Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AoA : The Art of Abusing !!

This is hilarious!! I have been asked by some of you why I haven't deleted those filthy comments written by Sri Sri's devotees. The reason I have retained them is simple - those comments speak for themselves. A Guru is known by the followers he or she attracts.

And one can easily judge the calibre of this lot.

I rest my case...

Perhaps we should rename it? The Art of Abusing???


Buzzintown Blogger said...
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Buzzintown Blogger said...

Very well said.
Today i m first one to post my comment. Yahoooooooooooooo


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EQcoachindia said...

You have named it quite aptly, am shocked to see the kind of launguage these people have used. If followers of spirituality can abuse like this on public platform, it says a lot(read everything) about them....

Gulshan said...

Hey Shobha,

I am finding all this super duper FUNNY and I’m sure u r enjoying this as well. Don’t have much to add but it confirms to me that at the end of the day it shows the so called class of these high class people or shud I say spiritually enlightened people lol

Initially I was concerned for you as how u wud react to the filthy comments but this post kinda says everything….

The best part is that ‘guru ji’s’ disciples do read ur blog so u r a sensation wth them… may b do a satsang for them one day :)

Love u


goodluck said...

What an apt name? Art of Abusing. Haha.

SOWMYA said...

It is quite fascinating to watch how people's so-called spiritual "GODLY" side falls apart to reveal an animal-spirit when a negative spotlight shines on them. I have maintained apathy towards the so-called Godmen and their followers. "live and let live"? On reading their comments, however, I don't think they deserve inthe security of indifference. They only deserve vocal condemnation. Salute to you!

Sudhir Kekre said...


aboutmeandmylife said...

WACKO followers of the WACKO guy.

Delhi Goon said...

Thank you for allowing the readers to post and read comments in real time. Not many do that. I guess I now know why.

No issues if you set comment moderation. I enjoy reading your article even though I may not agree with some of your views. That's life.

Respect your views even more now.

karan a said...

AoA... sounds cool! Reminded me of Tushar Kapoor! Hilarious!

Neha said...

I was waiting for yur reaction and here you are! have won hands down again!

Mansee's Point Of View! said...

Dear Ms. De,

You have very conveniently ignored the info which the art of living followers have given you about the good deeds done by Sri Sri/ AOL foundation and have just reacted to the abuses ..It's how any average person reacts but hope u GEDDit some day!

As the famous saying goes- "Pardon her GOD as she does not know what she is doing/ saying!"

May HIS grace be with you :)

Shantanu said...


Sandeep Kodam said...

Having grown into such a large organization(160 countries, al),influencing so many lives,I think I'll have my say in this.Wait...sorry guys,I know the stats and don't go by them,rather,I prefer looking into what they teach,it's inner workings,and kind of influence it has on people(majority).Moreover,save that dialogue(you-know-what)for others,for I've done a course and am well acquainted with the texts and people related to it(for some who think I need to prove myself).I respect that someone has brought things into introspection.So,why not appreciate their effort at doing so(cheap publicity stunt!!!...that's way too much).Why are people so repellent at facing criticism???Are you afraid of something?then,face it(please don't give stats,esp the 1s on AOL become hypocrites nonetheless!).While I respect the social work that's going on(even though not knowing in what amount!),I do think a few things need to be brought into question(don't let one thing cloud the other!).On the spiritual front,while many seem to benefit,many others think there's spiritual abuse.I don't urge you or lead you to take any side...but please look out for yourself,there's more to it.If you believe it's Advaita-Vedanta they teach,I've bad news for you.
"Ever steeped in the darkness of ignorance, yet considering themselves wise and learned, the fools go round and round, staggering to and fro like the blind led by the blind." (Katha Upanishad, I.ii.5)
I don't mean to say you are blind or I'm blind...but,why not let others be(even if they are blind)???btw,we both think for the greater good of humanity,only what we espouse are different.So,let's have the patience to see the truth and stop bickering against each other.I think I'll go check what fanaticism means!!!

ZB said...

Thats rightly said. I was waiting for the day when the true guru comes in the light for people to see. I for one, always had a fishy nose for AOL. TC:)

Acoustic Dreamer said...

