Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mahima's appeal....

This evening, after launching a readable book ( 'India Calling' by Anand Giridharadas), I'll rush to the other end of town to read out a couple of poignant stories written by Cancer Survivors as a part of the Victor Celebrations started by the founder of V-CARE, Vandana Gupta For over a decade, V-CARE has been providing emotional support to cancer patients and their relatives. I haven't missed a single annual day event . This year, young Mahima will also be there with her Rainbow Caps. I hope it marks the start of an inspiring initiative. This is what she wrote to me....

Dear Mrs.De,

My mom just spoke to you and she asked me to send you a brief plan of
my charity. I would really appreciate your advice and feedback so that
my charity can run successfully. I have been thinking about starting
the charity for some time and I feel now is the right time. I don't
know many people here in Mumbai so I was hoping you and Mrs. Jayanti
could help me connect with the right people. To briefly introduce
myself, I am ten years old and moved to India when I was 8 from
Cleveland, Ohio. I study at American School of Bombay.

I feel India needs so much help and I feel fortunate to be able to
help. Here is quick summary of the idea:

Cap n Cure will be a charity foundation to help brighten up a kid's
day who is fighting cancer. My goal is to try and make sure every kid
with cancer has a warm and colorful cap to cover their head.I will
crochet some hats and we will also hire some girls to make these hats.
This way the girls can also earn some money and stay occupied and feel
good that they are contributing towards a good cause.

The idea started as my parents were always involved with helping kids
who are fighting cancer, I thought about ways I could also help but I
didn’t have enough money myself to donate but I thought I could
crochet hats. My goal is to donate hats and raise money to support
charities helping kids with cancer (Wigs for kids, Locks of love,
NWWA, or any other in India). I could also partner with somebody and
distribute my hats through their organization.

It would be nice if we could meet and I could get your opinion. I
will come with my mom.



cmpershad said...

I am one in the queue of the patients :(

sunitha said...

Awwww mahima ...that is so sweet of u girl ...shobha m'aam hats of to you putting this letter in your blogspot ..all I can say to both of you ..."GOD BLESS YOU"

Shankar said...

De Madam you are just too good.

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Pooja Rathore said...

Mahima is sensitive, helpful , smart and practical at such an young age iam touched by her concern , her idea is good God bless her plans its nice of you to post the letter very touching and also inspiring( how many people think about helping others at such an young age?)the letter sends the message that essence of life is to help others.

Tsomo85 said...

Mahima rocks!

sonny said...

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sudipa said...

Keep up the good work. Best of luck. From

*Aham* said...

did i read 10 years old. omg.

what an angel mahima is.god bless her and her parents for this fantastic upbringing.

Jean said...

i salute Mahima!!!

obssesor said...

You should blog about your meeting with her.

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