Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Dhak Dhak Day!

This is my 'proud mommy' moment on the golf course with my son Aditya. Yes, my heart definitely went dhak dhak as his club ( Willingdon) battled it out with rivals United Services Club last sunday.
This appeared in Bombay Times on Valentine's Day....

Happy Dhak Dhak Day!

It’s time to rename Valentine’s Day, don’t you think? Why not desify it like we desify nearly everything else? I suggest ‘Dhak Dhak Day’! It sounds catchier, and perfectly echoes the heartbeats of millions of sweethearts as they pine for or pamper the objects of their desire. Thank God Mumbaikars successfully won that war against political bullies who had once tried to derail lovers by vandalizing shops and beating up couples. Today, there is an explosion of pyar –vyar out there – so, go celebrate!
Is it just a coincidence that I watched two Hindi movies that dealt with the business of love during this mushy-gushy season? With two hours to kill in Baroda last week, I stepped into a multiplex and watched ‘Dil toh Bachcha…” and it worked like an instant mood booster! Tonic for my tired mind. I laughed at the stupidest of jokes ( loved the office guys in Devgun’s bank.And liked Shahzaan Padamsee a lot - such freshness and charm, especially during the ‘V-question’ scene, when she cheekily asks her boss at which age he lost his virginity!). I especially enjoyed Tisca Chopra’s gold- digger \ socialite performance – she brought some class and conviction to a poorly written, shallow role. Omi needs to watch his career choices or else this talented actor is going to get stuck in roles that project him as a bumbling idiot , forever lusting after impossible- to- get- chicks. If Bhandarkar’s confused film was an ode to elusive love. Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ turned out to be a poem dedicated to unrequited, obsessive love. The biggest problem with the movie was Chitrangada Singh – the object of Irffan Khan’s passion.We know love is irrational and crazy, but audiences need to be convinced about that. In this case, Chitrangada’s stiff acting and strange Delhi memsaab accent ( when she plays a down and out crooner), took away from the movie’s otherwise gritty appeal. She reminded me of a three-in-one combo – Koel Purie, Feroze Gujral and Ritu Beri – coincidentally, all three happen to be richie rich Delhi glam gals. But the real star of the film by far was the absolutely gorgeous Arunodaya Singh, last seen in that turkey ‘Aisha’ ( I didn’t watch ‘Mirch’ ). This chap is pure testosterone on screen – great looks, great body lingo, competent acting skills. Mercifully ( and I do hope I am right), he will continue to steer clear of irritating filmi mannerisms. The sort most star sons project – they can’t help it – it’s in their genes. As Kuldeep, his raw appeal comes through in every scene, especially those with Aditi Rao who plays his lovely wife ( now, she’s a real find – spirited, sexy, super confident). Kuldeep has a marvelous solution to every domestic crisis – when things get hot, he grabs his woman and kisses her into submission! One of the most inventive screen kisses of all time is the one in the back seat of an autorik , when Kuldeep jumps in, holds a gun to the driver’s head with one hand, covers his kid’s eyes with the other, and engages in a prolonged lip lock with his furious wife – all this in the middle of Old Delhi’s frenzied traffic! Now, if only Arunodaya would get his jug ears fixed! He is the main man – watch out, Ranveer and other aspirants.
In keeping with the romantic mood, Bryan Adams crooned ‘Everything I do, I do it for you…’ and 20,000 fans instantly turned into marshmellows ! Adams was predictably amazing during his fifth gig in Mumbai. But it was the young and spunky Mumbai girl Gowri ( works in marketing) who gets my applause. She joined Adams on stage to sing ‘Baby, When You’re Gone…” and did so with such aplomb, she had the crowd roaring in approval. After what is called a ‘bum rub’ with Adams, plus a warm clinch, a lady standing next to me quizzed, “I wonder what Gowri’s mom will think of all this?” Gowri’s mom, if you are reading this, please let us know!
To sign off on a note of genuine love, I met a delightful 11- year- old girl called Mahima Aggarwal
( recently relocated from Cleveland), who crochets colorful caps for cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy. You can meet Mahima and buy one of her ‘Rainbow Caps’ at the V-Care Foundation’s Victor Awards on Saturday , 19th Feb.This is founder Vandana Gupta’s 17th Cancer Survivors’ Day celebration - come… show your love. And do pick up a cap.


Madhu said...

I miss my mommy after seeing this picture :(

Ms De, as usual you look stunning. On Dhak Dhak day hubby and I watched Knight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz). I remembered you, not exactly sure why.

cmpershad said...

` I suggest ‘Dhak Dhak Day’!

But it is patented by Honda or is it Bajaj? :)

Tsomo85 said...

I miss Dhak dhak days...hehe You look wow and I didn't know that the anchor from On couch wt Koel is miss richie rich from delhi and the other two no idea who they are.

Teju said...
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Shankar said...

It definitely made me sentimental.

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Rajan Shastri said...

Your comments regarding our Prime Minister in TOI, Feb 20th, was out of line and uncalled for. Granted he lacks charisma and tends to speak apologetically. He stated very clearly the pitfalls of coalition politics and has always maintained that people engaged in corrupt practices will be punished if charges against them is proven. Raja is in jail, is he not? It is unfortunate that he let it happen. The reason the UPA was reluctant to initiate the JPC was because of the coalition quagmire. Kudos to the persistence of the Opposition. That helped him in relenting the UPA stand. But the people don't get it. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to understand the man and the quite unassuming way he goes about getting things done. Besides being the architect of liberalization, he instituted RTI, got the nuclear deal done, launched Aadhaar and NREGA. You on the other hand have no corporate or political experience and are hardly competent to judge a man of his stature. You are good at writing about Page 3 stuff that is lapped up by bored house wives and people with no lives of their own. Stick to your competence of mingling with the cocktail crowd and writing about stuff that interests the "socialites". They too need to be served.

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