Congratulations Mrs. De.
Aah! The satisfaction of these petty victories!
By the way, there was just one truly abusive guy in the entire lot and he doesn't represent the rest of us. How blind of you to have by-passed the rest of the civilized comments.
But that's the deal, you know! It's a tricky game, this spirituality. As soon as some kind form of protest is registered by people labeled as "spiritual", the "others" instantly spring from their seats in near enthusiasm pointing out, "Hey! You are supposed to be spiritual. Where is all the calmness gone?!" But that's the kind of responsibility that a spiritual organization carries-neither can it keep quiet nor can it strongly express disagreement. And then people like you who have earned a name in only a certain kind of context(read "yellow journalism)have no such responsibility to display restraint. Therefore no effort is really needed! Open mouth, shoot words. Finished.
So, well you please carry on. You cannot be expected to change at the age at which you are. And at the same time please do remember that Sri Sri Himself doesn't care about praise or criticism. He is anyway doing his job very well. Random people don't get invited to address the Peace Summit at UN, for example. I can see that you haven't done any ground-breaking, life-transforming work either! You haven't touched anybody's lives. Not even half of our own country knows or even cares about "Shobhaa De". And believe me, at least a portion of the people who have vehemently supported your misjudgements about Sri Sri have only done so because they also have prejudices/opinions about Sri Sri; not because they like you!
And you and your "followers" can call it anything you want: AoA, AoB, AoC, ...AoZ...have fun investing your creativity in that. Have a good laugh. But no matter what you call it, it is going to be what it is. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
And more importantly because people need Sri Sri, not Shobhaa De.When they are confounded, they need answers to life's questions not some sensational novel to read. You get the idea.
Keep writing, but a genuine suggestion: don't alienate readers. It's a vain exercise. It doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever, except maybe that it massages your ego a little bit more.

Latha said...

"A Guru is known by the followers he or she attracts.
And one can easily judge the calibre of this lot."
Shobhaa, how come you overlooked the fact that the very same lot came to visit your blog without knowing what you have written ? So by the same yardstick, you have also attracted the very same lot. So does it mean that you represent this lot ? And your calibre can be 'judged' by this lot that you have attracted ?
C' down.
The comments are so upsetting to say the least.
But you seem to have forgotten that when you have pointed a finger towards the guru, 3 others fingers have been pointed towards you ! This is what happens if you pass hasty judgements on others.
God has created Mahatmas & Mother Theresas. Hasn't the same God allowed Hitler to come down to earth ? Does it mean that he should be known by the calibre that he has created ?
Let us keep Ravishanker (Ok, no Sri sri if you don't like) away from this controversy please. For all I know he might not even be knowing what's going on here & he is in no way responsible for these comments. All I know is that he teaches people to love other religions, love their enemies, respect them so that we may live in a peaceful world.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

So glad you kept all the comments. It is important that the words and style of all be seen. The style sometimes speaks more profoundly than what the words represent.

More power to you Shobhaa.

Shelton said...

dear shobha i have nothing to do with art of living or sri sri.

My staunch catholic background teaches us not to personally attack or indulge in character assasination. Your frequent yellow journalism on various personalities has really hit a high.
You have done that on Sri Sri who is like Jesus to me though i have never seen him or met him personally. You will very soon be the Mary Magdelene to Sri Sri.

Atleast at 62 get some maturity OR simply apply some anti-wrinkle cream on your wrinkled 62 year old pussy to tantalize those Mumbai`s rich and famous bizmen.

Shelton said...



Shelton said...


*Aham* said...

i get your point.. though it is annoying to read.

i have newfound respect for all these kind gentlemen and gentlewomen here...who so politely abuse. (pun intended)


Vinay said...

Well said Shobhaa. I guess some of the posters just don't have the civility. And this is a feature that I find pervasive, if they disagree, then they just get obnoxiously arrogant.

While I am not for curtailing/blocking opposing views, the above poster has overstepped the line of social etiquette and needs to be blocked.

TimeJumper said...

