Thursday, October 27, 2011

Padwa Greetings!

I am debating whether or not to inaugurate my traditional Maharashtrian 'nath' today. It is calling out to me. But I think not!I mean, how would it look for me to wear it to Inox for a 'Ra.One' screening? Yup. That's my Padwa entertainment. Am hoping we will be 'entertained' over those two and more hours. The reviews have been consistently discouraging. Not that I base my response on reviews. I invariably like films that most reviewers savage. So, I'm going to watch SRK's magnum opus with an open mind.... and a generous heart. The popcorn had better be bloody good tonight. More on the most discussed \trashed movie after I watch it.
Right now, I am holding the handsome 'Deep-utsav' issue of Lokmat in my hands and feeling really proud of it. I worked with a fantastic, dedicated editorial team... and as Guest Editor, what more can one ask for but bright,receptive team members willing to go flat out and ensure the final product is amazing! The theme I picked was 'Power' , but not in the conventional understanding of the term. For example, I got Nita Ambani to discuss the power of a surname... and she did so in a candid fashion. Similarly, Amitabh Bachchan has spoken on the power of 'samskaar' and family ties. While Maharashtrian intellectuals and thinkers from Kumar Ketkar, Arun Tikekar and others have explored the many aspects of power... small town power, for example.Then there is the power of words ( Javed Akhtar ), the power of sensuality ( Vidya Balan ), the power of progressive thinking (Ramchandra Guha), the power of beauty ( Kareena Kapoor ),oh... it was challenging, exhilerating and exciting going back to my first love - editing! The Lokmat issue has been a sell out and is now in its third print run. So much for the power of Power!
Tonight is Padwa - or 'Husband's Day'. It is the Maharashtrian version of Kadwa Chauth, but mercifully, without the fasting - our focus, sensibly enough, is on feasting. This year I have experimented wildly with mixed flavours and come up with my own combos - top of the list is crumbled macaroons over spicy Kolhapuri Chivda made out of corn flakes! Bizarre? You bet! But YUMMMMYYYY! Try it! I dare you!!


TheBluntBlogger said...

Now, I like that! Wish for the husband and yet get to feast. I look forward to your review because I hear Taran Adarsh has rated it high despite the rage displayed by public on twitter...

Chintan Gupta

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Arrey you must wear your elaborate nath to Ra-one. Kareena is wearing one in the song chammak challo too. Ek chammak challo audience mein, ek parde par!

I heard the movie is a good time pass, and cannot wait to see it.

Next Lokmat needs to have a post-Diwali (how ironic) issue on POWER in Maharashtra. The kind that is disrupted for Loadshedding every single week in every place but South Mumbai and perhaps the head offices of Lokmat in Vidharba and Mumbai. The power- whose disruption causes baby incubators to be run on diesel generators and patients needing surgery to be sent home because there is no power to run the lights and machines. The power needed to run the homes, schools and elevators and that single street light bulb that a dozen kids study under in some villages in the state. The power so sorely needed by the unwashed masses.

I like any holiday that does not require fasting. I am checking off Gudi Padwa on my list of good things!

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

During these days of Women's lib, praying for husband and celebrating husth bandh:) Day is really astonishing. Afterall, women feel their hands are tied by the creature known as husband.

Divya Virmani said...

I really wonder how I will rate this movie. Personally, I'm not so looking forward to it but still want to damage 11 bucks to see how much damage SRK did to his bank balance! LOL

Neha said...

I have not heard anything good about the movie from those who have seen it. So, I am going to give it a miss.

And the feasting sounds fun! We have teej and Karwachauth and both are about fasting :)

Dreaming Wanderer said...

Ra one was quite pleasant..
the graphics too were decent..
loved srk's philosophical quotes
n super loved d great 'Rajni's' entry!!!
Shahrukh luks quite youmg as G1.. n a gud performance by him too..

will u b posting ur lokmat article here too ? :)
m quite mesmerized wid d power of words..

Life Unordinary said...

Looking forward to your RA-ONE review Shobhaa

Anonymous said...

The courage for making most expensive Hindi movie is appreciated. Part 2?

kakaka said...

kareena kapoor- power of beauty hahaha...more like the power of plastic surgery.
lip job, jaw line reduction, liposuction, nose job, boop job etc.
Ambani should discuss the power of Liscence raj .
why did i read this article. Can i have the 2 minutes of my life back?

Megs.Smiles said...


You are a woman of substance. I look up to you.

What is your take on That Girl in Yellow Boots

venk@t said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
venk@t said...

I saw
it wasnt horrendous, but it was quite baaad, i mean its something you'd least expect (i think thats why the audiences seem more upset and pissed off at the film). its silly, had lamee jokes(?) has less presence of bebo and the script just didn't work for me. if id be srk, id find it more respectable and a smart decision to delete the movie after i saw it (before releasing it), forget about money, think about how good your product is. and your image. thumbs down from my side. the only enjoyable part in the film is the chamak challo song, loveeed it! :P

glimpses said...

Ra.One is an absolute disaster. Wonder why people spend so much money on portraying their stupidity while so many out there crave for one meal a day.Not fare on God. Mediocrity is the order of the day.People whom we generously give superstardom...wonder if they really deserve it. Must say... some people are reallllly lucky!

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