Friday, December 5, 2008

SRK's response

I read Shah Rukh Khan's on BBC Asia(reported in a local tabloid) with a great deal of disappointment. The report begins by quoting him stating, " I tried to keep away from commenting on all this..." He later goes on to say, "Youngsters need to understand Islam and respect the religion in the right way...." Yes, Shah Rukh. You are not telling your fans something they don't know! Also, " agenda should be attached to any kind of religion..'' Thank you Srk, for stating the obvious. And for being so very politically correct.... non-committal ....during the most violent attack on Mumbai - the very city that has made you. I wanted to hear some words of comfort for those who died. Some strong condemnation of those who committed this crime. This report made no mention of any such thing. And it was the only published comment from Srk to date. When I mentioned how let down his myriad fans must be , a media walla commented, " Srk obviously does not want to jeopardise his fan base in the Middle East. Or give up being treated like royalty when he goes to Dubai, where the biggest suite at the Atlantis was reserved for him recently." Is there a significant point being made there? Some truth to those allegations?
Srk is no ordinary Bollywood star. Others from his fraternity have spoken up boldly. Why such a wishy washy reponse from The King\Badshah etc etc?? This is the time for people like him, Sachin Tendulkar and others who preen away as 'National Icons' at other times, to stand up and be counted. Sachin was repeatedly shown on tv as his personl security guard had accidentaly shot himself in the hand! Just a few words of comfort from people like them are enough. No compromises involved. Fans happy. Politicians happy. Endorsements fully protected. Offering solace and expressing sorrow cost nothing. Sonia G was silent, too. Madam had nothing much to say in the after math - she was too busy doing her sums. At least Vilasrao had the decency to apologise. Look at RGV'S arrogant and offensive stance even today - boycott his lousy films and teach him a lesson. The Taj is not a potential movie set he needed to study for art direction! Narayan Rane's sons (who drive around in a Bentley) have eight bodyguards to 'protect' them (from underworld enemies??). Most of the filmwallas owe something to someone sitting in Dubai. No wonder they have been so cautious and guarded in their response. Cowards. All they can think of are overseas' box office returns (they make the most money in those markets). Dhanda has silenced their conscience.Amitabh sleeps with a gun under his pillow, then says it is a symbolic act! Aamir weighs his words with care. Salman stays chhhup (just as well). Akshay, Hritik, Saif...... lost your voices all of a sudden??


Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking, the longer these celebrities keep their mouth shut, the better it is for the greater good of the country. Do we really want a Jaya-Raj situation again at this difficult time for the country? To be honest, these names you have mentioned do not even have the intelligence of lets say a George Clooney or Susan Saradon to make a political commentary. I read Saif & Kareena's letter in the Mid-Day today. Saif, at least I can understand that, but Kareena? Give me a break. She is not exactly known for intelligence or articulateness. Of course, someone else has drafted it for her. As far as I am concerned, this is yet another PR opportunity for these attention-hungry nobody's!!

Stupid Celebrities

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha, I am regular reader of ur blog..
to be frank, I feel that these so called "STARS" doesn't make any sense to a aam aadmi..If that was case they would never have any of their movies bombed at the box office.People watch them only for time pass and what they eat or die...nobody are bothered..except for fashon conscions teenage kids..
Until we INDIANS are united, we dont need any of them.

Shrey said...

There's no greater threat to free speech and journalism in a democracy than the notion of political correctness, and India especially is a victim with none of us(at least not most of us) ready to have on our lips what we have on our minds.

hitch writer said...

If some one doesnt want to comment on something leave him, it just shows how much he cares for the country...

Dont give them mileage by giving them controveries....

This is the time to talk about the people who are supporting this vigil started by commoners at gateway of India. Not about people who dont want to do anything about this....

Wake up Shobha.... try and gather more people and more protest marches... lets keep this vigil alive... and we commoners will have to do it...

Bhavisha Joshi said...

After this attack we all know where all our so called national icon stands..

Like me you will find 1000000 of people who just not give a damn for this people comment of not.. We learned after all these..

We make all these people as icon of nation..

Every Mumbaikar has supported each other so well .. so they dont need such people sympathy and comments..

Rachit said...

I dont see what the issue is Ms.De. He runs the risk of being called a publicity hound if goes about yelling against all that is evil. On the other hand, he has used his stature to influuence all the young minds like Kasav not to belive what ppl say, but try & understand their Religion themselves. If his smoking is said to inspire young mind to smoking, why cannot he give a sermon to all his young fans, especially the ones across the border.

Angel's Flight said...


