Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rape.... and Rakhis

Attn: Suparna,Jayanti,Olga                     Shobhaa’s Take       10thJan2013
                                 Rape and raakhis….
           “ Quick… give me a raakhi… I’m being raped!” It cannot possibly get more bizarre. A nasty four letter word called R-A-P-E has polarized, even pulverized Indian society. And it refuses to go away. It is not just about Nameless Nirbhaya’s brutal sexual assault any longer. It is about us. How we, as a people respond to one of the most heinous crimes in the world. The depressing answer to that is – atrociously. So atrociously, in fact, that it is time to worry about a widespread sickness that at this point appears terminal. To make matters far worse, we have raging maniacs in our midst -  deranged,  Godmen, equally depraved politicians and other nut cases with a dangerous agenda. Not so surprisingly, these men have followers and backers. Asaram Bapu ( whose bapu is he, really?), has a criminal record, yet claims he is a spiritual leader. Owaisi is a flamboyant hate monger who is an overnight ‘celebrity’ cashing in on his loathsome utterances. Asaram’s brilliant suggestion has led to raging debates across the board. That he had the absolute audacity to take on this sensitive case ( Nirbhaya’s), before the mourning period is over, shows his pathetic, depraved mentality. But what has enraged everybody is his outrageous advice to women in similar, life threatening situations : don’t defend yourselves, he suggests, but plead with your tormentor instead. Appeal to the beast or beasts, to treat you as a sister and spare you. If you fight back ( as Nirbhaya so bravely did), you are asking for trouble. Worse – you may be inviting it. A woman should know her place in society. Make an instant brother out of the rapist. Beg of him to spare your life. That is the only hope. So, according to this despicable Bapu, this is how it goes : a woman’s most effective weapon when faced with a rapist is to whip out a handy raakhi ( never leave home without a few, ladies!), grab the  man’s arm , tie it quickly around his wrist and start whining for mercy. It’s either that, or you are dead meat. This crazed Bapu is 73 years old. Has a foul record which includes murder charges, land grabbing, molestation and assault. Despite all his murky deals, there he is ranting away while his followers applaud and shake their heads approvingly. If such a man can utter what he has and not generate vast degrees of absolute revulsion, it is not he who is sick, it is us. For he hasn’t come from Mars. He is also ‘us’.
As is Owaisi .
So, what do we do with such grotesque men? Arrest them? Gag them? Shun them? Forget it! We are stuck with them, for better or worse. And it is time to open our eyes to what is staring us in the face. These two are not alone. They have the sympathetic ears of a pretty large section of our society. If the Bapu has 300 ashrams worldwide and 20 million followers, Owaisi’s fans outside the court , and at the airport , were no less impressive in terms of numbers. These two fellows are merely the ugly faces of what we refuse to acknowledge – a pathological hatred, either towards women, or a community, or both. Both are guilty of waging war against humanity at large. But how does one punish such people? Is it even worth our while to do so in the standard way? You know the drill. Frame charges. Go to court. And then wait for eternity!
What has deeply disturbed people across India…. and increasingly, in pockets around the world, is the attitude of the ruling class. Damage control of the clumsiest kind is no substitute for concern. In any case, the time for mere concern is long over. If alarm bells are not ringing inside several pompous heads, they bloody well ought to be. What Nirbhaya’s death (and the reactions to it) has triggered off is a long suppressed rage against the way this country is run. The fact that citizens get screwed day in and day out, while so-called netas strut around amassing indecent amounts of wealth, is no longer viewed with the old chalta hai attitude. Nahi chalega! Each new detail that’s emerging about the tragedy is only adding to the disconnect. When a politician arrogantly states that ‘the government does not go to the people’, his remark strikes at the heart of the problem. It demonstrates the extent of the ‘ghamand’ that our elected representatives have consistently flaunted…. and we have docilely tolerated. This is one case where a convenient ‘setting’ is not possible. Perhaps Nirbhaya’s assaulters, including the under age monster, will be punished swiftly and severely. But even as we deal with them, thousands more will be guilty of even worse crimes involving women…. even, female toddlers and infants!
Bapu Asaram and people like him are as guilty as those hooded rapists we despise. Until we condemn and get rid of these Bapus, netas and assorted beasts in our society, women will remain soft targets. But even in their utter vulnerability, they will not carry raakhis in their handbags or beg tormentors for mercy. That day is over. And a brand new revolution is underway. We have our own weapon. It is called The Female Vote. See you at the polls, guys.


kislay kishan said...

i truly agree with you.. and i thimk the best way to treat them is just to ignore them... and just for the sake of statistics on 17th december, the very next day that incident took place , a girl had commited suicide coz her brother used to rape her

dia sarkar said...

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Srini said...

Well written Ms. De.

This is the state of the Indians,leave alone any community. The Politicians and the power brokers alone are the true citizens of India. The rest are mere statistics. Women have no role other than to please and keep the man amused. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is a proven fact in India. There seems no hope to India and the country appears to be doomed. There is no 'Pride' left for the Indians. The way Pakistan is killing Indians, Bangladeshis infiltrating and getting more benefits than Indians, the way the corrupt Ministers and their sons are looting the counrty and throwing money to woo the mass is disgusting, to say the least.

