Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautician and the Beasts...

Sorry..... forgot all about attaching the column in the earlier post. Here it is....

Beautician and the Beasts – ‘Su’ has a nose for trouble!

You are warned – this is going to get personal. Sorry Sunanda, but it is our business. Whenever there is an attractive, single woman at the centre of a controversy, it always gets personal. Besides the time to get down and dirty is now! After ‘Sho-nia’, who? The answer’s obvious ‘Su-shi’. This ‘Su-shi’ platter doesn’t even need a dash of wasabi to spice it up – our nostrils are on fire already. Of course, the media is going to chase the juiciest scandal after the Sania-Shoaib chakkar. Of course mediawallas will go overboard with every new dirty detail that emerges from the latest IPL lafda. Deal with it guys .Especially since at the epicenter of this delicious, salacious cracker of a story is a luscious woman. Someone who has emerged on the national scene out of nowhere and is likely to stick around, if she becomes our dishy ministerji’s third shrimatiji. Strange how readers and viewers have clearly indicated their insatiable appetite for more juicy details on Sunanda Push(y)-kar - and to hell with everything else. Lalit Modi’s very dodgy crime record ( according to press reports in the U.S. he was arrested in 1985 on charges of ‘conspiracy to traffic cocaine, and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill’ . Phew!). Let’s put that down to, misguided, youthful follies as a student in America. His many misadventures thereafter are being duly reported on a daily basis, since the IPL war has heated up and the protagonists are all well matched, seasoned players. But, it is Sunanada who steals the show each time she tosses her bottle blond bob around, or readjusts her designer shades. A rather cruel tabloid report rubbed the lady’s nose in the ground after it managed to unearth some telling ten year old ‘before-and-after’ photographs of the former beautician.Apparently ,expert rhinoplasty fixed her old, extra long nose to produce the current pert one. The surgeon who was given a Padma Shri in 2009 for his contribution to the field of plastic surgery ( was it a belated ‘thank you’?), went on to reveal some more graphic details about other surgeries undertaken by the Kashmir Ki Kali, before she launched herself on the international scene as a player not to be messed with.
As things stand, she has given her gentleman friend ( Tweet King Tharoor) several charming character certificates. We now know he is a “kind, great, principled and honest guy”, who is her good friend. Tharoor has generously returned the compliments by assuring everybody that Sunanda is not just his good friend, but his very, very good friend, who is being hounded by the media because us unsophisticated folks in India do not know how to respect attractive, woman professionals ( Chanda Kochhar, Naina Kidwai, Zia Mody – protest forthwith!!!). Excuse me, but when someone has the audacity to pass such a sweeping judgement on successful female careerists in India ( considering Tharoor’s boss, Sonia Gandhi herself falls into this category), I’d say he and his lady love are asking for trouble. Today, more than ever, India is celebrating the incredible contribution of women in the work force. Women who have had to battle enormous resistance and prejudice to make their way in life. Sunanda Pushkar’s story does not fall into this category. Going by her own family’s accounts, Sunanda comes across as an adventurous woman who didn’t always play by conventional rules ( a source in her plastic surgeon’s clinic says she was not charged for the 3 or 4 lakh nose job since she had come with a ‘recommendation’). Her IPL supporters claim she was given a nearly 70-crore gift ( come on, let’s not confuse everybody with technicalities – call it sweat equity if you want. Gift, it is), for services she was going to render. Services such as marketing, event management and endorsement deals …. in the future. She herself said all this was in lieu of a salary. Sorry…. this doesn’t sound like an ace professional talking.
When women like Sunanda Pushkar hit the headlines, it sends out the most terrible message about women in the workplace. Let’s face it, Sunanda is as much of a hot potato as she is a hottie. Every possible stereotype is being dragged out of closets and paraded with a sneer and a predictable putdown that goes – “ See – what did I tell you? Women are like that, only!” No sir. No ma’am. For every Sunanda out there, there are thousands of exceedingly hard working, extraordinarily committed women merely doing their job. And yes. Many of them are stunningly attractive,too.
When Tharoor tried to make India go on a guilt trip about his future wife, it was a low blow. Love can make even the world’s sharpest, smoothest Casanovas behave in an irrational, gooey ‘lattoo’ way.While we fully understand the Minister’s heart condition and wish him well with his latest bride-to-be, this is one coup de coeur that goes beyond his personal life. Today, the IPL story has brought disrepute to not just the game of cricket but several prominent personalities. It has also focused attention on the rot and corruption that lie behind the glamour and glitz of this multi-crore tournament. Charges of rampant drug abuse, underworld involvement, hawala transactions, prostitution, bribery and worse are doing the rounds. With so much sleaze and muck to deal with, the game itself has become incidental.And the man who set the ball rolling – Lalit Modi – will find it near impossible to crawl out of this pit unscathed. I have no sympathy for these big boys. They know how to take care of themselves. I have no sympathy for the lovebirds, ‘Su-shi’ either. By the time their big day arrives, there will be enough people to dance at the baraat ( as it happened during the ‘Sho-nia’ shaadi). We are great ones for celebrating ‘weddings-sheddings’…. that’s us. Sentimental fools, all. In this case, the bride has a lot to blush about. And so does the groom. But at least one thing is guaranteed after the garlands are exchanged – no more bad hair days for Shashi. Jai ho!


