Monday, June 7, 2010

Bravo Bips!!

No matter what anybody may say... there is something magical about the Mumbai monsoon. The first few showers are so welcome, they make all women feel like Sridevi in a wet saree. Last night while enjoying a post -'Raajneeti' family dinner at the 'Souk' ( superlative and authentic Lebanese cuisine), we watched the crowds outside the Gateway of India dancing under a light drizzle. It reminded me of the one really gauche and hopelessly scripted scene from the film - when the actress playing Kunti frolics provocatively under obviously artificial studio rain, kisses a visibly embarrassed Naseeruddin Shah and promptly produces a baby.
This appeared in Bombay Times today.

When I read the ‘Mumbai Mirror’ headlines about a nude video featuring Bipasha Basu that had surfaced on YouTube ( where else?) I groaned. ‘ Oh no…. not another sleazy sting or outing?’ I flipped the pages to read the story and was prepared for the usual denials … you know how that goes …I half -expected Bipasha to pout, throw a fit, stamp her foot and hiss, “ That’s not me! It’s a body double. The images have been doctored. My rivals are trying to defame me.” etc etc. Instead, Bipasha did what any intelligent, honest person would do – she confirmed it was indeed her in an ad she had shot years ago. And yes, she was naked during the shoot – so?? When pressed to clarify, she went into a few key details that provided a convincing backgrounder to the shoot (she was living in New York at the time. It was shot in 1999. She wasn’t experienced enough to figure out camera angles.) But most importantly, Bipasha stated ( sans the standard starry hypocrisy), that she was not ashamed of the ad, nor were her parents embarrassed by it. As for her boyfriend John, he told her she was looking really hot in the video! How’s that for upfrontness? As also for the much needed courage in an industry where all this and more goes on chhupke chhupke and every Bollywood Babe behaves like a vestal virgin?
There are several top stars with worse skeletons rattling in their cupboards. But catch them admitting to having committed even a tiny indiscretion? Some of them have pasts that are not just colourful but positively shadey. A few have graduated from porn movies\videos to c-grade thrillers and found their feet finally in the dream factory. There are a couple of star wives who have changed their original names, re- structured their faces\bodies and acquired a new identity. Not that they have succeeded in fooling the sharks of Bollywood, but that’s okay. Showbiz is made up of such stories – the grittier, the better. When one looks at those chastely dressed Bollywood Biwis hanging on to their husbands on the red carpet, their sleazy pasts cleverly buried under newly acquired designer outfits, and freshly invented histories , it makes a Bipasha stand out for her bold stand and candid confession. More industry girls should take their cue from Bips. It was only because she didn’t lie about her past, that the story died an instant death. Nothing further remained to be dug up and thrown at her. Smart girl. She walked away with her head held high - no apologies, no shame. And most importantly, no ugly repercussions.
To read or not to read ‘The Red Saree’ – that is no longer the question. Similarly, to watch or not watch a controversial film ( ‘Raajneeti’), is irrelevant. In today’s zamana, readers and viewers are sharp enough to decide for themselves, and any attempt to suppress a book or movie is likely to backfire. Since both the book and the movie involve Sonia Gandhi, it is important to send out a message to her over zealous minders that in a vibrant democracy it is no longer possible to impose any kind of censorship. Everything is out there - you can’t kill it, no matter what kind of pressure you apply.
Javier Moro’s book is likely to become an overnight best seller, thanks to the reams and reams of free publicity it has already generated. Whether or not Sonia’s lawyers go ahead with the threatened law suit, the book has served its purpose. And will make Moro a very rich man! Content wise, the book is innocuous, even naïve! Since it is a dramatized biography, most of the dialogues are made up by the author. This is not something new in publishing. Historical fiction attributes quotes to its charismatic characters – be it Napoleon or Hitler or Princess Diana. Were the writers present when those conversations took place? This is known as creative license, and every author of similar books, freely exploits it. So long as the matter is not defamatory, nobody minds. Aha – this is the tricky part. Who decides what’s libelous and what isn’t? I’d say , the public. Especially in a vibrant democracy which guarantees freedom of speech and expression. Like ours does. Unless of course we have a separate set of laws for the Nehru-Gandhi family???


goodluck said...

While the author of Red Saree is exercising his right, there is nothing wrong if others exercise their right against useless slander.
Meanwhile your take on Sri Sri is getting a lot of backlash.
We are witnessing so many fake swamis and gurus and their lavish styles and their secret chambers that most of us have become cynical. And why do these followers take offence as they have received some sort of divinity as against Sonia's loyalists? And they are cursing you also. A truly spiritual person will never speak ill of even his or her enemies.

Anand said...
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Anand said...

