Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aarushi's Monster Parents...

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 I wrote this on 4th January 2011.... at the time, there was much outrage at what I had suggested - that Aarushi's parents were the culprits. I received a lot of hate mail and a few nasty phone calls asking me to back off and zip up. 
Well, the startling revelations by the CBI officer today insist it was Ramesh Talwar who clubbed and killed both Aarushi and Hemraj, and then slit their throats. His wife helped him to dress up the scene of the gruesome crime. What sort of monsters are these parents?? And even after the cop's testimony, will these two be convicted and punished?
                                      Who Killed Innocence….?

There is something exaggeratedly sinister about the brutal twin murders of an innocent 14- year- old girl, and the domestic who worked for the family ( nobody bothers about his death… are you surprised?). As things stand, the case has reached a bit of a dead end and there are any number of theories floating around. While it is true that the media has been conducting its own trial night after night and pretty much stating : the dad did it, the response of Aarushi’s parents has been puzzling and bizarre , to say the least.Grieving parents behave in a different manner. They are broken in spirit and rendered almost incoherent with grief at the loss of a loved one. An only child at that. Not these two, though. Sorry if this sounds like pop psychology gone wrong… but the conduct displayed by Mr. and Mrs. Talwar appears a bit too calculated, even cold blooded to viewers. It conveys just one thing : Catch us if you can. There is defiance and challenge built into every statement. ‘Where is the proof? What evidence do you have?”   Aarushi’s mother keeps demanding aggressively, as if to suggest, “We’ve taken care of every small detail… covered each track…so there!” For a mother of a dead girl to project such steely determination during what must have been the most harrowing time of her life, seems a bit unnatural. I have spent enough time consoling mothers who have lost their kids to say this is perhaps the first time I have observed a mom whose sole objective seems to be to put up a feisty defence for herself and her husband.Both the Talwars have a script that reads like a law manual. Their faces are stony, their eyes, strangely devoid of any emotion. When they mention Aarushi, they could as well be discussing their neighbour’s kid.
  Poor Aarushi.
God alone knows what prompted this ghastly murder. Did the young girl witness something she wasn’t meant to? Did she stumble across a dark and dirty family secret? Had she become an ‘inconvenience’ to her own parents? Who was she about to embarrass – herself or her parents? The crime has been committed by skilled, educated, clever people – that much is obvious. The devious master plan behind destroying key evidence and manipulating records can only be accomplished by people who are aware of police procedures and well up on forensic investigations. The early attempts to blame Hemraj, the slain domestic , therefore fall flat. Similarly, the subsequent efforts to implicate three other domestics remain equally unconvincing ( good thing those tortured and humiliated young men are seeking compensation) .Let’s leave the bumbling CBI blokes out of this space for now. The Aarushi murder goes beyond the killings of an only child and the man servant. It acts as a mirror to our urban lives .  Here are two busy professionals - parents who claim they slept through the murders that were taking place a few feet away from their own bedroom. They also slept through persistent phone calls the same night and didn’t know who sneaked into their home at that late hour  and cut the internet connection! More, they had no idea that someone had helped himself\herself to whiskey after the murder, and left the bottle on the table. Nor did they hear any strange activity on the terrace even though a body was being dragged there and a heavy, blood stained mattress was being flung out. No screams… no noises associated with struggle…. nothing disturbed these parents. The Talwars blissfully slept the sleep of the dead. Ironically, it was their daughter who had died!They heard nothing… knew nothing. But were up at 6 a.m. to throw down the house keys to the maid, call her up to Aarushi’s  room and  calmly show her their daughter’s neatly covered and cleaned up body! Unbelievable? Perhaps. But so smartly set up that the best sleuths in the land remain baffled… and clueless!
 As of now, it’s a case of the perfect murder! Not all the top brains in the country have succeeded in getting leads that nail the culprits. The Talwars can continue to sleep in peace. One thing they have proved is that their nerves are made of steel. Young Aarushi has taken many secrets to her grave. So has Hemraj, the man who was being blamed for Aarushi’s death. Even if the culprit is eventually found, and the Talwars get off the hook, the country will continue to be stupefied by their stellar performances on television night after night. No tears, no sorrow. Just  icy arguments proclaiming their own innocence. Aarushi must be weeping …


Maria Perry Mohan said...