Anonymous said...

One of your post dated April 5, 2010 says: And the IPL bores me.
And now???

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

Totally engrossing n entertaining,but I think you were flooded by a great deal of thoughts and have tried to sandwich quite a lot of perspectives in a single article.

anamika said...

Ha Ha!!!
De you enjoying the controversy to a good extent ..Well me too .Infact i love reading these controversies:D

Well Sunanda beauty has been blown out of proportion and some tabloid cald her beautician instead of beauty when they actually saw her.I guess she will have to take lot many surgeries to get the much desired look.

This controversy is a total cat fight and I am loving every bit of it like you:p

Vasu said...

Hi Shobha,
Well written, as is your norm!
This is one of those scandals in which nobody emerges with any credibility. All the principal characters and those in the background have exposed themselves and also shown us how much contempt they have for the average Indian’s intelligence.
Modi has always been a crook, and people were suckered into ignoring his crime record. He is an insult to anyone who loves the game of cricket in the country, but I doubt this is the last we have seen of him.
Sunanda is an insult to all the women professionals in the country, which the average man like me respects and takes pride in.
And Shashai Tharoor is constantly reminding us how he gave up a posh career to do us mortals service. I’ve had just enough of his snootiness. Speaking with a foreign accent and a star studded professional career does not always translate to a minister we can respect.
I wish the support cast in this drama cutting across political barriers – the other Modi, Pawar, etc are also exposed some day!


Nitin said...

This is what I love about life in India. It's loaded with teekha masala and contradictions and corrupt politicians - it's in the blood now .. And Tharoorter is a total moron and slimeball

Nitin said...

Tharoor quit or asked to resign - was justice served?

Anil Kumar said...

These are Kalyugi times for sure. I think you summed it up very well when you describe IPL as....

"rampant drug abuse, underworld involvement, hawala transactions, prostitution, bribery and worse are doing the rounds."

There are loads of HARAAM KI AULLAD in this IPL tamasha. My list of these Haraami who have betrayed this country for big bucks are following...

Sharad Pawar - May Sunanda tell him some plasatic surgeon to straighten his twisted cheek. I have to turn my face away everytime I see his SWOLLEN cheek filled with the fruits of corruption he accumulated over the years. Why do we need these full time politicians for running sports??

Lalit Modi - Gujrati bastard. He was a pawn used by Sharad Pawar and other BCCI offcials to destroy this game for BIG MONEY. HYPED BY MEDIA AS SOME GENIOUS...


The only difference is that in those leagues it is still a sport. While in Indian Premier League or now defunct ICL it is a Raand's tamasha who takes control on TV and print media. The game of cricket itself looks a poor cousion.

Bollywood's Raand and Randuve - These NAALI ke KEEDEY got more coverage on cricketing matters because they can do silly stuff with bare minimum clothes. They can dance half naked in the after match parties. Prostitution and drugs goes with glamour. Fashion shows b4 and after the match only shows the LEVEL of DESPERATION and create more sluts in India to serve rest of the world.

Media's half prostitute and half journalist anchors and producer- Don't want to repeat the role of these parasites in destroying this country's.

Past Cricketers like Gavaskar and Shastri - These people also fell into the trap of making quick bucks and actually defended this tamasha. If free chhori and daaru is offered then it's difficult to resist...Isn't it Shastri ji???

Keep up the HEAT on these parasites who give bad image to India at least in the cricketing world.

goodluck said...

Tharoor and Sunanda opened Pandora's box. They got burnt. who can bell the asli chors who are smiling away? When Shashi Tharoor tweeted to embarrass the Congress, all of you supported him. He grew arrogant and crossed the lakshmanrekha this time.
Lalit Modi and Sharad Pawar are the people who created the IPL Frankestein. First they crushed one of our best cricketers Kapil Dev and then they tried to remove whoever came their way. Who wants IPL which has no national flavour, no commitment? Cricket has degenerated to abysmal low levels. When these cricketers play for the nation, the runs dry up. When they play for money, they flow like water. I was aghast when a all smiling Rajdeep Sardesai interviewed two liers on nation television as if those two are the greatest thing happened on earth. As for Farookh Abdullah, his father and son are much more refined. He is all bollywood.

sepo said...

hey there..!
read this post yesterday in the TOI.
I think you were a bit too harsh on sunanda, going a tad bit too personal, especially regarding the plastic surgery part...!!

goodluck said...

