Monday, May 30, 2011

'Virgins Only' Club....

Just enjoyed a delightful tea session at home ( walnut-cream-mango cake, courtesy the delicious Ria), with a beautiful and spunky writer named Madhuri Banerjee. Her virgin book is titled, " Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas." More about the book after I read it tonight. It is selling very well.... but it desrves to sell even better. Madhuri took three months to write this one. She's already on to her second one. And she's doing a special book for me as well. All this frenzied writing between looking after her three-year-old (an iPad addict! At 3!!!). Madhuri resembles a Raja Ravi Varma painting - which is what I'd told her when we first met.She's bright, fun and very clever. I have suggested a 'Virgins Only' Facebook Club to her - what do you think? Any takers??


This appeared in Bombay times today...

Thank God it’s over….!

What’s the bet I don’t have to specify “what’s over” and that everybody reading the heading will know what exactly I’m referring to.For dummies who haven’t got it – it’s the IPL. Call it the law of diminishing returns, but something vital was missing this year. And that something was addiction. Any sport that does not generate passion (“If I don’t watch this match, I’ll die!”), has failed in its main objective, which is to hook loyal fans. And hook them so bad, they are willing to put their lives, wives, husbands, kids, food… even loo breaks , on hold so as not to miss a micro second of the action. The last time cricket generated such frenzy in India was during the World Cup Finals. It has been downhill since then. There was zero hysteria during the IPL Finals. At least in Mumbai ( perhaps because the home town team had crashed out). But that shouldn’t matter all that much to lovers of the game. Well, right after the win, I was at the International airport to collect my daughter. The TV screens were flashing cricket news and showing clips of the awards’ ceremony. Most people were indifferent, asking one another in an idle way, “So, boss… who won?” and not waiting for an answer. Even recent controversies ( Gambhir’s injuries and more) did not light any fires. As to which B-Team will piously play test cricket for the country ( heck! We all know those guys are compromise candidates and sure as hell would rather play for big bucks than Bharat Desh, given the chance), the mighty Board needs to wake up and smell the coffee. To what extent can you flog a game and its star players without fatigue ( physical and psychological ) setting in? If it’s only about the money, more’s the reason to stop and assess the excess-factor which is killing the game. Even those energetic, skimpily -clad Cheerleaders have lost their novelty. Nobody ogles them any longer. Commentators in badly tailored kurtas tried hard to pump up adrenaline levels this year by cutting cheesy jokes and making the format more interactive via Twitter. But ‘illey’, nothing worked to break through the apathy of viewers. Empty stands told their own story. Give us ( and those over- worked cricketers) a break, guys… you’ll be doing cricket a huge favour! Let’s get the mojo back into the Gentleman’s Game before cricket itself dies.
Ah… the airport scene. Have you noticed one recent phenomenon? The number of wheel chair passengers seems to have gone up dramatically in the last couple of years. Does that mean more invalids are traveling abroad these days? Naah! I have watched perfectly sturdy people demanding the service… and getting it! No, they aren’t senior citizens with any visible health issues. On board, their mobility levels are just fine. And the minute they get out of the terminal building, they forget their ailments and jump out of the wheelchair enthusiastically to greet relatives. So, how come they need assistance only during the long walk from the aircraft to the exit? Airport authorities need to put in a couple of new processes to filter lazy bounders from genuine patients. It certainly looks as if the system is being taken advantage of by people who simply don’t wish to exert themselves! If they are well enough to undertake a hectic tour of Europe without collapsing, they are well enough to walk out on their own like everybody else.Standing outside the terminal, I felt I was at the Olympics for physically challenged people going by the procession of wheelchairs emerging from the exit. Sorry… this is not an insensitive remark. Try queuing up behind a long line of such types during peak hours at immigration counters and tell me you don’t feel like dragging out a few of those privileged, perfectly fit people from their wheelchairs and saying, “Walk the Talk!” Or, stay home.
Poor Bips may have been unfairly targeted by Customs’ officials, even though she disarmed her tormentors, by giving them a big thumbs up later for doing their job well. But we still need to get our perspectives right. If high- end jewelry attracts a stiff penalty, are designer handbags and shoes less expensive? Most of the Customs’ guys are exceedingly well- informed and brand savvy. They know their Gucci from a Pucci. Perhaps Bips bought her goodies at throwaway prices during a heavily discounted distress sale? Or they were luscious gifts from a besotted admirer??? Lucky girl…. she waltzed away after paying a measly 12k. Ooohhhh – the power of dimples and curves!


