Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dhinchak BBB - better than halwa!

I am in December mode - laid back and lazy. Did the unthinkable last afternoon - had lunch with two gal pals at 'Wasabi' ( better black cod and sea bass than at Nobu's). Then went shopping for sensuous sarees at Kala Niketan. BLISS!! Should do it more often. Came home to Bengali fish curry and chicken biryani. More bliss. Went to bed dreaming of Liz Hurley snogging that pig - what's his face, Warne??? From Hugh to Mr.Bandgala to Shane - what a downfall! Getting ready to wallop gajar halwa. Disgusting!!!!
This appeared in Bombay Times on Monday.

YRF Ka Dhinchak Band Baj Gayaa….

Go watch this feel good, fun film that has slipped in quietly into multiplexes minus any band baaja, shor-wor, marketing-sharketing… and stolen hearts. Goes to prove one simple truth – an original always scores.You don’t need obscene budgets, item songs, mega stars or aggressive\innovative promotional activity when the movie itself is terrific. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful tool in this business. And going by the buzz, last Friday’s modestly made ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ is bound to score a bull’s eye at the box office. It may do the trick for Yash Raj Films, the same way that a sleeper hit once salvaged R.K.Films with ‘Bobby’, which starred an unknown called Dimple and the bossman’s teenage son( Rishi Kapoor) as lead players. In BBB, Aditya Chopra has sensibly picked a taaza mazedaar team and introduced a kudda ( Ranveer Singh) who is as Panju as a tandoori kukkad. Here’s a debut that holds much promise and is worth noting since the young man is not a filmi son, brother, son-in-law, nephew, cousin, step-son. But the guy can act and dance with the best. His sense of timing is terrific, and his macho-crudo character who insists on talking with his mouth stuffed with bread-pakoras, is as authentic as sarson da saag.But beyond the lead players ( Anoushka Sharma’s spirited Shrutti is adorable), it is the crackling dialogue (Habib Faisal) that’s the real star. Maneesh Sharma, the debutant director rarely misses a cue - the casting is spot on, especially the flower supplier and the snooty-bitchy Sainik Farms wedding planner who cons her clients by short changing them all the way – whether it’s on the lilies or the lights. Combine this simple story of two Dilliwalla youngsters who are partners in a ‘binnas’ ( ‘Shaadi Mubarak’) and dying to move up the pecking order, from dhinchak Janakpuri weddings put together for a couple of lakhs to staging multi crore super extravaganzas at massive havelis – and you get a charming, uncomplicated, zabardast entertainer. A veritable kitschy mithai shop brimming over with hazaar goodies.The director and art director have got every tiny detail right, and even the ensemble cast ( guests at all the shaadis) are well picked and perfectly costumed. Vaibhavi Merchant’s choreography sizzles - and how. Don’t be surprised if Anoushka displaces Sheila and Munni with her tawa hot moves. And yes – Ranveer can dance, saala!
I watched Ashutosh Gowarikar’s movie ( can’t even remember the name) and my heart sank. That it would tank was obvious from the first few shots – yes – they were that cringe making. And I felt really, really bad for Gowarikar, who is one of our very few sincere and competent film makers. Such an awesome subject… and such a dheela film! After watching BBB, once again I thought about all these ‘important’ movies with monstrous budgets that sink at the box office and everybody loses money and face! What a colossal waste - of talent and big bucks. Then there are the other time pass ‘entertainers’ with Godzilla budgets that also flop miserably and money goes straight down the tube. The other weird category involves super productions running into crores and crores where audiences don’t ‘see’ the money ( meaning, while watching a ‘Jodha –Akbar’, the scale and vision are enough to justify the stated cost. Ditto for a ‘Robot’). Most of the rest are pure junk – shabby at all levels. It is the superstar actor who eats up all that lolly – and then doesn’t deliver. Which is why the success of a BBB is vital to keep the film industry machine well- oiled and moving. Here, the script is king. Which is really what defines cinematic success. BBB demonstrates yet again ( like DDLJ once did), that if a production house sticks to its core competence and to subjects that are in its dna ( Panju shaadi-waadis, bhangra beats and gori gori kuddis in patialas romancing hard core pappeys in tight- tight jeans ), the formula works big time. Delhi has never looked this irresistible, seductive and fun – a major feat in itself.


Anonymous said...

Thank God Anoushka is no Pseudo yet
Anoushka is definitely hot, in fact, hotter than even Sheila, Munni & Jumma(how many of us do remember her?).
Thank GOD audience knows her with the name of Anoushka not pseudo-names like Sheila & Munni(What happened to Kimi Katkar aka Jumma, everyone knows or doesn't know,He He!). I do remember majority of polled audience speaking in favour of Anoushka's Champi ad as opposed to Genelia's Mirinda ad. Needless to say through such endeavors she has been successful creating & projecting her genuine individual identity.(Even Genelia might not be complaining with such a comrade-in-spirit to be pitted against.

BBB rocks,
& Band Baaja Baraat reminds me of simplistic Hum Aapke Hain Koun which succeeded on its own merit through word of mouth.Mann! I used to queue up @ newly opened Rajshri cinemas (with first of it's kind plush window-blind curtain and laser show) in 1994. 11 times! that's the times I used to call my parents to watch it together during the night show.Still can't get a hang over it :) Am not complaining, with BBB ,Isi Life mein continuing the legacy.

