Friday, December 12, 2008

Hyderabad, here I come

Guys, This is a shorter than short post to say I shall be in Hyderabad till sunday attending a family function. Am feeling brain dead..... so forgive me for this non-post.
More..... much more on my return.
P.S. Protest with all your might if anybody tries to 'sell' Sanjay Dutt as a future politician to you. Given his dangerous antecedents, it will be akin to inducting Kasab into the government in India. Yes - that bad. His new 'wife' Manyaata's strenuous efforts to go legit and\or respectable are all very well. But watch that woman carefully. That's what the intelligence bureau is also doing - with reason. Nothing is as it appears. Why does she want Dutt to contest the next election, given his criminal record? On whose orders? Whose instructions is she taking? Why is the media giving her coverage as she tries her level best to mobilise support for Munnabhai? Why??? The answer may knock your socks off.


Ketan Joshi said...

Hey Shobhaa,

Reading you for all these years, I know you wouldn't write anything without being absolutely sure. Just wish u cud whisper the complete story.
I am damn sure, you know more than what u've written here. Don't you.

My best wishes for your function.Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha ,
i think you spoke straight from heart on some points,yes the two you mentioned are to be kept under vigilence,i think 1993 bombay blasts are still fresh in my mind when i hear these names,i think there are many more cinema actors who have been caught on tape ,performing in party's of Anti-social(indian) people outside our country,those tapes were flashed in channels that all indians gazed and felt ashamed of people of that kind,who put our nation's dignity at an enemy's feet.those people are still in limelight ,and the badest thing was that they were talking about mumbai attacks.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Hain? Apna neighbourhood thug Sunjay and his "wife" as an electable politician? Aiyoooo... the man cant even get married without resorting to illegal shenanigans. His sainted mother must be spinning in her kabar. She was a terrible enabler of bad behavior though so she dosent get a free pass either. Even as a cherubic looking school boy at Sanawar he was an indulged and very feared troublemaker. Mother being on the school board didnt help either. They say in Marathi "palnyaat pai distat" (you can predict a persons behaviour when the person is in the cradle). Thats true for him, as much as I want to be all mature and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Fortunately his sisters seem sortof normal. That fruit fell far from the tree!

Manyaata seems to like her men when they come in criminal flavors. I see a pattern there.

Ohhhh Hyderabad.. is so much fun. Hyderabadi folk (both the telegu and the muslim component) are so shaukeen! If I had to move to India, I would move straight to Hyderabad, except for the horrible water shortage! Yeah, I am dissing my beloved Mumbai, but *sigh* I dont think I can afford to live the high life in Mumbai anymore! Or is south mumbai getting affordable again? :)

Have fun and come back and tell us all. Dont leave us guessing about the tidbit you left behind... hehehehe.

I love a good gossip! I know... so shallow na!

Anonymous said...

But maybe he will win if he contest.
I vote nobody ?

Anonymous said...

What suspense!! Now you really have to tell all about "Sanju Baba"

ankur kakkar said...

hi shobhaa ma'm ,

this is really interesting ... i have been thinking about it for the last couple of days.. each time i saw manyata's involvement in every 'protest peace march' or 'candle light protest' .... i mean wat the hell ??

does she want to project herself as the harbinger of hope ? is she doing all this for cheap publicity ? or to give sanjay dutt a political platform ?

and most importantly ... is sanjay dutt really considering a "backdoor" entry into politics ? did this have anything to do with his and manyata's invitation to the recently concluded HT summit ?

shobhaa ma'm..... plz... throw some light on some of these questions if there's anything that u think we need to know !!!

Vinay. said...

Hi,welcome to Hyderabad.I shallbe very happy to meet you for 5 minutes,if your schedule mail

Joy said...

Ms. De
Wonderful comment. But you should be worried - the Roys with their NDTV crew, the Sardesais with their CNN-IBN cameras and Vir Sanghvi (a misnomer if there ever was one) is sharpening his claws.
You'll be labelled a hate-mongerer - or even worse, in these time - a saffron-clad hate-mongerer.

How dare you accuse Sanjay Dutt of not being eligible ?
Does he not satisfy some of the following criterion to become a politician -
1. He is a criminal (Yes)
2. He was involved in terrorism (Yes)
3. He is a staunch believer of appeasement in the name of secularism (Yes)
4. He has never been to prison despite his criminal activities (No)
5. He has no education or experience to make him qualified for the job (Yes)
6. He is well connected (Yes)
7. He has unsavory friends (Yes)

5-1 - we're good here. Vote him in people !!!
The selfsame unsavory friends are laughing their heads off..

Anonymous said...

my guess: mns.

why not?

unless balasaheb has decided to recruit.

vaisai, Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist, at worst you can call him a foolish person who confused real life with a bollywood film. (Bandook mangtha? Sab darenge therekoo sathane bandook hoyenga tau...).