If I may point out something.....SRK, Salman whoever, may say what they want to say as a Human being, as an Indian....but with these attacks there is a Religious undertone...and for most of even the Indian Muslims...the more fundamental ones for sure, these so called celebs are not Muslims...and therefore dont speak to the community.

And besides, just making a public statement dosen't really count for much......let them come out and do something about it...don't u think that they will contribute more by standing with the so called aam aadmi showing their solidarity, rather than speaking into a camera making statements as a celebrity?

Megha said...

I completely disagree with you Shobha. Celebrities such as yourself are in a business of promoting your brand. Irrational statements from you guys in polarized times such as these invoke ire, esp with what happened with Simi Garewal. If you dont have anything responsible to say, dont say anything. I dont think comforting words or strong words from film stars can calm nerves right now. If they do.. those people are just star struck.

I am pretty sure SRK has nothing new to say than that has already been conveyed. Stop blaming people out of context!

*Aham* said...

Good they are sleeping... else this activism and this mass peoples movement wasnt possible. there would be more camera's on actors boob jobs than on the issue. SRK, i never expected him to speak about the cause.

I have been visiting JJ everyday just to ask them if they need something. hey tell me taht they dont need anything this time. But I still cant stop my feet from reaching there. Just that I ask and then leave, without unnecessarily crowding the place.

And yesterday I found a person who was outside the hospital and was crying, because he came to give blood and the hospital was overstocked. She said "I wanted to help.. I wanted to help... " I gave her a hug and told her that she can help.

Now, The helplessness to help is driving people insane. Everyone wants to do something. Emails... by the dozen. My phone hasn't stopped ringing. If there is a city that's truly empathetic. Its gotto be Bombay.

Some channels have done some wonderful coverage, like SHai Venkataraman from NDTV. She sensitively interviewed the mother of the youngest victim of 3 months, sheetal yadav. their family (mom,dad, husband, brother,daughter) was sleeping in the platform when the terrorists attacked. Only she and her daughter survived.

I received a lot of calls from people who wanted to help the child and Mom... but when i asked some doctors in JJ they said that there have been a regular enquiry for the mother-daughter and they are already receiving a lot of help. Seriously, good reporting can help build lives. Media has a super role to play. Just as we criticize the media, if we work hand in hand constructively with the media it will be so nice na.

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Maybe he would have said all you want him to say had it been an attack on Kolkatta.....would have got more sponsors for his team that way....

Its high time we call the spade a spade. Islamic fundamentalism is largely responsible for all these terror attacks. If we fail to accept the fact we will never defeat these terrorists.

Its the duty of moderate Muslims such a SRK to come out and stop fundamentalist ideas from being propagated.

Anonymous said...

seeing the NSG commandos and Marcos in action, i think the word 'celebrity' has taken on a whole new meaning ... they are the real heroes in any case. i was at the gateway on the weekend ... and a young mother with her 6 year old boy was asking one of the jawans for a photograph ... passersby were walking up to them to shake their hands ... these filmwallas have been left way way behind ...

Anonymous said...

Please dont call SRK a coward.........he is my favourite hero....dont insult me and my hero..plz

Anonymous said...

Past few days I never ever thought of celebrities comments. Only today when I am reading your blog I thought about the same.
Who cares ??? I only care when they comment otherwise I do not bother why they do not comment or they should comment.
But yes I remember NDTV show "Jai Jawaan"
SRK was there. Am I right ?

Here i go!!!!! said...

Hi Shobhaa,

I completely agree with what you say..These people owe something very big to this country and its public..SRK is SRk only because of us..Amitabh Bachhan is Big B only bcoz of us...all of them each one of them;even ppl like Rakhi Sawant whom i never even want to talk about but really feel very strongly that they should take some initiative in at least influencing their fan followings in whatever way they can!

Faisal.K said...

Although you are right when demanding that celebs who take so much from India give a little comforting word in its hour of need, we all know it will never happen because it might turn into a pr nightmare. By the way call them what you want but do not call these bastards muslims....its insulting to the rest of us who actually practice Islam not twist it around to justify murder.

kreativefingers said...

hi shobha, i watched you on one of the talk shows (timesnow i believe)? wish more celebs like you would have spoken out with as much passion. i couldnt agree more with your views that evening. and i hold the same opinion for this post. i think preity was active on dec 3, but surprise how none of the other 'icons' raised a voice. NDTV is hosting a talkshow on the role of media in this entire episode. if i get an opportunity will raise this point. thanks for taking time out to read my comment.

murali said...

Totally unwanted stuff. we have enough hatred here, and don't want more ideas to hate. Focusing on constructive things will be good. what politicians say and do is what matters and not what actors say.
anyways, i am going to give this blog a miss from now. this is stupid.