Pawar and Modi wanted to make the IPL empire(like Vatican) and they almost challenged the Indian State represented by Mr.Chidambaram by going off to South Africa. It is nothing but contempt for all the norms and procedures. Most Indians are addicted to cricket and bollywood. This is well exploited by the money hungry and the unscrupulous.

As for Sunanda's nose job, nothing wrong in going for a plastic surgery to enhance one's looks. Many women and many men go for it. Otherwise, it is impossible for an older woman to have a tight face, no wrinkles etc. etc. Women can do what men can do. The other day an ordinary looking Income Tax officer was caught accepting 1.5 crore bribe through her husband.

Whether we accept it or not, looks play a very important part. If there are two equally qualified girls, the man usually selects the best looking one. Women's looks can be used, sold and exploited. One cannot run away from this truth. To use your favourite expression, 'deal with it'.

Shashi is only a small fish and it is easy to catch him. Let us see whether the sharks are caught?

Anil Kumar said...

Thanks to IPL, the WINNER of the wisden's PLAYER OF THE CENTURY award and one who is inducted into ICC HALL OF FAME is sitting on the sidelines. The only person who brought world cup for India.

Not only KAPIL DEV was removed as chairman of national cricket academy but also his pension was revoked. IPL has disgraced the game of crikcet and humiliated some of it's finest players.

It's time to beat the shit out those who are running IPL and ruining the game of cricket.

NO PLACE FOR SLUTS like SHILPA Shetty, Preity Zeinta and Randuve like Shahrukh Khan and Lalit Modi to hog the limelight on cricketing matters.

*Aham* said...

sunanda ka nose job has been in news, more than sridevi's nose job or actresses s boob job. The Nosey that we are, we feel nose is the most important national news.

tharoors dreamt of being 3rd time lucky at being dishy... but in this sea of sharks, he - the sukda bombill got trapped in the net, and is now in the dish.

and today's advancements reveals that twitter can drop governments and sack ministers. wallah, what a tool.

now what's next for tharoor? will he be back?- ZAROOR!
he will be back after teh dust has settled. and now, will play a strategic "pulling strings and communicator" role through his playground - twitter.

and guess what- himeesss resamiiyyya is making a film on the eeesssu -

Himesss resamiyyaa prezents -

introducing chechi sunandaa push(mat)kar in


now close one nostril and sing with me...
--- tera tera teraaa.. tharoooor

sunil golcha said...

after all this drama i think shashi's wife must be the happiest person

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Saw you on IBN Live... Well said! My thoughts exactly on Su-shi :-D Now getting to the muddiest dirt, what thoughts on:
1) Reddy brothers
2) IPL matches being fixed

concluding, so no politician is clean in India?

Last but not least, Chicago tours still open w/ a personalized chauffer.


krunal said...

i can see what you are good at doing de.

you are good at presenting the wrongdoings instigated by men in a magnified way and making generalising things about them, and you are good at covering up the wrongdoings instigated by women by calling them damned career-oriented, strong, independant women.

ofcourse we all know when was the last the time you complimented men for anything at all-never. (but you dont refrain from using the things they invented including fashionable clothes, high heel sandals)
and you pick up some rarely heard women and magnify their contribution.

besides why do u think sunsnda looks beutiful. she is an old piece of shit, somehow putting together depreciated pieces of shit by using surgery and cosmetics and you call her beautiful. i guess you have done the same. we have the generation of women who are proud of their fake implanted boobs, surgery-made noses, lyposuctioned butts and they say we are beuty plus brain. what can be more rediculous.

you want people to know the ways to respect these so called career oriented women, and how do you respect the man who tried to do it ,who lost his job in offering a favour to a fake cosmetic peice- by calling him 'lattoo'.

i love to hate you.

goodluck said...

Journalists like Rajdeep sardesai should refrain from calling interested parties like Vijay Mallya who acted like a defence lawyer and Rajdeep was handing over to him titbits so that Mallya could use them to praise Modi to the skies. What else can you expect from him?
Who is shielding whom? The NCP ministers like Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar, their roles and our own CBI, Income Tax etc. which acted now, instead of acting at the right time.
There were cases against Laloo, Mayavati and others. What happened to all of them?
Is the Congress itself is clean? Hushing up misdeeds of allies to survive makes its role dubious.
All the political parties are upto their necks in the dirt. And they are using all the instruments like CBI, Income Tax raids etc to scare.
Nothing will come out of this. After sometime, Modi will be back and Tharoor will be back. They will be interviewed and lionised. The show and party will go on while the bemused public wonders whether the volcanic ash do one favour by smothering the entire earth and make it free of human beings.

stri said...

You too have a long nose digging everywhere

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