Monday, May 24, 2010

Mallika Sherawat - the mystery!

Two quick comments before I run away - my daughter just sent me an sms from Inox where she is watching 'Kites' ( Kati Patang). She says the hall is empty.... though the film isn't too bad. Oh hell . I'm booked to see it tomorrow and I'm groaning already.
But then my taste in movies is pretty absurd - I watched 'The Japanese Wife' on the dvd Rahul Bose sent across to my Bong husband.... and.... and.... quite liked it! I found it lyrical and sincere, just like most Bongs. I liked Rahul's earnestness and accent. And I ADORED Moushumi Chatterjee - why don't we see more of this juicy roshogulla in hindi films?? She is such a natural! As to why Aparna made this absurd film - don't ask. She's a Bong!
I went to check out Rahul Akerkar's latest venture, the Indigo Deli, in the sparkling Palladium Mall. Chef Joydeep makes the best, wafer thin parma ham and asparagus pizzas in the world. Period. Go there just for those and the unusual slushes. Try and ignore bratty, noisy kids with self conscious maids in tow, if you can. I couldn't! I nearly abandoned the brilliant pizza and fled!
This appeared in Bombay Times today....
Horrible, isn’t it. Most of us remain rooted and stuck in our petty little worlds, when it comes to dealing with disasters and tragedies. The nasty tendency is to personalise it. The first, instinctive reaction generally goes something like this – “Oh God, thank the lord all my loved ones are safe and I didn’t know anybody on that ill fated flight!” Once that is out of the way, we then switch gears and start thinking about the victims …. their families. The enormity of the devastation sinks in well after we have dealt with our own fears and insecurities. We vow never to fly with the doomed airline again, never to fly with the entire family in the same plane, to avoid trips during the monsoons, and several other ‘dos and donts’ that are promptly forgotten before the week is out. As of now the already tattered reputation of our national airline, the pride and joy of India once upon a time, lies in shambles. The pointless blame game has begun. There are theories galore, and the foreign pilot is being blamed for the tragedy,which is an awful thing to do considering he isn’t around to defend himself. The minister has offered to resign – as if that helps matters. Stay, and assume responsibility, Praful. That is the right and honourable thing to do.
Meanwhile our deepest sympathies to the families of those whose lives were cruelly and abruptly cut short through no fault of theirs. May their souls rest in peace. And yes – let’s respect their memories by scrapping that bogus ‘enquiry’ which will reveal nothing but waste a lot of public money. Like all government enquiries, this one too will be another eyewash.

The Mystery of Mallika Sherawat….

I mean…. it must baffle us all! Mallika Sherawat on the red carpet at Cannes probably hogged more media coverage than Ash and Deepika put together. How? Why? Who is Mallika?? Good question. She can hisssss away to glory and drape herself in nothing but live pythons on The Croisette – but we will still remain unimpressed. And Bollywood won’t bite! Nobody can explain the Sherawat phenomenon back in India. Nobody can understand how or why she gets invited to the best Hollywood parties ( Martin’s her best bud, so is Salma), or even where she gets those fancy party frocks from. Not that it matters all that much. But let’s face it, there are any number of extraordinarily attractive bimbettes floating around half naked or even topless, at Cannes and similar festivals. Agreed….Mallika is no bimbette. She is a smarty pants with a gift of the gab. As an actress she is no better and certainly no worse than say a Lara Dutta. Had she stayed back and hacked it in Bollywood, she would have remained a B-grader, starring in multiplex movies with Akshay Kumar. But what the hell – those movies make big bucks and everybody involved benefits big time. The girls who act in them (act??) look for lucrative endorsements, get paid to open stores in Ludhiana, dance for a fee at assorted events, even ask for lolly to attend parties. That’s fine. And perfectly legit. Those who have stuck it out are not complaining – they now own penthouses in Bandra and carry the priciest bags. Not bad for gals with limited talent but big ambitions. Our Mallika is different – has always been very hatke se. She decided to fly the coop and try her luck in Hollywood. God knows what exactly she does there, but going by her tweets and the pics she posts on an hourly basis, Mallika is having the best time with the most happening crowd on both sides of the Atlantic – in Beverley Hills and Cannes ( if one can overlook the Paris Hilton snub).She is looking hot and her dress sense has vastly improved since the time she’d appear semi naked in public, clad in hooker gear.
This year at Cannes, she certainly wore statement clothes – and if they were sponsored, we don’t know who sponsored them. Her pricey accessories were perfectly co-ordinated, and if there was a hiccup at all,her jaunty quotes made up for all the slights (Ash and Deepika refused to be in the same frame with her ). So… who scored? I’d say it’s advantage Mallika. Hissssssssss


being alive said...

I would say the mystery behind this 'hatke haryanvi' is her individuality, she absolutely loves herself and thus flaunts...everything,starting from her body to her ideology!!!

Mridul Narayanan said...

