Monday, October 27, 2008

Latest Raaga

I am both excited and apprehensive. My music album and video will be launched on this most auspicious day by Nita Ambani at the Rooftop of the Oberoi Hotel. I completely enjoyed the experience.... remember my earlier blog about the thrill of dubbing.... it was such a new discovery? The world of music is an enchanted space.. .. I feel so lucky to be a small part of it. The album was inspired by my book, "Superstar India - From Incredible to Unstoppable," which was launched earlier this year.But it took young and talented musicians to design tracks around it. Neal Adhikari was introduced to me by Kaushik Roy, a filmmaker, poet, writer, painter and corporate honcho. Sometimes it is just that - a creative combustion that kick starts a magical journey into the unknown. As I heard my own words coming alive to the most unique folk songs culled from across India (Bauls from Bengal. Langas from Rajasthan, classical vocalists representing the Hindustani school), I actually experienced the joy of being a part of an incredible 'birth'. Music does not require words..... but sometimes, words require music. I feel my book is far richer today after it has been enhanced by Neal's genius.As the cover picture and story in Bombay Times states, " Read between the lines...."
The response to the Karan Thapar show has surprised me!! Sure Thapar was combative, even deliberately provocative.But that's his job.... and it makes for good, sizzling television. I said what I had to.... and as far as I am concerned, it was a fair and forthright exchange. In case you missed the show, you know where to go - Devil's Advocate, cnn ibn website. Don't hold back - give it to me straight on the chin if you disagree. I am a big girl. I can handle it. Promise!Happy Diwali , all. I am off to Alibag right after the launch of the cd. Will post more stuff on my return..... several kilos heavier after all the food we are planning to consume. Not forgetting the bubbly and foie gras.


haritha said...

N JOY!!!!!!!!!!
do visit ma blog

Deepak Salunke said...

Dear Shobhaji,

I wasnt able to watch yesterday's Devils Advocate BUT i did read the complete interview on the IBN site.. Being a marathi manoos, I understand Mr Raj Thackeray's views. I do not support 'his way of say' through violent attacks on the poor..Though some points that he says are true, but it is very open that all he is doing is for the votebank ! And media is just making him bigger n bigger ! I would be very happy to support him if he puts forward a concrete program to promote Marathi..HE wants outsiders to talk in marathi if they want to work here. But has he opened some MArathi teaching classes to teach these Outsiders. How would they learn Marathi? .. Why does he not clear his stand infront of Hindi Media ?... Why does he not present himself in debates on good TV channels such as NDTV, CNN IBN etc?...It was OK if it was only for him, but the problem is it is the question of IMAGE of MAHARASHTRA ! Its a shame that just because of one person and few of his supporters, the image of Maharashtra is gone down ! Problems are there, agrred. But this is no way to solve those problems Mr Raj !!!

As u have rightly put It all boils down to the Marathi Manoos to do some introspection. I think ur article "Mind your Lingo" should be a thought provoking read for all.

Lastly, I agree that there is silence from the marathi intellectuals on this issue...Personally, I myself try to do some brain washing of many Raj supporters on various Orkut communities that support Raj. But the problem is most supporters do not want to look at the different perceptive. They look at everything from only one 'Chashma'! They do not welcome healthy debates. In fact, they do not want to hear anything against them or their leader.. thats it! The problem is this youth is very immature. Largely college youth ! They do not understand practicalities, politics..They are all driven by emotions! And it is mostly this college youth that indulges into 'Raada' ! It makes me very sad to see what direction Mr Raj Thackeray(and leaders like him) is taking my generation to !! May God save my country, my maharashtra from such kind of politics of hatred !

Deepak Salunke said...


death said...

hmm. yeah. well

Anonymous said...

Have just finished watching your interview with Karan. All I want to say in response to it is this: You said it Shobhaa!! You put yourself on the line and said it. Your thoughts on the subject have really inspired me (an English speaking Marathi intellectual and also, an ex-Mumbaikar)to dig deep and re-evaluate this entire issue. And for that, you have my respect:-)

Happy Diwali. Have a good one.

Cinematically Speaking.

Anonymous said...

Re.: Album, wait for my comments.
I wish someone to break Michael Jackson "Thriller" highest selling album record.
Best-Wishes & "Happy Festivals"

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

Happy Diwali mam...

