Monday, October 13, 2008

Get well soon, Amitabh

Amitabh Bachchan's sudden trek to the hospital last week sounded very ominous. Oh God! Not again, was my first thought. Poor guy! Bad health, bad timing! Which person likes spending a birthday undergoing painful medical tests? I watched the news... my heart in my mouth.... familiar images. Different year. What a life it has been for this man. At 66, his insane travel schedule would exhaust a 22 -year- old. Known for his absolute professionalism in a career that has spanned 40 long years, this guy is in serious need of heavy- duty R & R. Perhaps this little health hiccup will serve as a wake up call.... though I doubt it. With one billion bucks riding on his shoulders, he has enormous responsibilities to discharge. What's the bet he'll be back in the studios the second his docs give him the green signal. That's him.
But the visual of the iconic star looking frail, decrepit and helpless , wearing a monkey cap and leaning on his son before getting on to the stretcher, was very, very moving. It reminded us all that time stops for no one. We all have to deal with the changes that are wrought by advancing years. It must be doubly hard for superstars who have an image that refuses to acknowledge the havoc caused by age. We want Amitabh to remain the perennially dapper actor with the world's best baritone. Fans don't want to deal with the sight of an aged man.... powerless to fight the cruel ravages of time.
Quite like Balasaheb at the Dusshera rally. My bank manager was so upset to see him like that, he actually shed a few tears remembering the Tiger who terrorised Mumbai with a single growl, not so long ago.
Well, here's wishing Amitabh a speedy and full recovery. We need him to inspire us through his impeccable craft. My favourite scene from a recent movie is from 'Sarkar'. Uncanny but true. Life does imitate art sometimes. In that scene Amitabh (playing Balasaheb) is waving tiredly to his crowd of supporters. It's a great shot taken from the back. You see him raise his hand.... all the fatigue and sorrow expressed through that single gesture. No words needed. Only an actor with Amitabh's supreme mastery over the cinematic medium could have performed that deceptively simlpe shot as convincingly! Get well soon, Amitabh. Our prayers are with you...


Anonymous said...


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

He should get some rest. If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything.
I admire that man so much..what he was and what he has's sheer determination to still keep on working like a 20 year old.

Hope he gets well soon

onyeka--nigerian said...

AMITABJI should get better ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Amitabh!

Yeah he didnt look good at all in the pictures. Diverticulitis is a real bitch and one of those things you keep a eagle eye on always. I am sure his doctors are pretty good about that. He has the economic futures of too many people riding on his shoulders to neglect himself and his health. Besides he still has higher artistic goals to conquer. Take care of yourself Amitabh!

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

All said and done, my personal opinion is that Amitabh should fade gracefully from the public eye.
I actually feel sorry to see him in one flop film after another.
If at all acting is his passion, he should be like one film a year, at his own pace.
Must say abhishek looked very if nothing had happened!
Maybe he is still reeling from the disaster that was Drona..
Wishing Amitabh of Milli and Abhimaan a quick recovery.

Madhumita said...

Shobhaa ji
My first trip here, actually got to know of this blog of yours only lately else I'd have been here ages ago.
Do I call myself your fan? Actually no, I may not always agree with you but I admire you. All the more after reading "Selective Memory'-- hats off to you lady!
Do you too reply like Mr. Bachchan does? Could use your expert comments!
About your blog---uh...exactly what i was expecting- thanks for upholding my trust :D. The only negative aspect, I'm in danger of becoming a regular here- at the cost of my own writing!
But what the heck!
love you

Anonymous said...


*Aham* said...

Id blame it on overindulgence(or should i call it ever unquenchable thirst for success)I appreciate his attitude and shrewd business and PR tactics. I like his acting at times too... but isnt he more of style and less of acting... I find him more recycled than shahrukh and rajnikant.

Yes Yes, Pa's illness is a national calamity, he is on every channel, The frail and tender sight of the otherwise smartly flamboyant Amitabh is quite depressing ... I wonder what will happen if and when Shahrukh falls ill.