Yes, somethings are hard to understand. And Mallika is one of them..... BTW, reached here through

डॉ महेश सिन्हा said...

so mallika can make you jealous

goodluck said...

You have copied Bachchan's blog regarding airline accidents, our reactions and its effects on us. I am shocked.

RAJ47 said...

Well, she certainly has made Paris Hilton jealous!!!

Latha said...

You also have the gift of the gab, madam. And that's why you are here !

jaya said...

impressive post

Rony M said...

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*Aham* said...

aiyyo, am surprised to see no angry reaction by the Bhadralok! It feels so odd to see no angry comment in this space. Have people got sane?? Aiyyo. no gaali galochh... then no entertainment.


kites, seems to be a patang with no dor. If i want to watch barbara nudeeh and hritik roshan's paapi pappi, id rather watch some angrezi filllum na. why this desi wannabe movie?

having said that, i feel id still watch the film for anuraag basu, he is an intelligent director. and bong too. heheh


the vishkanya, mallika has her own masttt way of leaving all maradlog whistling, and auratlog whispering. love her strategy, and she is damn lucky too. Last time when madhu Saapre tried befriending the saap. She had a tuff time. his desi naagin had it like a cake walk. I just wished mallika went to school and knew what cold blooded animals go through over hot bodies like her's.


And I am not seeing Malaika (Mallika's rhyme gal) much around.Has she retired from her business of inaugurating stores.


Had great hopes from lara Dutta. But starting from sush, i feel miss universes are known to make stupid choices of films. both fell into the david dhavan genre. and both seem to be khush in their own way.

deepika is the unsexiest of all. she seems like a poor version of annu agarwal.

ash needs a change of tactic, her flying kiss pose is no more orgasmic. now abhishek looks sexier.

Shruti said...

I haven't seen Kites, neither do I plan to! Mallika Sherawat... One of a kind item in our country. I find her amusing! really really amusing!

P.S: Love reading your blog.

*Harman* said...

Malaika..I can thing... She has a gr8 body ..thoug she might not be good actress!!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Like Padma Lakshmi, Mallika Sherawat would have succeeded in the US in whatever profession she was in. She seems willing to learn and play by the new rules of whatever place she is in. She also checked in her personal ego (not professional) at the door when she came in without losing her quirkiness and sense of fun. That is hugely important in the US. She has also used her contacts wisely starting with her Jackie Chan movie, to get an actual portfolio of work as a steadily working actress in the West. Work begets more work. A journeyman/woman plying her trade steadily if not very spectacularly gets more opportunites. It is simple mathematics. More important than having the most well known agent. More power to her.

Rakesh Arora said...

Dear Shobha Ji ,
I am a regular reader of your blogs because always impressed by the audacity ,straight forwardness , never bias ,always neutral .In one of your books a wonderful sentence mentioned that is , you never look "UP" as you don't ignore the "DOWN".
Regards to you and your loved ones .

Rakesh Arora.

Delhi Goon said...

They plan to give the families of each of the dead in that ill fated AI flight Rs.10 lakh plus... if only the government had earlier spent that money on fixing the airport instead of taking the easy way out like it does in so many cases... those who left us would still be here. No lessons learnt here. Sigh.

Gulshan said...

Hi Shobha,

Long time no see lol

Hey when u r in London give me a buzz and we can meet n chat!

The only issue that I have wth Mallika is her amreekeee accent…. She was giving interview to NDTV in hinglish wth hindi in english accent!!!!!!!

Come on I am living in UK for 5 years now and I can still speak hindi wth full punjabi accent from Delhi lol

Love Gulshan

Gulshan said...

Hi Shobha,

Long time no see lol

Hey when u r in London give me a buzz and we can meet n chat!

The only issue that I have wth Mallika is her amreekeee accent…. She was giving interview to NDTV in hinglish wth hindi in english accent!!!!!!!

Come on I am living in UK for 5 years now and I can still speak hindi wth full punjabi accent from Delhi lol

Love Gulshan

Sidhusaaheb said...

From the looks of it, Mallika seems to be starring in B-Grade movies even in Hollywood.

AMIT said...

Just heard today that Mallika wants a husband who must be a Yogi person.

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goodluck said...

Mallika is a hisssss. She has vampish looks and she cant be the typical hindi film heroine. She made a wise decision and she is more popular than the ageing Ash. Where angels are failing, Mallika is scoring. Rakhi is desi girl while Mallika is international. While our girls are doing the routine things, this haryanvi is having quite an exciting lifestyle.

quickbooks us india said...

Mallika has international global approach towards her career and lifestyle. There are many gals who r ready to be half naked and topless – then why mallika – coz she has a good balance of many things – mind, beauty, skin, acting, opportunist, new challenges, new way of working etc. She took bold decisions and paid for that. She if she was snubbed by paris Hilton – so she made her jealous. If she was avoided by ash & mallika – so same could have been done my mallika too.

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