Sophia's Lover said...

Silent friend of many distances, feel
how space dilates with each breath of yours.
Among the rafters of dark belfries peal
your own sweet tones. Your predators

will grow strong upon such fare.
Know transformation in its varied sign.
Which experience produces most despair?
If drinking offend, transform yourself to wine.

Be, in this immensity of night,
the magic force at your sense's crossroad;
the purpose of their mysterious plan.

And though you fade from earthly sight,
declare to the silent earth: I flow.
To the rushing water say: I am.


obssesor said...

Cricket has lost its charm...hope cricketers follow suit.

Sadiya Merchant said...

IPL dis tym was sooo thanda...too many teams, too many players hoppin in and out and wat remained was utter confusion. altho its ended, im stil nt sure i recollect all d players in d team i was supportin, let alone odrs!
wrs, i don even care! :o

Anil Kumar said...

That bastard Sharad Pawar should be moved to his permanent residence till he breathes his last...Tihar Jail.

Its under his filthy nose that cricketer's are treated like slaves by these frenchisee. I wonder when he dies what a gory site it will be be if you see an old bastard with his twisted mouth open.

THE GREED of Gavaskar, Shastri and Arun Lal who are hell bent on praising IPL tells me that any DOG can be bought in India no matter how respected he was in his playing days.

What's your take on Harbhajan Singh Lifting Mukesh Ambani's wife Nita the process his fingers went down south...was it intentional or they just went south with the gravitational force. Mukesh Ambani can explain better.

Watch youtube if you missed this Nanga naach of bollywood raands, few rich bitches and cricketers.

Nina said...

This is so true, i've seen it with my own eyes!! and i'm sorry to say this but the majority were Indian elders. I was traveling to Thailand and saw this on my way going and coming.

Arjun said...

Lets face's IPL was designed on the lines of the English premiership football, and the whole world knows the success of that sporting model.
I've been wondering for long now, why cricket figures so highly in the subcontinent. whereas its following is on steep decline in other big cricketing countries, including England, and there arent too many countries keen on taking it up seriously to help populate that list. My guess is that the number of permuations and combinations that this otherwise slow sport throws up makes the detailing of those very complexities compelling to follow in the Indian subcontinent, cos otherwise the other more intersting bit, which is the result of any game is out only in 4 hrs in case of 20-20 and 8 hrs in case of one day, and 3-5 days in case of Test match cricket.
Subhash Chandra n' Kapil Dev in case of ICL, followed by Modis and BCCI in case of IPL have to be commended for creating a sports business model, purely playing on the country's passion for the game, and mixing it up with oodles of glamour to give it the much needed flavor for it to go the distance.
Country V/s the club seems like a stupid logic. No ones bound to play for one or the other. If it is injury or fatigue or anything else that keeps an established player away from playing for the nation, there are plenty of new players waiting in the wings to take their place, and thats again thanks to the IPL or the domestic leagure where they've probably woul've been spotted. There were times when some established players used to cement their place in the national team to such an extent that an exciting young prospect would've started greying by the time he got the opportunity to represent the country. Things have changed, the sport itself has changed, and again, while there'll be people cribbing about the players, and the changing sport on the sidelines...the game must go on !!!

Alokita Bose said...

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Komal Laddha said...

Liked the observation of the wheel chairs of airport...

IPL thing everyone is well aware of...How all the players after a vigorous world cup and not for the west Indies series...

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Hi Shobha De,
Nice to be at your wonderful blog, though i used to read your columns at Week, Deccan Chronicle etc, and commented several times through those pages, I never visited the blog, This is the first time i am visiting and its really a wonderful place to roam in and read those wonderful pieces appearing in different print pages from different states, its really good to read your opinion about the almost dieing??? wonderful I mean the Gentleman's? game called Cricket, Ones it was a game of Gentlemen, but sad to say in the recent past it it reached on the other side….? with match fixing, scam, lies, injuries, drugs and what not.!!! As you said the Cheerleaders can’t even cheer!!! LOL
Good to read this blog, expecting more such contents from your precious pen.
I joined in.
Best regards
P V Ariel, Secunderabad

anil khanna said...

i am always amazed that leonardo de vinci described his paintings of woman and child as(1)virgin of the rocks(2)the virgin and child with st.anna and st.john the baptist.any observations.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Madhuri's book must do good sales with that .... titulating title :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Three months is all it took? wow! Need to read this.

Pallab said...

Keep up the good work. Best of luck. From

Subhendu said...

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Dibyojyoti said...

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Baljeet said...

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