Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pant... pant....

Even by my own impossible standards, this has been an excessively hectic week. Going beyond Kemp's Corner twice in three days!! Unbelievable. Juggling four appoinments in the burbs at one go!! Criminal. But hey, there was an upside. I enjoyed meeting all those wonderful people.... and suddenly Bandra seemed a pretty chilled out space to hang in. Karan Johar was playing interviewer for a Men's Magazine. We discussed ... err.... MEN! As is expected, Karan was sharp and fun. Plus, there were those famous 'Candy' sandwiches and rolls on offer ( the best chutney sandwiches on earth), as our free flowing conversation went from the merits of John Abraham's butt (generously displayed in Dostana) to the ghastly taste displayed by some of the city socialites ( Bling is King). I adore KJO, and we have the best natter ever.
From there to Ravindra Natya Mandir to launch Asha Bhende's Marathi book (Majhya Jagat mee), was a dramatic mood switch, but once in the auditorium, I was entirely drawn into the rarefied world of scholars and academics, all of whom spoke so brilliantly. My own speech in Marathi, would have impressed Raj Thackeray! Enough said. For more, get hold of a copy of Mumbai Mirror on Sunday. There is a surprise waiting for readers. I am off to choose curtains. Exciting, huh?? Eat a Bater (partridge) biryani at Amrish Arora's Flamboyante, and generally relax( like I know how!!). Oh... as for 'Drona', what can I possibly say about this unmitigated disaster of a movie, but, 'nice try, guys.'


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

From promos Drona looks like a stupid movie.I am not going to watch it..
BUt,i am eagerly awaiting the release of "Quantum of solace" :D

Anonymous said...

Silver Jubilee,
Golden Jubilee,
Diamond Jubilee
are dreams now-a-days...
The last one I remember was "Nadiya ke Paar" showing 42nd week...

*Aham* said...


isnt teh focus suddenly shifting to men now. I mean, john's butt!!! I noticed something else too... the yellow tight shorts, that "revealed" much more. (we are often very shy to speak about men's organs, but dont think twice before speaking about vaginas and boobs)

sunday... kya aa raha hai...
so smart you are... aadha khabar deke you create suspense... lol..

Kris Bass said...

Finally, the world will come around to accept the superiority of mens buttocks as compared to that of a woman's! ;)

arvind said...

Not sure if this blog belongs to the actual Shobha De. But if it does then thats great. I have left comments against your article "The Palin effect" twice in TOI but for some reason it never got registered. So much for free speech!
I would expect a seasoned writer like you to gather all facts before printing lies like this "Palin was savaged by critics (can anyone forget Obama's jibe about lipstick on a pig?)". If you read any serious US newspaper then you wld have realized that infact the above statement by Obama was made in reponse to the 'new change' mantra by McCain and Palin. Heres the actual quote - "John McCain says he's about change, too and so I guess his whole angle is, 'Watch out, George Bush! Except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl Rove-style politics, we're really going to shake things up in Washington. That's not change,That's just calling something the same thing something different. But you know, you can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig."
I hope your ego is not too big to print an update to the article to set the record straight.
Let me leave you with a charming little qoute from Ms Palin who you think India needs -
""As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border." --Sarah Palin, explaining why Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience, interview with CBS's Katie Couric, Sept. 24, 2008

Anonymous said...

So thrilled to hear that Karan Johar is delighful to natter with in regular life too. I have been impressed by his wit and how quick he is on the uptake on the few occasions that I have seen him speak extempore in public (on youtube). He seems delightfully gossipy and is definately like the perfect party guest! One must have a Karan Johar type at every party!

Now if only his movie making sensibilities will catch up... sigh. Not sure what kind of NRI's he hangs with, but his depiction of them.. errr us... is more than just a bit offkilter. Still lets give him a pass for being bright and funny otherwise.

Was making a whole speech in literary Marathi tough? Considering that you write in English, do you also think in English? Does that make it harder? Have you written much in Marathi? I heard you had creative input in Zee Marathi, but did it involve writing too? Are your children bi/tri/quadri lingual considering that you do have a mixed cultural mileau in the family? Language is so much the cornerstone of a culture, it frightens me sometimes that my children may never feel an affinity for my culture without fluent language.

Another Kiran in NYC

കിഷോര്‍:Kishor said...

Love K-Jo for KKHH even though I will never forgive him for inflicting "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" on the world!

Anonymous said...

Serendipitous! I wrote in the earlier comment about language and how bound it is to a culture in many organic ways. Not even 5minutes later I checked out the Mumbai Mirror site and found your interview with Raj Thackeray.