I am amazed at the speed at which the police have acted to arrest two persons who have posted hate comments on Facebook, of all the mediums, in spite of the controversial provisions of Sect 66A of the Information Techonology Act, while the arrest of Akbaruddin had taken days altogether inspite of making blaring hate speeches all around the state.
Is'nt this enough evidence of abuse of Article 14 of the Constitution? Let us accept that the Article 14 is a mere farce, only Power rules in India.

I am truly feeling ashamed to be an Indian.

Jai Hind!!

Swaminathan Neelakantan said...

Let's ignore all god-men and their unsolicited advice. See, even Goddess Parvati had to shed her feminine appearance and don the role of Maa Kaali to deal with the demon Mahishasura. Traditionally, women do not command respect due to them in Bharat, if they display only their feminine grace. Look how Sita and Draupadi suffered. If women tend to be rather more masculine, men fall at their feet and obey their every command - Indira Gandhi, Jayalalithaa, Mamta Banerji, Mayawati and so on.

Anil Kumar said...

Asaram, Rahul Gandhi, Shinde or Chidambram...they all belong to same category - "Incomplete bloody fools".

What is needed is action on multiple fronts. Whether its our system, judiciary, police, bollywood entertainment or woman's freedom, social inequality in the society - all needs to be addressed in a sensitive and compassionate way. Sluts like Priyanka Chopra shouting about her right to go naked looks selfish at best on NDTV 24X7. By the actions of these sluts and similar sluts like her they put lots of poor girls in danger since the poors dont have luxury of body guards or live in gated community.

The moment our system starts working where police is vigilant and book criminals immediately, judiciary dispose off a case in months - I would be the first one to invite Priyanka Chopra to walk naked on Rajpath on 26th Jan parade. Because she can be assured that she won't be raped and similarly a poor girl living in the poor locality where Nirbhaya was living will feel safe.

But till then stop this item numbers portraying woman as commodity.These SLUTS shown half naked and being swarmed by a group of men who are looking at their body in the same way these six hyenas killed and raped that poor girl.


Spiritual Sinner said...

i amuses me how (even in a sensitive case like this ) ... the entire India is overly anxious to BLAME someone else ... keep their hands clean .

And bask in the glory of being a saint .Despicable .

Jenny said...

yes we have the female vote, but then what does one day when the voting machines have been tampered with(yes this has happened!) There is really no way out, other than to become a bhagat singh?

Jenny said...

one do*

Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni said...

Madam De..You are committing a terrible mistake here by taking on Shri Asaramji Bapu without getting the facts correct. No one will abuse you or say swear words because this is not what Bapu has taught his disciples. If you are vaguely following the clip shown in news channels where in they have joined two seperate video clips where in the video ends who "galti ek taraf se nahi hoti". there is some criminal cosnpiracy to defame Bapu. Bapu is never against women and also not the one to ask us to escape. Bapu teaches us not be scared of death also coz it is body which dies not our soul. the present statement of Bapu was in context to a satsang discourse in rajasthan where Bapuji was telling in satsang how the girl could have avoided the heinous crime by using her common sense and escaped. Had we not all been happy if some how NIRBHAYA has escaped and if she would have been alive today, things would have been different. Bapuji , out of the concern for girl was cautioning the women of India to be careful and escape from drunkards. There is no point in fighting the drunkards. If some one street calls you Maa or Beti , for a moment will you not feel the effect. So bapu said some how she could have escaped. For your kind information, Bapuji has 40 million followers and 60% are women. and they are not not illietrate or dumb. majority are educated Indian women. So a writer of your status should get all the facts right and then present it to the public. Even after such an outrage over Bapuji, not a even a single follower has attacked anyone or shown any anger. Bapuji teaches us Sabka Mangal Sabka Bhala. In every human being the Soul is the same and one. Prooud of my Gurudev for his Teachings. Thank you mam.

Anonymous said...

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Pooja Sharma Rao said...

Why don't all these so called reputed men and their followers join "save the rapist campaign" and if they are really so holy proclaim that thay have never in nay way contributed to any form of exploitation of any woman,can they?

Ravi Kumar said...
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Ravi Kumar said...

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Mayank said...

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victor frank said...

The article is candidly interesting with a strong message. One may even recommend to carry a ‘thali’ along with ‘rakhi’ so that if any rapist is unyielding to the request of victim to accept her as his sister even after tying the rakhi, then she can ask at least to tie a thali around her neck and rape by accepting her as his wife’.

The world we live in today is a mixture of all types of human beings with positive and negative attributes. The making of a ‘just and peaceful’ society for all appears to be a fancy thought now. Still the ‘hope’ takes the next step which includes the Female Vote.

Victor Frank. A
Chennai 600 001.

Upendra Kumar said...

Really this is very serious crime human being is facing today. I think government must make some strict law and spread the education fast to curb this problem.

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