Monday, February 4, 2013

We were just so lucky!
The Taj was shrouded in a thick fog.... and there were over  40,000 visitors present! But thanks to the kindness of Mr. Janoo, and the local police commandant, we were able to see the magnificent monument in the most meaningful manner. It was rushed, yes. But it was worth every single micro-second. I had just finished my talk at the first Taj Lit Fest - a Sahitya Utsav. It had gone brilliantly. I had signed countless books and noted with a certain amount of glee that Sethji had sold out in the first half hour. Nothing could keep me away from the Taj now! We rushed there in a convoy of police cars - now I know what a lal batti experience means! And spent the next two hours just gazing at the overwhelming beauty of this unreal looking monument to eternal love. It is at once tragic and uplifting.
Then, it was time to hit the sabzi mandi and shop for potatoes.... you do know Agra is known for its spuds??? Sadar Bazaar shopping followed.... I could not resist the stylish red boots selling in a gully, right next to the famous chaat wallas of Agra! I paid 800 rupees for them!!! The boot makers of Agra create leather shoes for some of top Italian brands. I guess what makes it to the thelas are seconds or surplus items. Do I really care?? Puss in Boots is all set ! More pics coming up once I upload them.
Let it be said that for all of Mayawati's evil ways, she has created an Expressway that is by far the best in India.


Medha said...

Superb read.. it is a treat to read your posts for aspiring writers like me! and i am going to grab Sethji as soon as i hit a bookstore next! i love your writing mam!


Ambika said...

The pic is magical. I must say, your daughter ( m guessing its arundhati) is lucky. She just about manages to capture something magical - like the peacock and then the rainbow. In this frame you can feel the aura of - happiness!

aditi bhide said...

Whats with the shoes?

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the taj is the most wonderful and beautiful monument.
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Vaishali said...

What type of shoes you both are wearing? something different?

rupa roy said...

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Tsomo85 said...

Like wise, all my pants are from INDIA! Be it jeans or cotton! Surprisingly there's countless in my closet. Many still have tags on, and they were all PERFECTO! Perfect size, color, & style. All thanks to my fashionable cousin sisters from NEPAL.

Aditya said...

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