First, congratulations on this interesting interview on record and for asking very probing and hard hitting questions. It gives me much food for thought.

I dont like his methods at all, not at all, they make my blood curdle but his ostentible mission statement seems reasonable. He asks for the language of the state not to be rejected. He asks for acknowledgement of the importance of the local language. Language is such a intrinsic part of a culture, that rejection of the language is effectively a rejection of a culture and what it represents. It is a rejection.. nay a negation... of the "whole" that the Marathi manoos represents and the culture that made and sustains him. And yeah, it hurts and does us no good. This negation, crumples us up and throws us away as expendible.

The Marathi Manoos is not merely a unidimentional slothful, unambitious person without couth, not to be taken seriously at all. This is the image that is reinforced over and over in business/industry and decision making when the decision makers aid and abet the putting down of the culture as inferior (by implication and extention) and a refusal to treat it on par with that of the "others" (sometimes thier own). Why should anyone who is Marathi in Mumbai stand for that? Why should anyone in thier own home state stand for that?

To me his point goes beyond language, it extends to the will and the grit to succeed by Maharashtrians; through the injection of some self confidence in thier culture and organic abilites the culture brings to them.

About the Hitler business, he needs to visit Auschwitz or speak with someone who still has a tatoo on thier arm from a concentration camp. That might help him understand the mass evil that went along with Hitler's nation building. Wont forgive him that one.

Oh..... aaaaaaand Jaya Bachhan floated a proposal to seperate Mumbai from Maharashtra. Is that really true? Hmmmmm... this gets more interesting. Explains and underlines the "mishkhilpana ney hashna" after the "hum UP wasi hai hum Hindi mein bolna pasand karengey". She really wasnt fooling anyone about joking and being mooh phat. Very, very silly woman. Thats not mooh phat, thats just not very clever. HA!

Another Kiran in NYC

Tumchi Goda said...

Wah! Wah! Shobha-G. I am impressed by the media's refrain " Marathi (SCREAM!!!) MULGI".
What I do not like though, is their refrain " Marathi Manoos". It comes precariously close to "Manhoos"meaning something rather different I am told - you will, of course, pardon my French.
Got to hand it to you; you've managed to pull a coup of sorts there. Bravo to you on coming out of the lion's den unscathed!

Jokes apart, do you have any political aspirations your own and with the culmination of this interview are we now going to see a step change in the kind of issues you so like to wax eloquent about, on this blog?

Jai Maharashtra!

*Aham* said...

Loved your interview with The RAJ. Achaa this was the surprise. Yes, it was a wonderful surprise. Loved your grilling... But he seemed to have all his amour and shield on, knowing you. I was just upset with one thing... your side profile pic in the front page... what godforsaken photographer was that... itni jhakaaz you look... but s/he got the angles wrong. (how dare s/he do it this my blogdost, huhhhhh)

I am a non marathi speaking maharashtrian. But love my state more than all the raj's of the world put together. I never liked marathi, as the marathi taht iw as exposed to had a swear in every sentence. Faar Ghanerda it was. And it was below my dignity to speak the language which I heard with a 1000 swears that paid respect to Moms and sisters. Id have appreciated if Raj promoted Marathi Literature, just as the brilliant step of making it mandatory for cinema halls to screen Marathi movies. Id have been happier if he had his Rowdy brigade (what else you call a group that goes on vandalising public property, for the maintenance of which I pay tax) stood at focal points like railway stations and bus stops and beat up every one who used marathiized Gaali Gallouch. Or spat over our Motherland... Then, i suppose i and many wouldve taken to teh language naturally.

We are now in a phase where people are getting used to terror. And Raj is adding to it with a terror of a different kind.

Why not Raj, set your Marathi agenda aside and focus on real problems and real people? It will win more votes than a malicious propaganda. And I'm zapped that a politician of his caliber is focussing on a trivial issue when his focus should be elsewhere.

I respect his views. Hitler, yes, was a good administrator, and im sure raj also will be. But his stance that Southern states take pride in the language of the land, and we don't, is absurd. This is my Maharashtra, Bombay (or call it by any other name, it doesn't dampen her spirit) and you cant compare Maharashtra with ANY other state in India (with due respect to all states) So the things that imply in the southern states don't necessarily imply here.

Thinking wild, whats in teh offing.... a demand for a country called Maharashtra?

Anonymous said...

