Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama ki jai ho....

A few short hours from now, America will have a brand new President.... and the world, a brand new leader. There is an air of expectation and optimism, as a young, handsome, intelligent, charismatic man assumes his place on the global stage. We were invited to join the party (right here at the J.W.Marriott in Mumbai), where the dress code was red, white and blue. We decided to pass and watch this historic swearing -in ceremony from the comfort of our home. I have my fingers and toes crossed. Perhaps the terror attacks have made me go on a high alert myself. But I am feeling a sense of unease.... some sort of foreboding. Behind the euphoria lurks the fear - "What if....?" For the wicked of this earth, there can't be a bigger opportunity to create mayhem. Here's hoping and praying the Inaugural functions go off without any nasty incident... and that the Obamas start their new life in the White House with the blessings of the entire universe.
Last week I was interviewed for a Dutch tv channel by a very sharp and fun anchor called Nic Balthazar. In the sweeping 10 -part series on India, this segment was on entertainment in the broadest sense. Nic who is a columnist and actor, had played a tiny cameo in a Mumbai studio as part of the shoot. It was in the local tv serial on Shivaji. He had also made a 3 minute film on kissing! He was told it wouldn't find any takers here since nobody kissed in India!! Partly true. People procreate. But few kiss. No wonder all those attempts at introducing kissing in Bollywood movies have met with zero success. Imran Hashmi may find himself out of his sole job soon .
Rajinder Singh 'Atish', a script writer has claimed damages from Yashraj Films for pinching his story, making a few cosmetic changes and passing it off as an original titled, "Rab ne bana di jodi." He has modestly demanded 25 lakhs. The film has grossed 180 crores worldwide. I really don't know whether Atish's claim is legitimate. All I can tell you is that I have had innumerable such experiences with tv channels, movie guys... the biggest names in the entertainment world. They come looking for fresh ideas... new scripts. You give them a storyline, a breakthrough concept. They shy away from discussing money, and balk at the idea of a lawyer handling the deal..... drawing up contracts etc The next thing you know, the show is on some channel....and you've been conned. Yet again . Intellectual Property Rights?? You must be kidding. They simply don't exist in India. Which is why I have stopped entertaining these 'chors'. It's not worth the precious time I give them - that costs money, too.


Another Kiran In NYC said...

I am thrilled today as I watch the inauguration.

I know my kids are watching it at school and preschool this morning. For them it really means something. A whole new way of thinking about equality. I hope they will know nothing else but true equality.

And Nic Balthazar is such a wit! Seen him in passing on a couple of European shows and he is utterly funny and very wicked. When does it air? Do send us a link.

Anonymous said...

The guy from "Swaminomics" column in TOI wrote that US will have a President of Indian Origin in the next 50 years. Well...well..That means there will be a lot of pomp and fanfare in India whenever that happens.

But I hope against hope that we're not stuck with a fuddy-duddy, uninspiring Prime Minister then while we celebrate the "global" success of a "son/daughter of the soil"

Anonymous said...

Good speaker no doubt but too early to agree "Jai ho"

Re.: Movie script
A rule is required i.e, a movie will be released only if within 30 days of its releasing date nobody claim anything.
Think about it !

Nazish Rahman said...

Its truly a historic day not only for America but for the world. This is democracy at its best. We Indians should also learn from this that if one has to come up...he will come up not with the help of quotas that we have in our country.
It took time but the result is in front of our eyes.
As far as Atish's claim is who knows this also is a publicity stunt.I totally agree with u that intellectual property rights dont exist in India as we dont have proper law to tackle them.

KSH said...

I witnessed this historic moment with thousands of others, cheering and rejoicing at my University here. Obama was spectacular as always and so was the First Lady - absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous lemongrass-yellow coat and matching dress.

I had said this earlier and I am repeating, soon there will be a Gay President somewhere in the world. And that would be another historic moment. As for the First Lady designation, well by then we would have gotten rid of gender-binaries too.


Sameer said...

Well I dont know what differences Obama would bring as a BRAND new president... in any case the world was not affected by presidents but the American policies for that matter... I would be glad to see an inaugaration where a New American Policy of NO WAR, NO INTERFERENCE and no killing of innocents come into existence...

Regarding Atish I bet this is one of those stunts usually taken by people now to claim once it leads to success... whatever is popular is surely going to invite controversy... wondering if someone is going to take a claim on the biggest flops of bollywood ever.


Moumita said...

Dear Ms De,

I love your columns, and try to track every single one of them. I was wondering about your point on intellectual property rights, and I was thinking isn't it astounding that people who copy to make films cry themselves hoarse when they see their film on pirated VCDs and DVDs, or in the net. A case of pot calling the kettle black? its ok if the bigies steal, but wrong if the ordinary man does that? I am certainly not for piracy, simply because its illegal. but my point is with hugely expensive movie tickets (for all multiplex tickets are not cheap)don't these Cds provide the much needed entertainment at a cheap price? With companies like Moser Bayer and some others, its possible to watch originals at a low cost, but movies like those made by Yash raj group, CDs are expensive. Its really funny how people who steal urge others to be honest? Why? So that they can make more money? Where is the logic there? Or conscience, for that matter?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Obama... all these people talk. He might look slick and tough, but who knows if he will deliver.