Dear Shobha,

By just looking at people you can not define anything.
You are saying many people are giving so much money to Sri Sri and lot other things.

Did you ever think what they got here ?

Please join AOL course and see whats happening here.

Then only you have right to speak about him. I think it does not make any sense if you speak about a person whom you do not know properly or simply saying one created story to make issue of it.

Hope you can take my suggestion to improve yourselves.

Best wishes,

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

Bipasha seems to be really honest about her confessions..She is really a smart,candid and honest person-I came to realize the fact after watching Farah Khan's Show Tere Mere Beach Mein!!

Does freedom of speech serves its meaning in India..??I got to check it out coz i was planning to write about a celebrity!!


Dear Shobha,
If a person is respected and loved by millions of people in more than 165 countries, then all I can say is your comments on SRI SRI is foolish..sorry you who feel those millions people are crazy actually is ......

We strongly suggest you do a workshop in Art of Living then talk about....

I understand you are dignified enough to understand above comments...

sepo said...

agree, bollywood needs more like bips..!!

beauty with brains

Delhi Goon said...

I am all for women's empowerment, but this is not the kind of empowerment I was looking forward to... we are far ahead of the west to start aping it, it's actually taking steps backwards. Just some personal views...

Last I heard Moro was planning to sue A.M.Singhvi. LOL.

hmmlife said...

all this ranting by sri sri dummies is so annoying....leave shobhaa alone...don't visit her blog. if u can't take anything against your DHONGI BABA....go to the ashram and stay there

Anonymous said...

What is so brave in that ? :O

If a woman has done a nude ad, and have proclaimed it, that would make her brave ?

What is happening in India ?

jaya said...

Shobhaa hats off to your bold take on Sri Sri

Shelton said...

Shobha has lived up to her credentials for yellow journalism, cheap, third rate and attention- grabbing. She does not have even an iota of grace and dignity to criticize.

Does she have the guts to critcize muslim mullahs or the Pope ? They will have her red hot, oose pussy torn and thrown between Bandra and Borivili.The same pussy she has shown to several rich businessmen for years now.

Learn to critize Shobha. Grow up atleast now when you are just a few days away from God.

She should also get herself tested for Attention Deficiency Syndrome.

Scarlett said...

Seems you have the Art of Living people really riled up. Why can't people accept others' right to speech in this country, I wonder. While they get all hot under the collar if they're denied their own freedom of expression. About time you started comment moderation, I think.

Re: Bipasha, not a fan of her acting but I've always admired her for her honesty & boldness regarding her life, profession & choices - both personal & professional. She also always comes across as down to earth, practical in her interviews. Atta girl!

*Aham* said...

>>>> Nasser and Kunti...

hahahhah... when i was a child,in my growing up years... i thought a smooch would make a baby. and if a blouse flies and the ceiling fan rotated slowly or in the opposite direction... it is Rape. Seriously, no jokes.


wallah. this girl is really something. most times it just takes admittance to nib it in the bud.

She was also not shy to admit that sometime back, her kamar had grown to look like a Kamra.

I dont like her so much as an actress... where in most films she is like the "object of desire" or just a sexy bimbo... but as a brand, she is full on...

Her zodiac sign is that of a goat - Capricorn, but she is no bali-Ka-bakra... She is smart, suave, down to earth, and maintains her distance when she needs too.

I know of another person who shares her birthday, and is a fataaka brand... Do you know her...??? Her birthday is on 7 January :)))


I am really happy to see "Saree" getting publicity in the middle of all this jhavier controversy.

Once you are elevated to the level of being a public figure, peoples opinion should stop to bother you.

Is brand sonia so meeek that it could go tai-tai-phiss over some book.

I feel this book is a thing, Sonia is eternal, ethereal and ever effervescent. She is a big girl, she can handle it. let the jhavier loose, and a thousand others to interpret her life, i dont feel there will be any daag on her name.

Definitely not more damage than her inefficiency to manage internal jhagdas and plan to have "caste" in census.

अल्पना वर्मा said...

Agree with you.
Bipasha is really bold and beautiful!
Atleast she is not like other fake personalities of film world!

Shelton said...

read her blog on June 4th. Old pussy shobha De has now moved into full-time pimping for the italian chef Sarjano in Goa.
After showing her red hot pussy to businessmen since age 14 she is opened new avenues of pimping for `firangs`. Old pussy Shobha now a full-time madam like the forass road red light district`s old hags.
What else can she do at 62 and with a wrinkled diseased pussy. No anti-wrinkle cream will help.

Shelton said...

