win...this country is destined to be always under dynasty subjugation of sonia & her children. Seriously. The ABUNDANT presence of MASKS of Narendra Modi made him wince with contempt which the camera did not miss focussing on. One buxom woman calling herself journalist said "parsis are feeling insecure as Modi has won"....

Oh that case why not seek asylum in your erstwhile Persia / Iran dissolving the same "sugar in milk" (mighty weary of hearing this)
or garlic paste in pilaf ( we MAGNANIMOUS HINDUS would generously donate for FREE a huge mound of pilaf full of garlic pods & garlic paste as long as you promise to stay put in IRAN).
She also said "parsis are not producing children"

ROTFL.....Narendra Modi is no bible thumping padre to impregnate women opening orphanages....calling it christian commmpassion

jawaharlal nehru is the one who sowed wild oats.....

Vishal Bheeroo said...

Happy New Year, Shobha-ji. May this year usher in positive energy, happiness and loads of love. There is need for the industry to be united and come out on ridiculous comments made by political leaders bout their so-called 'Hindu' crap.
Movies like PK should be encouraged on the kind of insanity plaguing religions across the globe.
It's always a pleasure reading your blog and watching your voice on NDTV.
I wonder how come a slanderous comment above found its way on your blog. Hope some people will be more positive this year rather than resorting to abuse, insults and hatred.

harish chaurasiya said...

Revolution Twenty 20 is also a great book by Chetan Bhagat

Unknown said...

I love your posts maam. Am new to this blogging world. Your blog is inspiring:)

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