Your reel turns real analogy to Bal and Sarkar is very interesting. :-)

Wish he recovers soon... completes his assignments. We would love to not see much of him.

And anyways nowadays the recluse overshadowed Jaya's tongue is wagging faster than rajdhani express... so the Bachchan family will be in news.

Now publicity ka torch bearer is unexpectedly Jaya. Ash, toh Bahu bichaari now sporting a one-man-woman outlook she cant expect much controversy... :(

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

You know what bothers me is that these channels are more worried about Big B being sick rather than the global financial crisis! When will hero worship will go away in India? I saw a reporter from HT News bitching (pardon my french) about how the hospital is not releasing any news on the medical condition of Pa B. What is that all about? Can't the media leave him alone and let him recover in peace & privacy? No wonder he is so fragile, on one hand he has to worry about PR with the media and on the other, take care of his health. Agreed, I am not a big fan of the first family of Bollywood, but seriously folks when will this stop? In the name of concern, the media is crossing lines here.

Big B needs to be left alone, to recover in a peaceful environment and the media should concentrate more on the real problems of the world now. Responsible journalism is what needs to be done. Big B is a survivor, he will be back! No doubt. I wish him a speedy recovery. No TRPs for me please!

P.S. How are you Another Kiran in NYC? Any crisis on your workplace because of this credit crunch?

Rhett said...

Yeah, may he get well soon and hopefully not over-exert himself.

PS "world's best baritone"
Beg to differ on that one!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

i always maintain that there is a fine line between the glamour and duty regards presentation and social responsibility in indian cinema... or any artistic expression for that matter.

truly glad to have stumbled upon your blog, ms d.

pleasant thoughts from
an amateur of this wordcraft,

Fake in Progress said...

Wishing Amitabh a swift recovery and while we are at it wishing him it also let's say a quick prayer for Ash's biological daddy who is himself indisposed.
So what if he doesn't get to go on a "Unforgettable" world tour regaling desi audiences overseas with his geriatric gyrations and in the process, winning many many accolades for India and for Indians living on mainland India with the one of a kind skills set and talents he brings with him to the table, as the cheeky KJo would have farted out loud to us! After all Mr Rai too is someone's father someone's husband and there are going to be people in his life who matter to him dearly and who love him for him.
Amitabh on the other hand is our affluenza ambassador for all things material in this country -always has been. Mean to pickle him that way someday!

Truth be told I am no sucker for the Bachchan frenzy which has paralyzed our national imagination and identity for over three generations now and yet I could not let the feeling of unease pass in the knowledge that Mr. Bachchan was in pain.
Why is it that we sometimes care so much about those whom we hardly care about at other times?

sukku said...

Get well soon....

*Aham* said...

There are 2 voices that emerge: (The compassionate me)All's well with you? itna din silence? Too less time to blog is it? I understand.

Now the voice of someone who LOVES your blog, (quite obsessively)


Itna din you deprived us of your blog.

So cruel you are.

Hume Humaara Haqq Chahiye.

Jaldi blog karo na, De.

We all Tennu Miss Kitta.

Cant bear your silence. JATTA PATTI blog now.puhleej

Anonymous said...

Hi mam,

I have been an avid reader and admirer of your fortnightly TOI columns.The way you go about these issues, I am sure we all can relate with that. I specifically loved that column about Raj Thakery..

Luckily for me, I have reached your blog through some one else's and am gona be a regular visitor here :)

But havent seen your new post since last week...

haritha said...

amitabh is the best in his feild...he has a young heart.. and is so brisk

hope he is welll soon...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you feel for Amitabh!!!Off late the entire family has gone to dogs...It's better he retires and never comes before a camera/TV.Ever since that advertisement for UP...he's completely lost it.And not to talk about his son and that ugly looking wife of his.She's the most opportunistic wife a man can ever have.All together make for a sorry family.They think we people have nothing better than watch them...pleaseeeeeeee....retire soon!

Manoj said...

I guess everthing has been said already!!

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