Dear Shelton! Have some iota of respect for women.

Pity the woman who gave you birth! Pity the woman who calls you her Brother! Pity the woman who calls you her Husband! Pity the woman who calls you her Father!

Anil said...

Hey Shoba De
You have hurt the sentiments of millions of people around the world. I wish people see how much immature and irresponsible , illiterate and arrogant, stupid you are.



Rohan said...

Ma'am, too good! U know, the biggest problem wit people is HYPOCRISY..! And i can say all those so-called spiritual people r not anything more but pure HYPOCRITES..

I m such a fan of ur writing and also of TIMES OF INDIA's Jug Suraiya and Bachi Karkaria. U all guys rock.. I just wish all people start thinking like u.. I for one have just started in d last two yrs or so.. Love u Ma'am.. Keep writing. I always wait for ur post..

Ann said...

Shobha you are doing a good job! Carry on! @Sandeep: thank you for your comment! I really liked your quote. These Art of Living-people present themselves as saviors of Hindu Religion and that only their Guru has the wisdom. I am sure, Art of Living might be doing social-work, but they are not the only ones. There are lots of other people also, who are working in rural areas of our country, smaller organizations or individuals like the rural journo P. Sainath, who are not part of a spiritual organization and do not have so much money, but are doing grass-root level work.
These followers of Ravi Shankar do not understand, that they have overcome troubles in their life, because they had the potential to do it. What kind of a Guru is Sri Sri who can't set his disciples free. Someone had compared him with OSHO and this is a totally wrong comparison. OSHO never gave people what they wanted to hear. He sent people away, when they started calling him Guru. Sri Sri exists as a Guru, only because people follow him and not viceversa.

Anonymous said...

Well said Shobhaa De. You have no idea how correct you are re Sri Sri & AOL.
Please read Skywalker and klim blogs. You may like to give these links at your blog so any one who wants to know the truth about SriSri and AOL can check them out.

It is about time Indian Media & Government investigate Sri Sri & his family's fraudulent businesses

Anaamikaa said...

Shelton dont insult christians by calling yourself a christian. Good christians are decent people who respect women. Not cheap, vulgar, crude, illiterate idiots with the mentality of backward villagers who look at women as sex objects and abuse so obscenely.

If your intelligence is so dim that you cannot understand from these comments: people think you are a perverted, sexually frustrated, desperate freak and it hurts them to read the cheap rubbish you write, so they are begging Shobha to delete your crass comments. Stop making a fool of yourself, people are just disgusted and repulsed by you. No one thinks you are macho or smart. Stop acting so cheap and get a life. Sick idiot. If you hate Shobha so much, why do you read her blog you moron?

And if you think she is indecent what do you think you are, you obscene retard?

Sriram said...

Shoba why don't you introspect why you push even devotees to abuse - what abt you makes you feel you can get away with anything while you abuse. And if you progress this way, you may very well push someone to give you a violent answer - after all GURU GoBIND Singh was born in this country. Watch yourself! You forget abt how good or bad they are or the Guru is, and look at you, your mind and your work.

goodluck said...

I feel that there are many genuine people who criticised you without abusing you. Actually they are in majority.
Srisri followers need not feel so anguished. Even Mother Theresa received lots of flak and even Mahatma Gandhi could not escape criticism.
There are so many fake swamis and gurus floating around and thus we tend to generalise and hurt many in the process.
So I apologise if I hurt others in a generalised way.
But I request some of you to use proper language.

Common Man said...


The same guys are following you as well. Are you complimenting yourself in the process?

Like always, you will conveniently evade this question also.

Grow up Shobhaa. Matured guys don't blow petty issues. I will not be surprised if you appear on some popular channel to stir a campaign against AoL. You popularity-mongers can stoop to any extent :)

Ramachandran said...

Some things I would like to point out about the AOL:
*Why are all their so-called "retreats" held in Zurich???If the idea is meditation, then it can be done anywhere..even in the middle of a desert!
*Did you know,these "bhakts" actually buy new utensils to cook for Ravi Shankar when he visits?He will NOT eat food cooked in used utensils...What does this say about him??
*If this course is so very beneficial, then why charge a bomb?Let it be free, and include the minimum wage labourers so they will at least get a good meal after the "satsang"...
*I have noticed that only well to do ladies are part of this movement...Is this because as Shobha says, they can add to Ravi Shankar's coffers??
Points to ponder...

