Friday, August 3, 2012

Oprah.... this one is for you!

Blogdosts, do watch this balanced, classy and fair portrayal of Mumbai. The presenter is Sir Christopher Meyer - a former Ambassador . "Networks of Power" is a series on cities like Moscow, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai - an engaging portrait that tries to decode these complex destinations for viewers who maybe unfamiliar with them. The narrative unfolds gently, through the voices of the people who make the city what it is. Sir Christopher is unfailingly polite, curious, non-intrusive and well-informed.
Watch it and let me have your comments.... compare this effort to Oprah's pathetic, poorly researched Next Chapter.


The Opaque Prism said...

Well my take is that the former Ambassador is a seasoned diplomat and veteran in the polished ways of presenting things. Oprah is just a tele star whose USP is charisma.

Aaina said...

Why are Indians so sensitive about the way they are seen for what they are? Does it rub sand in yoru shoes shobha? That you are drinking Robert Mondavi, eating caviar in Mumbai while millions of people 5 feet from you have no access to clean drinking water?
As an american Indian I can tell you her comment"Indians stille at with thier hands: was not emant to offend but show the ties to cultural heritage. At the crux of it, is that all you Kelly and versace pruse carrying, globe trotting, hinglish speaking desis, felt bad for being shown the real face of India. One where the disparity is so wide and so unfair that people get insensitised to it.
How else would you survive?
Not to say that there is no poverty here, but we welfare for poor people, we have child and women food stamps available for people. Some people dont utilize it due to mental problems or drugs abuse. But it is there.
We have douche bags like the Kardashians and the hosuewives too. Who need to shipped off the mars. Yet, Indians have no qulams about molesting women, pinching thier bottoms on a daily basis, but if a non indian was to draw attention to it..Holy Rama, all hell breaks loose.
Isn't this is a good time to evaluate why millions are poor, and have no drinking water? or sanitation?
Instead of trying to get positive reviews from some Gora?
If you are so sensitive, stop drinking you $100 wine and donate money to put up some toilets, water wells and such.

Desi Babu said...

Dear Mrs. De,

Many years ago, I used to live in the land of the free, where Oprah dwells. And based on their culture of being "direct", I did not find any fault with her description of Mumbai. It is what it is.

We Indians should be more tolerant of what people say about the trash in front of our houses that we dump. If not, we need to take a broom and do something about it. Believe me, most Americans act that way to fix their problems, while we, simple whine about them.

All Indian cities have their fair share of problems. When was the last time we saw an enlightened writer we all know (and like), write about it? No need to take a broom and sweep the streets of Kolaba, but please, just write about them. May be, something will happen.

By the way, Ambassadors, who have been knighted, are neither good at diplomacy, nor at looking good in shining armor. Ignore them.


Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

It makes me embarrassed to see one of the comments above- from an Indian who suddenly identifies herself with the West.Yes staying there makes you that, ma'am. We are clearly ashamed of people like you. And who the hell are you to say about contributing to toilets -when you are there in the US, earning and paying taxes to build toilets there. Well you can do your bit here cant you?
And about the butt pinching bit.Please dont get me started about the sexual atrocities that happen on a daily basis in your country. Also you should know about the NGOs and other organizations which help poor people here, and about the poor students who get a noon meal everyday at school. Oh you might be an NRI.. and u might be treading Oprah's path on showing India in a poor light without much information. SHAME on you, woman.

Indo-Global said...

Very well_said, Anita.

Aaina said...

Anita ,
Please go back to high school , bcos with your juvenile comments thats were you ought to be.
I am of part Indian origin and to be frank, shame on you, get off your friggin high horse.
I have build wells in Chad, volunteered in India and used my engineering skills to help build basic pumps in northern India and Nepal, donated time and money. So before you start acting like a lunatic. WTF have you done, other than acting like a total B****?
If you read my comments with an open mind,I do acknowlegde that atrocities happen here and people point it out rightly so, but not the extent as it happens in India. I dont get upset just becuase someone points out the obvious. Sometimes People say things that may appear rude due to cultural differences. I have been offended many times when Indians have asked me "what are you?"
Why are Indians like you so sensitive to criticism, yet dont think twice before calling other people like Blacks "kallus", asians" Chinky" or their own lower caste people "chamars".
I seen Indians here eschew fellow indians who were lower caste and yet kiss up to the white man.
Please..seems like you need a crash course on dont hurl stones on other people, if you cant deal with the brickbats.

Sally said...

@Aaina.....Well said, to both of your comments. Couldn't have verbalized it better.
@Anita.....The craziest part of your comment is when you say 'An Indian who suddenly identifies herself with the West' Why are you assuming its necessary for her to first identify as an Indian?? You are making her sound like some Pro-India Motherland lover who went to America and got caught up in the greed, glitz, and sleaze of the West and 'suddenly' like a traitor started identifying with the West. Therefore she needs to be embarrassed and ashamed of herself. As you so point out.
And yes, there are Indians who don't live in India and have not been born in India. The West is their 'home' and it WILL come off like that!
Not every person of the Indian heritage who is going to make comments on this blog is going to live up to the denial that people as yourself and Shobha De like to live in about the blatant insensitized culture that India has always been.

Aaina said...

Thank you @ Sally.
I dont "identify" myself as western but as a human being. LOL..this coming from people who use "English" to communicate and prove thier superiority to the ethnic speaking populace (Yes, seen that in India, amongst the literate undecuated Indians). Dont think twice before ordering their food from a 12 year old child or employing 12 year maids. Most of them live as western as they can in India, trying to ape the Yankees, wouldn't be caught dead speaking their mother tongue,and yet I am acting western..oh the Irony of it all.

nidhi said...

The only reason Shobha De likes this documentary is because the presenter consulted her and features her inner circle in his coverage.

Ms. De, you were all over Oprah when she was in India. Now, you have suddenly changed your tone and have been critizing her. You are actually making a fool of yourself.

And by the way, I saw nothing wrong in the way Oprah portrayed India. I live in Canada and was actually embrassed to see the way Indians compalined and whined about a simple televsion series.

Grow up.. seriously!!

Sally said...

Dear Ms. De
I can appreciate the one-sided biased views that you have in regards to India. You are a writer after all, and a passionate one at that...The juiciest writing to read, is that of a very biased and opinionated person. I watched Christopher Meyers video on Mumbai... which you claim to be "Balanced, Fair and Classy" and couldn't stop chuckling. Making a video about Mumbai and ONLY showing the "Rich and Classy" is NOT... Ms. De, a Balanced, Fair and Classy portrayal of India. It is a portrayal, yes, but a very biased one. Oprah on the other hand at least went across the many facets of India. Oprah is the one who made the Fair and Balanced Portrayal of your's not Oprah's fault that India is not classy in all aspects....blaming her is pointless.

It's too bad that the Elite of India have turned a blind eye to what REALLY exists in their country to such an extreme point, that when an outsider comes in and points out what "is", the Indians blow up in a rage and point fingers blaming everyone around, everyone except themselves. If you want an outsider to come in and film something wonderful in your country, think about trying to make your country wonderful and helping your poor and stop wasting time insulting others and trying to impress everyone in the West.

Hassan Elsaharty said...
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Hassan Elsaharty said...
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Hassan Elsaharty said...
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