Kris Bass said...

The SRKs of the industry probably did the wise thing De. For both themselves and to public. I personally feel that the media promotes the voices of celebrities over those who are more relevant - like analysts and thinkers. And besides, its better not to listen to parnoid celebrities like Auntie Simi.

mystiquedew said...

Gah!..I am not sure if I can even comment, my knowledge on 'em celebs is lesser than miniscule

But frankly speaking I don give a damn on anything that SRK or anyone else croons about...and even lesser if he owns the largest suite on the moon

Come-on they r movie actors not nuclear scientists..i am not sure if they can come with coherant lines leave alone intelligent ideas

really a terrible waste of time!

Onyeka Nwelue said...

Namaste Shobhaaji.

Aap kaise hain? I'm Onyeka Nwelue from Nigeria. I have lived in India and I was lucky to call the year I lived in India a 'political year'. It was when a Kolkatta imam issued a fatwa against Taslima Nasreen and in Hindustan Times (which I still have the copy, because I'm your FAN!!!)I read your comment on that particular issue.

I do not want to believe that you are giving SRK a space to popularise his 'filmy' speech. You know, I do believe that you are in the celebrity fraternity, but that you know your way around. I will have to say this: that Indians take people too serious. I'm sorry if it sounds arrogant, but what I mean is that in Nigeria, statements from our Nollywood stars are never taken serious...we see them as sell their movies...and who thinks SRK isn't that type? Whatever thing he's saying has an undertone. He's respected so much in Nigeria here, but what I'm trying to say is that he has his own bias, for Christ's sake. He's a human and he's not perfect.

Dearest madam, I'm hoping to meet you at Jaipur Literature Festival next year. I'm coming with copies of my first novel, set in India and Nigeria and I do hope to elicit some kinda response from Indians to try to clear the hazy thoughts of Nigeria and its peoples in India...

I've read a lot of your work and I admire your honesty and maybe, tenderness!!!


Anonymous said...

Shobhaa daarlinggg, Not every celebrity is as intelligent, as informed and as articulate as you are.


another karan from chinchpokli said...

Frankly, the only upside(if I can dare call it that) to the local media's coverage of the terror saga has been the manner in which Bollywood was, for the most part, shunted out of it. Three cheers to the fact that we, the viewing public didn't have to go through the motions of listening in to the gibberish from the Bacchan family, or from their tinsel town bedfellows on ways and means to fight terror and be good citizens of India. Similarly, it was a huge relief to find the headline news not giving footage to any two bit Bollywood clown's night out on town celebrating his/her birthday, anniversary,moving-ins etc.
In step with the general tempo of things today I think popular singing and dancing talent shows and reality tv too could use some respite much to the chagrin of TV producers.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Just a letter I wrote that I would like to fax/email/mail the celebreties in question! I would like to title this letter..
"saab/memsaab bathroom mein hein"


Dear Mr/Ms Celebrity,

We realise that the Mumbai Tragedy is more about being a PR opportunity for a ton of folks like you. The media uses you and you use the media equally shamelessly. While you may really want to believe (and have us believe) that you are a bleeding heart, we ain't so dumb honey! Besides which we can call as spade a spade, especially when it has to move a load of bullshit. Okay so this is a spade and that pile over there is bullshit. You and me clear on that?

Moving along...

The media, yeah even the "thinking" media uses you to gain eyeballs. Agreed! Your Goofball celebrety friends who have never before shown an iota of sustained public interest in matters of public policy or security are recruited by media for endless discussions. Ofcourse darling, the real victims and eyewitnesses and situation handlers of this appaling tragedy are convininetly ignored. It dosent make for good composition on the screen or in print to have them in the same frame. Case in point that really disgusting discussion by Barkha Dutt with total public policy zeros like Ness Wadia and Simi Garewal. Ridiculous and stomach churning ranting and a complete waste of precious airtime. Okay so the media got a pound of your willing and toned and airbrush tanned flesh. But honey you benefitted too wouldnt you say, despite the fact that some of us thought you were totally disgusting?

Oh and if you dont quite get into that TV thing, you always have the PR statement route. There you have it... a great opportunity for making innane "closing the barn door after the horse has bolted" comments and rants. Case in point... Saif and Kareena's statement that says nothing at all. You got your name in print for today and you got your name ticked off on that great leapord skin wrapped register that records "dont you forget, I was there too"! Okay we wont forget that you were breathing the day all this happened. But you know, some of us public were breathing a littl bit harder. After all we really had to run for our unwashed lives.