And to be fair - at that time in Mumbai (92-93) riots when Sainiks were roaming the city identifying the apartments where Muslims could be found (with many people dying as a consequence, with the police strangely uninterested in stopping the violence), which of us can swear that we would absolutely, 100%, jaan ki kasam NOT take that bandook on the off chance that the Sainiks come and the police don't care? Walk a mile in his shoes before you judge him, I say.

Ekta said...


Would like to see this mystery unfold :-)

Am game, pl carry on.

And yeah when in hyd'bd, do visit "7 tombs" or "saat gumbaj", further down to gol gumbaj [err something like that] Unless you haven't visited the place.

Ekta Khetan

Joy said...

There were lots of times when people were roaming in the city with swords and guns, killing others.
That does not mean you have to store and sell guns and explosives to KNOWN CRIMINALS.
And at most, you buy a gun for your own protection. You don't stockpile 'em.
And not let the police know that the same criminals are planning a blast on the city.

Joy said...

Anonymous ..
What does this mean ?
"Bandook mangtha? Sab darenge therekoo sathane bandook hoyenga tau..."

Sorry - am not familiar with the Bombay lingo - this is definitely not Marathi or Hindi, so it feels like Bombay lingo.

It looks interesting, that's why I want to know .. nothing else ..

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you hint about Manyaata. There's something that does not seem quite right & "legit" about that woman. I am pretty certain that there's more to her than meets the eye. Time to spills the beans, Ms.De! I am all ears. Shoot. Quick.

Anonymous said...

I am really annoyed with SRK for saying what he did about our blog-dost Shobhaa. Here's the link:

Let's give his latest release a miss and teach him a lesson.

Balvinder Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
guardian said...

Hey Shobha,


tejaswini desai said...

you are a horror called shobhaaaaa . yuck, u stink, u r atualy desh drohi and hypocrate. the whole mumbai bleeding and country mourning and u r cnducting your daughter's marriage. how cheap after your own 'pour out' of your feelng of mumbai attacks. magar machi ke asoon. was it not b'use ur daughter's wedding plans were disturbd after taj attacks ? and big coward u r. running off to hyderabad to conduct ur good for nothing and great help in increasing is desh ki abadi children. u suck. shobaa de ki jai ho! people at least wake up now, about terrorists and this great horror called s.d. god bless my country.

Chris said...

Hi Ms.De,
I am 31,a mumbaiite who now lives in Chicago with my husband and 2 kids.
I have been an avid fan for years and imagine my delight when I read the online version of Mid-day and saw SRK's response to your comments about him! who cares about his response,I fervently googled "shobhaa de blog" and was in rapturous delight over 2 hours of reding pleasure!! only you can call Zubin Mehta "Zubi baby" and make it sound so cool :)
Also enjoyed your "no holds barred" comments on about the terror attacks.Very few people of your stature have the b.. err guts to call "a spade a spade" and I so respect you for this.

Anonymous said...

tejaswini desai... calm down... India cannot stop and sleep coz of the attacks! We need one day to mourn and then we need to move on! Why are you using such offensive language? Didnt it strike you that actually people like you are making us look bad too?

Let shobha live and you live too. What is the problem huney!!!


Recently I wrote about Sanjay Dutt on my blog , objecting to, he sharing the same platform with great leaders of the world on summit organised by Hindustan Time.

Nice to discover your blog.

Anonymous said...

Joy - I don't think Sanjay Dutt was that aware of the bombing plans or so collusive with their mastermind - meaning, he was at worse a 'useful fool', taken advantage of by people who used his fear for his own safety. At least that seems to be the general finding of the court case - otherwise he'd be in a lot more trouble than he is. As for promptly notifying the police - the police, as I've noted, were busy during those two weeks. They were not returning calls.

bandook mangtha etc. means: you want gun? people won't trouble you if you have guuuuuuuuuuuun...

Tejawsini - why so much khunnas man? No point.

harpreet said...

I totally agree with you , i beleive Snjay Dutt has always been a problem child for his family and others too and this time too i am sure trouble is arounder the corner somewhere for him.I would not be surpised if he lands up standing for elections from BSP party asn they might land up giving him more money and with his dear wife inchrge of everyhting , this cannot be ruled out.After all one item girl(Manyata) will support other item lady(Mayawati)!!!

*Aham* said...

absolutely, Absolutely no sympathy/empathy for any chokra/chokri with criminal background. A filmy dogooder or any amout of altruism will not let us forget that he is one of the accused.

Sanjay or Salman, you could make a thousand million charities, and can act in Munnabhai and Hum Aapke hai kaun...

on screen goody goody persona, and off screen, makebelieveness.... we understand it all.

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