Sidhusaaheb said...


You're right!

Actually, most God-men/God-women seem to attract folks like that only.

t O m S o N said...

Dear Sobhaji,

I am not an AOL follower,but I wont insult a man of Sri Sri's stature.and your comments like " bearded woman" etc...) doesn't give you 'sobha'. I am sure you dont think that you look like Madhuri Dixit! A writer of your status should be more responsible. I follow you because I like the way you write and dont think you are a fake, but madamji please rein in slandering comments. I stand by Acoustic Dreamer.'Live and let live'

Sparkling said...

Well said!

Niveditha Shekar said...

Get the facts right Ms Shobha.
It is absolutely wrong to condemn someone of Sri Sri's stature without knowing the facts.
Come to AOL ashram sometime and get to know the organization and the message they are sending the world.

NAT said...

Dear Shobha,

While I do not want to comment on any Religious group, or Religion due to my strong belief, that we must respect another's feelings and sentiments. Like one of the bloggers commented "Live $ Let Live".
However hats off to you for your stunning googly. You have bowled them all, with that one THUNDER SPELL, especially the ones who do not know how to conduct themselves in Society.
I believe that two wrongs do not make a right.
One also has to have respect for the others who visit this or for that matter, any other blog.
No one has the right to use such fowl language to be heard, especially bringing in the Family to take spite.
There are some whose English language and spellings are deplorable, yet their language.....
I guess it is their insecure nature that they keep blaming every Tom Dick and Harry for the ILLS that they themselves are responsible for.
Cheers! Keep writing. We will tell you off in a courteous manner when you keep bowling No Balls, or we will migrate elsewhere.


Latha said...

Hey everybody,
Copy & paste the fol: link in your browser to watch an interview of Sri Sri by Shobhaa De.

jaya said...

@Sheldon- u should be sued for Defaming Shoba-You are a lowlife who talk ill about others

Small Miracle said...

A guru deciple relationship is a very complicated one...and very few devotees actually reach the high plane that the guru endevours to take them to.spirituality a very loosly used term, takes many years to understand...Buddha is the greatest example! :)

i like you, for you are fearless to be you! Most of the world runs to a guru for they don't like who they are...and want the guru to deliver miracles

:) have a good life!

krish said...

Hello shobha
...this is yr personal blog u hav full freedom to express yr thoughts n feelings....if ppl disagree with yr views thy are free to stop reading .....go ahead and write yr heart out ......

And yes i belive in FREE WILL .....



soni said...

Send flowers to Hyderabad from and reinforce the tie with your dear ones.

numerounity said...

Well the best way to deal with an insult, is to ignore it. Its a trait very few ppl know and follow too!

Its just that you have said whatever you believed in and others, what they believe in. End of chapter. NO further sweats!

omnithere said...

m so curious now. where's the original article?? scanned the archives, but couldn't find it. please tell me .. :) thankie!! :)

Love,Swapnil :-) said...

Blessings to you u seem to be seriously ill...Get well sooner.. :)
Come up with some more interesting topic...
The one which unites the people of India and respects the people who have carried out works which have touched the lives of many!! :)
You can laugh and shrug it off!
or say we dont match ur standards ofcourse not we are above ur standards..
A little thought..pls experience the course and see what it is...
Well if u sit as Shobaa De the course cant help u much...
sit as seeker and see how much u can gain in life!!
Dont just sit go ahead do the nearest possible course if u want i can give you the info..
Well i hope u will do it ..
Well talk what u have seen as a experience not talk what u saw as an incidence..Go ahead do the course experience.
visit all the project sites..
Investigate and then say what is Good and Bad!
As a citizen i would say!! Do it Shobaa it is the need of the hour for u!!
Love and Regards!
Swapnil :)
Jai Hind !!

Love,Swapnil :-) said...

