Friday, July 27, 2012

Playboy comes to India.....!

Blogdosts, since you asked for more wisecracks... here's one from an opportunist!

The other two images are from Lisbon - the spectacular Fort and the picturesque Castle. Well done TiE for finding such awesome venues for your Retreat. I didn't at all mind singing for my supper. I was in excellent company - Lord Karan ( Cobra) Billimoria, and the jolly old Farouk Engineer.

Last afternoon was productively spent at my old haunt - St.Xavier's College. at a meeting of the Advisory Board, of which I am a member - very proud of it , too. We need to raise a 100 crores. And quickly. Any bright ideas? This is as a Corpus Fund from which to pay for more teachers, and upgrade facilities asap. Considering Yale has a Corpus Fund exceeding 200 billion USD ( or so I was informed!), what is a piddly 100 crores for quality education at a college that has produced over 50 Padma Winners - 5 in this year itself! That is quite a feat!


This appeared in The Week.... Sherlyn turned up demurely in a tacky saree for her press conference.... and I thought to myself --- Gurrrrllll, what were you thinking??????

She dares.... who bares...

Relax! She’s done it. We’ve seen everything. And nobody has died of shock. The hot news about a certain starlet appearing on the cover of ‘Playboy’ caused a minor flutter across assorted platforms in India.But that was it. After the initial and obligatory murmurs of protest – the usual nonsense about ‘How could a Bharatiya Nari do such a thing and bring disgrace to India?”’- people promptly and sensibly switched their attention to someone else, something else. Meanwhile, Sheryln Chopra, the starlet who bared it all, slipped back into Mumbai quietly, and fully clothed, much to the disappointment of waiting shutterbugs.There was no rioting on the streets, and nobody hurled abuses or tomatoes on Sherlyn. This is today’s woman, exercising an option and grabbing an opportunity. She stripped because she wanted to, not because someone was holding a gun to her head. Perhaps, Sherlyn also hoped to make some sort of dodgy history by being the first desi girl to bare it all for what was once the world’s premiere pin- up publication.But let’s get a little perspective here. ‘Playboy’, like Hugh Hefner, its geriatric founder, is a dying brand. Nobody pays good money any more to ogle naked ladies in lavish centrespreads, no matter how buxom. Why should they when one can feast ones eyes on still more sizzling images for free on the internet! If Sherlyn has been singled out for this dubious ‘honour’,chances are ‘Playboy’ is trying its level best to crack the potentially huge and very lucrative Indian market.

But what the marketing whiz kids at ‘Playboy’ probably don’t know is that the Indian reader has come a long way. And we have had our own versions of ‘Playboy’floating around for decades. Even those didn’t take off! Even if some of the centre spreads, who took it all off for them, did. Indian men obviously didn’t get their jollies from staring at air-brushed images of busty blondes with ceramic teeth and fixed up faces back then. It’s doubtful whether that tired old formula will work now. This is an era in which an ‘ófficial’ porn star like Sunny Leone has gone mainstream without anybody suffering a cardiac arrest. Open any movie magazine and you will see eye candy like you won’t believe! Starlets stripping for ‘çauses’ – from cricket to cancer on their websites, fail to get anyone drooling. Whether it’s a Poonam Pandey or some other hungry for publicity Bollywood aspirant, Indian viewers have pretty much seen it all.... and yawned. So which rabbit is Mr. Hefner going to pull out of his hat... rather, toupee? If that Bunny is called Sheryln, I don’t see too many takers.

More than forty years ago, Katy Mirza, a petite Parsi girl from Mumbai with a truly impressive chest, packed her bags and left to join the Playboy Club in London. People were mildly interested... yes. But it wasn’t as if Katy made front page news. Her decision was seen in the right context – as a smart and lucrative career move. Perhaps,it is just that for Sheryln as well. Once we tire of Sherlyn’s birthday suit pictures , there will be several other Indian girls who will happily bare all for Hugh and his crew. Big deal.All one can hope is that these women have the good sense to hire sharp agents and make a decent living out of removing their clothes for the cameras. Presumably, there are enough voyeurs still left in the world ( or in India), who will be mad enough to pick up a copy of a magazine that is still attempting to cash in on the old tits-and-ass formula. Really Hugh! It is so depressingly last century!

As for our girl Sheryln, this is her time to milk the story for all its worth – someone should tell her she’s in great company. Perhaps Sherlyn can check with her granny? Maybe even Grans is much younger than good old Hugh , who still hangs on to the title of “The Dirtiest Old Man on Earth”. The real fun will begin if Sherlyn becomes Hugh’s latest fiancée and moves into the Playboy Mansion to join his harem. But I seriously doubt if even that stunt will sell more copies of ‘Playboy’ in India. Our idea of dirty pictures is different... aha.... now, if Hugh were to give the luscious Vidya a call.... India would definitely sing a different tune that goes Óoh-la-la.... Ooh-la-la....