Just so the granny knows what we think about her as someone posted here

After reading The week, a weekly for nearly a decade, I just gave up on it. Not as in just giving it up, but I literally jerked

my hands in the air and the magazine landed in a corner of my room. I do accept reading a few excellent editorials and articles occasionally. The week brings news and interviews which are already covered by dailies. However, there is nothing more than a summary which I love and so I subscribed to it. But repeated hammerings at my ego by a so called writer of gossip called Shobha De finally got to me. I quit reading it.

Week after week, De’s only task is to hit out a

t every man, boy or anything which goes around in pants or remotely resembling knickers. Her food for thought is usually the crime section of any newspaper right from man beats wife, or any news on rape, or eve teasing. In the end, she has her own set of rules on writing as below.

Rule 1 - A man, a boy, men, boys, gentleman, gentlemen, loafer, etc (Male)
Rule 2 - has committed , have committed
Rule 3 - a rape, a murder, beaten, tortured, written something bad, a new act of government, commented, eveteasing, etc
Rule 4 - against woman, lady, women, ladies, girl, girls (Females, feminine, weaker sex)

Any of her writings must fulfill all the above conditions subject to the one below exception.

Exception 1 - Suffice to say, not all men, - her current husband and sons as applicable, ain’t despicable. They get a good mention, at least in passing. Her ex-husband in contrast gets a full novel.

If you have read any article written by her on for ex., say, finance, sports, politics, technology or anything without men being cast in the role of the sodomist, villain, cheapo, blah blah, I’ll shave off my moustache. (Both are non existent- such an article and my moustache)

At this point we need not, as yet, draw conclusions. For 10 years she has repeatedly stuck at the male ego (non existent, in my case. Does it even exist after marriage?) as a venomous snake would to its offenders. Hmmm, in between she did write those ’read if you have lots of time in your hands’ novels - Starry Nights, Socialite Evenings, Sisters, Second Thoughts, Spouse-The truth about marriage, Uncertain Liaisons,etc... Do you want me to provide her cliché writings? Not necessary. There’s only one cliche as per De’s formula.

Is that limited vocabulary? No, it isn’t, what is limited is her choice of topics and boy! She is pretty consistent at that. This leads me to suspect that she has been most grossly mistreated by men. There must be some reason to that constant beating of drums, er., men.

She was born to her mother and father. However, the father should be held culpable for the crime. (the first mistake committed by any man on her). Now would it have been different if it was otherwise - is in dispute, I do not know, but a crime was definitely committed. And so, she was born. (Without getting personal, I’ll leave it at that)

As a side effect, I fail to conclude if men are at fault for giving her the degree in psychology or she is at fault for leaving a lucrative modeling profession. She lucidly gave journalism a new name.. If you remember the gossip columns she wrote for (Stardust, Celebrity, Society) then you understand the only journalism she is capable of.
Ok, I’m no male chavinist, and I won’t deny that being a male, there are certain advantages. But then, there are specific advantages to being a woman too. Casting aspersions on the entire male species, repeatedly, to gain specific advantages in her ’not in the limelight’ career is pointless. Would you have noticed her, if not for her writings on men?

If The Week wants me to continue reading it, then I would like them to put a warning before her article starts – ‘Statutory Warning! De’s articles can be dangerous to male egos and lead to a general loss of confidence.’

Let’s give her a big thumbs up - she has been successful in her sexist wars. She was born to a man, married men (that’s plural), wrote gossip on men, made a livelihood out of it and now she also owes her success in writing -to men! My best wishes to her.

As the saying goes – ‘May your life be like toilet paper... Long and useful’.

Anonymous said...


Shaant, gadadhari Bhim Shaant!

What was the above harangue REALLY about?

And I suppose you think IPC498a was also specially written to persecute you and your bhaibandhu?

Another Kiran in NYC

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

LOL@Kiran-Too funny! I like the Gadhadhari Bhim comment. Guess that's frustration from womenkind, that's coming out here.

So finally I read the article in Mumbai Mirror. Congrats De for asking questions that we always wondered about. I still think, RT needs to have a reality check. I felt in order to avoid the questions, he strayed to why other states this and why other states that! Gosh, he sounded like a whiney kid, who wants his cake and eat it too! Only if he can get his agenda straight... will he do something for Maharashtra. This language issue is over done now. Yea... I call him Hitler. Remind him what happened to Germany, and Hitler! Perhaps he hasn't read the complete biography :-D
KJo - I really like. Don't know either which NRI(s) he hangs with, but I am a die hard fan of his movies. As illogical as they are, they are more entertaining than all the other idiotic movies. His sense of humor is awesome.
And, last but not least, De - you are missing for four days again. I know I had a tooth issue going on, what's your excuse? Hurry baba - kuch likho. It's not good to go MIA!

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