And yeah if someone just points a finger to ur loved one..would you just sit quiet or you would say something....
Tomorrow if someone from ur family is abused like this...will you accept this..ofcourse no...isnt it..coz u know that it is just not rite coz u know ur family inside out...
same case HE belongs to our family we have seen HIS works and the happiness we have experienced....
its the same thing ...
I cant see whats the reason u wrote this..if u arent satisfied wid ur life..say it out..why resort to such articles and express ur anger towards life!!
You can vent it out without such articles!!
Try the course it helps!! :)
And yeah....AoA is what we are seeing from ur writings...
You abuse people.. thats a fact!!
I aint at all shaken by the fact u expressed..
Coz i know none of the things u wrote is true.... :)

U just wrote bad which isnt bad about HIM and thats not fair at all...

You still have a chance you can refrain from writing such things!
Try writing about the figures in society...which can shackle you inside know the truth ...
No u cant coz u fear ur image...u have a life u fear that life may go u prefer to write conveniently chosenly!
and seeing the huge fan following of Sri Sri you thought you mite get some more traffic to ur blog and a little more publicity!!
I say publish some classic books..
return back to the Writer!!
Why do u want to spoil ur image like that!!
well if u want to... go ahead!!
But remember when the world demeans u puts u down in the pit and u have no where to see!
HE will gracefully accept u still..
Remember that ..
Remember these words!!

May God Bless this Soul and bring her back into senses!! :)
Jai Hind!! :)

rum-yea said...

Have u heard the adage that a little knowledge is dangerous. Well here it is, in practice Ms. De! You're an embodiment of ignorance!
Many AoLites before joining AOL were as ignorant and as averse to "babas" as you seem to be. We changed our minds. And not because we were "brainwashed" or "hypnotised". We're thinking people, intelligent people.. People who have studied at some of the best universities and schools. So please don't undermine our intelligence by suggesting that we're in some kind of a trance.
Since you're educated and are all for rights, why can't you understand that all we are doing is exercising our right to conscience!
And who are you to judge us? A dimwit P3 who thinks she knows it all.. why? Because some newspaper in the country made the mistake of giving you importance,even though your writing style which I'm not sorry to say, is bland and nothing out of the ordinary! You might think my choice of words and tone don't befit a spiritual person. Well, sadly, I have held this opinion of you for a long time and even spirituality hasn't changed my opinion!
Sri Sri has done an awful lot for the world, but it goes unnoticed. He has touched our lives in a way none has. He has shown us a better way to live.
Your opinions, which are harsh and unwarranted only spread doubts. I would understand your viewpoint if ever you were barred from attending an AOL course for some inexplicable reason. However that has not happened, and you prefer to judge an utterly peaceful community from a distance. Our doors are open for you. Be rid of your ignorance.
Lastly, we wouldn't have paid attention to you and your opinions if you weren't a "public figure" who has the potential to impress upon her readers (which of course is extremely unfortunate). So please, next time you voice your opinion on anything for that matter(i suggest u abstain commenting on politics altogether), just check your facts!

reetu said...

Pls STOP this emotional atyaachar!!!

Anonymous said...

金銀愈加磨鍊,愈加光亮,人生愈加考驗,生命愈加光輝。 ............................................................

samadritaflorist said...

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VikR said...

To all those people who are coming down so heavily on Shobha dee..are SUCH SOUR LOOSERS....get a life, if your guide - spiritual leader is so pure and divine, well you don’t need to vent/explain/defend/abuse...seriously fools the joke is on you and the joke is a real bad one!!

SHOBHA ROCKS!!! Good on you!

Anonymous said...

Hey shobha

You did the right thing!By not giving a damn what they have gotta say!Let the world see how the followers of sri sri behave in the open.

Ive seen u loads f times on various panels in NDTV or IBN.I really like those debates in which you participate good going!



Pooja Rathore said...

I liked the movie Raajneeti i agree with your comments on the movie i particularly checked out manoj Bajpaye dress and styling different but it suited him well i like your skill ( eye for details)would not have bothered if you had not pointed. well Ma de you are also a fashion designer!