I'm with you on this one Shobhaa. Their steely expressions chill the blood...

Neha@ papermagictwigs said...

Yup, it is a ghastly case! It's amazing how people get away with stuff...
(on another note, could you make the font smaller!?) :)

Dewang P said...

Such things make me ponder, how many people behave in such a deviant manner. And deaths seem to matter only if the poor soul is someone about whom hue and hype an be raised. Sad mirror of the majority mindset.

Vidhya K said...

Hi Shobhaa, before you jump to any more conclusions, consider the points made in this article in the Toronto Star:

Chandgi ram said...

Wonderful Article. Keep it up…
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Nisha Sanjeev said...

When our system drags its feet, it also breed such parents.

TSV Hari said...

Kudos to Shobhaa who wrote something very telling way back in 2011.

Something else was written in 2012. The link:

Those of you believe in coincidences ...

kapil yesate said...

very nice article
at all time m with u

ramana venkata kalakata said...

Ohh this is horror story

jaya said...

Cold blooded murderers

Bryan Mallinson said...

I disagree - have you really looked at the evidence presented? The deeper you look into the case, the more the evidence points away from the parents and points towards Krishna & the servants. Have you read Avirook Sen's excellent articles on the trial? He's been covering it from Day 1.

Animesh Vashistha said...

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Juniper said...

Talwars have ex policemen helping them get rid of key evidences, top notch Lawyers to make sure they continue to sleep like dead (ha) and media spin doctors to keep their image clean. If not anything, this couple deserve a case study in criminal psychology.

Gaurav said...

One cant be sure if the parents did it..your article insinuates the crime was committed by the parents..what if the parents are indeed innocent..can anybody compensate them in such a situation..please refer to the articles on and you (like me) may be inclined to change your mind on the parents' involvement in the crime(

Joce said...

I would suggest you update yourself on the facts of the case without prejudice and any sort of pre-decided ideas as to who has committed the crime. Go into details of all test, evidences, narco test, lie detector tests, etc.
These articles are not called for and I would say that you are just joining the ranks of the media that has gone ballistic with their baseless theories. I know that everyone wants some juicy story that can be discussed at the dinner table.

The Narco tests, though they are not admissible in court can and must be used to further investigate. If not then why are they done? Maybe these tests need to be brought to the forefront. What does the CBI have to hide in them? Are they afraid that these tests will call their bluff?

Is there a formula that if people behave this way or that, then they are innocent or guilty? The parents would ask for proof of their involvement in the crime because they are the accused. Insinuating that Aarushi knew of some dark secret of the family makes you no different from the top cop of UP when he said something disgustingly similar.

How do you want the parents to behave when they are up against the state? Everything they say is countered by the CBI as time-wasting tactics? And this happens at almost every step. Does this mean that in order to save the courts time they should give up their lives and state that they have killed Aarushi even though they have not? I know there are a lot of people out there who would love that. But spare a moment to think, is this a fair trial? What happens and who is responsible if and when the parents are pronounced innocent? Will a, “Oh we have made a mistake” give the Talwars back the life they have lost.

There are many who have made very strong statements against the Talwars. To them I say, read the facts thoroughly before you condemn them. Don’t use half-baked or one-sided information to form judgements and put them out in blogs that read very well.

Vidhya K said...

Ouch, Avirook Sen just handed your arse to you today in DNA. Can't say you didn't deserve it.

Snigdha said...

You could do better than sound so one-sided. Alos, his name is Rajesh

Aditya said...


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Amrita Rekhi said...