Sujata said...

Well said, Shobha ! I totally agree !

Ambika said...

Why not start a Paisa Fund? All the students, ex-students can contribute Re 1 or more and lo! your corpus fund'll be overflowing.
PS: Just remembered Tilak's Paisa Fund. I know this is not an original idea. Sigh!

Tsomo85 said...

Good luck with collecting all that money for your school; it's possible but there's a secret to it though!!!! Be humble; be kind; be pleasant; be lovable; be well mannered while presenting the project; be wise & enlightened; use the teachers needs and qualification as best as you could; that's it $$$ will be there. There's a reason why prestigious school like Yale succeed. It is believed that our school in mussoorie holds billion & billion in their account. And students pay 0 fee to be enrolled in it. And the cherry on cake is it teach Tibetan as well & under the name of HH Dalai Lama. While
growing up we had the best boarding hostel and school. I had never once felt short of anything when it comes to facilities. We get up in 5am in the morning, jogging to mall road, then clean our room, make sure all the floors are shining, if not we get grounded, once we make our bed, we are not allowed to sit on it till our bed time or else if a mark of our butt is visible we get grounded as well. From 5am to 10pm we are set to our rules and duties in btw our school hours, no time to slack around, no time to gossip, no time for pleasure, only books and duty. But the best food, uniform, education, location, and movie theater. I can never forget the fact that while growing up we actually had our own movie theater. It was huge that kids from two different school comes to watch film & still there's enough space. And every second Saturday they showed us all time hit films and what a fun that was!!! The theater is named after our founder princess Tsering Dolma La & it is believed a rich foreigner donate it to her, perhaps her beauty did the talking. Amazing isn't it? lol Surprisingly out of no where I've came across this extremely funny sadar ji on Facebook who claims him and his brother built that amazing theater & almost everything that's related to our school. No idea how he landed on my Facebook but the world is too damn funny, and I don't think he's lying other wise how will he know all this. Every time I login fb he starts sending me chatbox msg about same old stories, at times too irritating that I had to go off line, hahaha. But puts smile on my face at end, the fact that such a innocent & funny people exist in this world & we come across them without any warning. On serious note I think we must had done something so great in our previous life that in this life, everything was right by our mouth. We had amazing & secure childhood in our Tibetan boarding school, that too without a single penny to pay to. This would not be possible without HH The Dalai Lama's message of Love & Peace. Anything is possible Ms.De, so good luck collecting those funds & use your pretty & witty self as well!!! :-) Show those smiles & humor that god had granted yeah; will make big difference in many intelligent & qualified teachers life. As for new playboy bunny; yawnnnnnnn!!! we've enough Indian girls in USA who have had attempt zillion times, many times can't even figure out if they're Indian or west indies but they're always there,,,,,many times with bundle and bundle of children yet still attempts to be next playboy model or gold diggers. Again this takes me back to my blog that was once dedicated to Indian men & women. Often when I see these things, it reminds me the fact Martin Scorsese made KUNDUN for Tibetans; he introduced Tibetan & Dalai Lama to the world on the Christmas of year 1996 & won countless Academy Awards. And Danny Boyle introduced Indians to the world in name of "Slumdog Millionaire" & won countless oscars. Now that itself tells a lot about where one cames from so who are we to do or say anything na. Nobody can change the truth in any given circumstance. Let them do things as they like. I guess people have *reasons* to be different!!!! Yawn & goes back to watch another bollywood item number. :)

Tsomo85 said...

Arghh typo come not cames!!!

Anonymous said...

well said...

SuKupedia ™ :) :) said...

yes the idea of dirty is very different in India.. and in my opinion the meaning is very hypocritical...we hide it behind a curtain called 'culture'...anything that is in open is dirty, same thing behind closed doors is 'chalta hai'

Pooja Rathore said...

she dares ,who bares- good one De i liked your post.
Pics - you look good ,nice pic.
the pic abt opportunist was reallyyyyy good one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobhaa,
I'm a Xavierite (and a Queen Marian!) and was wondering if our college has ever created a global alumni outreach program like universities in the U.S. do. I have never been approached to contribute in the 13 years since I graduated, and I'm certain plenty of Xavierites would be happy to donate money to their alma mater if gently reminded. I live in California, but am happy to be of long-distance help to Fr. Fraser and his team!

Divya Virmani said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I got even more surprised when she mentioned about her father n brother and sister in one of the recent interviews. I mean, why use your family? just to show that she still belongs to a very cultured parivaar...and they are okay with her current status of a 'playboy' in market? Anyhow, she's already a forgotten bird...her glory only last for 2 days..

Dreaming Wanderer. said...

very nice post ma'am.. ooh la laa! :)

wish hefner wud read this :)

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