Friday, January 2, 2009

Positivity rules....

The countdown had begun. My husband and I were at a secluded table in a cosy corner of Fiesta - our all-time favourite restaurant. Tito's across the street had a dj on something stronger than a fizzy cola - that's for sure. The sky over Baga beach started exploding with the most amazing fireworks fifteen minutes before midnight. At Fiesta, the lovely lady (Yellow) who runs it along with her dashing husband Manek, was making sure all their guests were well looked after. The crowd was friendly but discreet (THANK THE GOOD LORD! Hate having to be jolly with a bunch of boors at the next table only because it is New Year's eve), as the owners personally supervised dessert orders and made sure everybody's glasses were full. It was so very civilised, I almost forgot we were in rowdy, rambunctious Goa. But then again, Goa was a fortress that night, with sand bagged security at every corner, commandos in combat gear, jeep patrols along the beach and plainclothesmen trying hard to melt into the crowd. It was nothing short of a war zone.This is one strip in the world that has been impossible to access over the years.... but that last night of 2008, we strolled across at a leisurely pace without anybody's elbow digging into our sides. The crowds were thin ..... even for Prem Joshua who was playing live at a lounge bar down the road. All the big parties stood cancelled, as people preferred quieter evenings with close friends.
We focussed on our exceptional food (the goat cheese was just the best I've ever eaten)... and each other. At midnight, the Tito's dj went insane... and so did all the revellers partying on the streets. For a few brief seconds it was possible to obliterate the horrors of the year just past and stay with the magical moment. Why not?? I have always believed in starting the year on a positive note, shedding as much of the previous year's baggage as possible. It was no different this year.... as we spoke to all our children (mission successful, despite jammed networks), I thanked God for the mercies shown. Just a few hours earlier, we had gone to another old haunt, The Taj Village, with a one point agenda - to meet Chef Rego and offer our condolences. He had lost his young son ( a trainee at the Mumbai Taj) during the terror attacks. No words can possibly console a grieving father.... we hugged Rego. The silent tears said it all.
New Year's day is meant to be upbeat and positive - somehow it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Last year, I was uncharacteristically down..... pensive and gloomy. Perhaps my heart was telling me something.... it was a foreboding I ignored. Paradoxically enough, 2009 has begun on a wonderful note..... I'm feeling absurdly happy. I hope so are all of you!!! Let's make it a terrific year on all fronts. Like Obama emphasised - " Yes... we can!" We must. We owe it to ourselves... and the rest of the world.


Zlaek said...

Yes, we're feeling absurdly happy!

We'll try to make this year a more eventful one, surely (at the individual level)

priya said...

Believe it or not Shobhaa... but I share the feeling of being absurdly happy. I've been brooding over so many things in 2008 but all of a sudden I woke up on the 1st of January to feel happy and full of positivity.

It was nice to read through your post about your New Years at Goa.

It's going to be a tough year for the many like Chef Rego. It's upto the rest of us to spread this absurd happiness in whatever way possible to bring cheer to their lives!

Happy New Year!

Narayana said...

When I read your blog ,it is as if you are talking to us sitting right across. The way you connect is amazing..

Kris Bass said...

Well, I'm glad that you are out of the 'Mumbai Terror' mode.

Happy New Year

hitch writer said...
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hitch writer said...

Fortunately Life doesn't wait, it keeps moving on...

2008 was largely a forgettable year, but catastrophical events and years are followed by periods that shape phenomenal success and unbelievable improvements !!!!

Happy New Year !!! This year will see an Awakening of a nation !!

Balvinder Singh said...

Though every year starts more or less on a positive note only but if we look back, every year brings a mixed bag. The Tsunamis, the earthquakes, the bomb blasts and other tragedies remain interspersed with happy moments like winning of matches or sports medals, which are rejoiced by the whole country cutting accross caste, class or political lines. While we celebrate our achievements, we also must remember our tragedies which teach us a number of lessons.

Wishing you a very happy, safe and secure new year

Have a look at my new year post.

Biprashish said...

Positivity always its good to become positive. As they say, "a pessimist looks at the problems in every opportunity, while an optimist looks at every opportunity in each problem" lets look at this opportunity to build back a wonderful & peaceful world....a world we desire to live in.....& I sincerely believe that its possible.... So lets start the year 2009 with a 'We Can' attitude...& get down to doing the right things....& then let Nature take its own destined course.
Jai Hind.....

Milind Kher said...

2009 signals some kind of a turnaround happening. Airlines are trying to drive business, realtors are trying to drive business, banks are trying to drive business.

With all these steps towards reviving business, we whould surely be on a better wicket. let us wait and watch

Raj Bhatia said...

Israel, a country smaller than the size of New Jersey with a population of less than 1% of India and less than 20% of India’s GDP has demonstrated an act of courage which the Indian government should not only be ashamed but also should learn a lesson given their own state of coward and ball-less affairs. Since 1947, our yellow-bellied administration has done a phenomenal job of paving the submissive path with their tails between their legs for the future generations. It’s degrading to see that the third largest armed forces contingent in the world is dependent on venal politicians and political parties.

Recently released “Wednesday”, a bollywood title starring Nasserudin Shah is a sad but penetrating message which reflects the frustration of the society.

What would it take to shake up our brazen administration to call it a night and start doing their job.

What is stopping us from hunting down these terrorists camps which have sprouted all around our country?

Deepak Murthy said...

Hi Shobha,

You're being misquoted by the
media against Amitabh, SRK and
Aamir Khan. I've read so on I'm in
the US (about 20 years younger
than you) & can help you.


mauve said...

me tooo!!!!
trust me when i say i have seen the worst n the horrible in 2008...but jan 1 '09 felt beautiful to me too....yess lets make it terrific on all fronts..

Lets have an AWESOME 2009!!!
Happy New Year:)

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