Ofcourse and then you have other bretheren of the "Candle lighting" and "10 point agenda presenting" fame. Case in point... Karan Johar and his cohorts and thier agenda. Ofcourse doing any of this in private would be blasphemy. Without it being made public, none of this agenda business would help you in any way would it?

And yes we know that while you did benefit directly and indirectly from the showbiz-business-underworld nexus... and dont say you didnt (remember the spade... it's still a spade) and you were discrete enough to keep that aspect private, what matters is your statement is public. Yes we do know, you were there. Okay?

But darling, given all that, and the fact that you really dont come off as too bright or even a real bleeding heart, unless you have something significant to add that will make a real difference, shut the hell up.

And sweetie, if you cant shut the hell up, do something REALLY responsible and useful. Atleast a bunch of Hollywood stars got together and had a massive fundraising telethon for funds of victims of terrorism after 9/11. Has anyone on your wife's kitty party/boyfriends/designer-friend set said something about being of service like this? Have you considered donating your own time, money or name to a cause that really makes a differece to combating terrorism. I am not seeing any of this and I have been looking really hard.

Oh and darling, I just have to add this... you know all those showbiz star friends of yours... you know, the ones that are extremely moderate (almost parsimonious) in various things...religion, and public policy and ohhhhh.... ethics. You know they are really begining to really piss me off.

We get it... Islam is a religion of peace. Understood and point noted and underlined in red. Every statement of thiers starts with this point. I get it!!!!! I am not going to argue that fundamental belief. I belive my religion teaches peace and tolerance too.

Okay so we got over that point.

Yeah but what about the rest that needs to be said? And Mr. Celebrity if you need me to tell you what really needs to be said, your testicles havent decended yet! And Ms. Celebrity you aint ever going to grow a pair so moot point. So what needs to be said? Lets hear it from you! Lets hear it. Louder.. darling... louder... you can say it... yes you can!

Sweety, stick your neck out. If you cant be sincere and do something useful, go back to sleep and tell your maid to tell me .. "saab/memsaab bathroom mein hein"... when I call for help or comfort. Both of us will be happier that way. Our roles will be validated.

Your friend,
Just Another Member of the Unwashed Masses
Another Kiran in NYC

Goofy Mumma said...

Just wondering, so what if they have a fan base in the Middle East? The Middle East does not endorse terrorism. All Muslims are NOT for terrorism. So, if what you say is true, then these jokers are big time fools. the fact that they are self serving to the hilt is no secret ofcourse.

Anonymous said...

I seen your interview on Koffee with Karan, opposite Simi Garewal. So I suppose you are friends. If you get a chance to meet her next time, please tell her that she is a stupid woman. For celebrities like her, it is better to not say anything at all. Most celebrities as we know, aren't very bright, so leave them alone... we don't want them to contribute to the mess created by the political class.

Anonymous said...

I also want to add, only Sharmila Tagore really gave us a dose of a responsible celebrity response on NDTV. She even made you look bad. If you haven't seen it... here is the link.

what a wonderfully poised woman, Shobha you should aspire to be like her.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

your words exactly reflect what I felt when I read shahrukh's comments about attacks. This guy owes most of his success to mumbai and indians. All he seems to be bothered is how not to affect his pakistan or middle east fan base.

P.S: I am not a great fan of srk but must have watched pretty much all of his movies. Never resented him for his acting or PR skills. After his comments,I just lost any respect that I had for this self made man.

Digistrom said...

Why would SRK be someone who should have more meaningful stuff to say? It's not fair (or very wise) of us to expect our celebs to be the ones to look to for leadership, and especially not so during times of great crisis.

I just had my WTF moment of the day watching Preity Z on telly a few minutes back.
Anchor: OK Preity, what's the one big change you would like to have made to the city.
PZ: Well, I've brought a torch along (goes on to describe said contraption in some detail) - we should pass it around the audience to show support for all the martyrs.

When urged to answer the question she went on to say that every family should send atleast one member into the armed forces. Does she have ANY idea how many families there would be in a country like ours?

But her heart is in the right place. We all (some/most(?) politicians excluded) have our hearts in the right place. Now what about our MINDS? I'm seeing a furor of well-intentioned thoughts/ideas/criticisms/you-name-it coming out of a million different sources, I'm just waiting for all this energy to come together and speak, nay ACT, as one.

And you know what? We may have hit our lowest low a few days back but I've never felt more optimistic about the city I LOVE SO MUCH!

Rohitjkapoor said...

At the end of the day most of the
actors are mere entertainers .
very few individuals use their success and talent for a bigger cause .
And why talk about screen heroes
we need to motivate and create real heroes! and at the same time promote the hidden heroes who silently go around doing their bit without ever noticed by a lot of us.