& spirited actors too
Talking about the Spirit,all spirited actors,right from Farida Jalal,...,Shabana Azmi,Sridevi till Genelia are immensely likeable.How I wish ,Ragini Khanna of "Sasural genda Phool" fame becomes the next one to hog the limelight of "Spirited" B'wood actress list. They all leave a lingering fragrance.

& how can I forget spirited music
Less said about a movie acted by AB junior better be it.Still, this movie of AB junior will remain etched in my memory owing to Sohail Sen's mellifluous music - that teenager's whistle, Sapne Saloney,Vande Matram anytime on a long drive -what a harmony,it elevates the spirit.

ZB said...

There is something very believable and sexy and charming about Anushka which isnt there in any Munni/Sheila.....I think its something to do with being non plastic......I hope Bollywood gets to see real desi girl and not a plastic-desi girls like Priyanka/shilpa/Kathrina.....and who the hell finds Malaika arora sexy? I change the channel every time i see her face on TV...She looks so madeup and artificial. And whats with her cheeks.Why are so sucked in? My Grandma ( RIP) was sexier than her.

Theyoginme said...

I hope you're friends were buying you lunch at Wasabis..I respect your restaurant choices, so far everyone has been stellar, but Wasabi is one of the most overrated overpriced Japanese restaurants I have ever been to. I can get better Sushi at a dive hole in the wall near Union Square in San Francisco. And that too without breaking my wallet.

The only thing stellar was the view and its in the Taj Hotel, for whom I have now a new level of respect and admiration. They treated me like royalty last weekend and anyone looking to be pampered rotten spoilt in Mumbai - stay at the Taj hotel.

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

this is the first time when i agree with both of yours review...

Teju said...

if warne is pig faced then you are Goat faced. Pls look into the mirror. Most overrated , porn writer. How i Love sonam Kapoor.

sonal said...

Teju, warne is a pig without a shadow of a doubt, if u havent watched his naked romp on televvvision with a handful of equally shameless and naked lovelies!! And that Liz Shud choose him obver the other men in hre life just goes to prove how trashy the safety pin wonder is after all that hype!!Poor Bandgala, must be cursing the day he laid eyes on that piece of trash or then probably got got in her devious snares.
At this point i dont know who to spew venom more at-the pantyless Yana or then Liz for making a mockery of marriage!
As far as your review of BBB goes, u must be spot on,[I havent seen the film ,] but love the lead pair already, their utter hard work and earnestness shows through!
And yes Anoushka is absolutely adorable and real! I beg to differ with your comment in an earlier post while reviewing Badmaash company, whr u said something to the effect that she looked huge in her shirts and top scene.I think she has a grt figure, and neither she looks sickly like the puckered in Malaika[someone has rightly compared her to their Grandmother]or then other zero sized women.Its time we saw some healthy women on screen!
As for the Ashutosh Gowarikar flop, seriously Jhodha Akbar was a peroid film worht the viewing, but who is even remotely interested in the Chittagong Uprising. Surely we dont need history lessons. Most untopical!!

Anonymous said...

Ranveer Singh - I thought He is cousin brother of Ranbir Kapoor.
(Anoushka displaces Sheila and Munni with her tawa hot moves)
No - I disagree but Yes, she is naturally punjabi. SuperHit for North but Kat is Kat - Globally Hit.

Madhu said...

I had to google what BBB is. Damn, I am loosing touch with movies.

Ms De, no offense but I was wondering where do we draw a line between lobbying for Raja and lobbying for a movie? I mean, 2 years down the line someone might come out and say that you have influenced a particular movies gross income, then are we going to brush it off as freedom of speech or lobbying?

Theyoginme said...

I guess letting comments from Teju appear on your blog should tell Teju a thing or two about you and what you stand for.

kakaka said...

hmm i think Shane Warne is kinda hot...he has tht bad boy image. I used to find him hot when he was young.

cmpershad said...

`Bengali fish curry ..'

Oh! does it really speak Bengali :)

picture said...

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drukmo said...

Dear Shobha,

A movie for a movie....not sure if the Black Swan has hit theatres in India yet but highly recommend it. Predicting an oscar for Natalie Portman. If she doesn't get it am gonna throw a massive fit. Too bad B town is going through this western nautanki phase. Not against modernization but the way I see it, B town seems hell bent on throwing everything that they ever represented- baby with the bath water and all.
Almost puked at Munni's badnaam pout and Sheila's jawani left a sour taste. I'll ek do teen to my childhood number any time.
Your Tibetan blogdost again ;)

Theyoginme said...

BBB was awesome. thanks for the plug

Ramachandran said...

Yes, I too will see BBB.Have always gone by your reviews and never been disappointed.
As for Ashutosh's latest, he should have known better than to cast Abhishek Bachhan.That guy cannot act, and what's more, is way too lazy to tone up.
Imagine a sports instructor( I assume that's what he is playing)who is flabby and unhealthy!
Obviously, someone has paid for this non-hero.How else does he even get cast?
I agree with Prahlad Kakkar here...
Shobha, I am surprised at your reticence in commenting on Abhishek...
Are you being politically correct, by any chance?

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