Shobhana, I was also confused on this case but after reading Avirook's book, it was very clear that the Talwars did not get a fair trial, and were not guilty. For you to do your pop psychology and brand them as killers is rather cruel. How would you know how parents in such circumstances behave? Some people can go cold like stone, and some cannot cry in public. Some get more determined. Calling them monsters, and giving a verdict on what you see as emotions or a lack of emotions is rather unfair.

Isabelle Christine said...

To hell with your logical implications SHOBA DE...Have you even studied the evidences.. just because you think if A is caused then B is implied is BS... suck it up.. just because you are some social buttefly stop throwing your nonsense around.. have you studied anything related to the narcotic tests or the other evidences? Have you noticed that they let the 3 domestic workers go that easy... It was a UP case by default it is suggsted as honor killings... and thats why it was moved to Delhi.. study the evidences before creating and publishing your points of view.. and by the way.. if there are 2 strong willed people who want justice for themselves and their daughters what is wrong with that.. just becuse u consoled 2 3 women that does not mean that you can generalise the reaction of ecah and every mother on earth... Dumb BS

T Gen said...

Don't judge a widow because she wears good clothes. Don't judge a woman who can openly express her sexuality. But please judge, and condemn, people who don't show the exact emotion you expect them to.

Really Shobha De? I expected better from you. You who are educated. If this is how you judge and condemn in this country, what hope can we have from the poor masses? What a travesty.

Srishti Chaudhary said...

The stupidest thing I have read in recent times- and that's saying something considering the remarks our ministers make these days.

Srishti Chaudhary said...

The stupidest thing I have read in recent times- and that's saying something considering the remarks our ministers make these days.

Deepthi said...

Shame on you for being so judgmental. You being so educated and being a mother, I can't help pity your careless remarks. Being a blogger, you should be responsible for every single word you say. Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation like that? If you lost a kid and you were blamed for the murder? I blame people like you more than the police for jumping to meaningless conclusions and spreading unnecessary hate to the public. This is humanity at it's worst. Don't you have a self-consciousness that eats you up for behaving like this? Don't you have kids? Don't you love them? For so many conclusions you have drawn, I wonder how you did not know the father's name. I cannot feel more shameful for even reading one of your books and this horrendous post. What you have done should forever haunt you till your grave. I shudder to think what Aarushi's parents are going through since the death of their only child. And our stupid country will go to hell for having people like you in it. I do not care if you post this or not. I just wanted this message to reach your stupid brain. Oops! I almost forgot that you didn't have one!

Unknown said...

After watching talwar movie...i am going to start protesting for the talwar family ... "i support talwars". For all those who given an interview on the talwars case.. socialites like ..which has turned out to be a do called media might be a great author..who writes lovely nasty articles on ppl..and make an opinion abt a clueless case..but i must say you have been an extremely insensitive ruthless woman in our fertility.

tvishi zaveri said...

After watching talwar movie...i am going to start protesting for the talwar family ... "i support talwars". For all those who given an interview on the talwars case.. socialites like ..which has turned out to be a do called media might be a great author..who writes lovely nasty articles on ppl..and make an opinion abt a clueless case..but i must say you have been an extremely insensitive ruthless woman in our fertility.

Josephine Das said...

Am sorry to have read this article, Shobaa. I never would have thought that one of India's most celebrated authors would stoop as low as our so-called journalists and TV reporters, in such effortless defamation. Were India's laws on libel stricter, I wonder whether you would be so forthcoming with your opinions, so carefully passed on as if you were the expert.
Shame on you!

Dr Sharma said...

Who the hell does this woman think she is? I am sure she wants to call herself a journalist but she is nothing more than a cheap wanna be. Do you have a background in psychology, forensic science or any sort of 'real science' for that matter? Stick to your cheap pieces of shoddy literature that no self respecting intellectual would be caught dead reading. You are beyond disgusting, De!! You make me cringe. Shame on you. I feel sorry for your kids. You are a disgusting human being and an equally worthless mother.