Riaz-NJ said...

Are you asking SRK to give up everything for some dead 200 people and few hundred injured ? You must be kidding... he wants to form a new religion 'WORK'... Gosh... no idea.. why are these guys so 'knowledge challenged'.. Why cant they just make a SIMPLE statement rather preaching...??? BTW, Who cares what an Actor says... !!! Let us worry about what out Politicians DO, the people WHO get elected to SERVE people... What are they going to do now, US, Russians etc., came N left... Few changes in the Political side ... Does it going to make any difference? Are we waiting for SRK to answeer this...

Anonymous said...

Why target SRK alone?AB refused to comment too...What we hear is snippets of what he wrote on his blog.
If Raveena Tandon, Preity Zinta,Simi Grewal, Juhi Chawla have actually stepped up to voice their opinion, we must admire them for it.Whether we agree with them or not, because at least they are"taking a stand".
Even the usually garrulous Karan Johar is nowhere to be seen...
which means that for them ,all that matters is moolah and their fan base.
they want to be insulated from the mayhem...but for how long?
gauri's father is an Army leats she could have said something???
Just like politicos, we must put these stars in their place.
wish NDTV would go and ask them what they think...
I may be wrong, but my experience is that those who keep quiet are usually closet smpathisers.
keep saying it like it is, Shobha....

Double Seven said...

these actors are really cowards trust me man.. except for few good men like sanjay dutt, amitabh bachchan and salman khan are are fucking choots.

Sonia SIngh said...

shah rukh always supports pakistan. When the movie LOC (which was based on a true story) was released, he said "why do we need to make movies like this which show pakistanis in bad light when we have enough bad people in India.

Reghi Natarajan said...

I agree shahrukh khan movies are watched by pakistanis all over the world so he always supports them.

I will never watch his movie country comes first.

Raj Shetty said...

Simi Garewal is true indian...her heart beats for india. We need more people like her. PROUD OF SIMI!

Mohnish said...





Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? Following hand drawn map was obtained from Fahim Ansari in Febrary in UP, India. It was buried in the charge sheet as evidence. It clearly marks the C.S.T station where terrorists indiscriminately fired.

India said...

Raj Shetty, unfortunately you are in a minority. Most blogs on the internet call Simi a dumb bimbo or even b****.

Her comments could have been made by a 5 year old kid "Why not carpet bomb pakistan" LMAO

Anonymous said...

Riaz from NJ... what happened to your blog shobha against Jayanti? What happened to that fantasy of yours... its gone down the drain eh.

What a clown. Grow up old man.

I am a 21 year old and I am smarter than you.... jeesh

Anonymous said...

SRK needs to become history real fast along with Salman Khan. When will we see an end to these jokers. Least they couldve done is condoled the loss of life. They could care less. I think their days of success needs be counted down to Zero real fast.

Pushkala said...

I do not understand 'what is the point of this blame game'! Shobha, This nation suffered from a bloodshed and how could a few 'comforting words' from celebrities like you would be solacing to our spirits??? Just because a national icon says that terrorism is evil, I'm not going to get all excited!!!!!! What I would look for is some sort of assurance for the people in terms of their life security. Which I'm sure none of these 'celebrities' can bring in. I would not blame them too, for that is not their JOB.

And I notice that you had criticised Amitabh's 'gun dialogue'. I wonder if you failed to understand that is what every Mumbaikar (or every Indian) thinks of these days. There is this feeling of insecurity every where. Moments of uncertainity!

My thought process is that there is no point in blaming people for what they have not done. The truth is that even WE have not done so many things........

Anonymous said...

dear mam,
real heroes are thoese who who act when crisis strikes and certainly we cannot expect these idiots who act on stage to do anything for their country,but otherthan get comprimised for their very own sake.
s.v.siva reddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha ,

This evokes a deja vu of Raj Thackrey ranting about Jaya Bachchan's comments on a non-issue . To what extent (if at all ) do words alone from celebrities matter ?

You have a considerable reader base . It would be way more constructive if you proposed ideas , action plans to make Mumbai a safer , kinder , happier city . You could enable a powerful dialogue through your blog , columns and articles .


Kaushik Biswas said...

Each person has his or her own views. Many a times their views may not match ours. But this isn't the way we should criticize him or her. Yes, at the most we can say we expected this and that, but not certainly in this way Sobha.

If SRK is no ordinary star, then you also aren't any ordinary identity for us. Say yours, and let other's say. Let's be together with different views.

Because, all similar views though appearently shows us united, but it also rings a monotonous tune. Isn't it better we put all different views into account and build a better India?