Album wow...waiting for more on it..

HAppy Diwali mam

take care

Double Seven said...

3 people were asking about your mobile number. I didn't have your number, but I gave them your home address.
They are coming home this Tuesday (For Diwali)
They are-

1) सुख
2) शांति


Pls welcome them as I requested them to stay with you forever!
Have a nice festival week.

दीवाली मुबारक!

सात सत्तर

Manish Raj said...

Happy Diwali Shobhaji !!

Anonymous said...

You underlined every thought of mine in your answers to Karan Thapar. I agree, I agree and I agree! However, I did think your answer to the last question was dodgy. Very. From a viewers perspective, at that point you played right into his supposed trap. Perhaps your answer could have been phrased much better or more forthright. That last answer rubbed off a bit of the lustre.

But then he was more than combative. Big difference between being combative and paraphrasing your answers in a twisted "change the meaning" kind of way. I was surprised that you did not either notice or did not call him on it. Which is it/or not? I would have set him straight about every attempt to paraphrase my answers incorrectly. From a ratings perspective, it would be even more masaledaar. But then it was not me on the hotseat and as a viewer I do have the luxury of second guessing and correcting answers.

What made the interview interesting was the geographical/cultural outsider perspective he brought to his questions. His questions were very representative of the mindset of ... for example...a Dilliwalla. Still, even as an outsider, his research could have been better and not so simplistic (marathi=no meat eaters= non/marathi polarization); no recognition of legal rights of private societies and thier huge importance in the public lives of Mumbai citizens; only quoting TISS stats (which are by no means the definitive stats); the refusal to consider anecdotal evidence. Glad you cleared up many misconceptions in a clear and forthright manner.

This utopia people harp about, never existed. There was always a polarization, a deep divide if you will. Decades ago, even as a protected child, I felt twinges of it. It was palpable like a pulsating boil. Even though I was always a South Mumbai brat (sometimes Dilli too) with the very mistaken idea that Angrezi was my maibaap, I was always aware of this deep divide in my many different Mumbai's. Visits with family members in Shivaji Park, and Hindu colony Dadar and to friends in Jain buildings on Napeansea Road and Walkeshwar and my Khoja second family in Breach Candy, everywhere I was recieved with love and affection, but it was still underlined how differently we all lived and how everyone viewed each other with innate suspicion. Imagine this in every geographical pocket and strata of society in Mumbai. Are we so surprised by polarization? Those who are surprised by this, live in a fools paradise. We do business together, but we were never all the same away from money making endevours.

Oh and you looked nice on the videos I saw. Stripey looking prints are always a bit iffy on TV screens so the busy print was a bit distracting but I loved your statement big bead jewellery!

And to you, yours and all the blog readers...

Aapli Diwali sukhache aso.
Diwali ki Shubhkamanaye.
Happy Diwali.

Raj Thackrey would be proud. I did the greeting in 3 languages :) Just like the signage he wants to see at Siddheshwar Kirana Bhandaar, and Palanpur Mehta Diamonds and Gems, and Ommerbhoy and Sons Enterprises... and lets not forget Khurana Automotive!*

*Folks, those names are ones I made up, so dont get your combative parochial chaddies in a twist! No real attempt to typecast, well....... maybe slightly. Hehehehehe

Another Kiran in NYC

deeps said...

now that really sounds like an interesting and unpredictable package!

i m sure this is going to reach out many more....

music speaks louder than prose, or does it?

VIDYA said...

Happy Diwali :) looking forward to your album :)

Double Seven said...

The Latest Raaga

Double Seven said...

Again Another Kiran in NYC-

NOT 'sukhache aso' or something... I soo think you are a Gujju ma'am.. hehehehe...



Anonymous said...

Double seven, "sukhachi aso" works for me. Peace and contentment works for where I am in my life. Im keeping my Hardik shubhecchas and enthusiasm for Nov 4th and my winning (crossing my fingers) candidate!

And no I am not Gujrati but do speak some. Growing up in Mumbai, how can you not! Hehehehehe

And how has everyoone's Diwali been so far?