Shubha said...

This is indeed hilarious...
I neither support nor condemn Sri Sri Ravishankar as I really don’t know him or this AOL that well but really, this outburst by Shobha against someone who hasn’t done anything criminal or unlawful seems awfully immature
The readers’ response has been even more amusing...
I guess this is one way of making sure your blog gets maximum number of hits/comments.

SHOBHA said...

My wife who is a great fan of your blog has been telling me about the AOL controversy..
I read it for the first time and am amused at how the so called followers write.
I am particularly concerned about my GOD the poor stray DOG ( which spells GOD the other way around).
Why has Sri Sri the great Ravi Shankar ignored the fact that a stray DOG was the target. What has the poor DOG done. Probably not contribute to the coffers?

Kamlesh said...

if anyone has noticed, one guy who is writing the most abusing comments has in one of the post said he has nothing to with the Art of Living or Ravi Shankar....
why are we conveniently ignoring this ??

and please please everyone, lets stop spewing venom at each other. what's wrong with us.

wake up. theres always a right way of saying things.

Kamlesh said...

if anyone has noticed, one guy who is writing the most abusing comments has in one of the post said he has nothing to with the Art of Living or Ravi Shankar....
why are we conveniently ignoring this ??

and please please everyone, lets stop spewing venom at each other. what's wrong with us.

wake up. theres always a right way of saying things.

Sandeep said...

Floyd said...

I strongly suggest that you experience what Sri Sri has to offer as a Spiritual guide. One basic course will surely do the trick for you.

Reference to your above article, if you felt good listening to Vikram Hazra. Vikram would be more then happy to attribute it to what he has recieved from his Guru. i.e Sri Sri.. Stop contradicting yourself Mrs. Shobha De!

Latha said...

@VikR Why did you need to vent/explain/defend Shobhaa De ?

Latha said...

Good that you have blocked responses to your previous blog. At least I couldn't open it.

There are stray dogs all over the country, but nobody shoots them. It's odd that somebody wanted to shoot a stray dog exactly where Sri Sri was passing.
Will Chids ignore such an incident if it had been Sonia Gandhi complaining instead of Sri Sri ?

salu said... broken gramaphone fools repeat the same rubish n abusrds in million times... while u read the comments you feel you are wrapped in negetive energy the so called goofies emit who claim the ART is for bringing peace and tranquility..... what an irony !!!
.... i know, some arrogants are ready to outburst.... beware!!!
who will teach them GOD n man is different.

Pushkar said...

Dear Shobhaa

Before commenting or writing or criticizing about A person/Organization, A person of your level should do extensive literature survey along with proper validation and understanding. The larger person more detailed study has to be done on that.
I am sure you might have done few things on that part, still
I just came across your comments about Art of Living : Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.

I think there is some confusion/error in your thought/conception/presumption process/data/study about him.

Please verify/counter check and do the needful.

Prakash said...

Hi all, don't get carried away. This is a sad story of how a person's life was destroyed by a "great" "Rishi" of AOL. Do read the articles and the comments wherein the identity of this "Rishi" will be amply clear.

sandeep said...

Hey shobha, i am amazed.. don't you have anything better and meaningful to do in life??

Mrinalini Gadkari said...

For those who are trying to malign Art of Living:

exaolteacher said... activities/

sir said...

Hi Shobha

I would like you to check out the blog which is making an effort to free people from AOL cult.

Another blog post from you exposing AOL tactics to force the blog's closure will be appreciated.

Back to home said...

hey Shobha i heard ur son in law is doing seva in one of the art of living ashram, and he is a committed volunteer of art of living........:)

Tharik Ahamed said...

really nice!!!

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Anju said...

Dear Ms.De,
I was pretty fond of your personality and books. But now I am disappointed and totally dejected by the kind of person you are. I was shocked you would write about such a do-gooder just to grab some attention. I understand that at your age you have to kick up a storm to get some media attention but seriously, writing without doing proper research is so sad. I thought you were a person with a lot of depth and integrity. But I am deeply saddened to know you are just an aged, shallow loud mouth.
An ex-fan.

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