Crazy Sam said...

Shobhaa De, I would care a hoot if these so called stars and icons make a public statement. Even if they do that, we would all take them as despos and opportunists to hog the limelight. Enough of words, it's the time to act. I read somewhere that the true heroes never try to brag about their actions, I'm hoping they are doing that.

Anonymous said...

@ Another Kiran in NYC AKA Just Another member of the unwashed masses

You've really pulled no punches here and have told it like it is. Me likey your no holds barred letter bherry bherry much. While I do not doubt the huge readership that Shobhaa's blog and your own blog enjoys, I think you should send this entry to sites such as, IndianPad, Bollywood Hungama et al.

Let the PR chamchas of a certain Mr. Ham-n-Cheese, of the first phaamily and their green-eyed bahu and of a tatooed jodi read this. If you are really lucky, a certain Shahenshah may even blog about your letter tonight:-)

Cinematically Speaking.

*Aham* said...

does it really matter if Shahrukh spoke??? People see him as an entertainer and JUst an entertainer. Its a well known fact that his brand image has not been of a dogooder. Good for him. We shouldnt even ask him to do anything else. Why ask him about the mumbai attack... what difference would it have made if he said "my heart bleeds for mumbai" would we put him on a pedestal and start worshiping him.... he is anyways on a different pedestal and a different plane. To expect sensitivity from celebs is way too much to expect.

We are foolish to expect. Let actors be actors and not dismal politicians. Let politicos be politicos and not dismal actors.

Everyone here in both these feilds wants to be everything. Let them be where they are and do their best. No role plays please.

Anonymous said...

Here's some lame a** justification by Mahesh Bhatt saab. Should I believe him...Hmmmm...Naaaah!!!

Cinematically Speaking.

Anonymous said...

While I am at it, the world's most beautifool woman (I beg to differes, but who cares what I think?) and self-appointed Indian ambassadress hasn't released a statement either. Withered patriotism, eh? Shobhaa, you know why I say this, don't you? ;-)

Cinematically Speaking

Anonymous said...

Pardon the typos.

Cinematically Speaking.

Anonymous said...

hey ! dont try to provoke hatred among people by writing such things...

Amit said...

Why are we so prone to attacking each other and others? Just an observation on this blog. I mean you can make reasoned statements for or against something but is there much merit in flaming around a blog? - just because you can and your are anonymously sitting behind a computer somewhere? Let us grow up:)

Politicians are so complacent about their ability to get away from the public wrath - it is unbelievable. Unless people get organized and make a concerted movement, this phase of frenzy will melt away. Organize, Communicate, Enforce Responsibility!

dolphin said...

why're you bothered if some x doesn't speak up. hrithik hasn't commented in the past about any issue. yes, it takes a little common sense on part of personalities to speak up. however, it is better if they do not speak some non-sense. you can speak for yourselves and you've no right to criticize them if they haven't. it doesn't really matter if shahrukh or hrithik speaks on these issues, they are entertainers and we should be foolish to expect an 'im disappointed with the attacks and my heart flows for victims' kind of response.

i sincerely request you to stop this flaming on people and do some constructive work.

Anonymous said...

You disgust me. Leave the flim fraterniy that does not suck up to you alone! You doe write people off or make them celebrities and you surely do not intsruct what they should do, how they should react and exactly what words should come out of their mouths in every event. You need a life; besides finding something every day to write on and bashing filstars who dont give a crap about you. We can so see through you Shobha Frivolous De!

Priya Rai said...

Shahrukh is just like a politician who will do anything for money. all pakis watch is movies so he supports them....all my friends and family have decided that we will never watch a shahrukh movie in my life.

Thanks Shobha De and Simi Garewal....we are proud of you guys.

Crazy Sam said...

I'm glad to see Vishal Dadlani (Vishal of Vishal-Shekhar) has taken an effort for some action instead of yapping.

We have all complained about media going too far this time for their minute by minute unveiling of sensitive information to the public in their race to get high TRPs. Enough of the words, now it's the time to act. Musical director, Vishal of Vishal-Shekhar has come up with a petition against news TV channels. We should help him to get as many signatures for this petition so that the courts take cognizance of the petition, make it a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) so that things can move faster.

This is the link for the article:
And this is the website to sign the petition:

Anonymous said...

M,am 'DE,

There's a cost to maintain family,friends, fans and followers. The question is how prepared are we to bear and how much?

Vinod Agarwal - Our expectations are we wish everything was FREE.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he has just said nothing because of people like you are - almost to blame just him, though there were/ARE a few other Filmstars, who yet haven't said something ... and remember they all are no politcians ... it really isn't their job!!