Mayavi Paramananda said...

Barak Hussain Obama....gave brilliant inaugural speech. The entire wold has taken note of it. But how amazing it is that nobody made any comments on his completely messed up oath taking event. Was it intentionally ignored or does it not assume much importance? I personally was very much disappointed....Medha, Bahrain

Anonymous said...

Lolz @ mayavi: It wasn't highlighted, but they did mention the a moment of awkwardness during the oath taking

Obama has inherited a multitude of problems from the preceeding presidency... (the tottering US economy leading them all) And the expectations are great.. Let's see if he stands up to them :)

Anonymous said...

this may not be the appropriate place to leave this comment, but i am surprised, rather shocked as to why shobha de has not written about or replied to shahrukh khan's comments on "on the couch with koel." i must say i am slightly disappointed!

Uma said...

Woman, you kiss famous ass as nobody else can! When I'm no good at anything else, I should try that...NOT! ;)

Uma said...

Your blog should be renamed
"On the Art of Kissing Rich and Famous Ass"

Apurva said...

I am really disappointed with Obama messing up with the oath.
lets see how he fares with world issues now

Rahul said...

Obama Obama o Mr. Obama
Hare Krishna hare rama
Kucch bhi ho jaaye par aap badal na jaana

Aap kyon lagte ho itne apne
Lagta hai aap hi karoge sabka beda paar
Hanumaanji ki shakti ho aap par aprampaar

Aap mein Mr. Mandela ,Tito , Gandhiji , Mother Teresa ki jhalak milti hai
Par aap ho in sab se bhi tagde
Suna hai aapke naam mein Hussein hai aap jaate ho church
Saath mein ho ek number ke Hanuman bhakt
Apki yahi ada sab ko kar gayi fida
Aap Sirf US ke hi nahi sare vishwa ke ban jaao pita

Aate hi aapne US nuclear program ko kiya hai ban
Cuba detention centeres ko karaya band
Lagta tau hai badhiya hai aapka intentions

Par aapne kaha hai aap US ke prominence ko rakhenge barkaar
Bas yahi baat aapki samajh mein nahi aayi sarkaar
Ismein ho aapki politics sochne ko dil hai bekraar
Kyonki aaj ro raha hai sara sansaar aur US ke paas hai resources aprampaar

Is developed world mein jahan har insaan ek doosre se aage jaana chahta hai
Aur ant mein kucchh nahi paata hai
Wahan aap is duniya ko dikhaoge lagta hai naya rasta
Ya yun kaho wahi purana bhagaan aur naturality waala rasta

Hum saare sachhe aur acche hindustani hain aapke saath
Bas aap bhi mat kar dena kamare saath vishwaas ghaat
Bhagwan/Allah/God se yahi hai vinti
Wah aapko de sadbuddhi aur apni poori Shakti .

Sare vishva ki jaye ho aur sab kucch mangalmaye ho !!

*Aham* said...

Obama! just hope that he is not just a peptalker! I expect some action from him. Lets hope that he does deliver as good as he gives bhashans. But I should admit that he has something different, and something very earthy and grounded in him. Why he, even his dharam patni, and bachaas were looking so earthy. For the first time thought Hilary clinton looked like a misfit, she looked like a foreigner in Blackhouse. Though, we should admit that obama is loved for reasons more than just his skin colour. What a charishmatic chora he is. Ekdam Mast.
Kissing... ohh we are a nation where we think a smooch could make one pregnant. (I mean, not the classes but the masses). techniques in kissing could be bahut zyaada to ask for. Imraan Hasmi... ohh my god.. his kissing is lack lusture, no variety. No oomph. One scene I saw, where his tongue was seen cleaning the girls teeth and tongue. He should be caleld a Mouth Wash or a tongue cleaner. Kisser???? naaaaaaaa.

Why do these original script writers only come up for Hit films... why? flop films ka script copy nahi hota kya...?? And why complain when you donot guard your work? No one wants to take extra pains to ensure that his work is not copied... they put all their jee-jaan in court cases after the phillum has released... Bhai saheb... itna hi Josh... pehle dikha diya hota... and register kar liya hota.. toh there wouldnt have been a copy na...


Deepak Rajanikanth said...

I agree that there are tooo many Nuts out there! I was looking thru the things that were NOT allowed while visiting the mall for the function! Thnk god nothin happened!

@Kissing: My parents will faint If they see me kissing a girl, forget the masses!

@Copycat: well, that a modest Sue!

@Shobhaa: U have quite a mix of haters and followers! good to introspect.. :)

Anonymous said...

("60 years ago, he would have been refused service at a restaurant").

I have to disagree with you in regard to Obama's references to the past. These remarks do not cause pain, they cause those in America to celebrate - for electing their first African American president.

I admire Obama for acknowledging his roots. And he is celebrated all the more for it.

We must never forget where we came from and from what depths we rose to where we are now.

That is why Independence days are celebrated. That is why our political leaders, pundits, scientists, and philophers alike are celebrated. For their contributions. For progress.

And how can anyone measure progress without going back in time?


Sidhusaaheb said...

All those Hollywood producers whose movies' stories have been blatantly plagiarised would do well to sue the Bollywood fat-cats responsible.


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