I am sure shobha will love all these comments cos` it matches the soft porn shit she writes !
i feel like shoving my dick into shobha`s wrinkled pussy with her daughters watching by my side. My cream (read spunk) will be much better than anti wrinkle creams for Shobhas wrinkled pussy.

ameya said...

Okay, I take my comment (in the previous post) .... back.
You have every right to delete posts !
Kick this son of a bitch Shelton ... OUT !!!
Block ! Block ! Block !

Neha said...

High time you started comment moderation! People cannot take anything against their views and such people should be thrown out of our world! Not that you cannot handle them, but that they cannot handle themselves and need serious help! And this Shelton, whoever that may be, should be blocked immediately. From the little that I know you, I am sure you'd be smiling reading these comments. Keep that attitude, but block such people....for the sake of your readers :)

Anonymous said...

Great going... Bipasha! She is indeed an intelligent woman. A lesson taught to every lady who knows about this incident.

Ps: I seriously feel you should start comment moderation:)

Pooja Rathore said...

About bips - it reminds me of your line Act like a victim and you will be treated like one bips did not act like a victim and thank god nor was she treated like one.

Liked your posts on rajneeti and spiritual guru srisri.....
About guru i will share a lexigram - spell the word guru - Gee u r u you are your own guru.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

About AOL... I have met people who have very good things to say about thier interaction with the movement and marketing program. On the other hand, I have also met others that break out into a bad allergic rash even remembering thier experience with the Giggling Bearded One. Those are signs of a great Marketing program. Gets a huge reaction either way! Light headedness from hours of forceful breathing along with a genuine desire for world peace. Winning combination yaar! Wallets and hearts open wide. Win Win for everyone.

Maybe that Nobel Peace prize nomination was warranted. That bechara Prize has been handed out like so much "chana sing" in the last 20 years to random useless people. This nomination atleast honored the prized skills of... identifying what world peace is, high ambition, mass psychology, efficiency in identifying target Markets and deal closure. So, it's all good na?

Bipasha behaved like a grown up.

Yes there are different laws for the Nehru Gandhi family. The Laws of Sycophancy. Those were enacted by parliament soon after Independence. Did'nt you know?

Sonia is a big girl. However like a naughty child she chooses to allow her Congress lawyer/spokesperson/whatever to take home the ball (in this case the book) in a fit of pique and not allow his friends to play only because some of the players forgot the rules of sycophancy. Maybe she should have taken the ball home herself instead of by proxy. Indira would have... yeah taken it home and locked it up! But then Sonia is less durgalike but much, much smarter.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Even in 'non-vibrant' democracies or dictatorships, it's hardly possible to impose bans or censorship that can not be circumvented, with technology being what it is in this day and age.


姿思穎穎 said...

說「吃虧就是便宜的人」,多半不是吃虧的人。 ............................................................

Black said...

Yep, that's all it actually takes to 'uncomplicate' such controversies. Good one Bip !!

Abhid-d said...
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Buzzintown Blogger said...

Hi Shobhaa

Liked Bips attitude...its nice to see someone as honest as her in the Bollywood industry otherwise full of hypocrites. Everyone has a past and we all make mistakes at some point of time.


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Theyoginme said...

When a group of followers get this riled up about a guru you wonder if perhaps AOL (I like that term) has become another 65 country reaching cult...I would have expected them to have taken much more deep breaths to obtain so much more calmness from their sudharshan kriya practice

Theyoginme said...

PS Shelton you really need to get a life and seek some badly needed therapy.

Shelton said...

dear shobha i have nothing to do with art of living or sri sri.

My staunch catholic background teaches us not to personally attack or indulge in character assasination. Your frequent yellow journalism on various personalities has really hit a high.
You have done that on Sri Sri who is like Jesus to me though i have never seen him or met him personally. You will very soon be the Mary Magdelene to Sri Sri.

Atleast at 62 get some maturity OR simply apply some anti-wrinkle cream on your wrinkled 62 year old pussy to tantalize those Mumbai`s rich and famous bizmen.

Shelton said...



Shelton said...


Sushil Kumar NRRF said...

I saw Rajneeti couple of days back,and really njoyed it...It is a really hard-hitting commentary on where Indian Politics and Politicians have reached ,today...its the nadir..
..the storyline and direction are taut and suspenseful. The only drawbacks as I see them are - [a] Katrina kaif is a total misfit in her role[all the others were just right espl:y Manoj Bajpai and Nana Patekar. [b] A Lot of factual errors have crept in probably in the enthusiasm to keep the story-line taut.But these can be glossed over...Worth a repeat viewing.

james said...

Rajneeti- Manoj Bajpai- too much overacting, ajay devgan- always the same in every movie!, katrina- terrible! That said, Ranbhir, Arjun, Nana all excellent imho james

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