Prasad said...

Hi Shobaa,
Very well said. I have read most of the statements from all these jockers. Why can't they just condemn such a horrific act?. Instead, they say something superficial and add why such things happen!!........blame politicians (which ofcouse is true)......but their firm condemnation is hard to find. Saif spoke some rubbish and Kareena just signed onto it. SRK needed to think a lot before saying something............and where is madam Shabana Azmi now.........all these people and other Muslims must wake up and take their religion back from few fanatics. By directly or indirectly sympathizing with them, they bring bad name for the entire religion...then who is to blame if a particular name cause people to think twice before renting a place or looking suspiciously on a aircraft............they need to clean up their act. For Gods sake.

Anonymous said...

It appears that all these stars who remained silent are controlled by "someone in Dubai." They are afraid to speak out.

To all those who have said in their comments not to talk against Shahrukh because he is their favorite star: Such star worship is sign of your stupidity! It is disgusting. He is human being NOT God. You know nothing about him as a person.

RV said...

Hello Shobaa ji

Do Mumbaikars need these masked, hinding behind, riding on others back- cine stars solace to the victims??
These Big stars are not big by themselves. They are big by other's creativity & work.
IMHO, the bollywood stars are given way too importance than they really deserve.

On another note - I'm a big fan of your writing. :)

Keep writing...
-Raji V

Sadia said...

Obviously Shobhaa you have not given SRK the benefit of the doubt and seen his interviews since the BBC one. In television interviews with CNN-IBN and NDTV SRK has evidently condemned terrorism, in one he quoted a verse from the Qu'ran - translating that if you heal one man, you heal the whole of mankind, and that if you hurt one man, its like hurting the whole of mankind. I also think he was right to take time to respond, if he had done this straightaway people would have said he is doing this for publicity, invoking a reaction which was not needed at the time. He was in a no-win situation. I appreciate he is a public figure but it is his prerogative on what he speaks about and when he wants to. Freedom of speech. Also I dont feel that you understand the predicament Muslims are not just in India but all over the world. A minority spoil it for the rest of us. Anyway SRK is an intelligent person and symbolic that Muslims and Hindus can peacefully live side by side. I hope you are now satisfied with his comments after the BBC one which did not justify explaining his beliefs.

Abhishek - - Jai said...

I think this is a sad article by Shobha De. What wrong has Shahrukh done ?
Had he gone out on the streets and started doing "naara-baazi", you guys would have said "This man has no shame. He is out there only to promote his movie which release next week."

He made it very clear as to why he has been so silent offlate. Its because he kept the public mindset before himself. Look what happened to the comments made by BigB and Amir. They made some really valid points, but almost every common man ended up saying "Arre who cares about what these people say. They are just self-promoting in these tragic times".
And this is the very thing SRK was keen to avoid. He did not want to say anything, which would be taken out of context, even if it was straight from his heart.

and one final thing: Just because everyone doesnt take up a gun and stand at the border, doesnt mean they do not care about their country. Similarly, just because SRK did not get out on the streets with banners doesn't imply that he doesn't give a crap about what has happened in mumbai.

And no one .. i repeat no one, has the right to question an Indian's patriotism .. atleast not on these petty issues which trivialise a major tragedy

Riaz-NJ said...

Riaz from NJ... what happened to your blog shobha against Jayanti? What happened to that fantasy of yours... its gone down the drain eh.

What a clown. Grow up old man.

I am a 21 year old and I am smarter than you.... jeesh

Dont understand which part of it you didnt understand Smartie:

- Need 2500 volunteers
- Will do a SWOT analysis &
- Let Shobhaa De decide afterwards

Anyways, Thanks for Volunteering Smartie!!!

PS: Why dont you identify yourself Smartie!!!

Anonymous said...

What the F is wrong with you? Do you think that a word or article or a blog by you or any other celebrity will ease the pain of the fellow mumbaikars? I don't think so! Just because you rattle your mouth off on blog, you expect everyone (of these celebrities) to do so. What good will that bring?

CMR said...

The voices which were needing to be heard in the first days after the attacks were not those of celebs or journalists, or even psudo-celeb bloggers such as yourself. The voices which needed to be heard were those of the families of the victims, the military and police who fought these terrorists, and the ordinary citizen. The first reaction to any trauma is emotional.

When Shah Rukh expressed his reaction to the attack, what could he have said which would please you? He is not going to turn against his own religion due to a few evil people who misuse it. He is not going to say that India should attack Pakistan. The last thing anyone needs now is more death. In more than one TV interview he expressed that what was important is not what the film industry was doing, but that innocent lives were lost. If this was left out of the article you read, please place your blame where it belongs, on the writer and editor of the article.