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

Don't tell me you're gonna vote for Mccain because of Palin's looks!!!!!!!!
Well are you a democrat or a republican or an independent by the way? and are you by any chance a 'Republicans for Obama' person?
That would be soo cool maam.

Growing up in Mumbai errr... Bombay, I have never learnt gujju and I don't intend to do so too. My neighbors are gujju, gujju and then a jain neighbor. Even then I am not impressed by the language at all!
Jains on the other hand- instead of saying simply, "bhaiya ek Jain masala dosa banaiye please"; they rather 'exclaim'-"bhaiya ek Jaeeeeeeeeeeeee...n masaladosa banaiye please"... lol
Something of that sort... hehe
Which is sometimes so annoying!

Well good luck with voting. Oh, by the way have you already voted? In your state do you have that kind of early voting facility?


Double Seven said...

diwali is chill!!... we are gonna go for dinner at Tanjore, a desi restaurant around here..
I am so not happy because I miss bursting crackers!

Those were the days... *sighs*


Arunima said...

Oh I never knew you blogged.

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

The best part about ur book is that you can start anywhere... the only problem is once u have read it in parts u dont know if i can really say that " I have read it"

Great Book

*Aham* said...

Dé Dhana Dhan...

You are on a roll. Mujik album...I am so so so so happy to read that.

Are you crooning too... please do... you have got a beautiful (actually, the right words are Sexy and Seductive) voice.

Linking Superstar india with Superstarini Dé... What a wonderful PR plan madame! Give your PR person a pat on her/is back.

Are we going to get to see you shake a leg on MTV? Now, dont you deprive us of that. OKie.

and also, please suggest to teh music video directors that we see rakhi sawant. I feel you will agree with me that she is a face of emerging India. (though other readers of your blog will love to hate her, id get hate mails for supporting rakhi too, but chalta hai, id still hold to my ground.RAKHI SAWANT is the face of emerging india)

Another view, you should be wearing your line of sarees. This is a good branding platform for that as well.

wishing the lovely Rajyadaksha and Dé Khaandaan a very happy diwali.

smiles and Hugs:-)

Twisted Elegance....stupid brilliance said...

The problem is it was not just marathis who built the Mumbai we see today. Mumbai's history and its development is inclusive of the toils of great number of north and south Indians. Bal started this regional chauvinism 40 years ago and now its his wanna be raj. What is irksome to see is educated people giving in to this kind of chauvinism by politically motivated men. I see no difference between the azadis in J&K and men like Raj. They do the same thing...divide India

Shobhaa De said...

guys, I so enjoy all the asides and comments you exchange amongst yourselves! I feel like an interloper sometimes!!!
Another Kiran has such amazing chutzpah.... great writing, Kiran. Analytical and critical, such a pleasure to read. What if all of us were to meet somewhere.... someday??

Deepak Salunke said...

Agreed Shobhaaji...

'Another Kiran', Great writing ! I aprreciate too !!!

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

meeting u someday ...that would be a dream come true.. :D

tc mam

Anonymous said...

Meeting...what an idea madamjee.
I salute.

Double Seven said...

Honestly, absolutely and easily; it's true that 'Another Kiran in NY' writes wonderfully well.
I think by the end of it, I will become like a hybrid between her and your writings. I always look forward to what her impromptu acumen has to say about. Her comments are actually not mere comments but easily much more than that. Although I am not girlie/ gay by any means even then I like most aspects of your writings; they are quite spontaneous I believe and very much a delight to go through.

I wouldn't mind meeting you; but what are we gonna do??
you should come to LA I suggest otherwise :P


Double Seven said...

And yeah, except for her screen name everything about her is just so chill!!


Anonymous said...

Shobhaa, thank you for reading my peanut gallery viewpoint with an open mind.

Everyone is very kind to say that they have enjoyed reading it.

I love this banter too!

And yes if everyone who reads your blog ever did meet up in some Janam, it will be a riotous occasion. So many opinions, so much gupshup.

But then again, to meet folks, I would have to change out of my Blog reading uniform of fuzzy slippers and cartoon printed pajamas and actually brush my hair!

Comfy pajamas versus gupshup. No contest, gupshup wins!

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

ur interview was a classic example of the dilemma faced by the "elite marathi manoos"... Check out the link below.

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