I see some of those who have commented here questioning the patriotism of Shah Rukh, and anyone who would say that India should not just carpet bomb Pakistan. The same thing happened in America after 9/11. If one did not hang a flag on their home/car/office cubical, then they were told they were unpatriotic. If they called for calm and investigation instead of immediately bombing the hell out of a country for the actions of a terrorist group, they were called unpatriotic.

We all know that the actions of the American government since 9/11 have been, at the very least, unpopular around the world, and at worst, a horrific abuse of power. Don't let yourselves get in the mindset that leads down this path.

India was attacked by these terrorists. Attacking each other, even celebs, will not help. It is a waste of useful energy, and gets you nowhere. Instead, why not look at the positive things Shah Rukh, other celebs, and many ordinary citizens have said. Use this opportunity for change. Improve the situation. Demand that your government provide the right equipment to those who would defend your country with their lives. Participate. Volunteer. Unite with your fellow Indians and make your country, better, safer. But most of all, just help each other heal.

Anonymous said...

Mam, what rubbish you are writing? Didn't you see his statements on CNN/IBN and NDTV as we in Germany?
I think, he has explained his point of view very well.
Should he had said the same nonsense, than most of the other so-called celebrities during those horrible attacks? I say...NO.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Shobhaa. These so called 'celebrities' are little puppets for politicians and 'dons'.
If SRK truely felt the pain his city did, he would have been out there on the streets, making sure people hear the nations cry.
I say hell to these celebrities and politicians!! I don't even want to start with the politicians- money hungry dogs! This country would be a better place without them. However i don't agree that our PM is a puppet, yes he's not a ruthless man (like every other neta). I think he's a man of integrity and great moral character. The other potty mouth netas should learn a thing of two from him.

Anonymous said...

Poor shobhaa, you don't know where to belong do you? Are you a 'celebrity' and hence should you be equated with those mindless people who have nothing constructive to say? Or are you part of the 'aam junta'? But then you have the money like celbrities do, you frequent the places they go to, you suck up to them when you need favors, and you are as color-coordinated as they are. So please do not pass yourself off as someone intelligent. You spout nonsense in your blogs and pretend you are as concerned as anyone. Apart from that, what have you done for Mumbai?

At lease SRK is entertaining to say the least. You're not even that. Listen carefully to what he says in the various interviews he's given. But then you only hear your own voice don't you.

Reggiana from France said...

I think that by not jumping to comment before every camera or microphone which undoubtedly were thrust in his face, he showed the consideration that you so obviously lack.
He knows that his status of mega celebrity will give a weight to every word he says or doesn't say, that they will get distorted by the likes of you. He basically can't win; guilty if he doesn't speak, guilty if he does.
Well, you should be happy, he has spoken, and very well at that, though I doubt that will satisfy your ilk of people.
I don't know you, I once saw you in a TV report where you were peddling your latest book and positioning yourself as the symbol of modern India, since you are as old as it is. I will give it to you, there is nothing closeted in your megalomania! The Embodiment of Modern India, indeed! One word of advice, leave that to the true celebrities in whose limelight you are so desperate to bask that you have to drag them into every argument you try to kick up. You may not like the reality, i.e that you are nothing more than a lower grade subcontinental Jackie Collins but you should get reconciled with the facts: you are not, have never been nor ever will be the icon of India, for Indians and for the rest of the world; Shah Rukh Khan is and this is probably what gets your goat.
Envy and pettiness are the wrinkles of the soul and, unfortunately for you, there is no botox cure for it; Shobhaa De, dear, you are really showing your age.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. You wanted knee-jerk reaction from him and you did not get any.
Wouldn't those words of comfort be stating the obvious too.
Those words of condemnation be stating the obvious also.
What do you expect from him? I am glad he does not let this interfere with what he his doing.

I was reading the comments and many people said he should have been on the streets and do what, light a candle and do sloganeering? That's what majority of us will do max to show that they care. Beyond that we will go to our chalta-hai corrupt ways.

Most of the comments still reek of misplaced anger and personal hatred. Why should he speak to such people?
Why only him, even SRT or Big B for that matter.Let them do what they do best. That's it.
Do most of us even know what we do best? We are bunch of mediocre cry babies who expect pampering and can't take care of ourselves.


A Proud Indian - Pete said...

Well, this was expected out of him and the so called film fraternity,they are above common people, they dont like to do what everyone does, whatever they do has to be 'HATKE', commenting on this terrible tragedy is sooooo common why waste efforts when it gives back nothing.These are the same people who would abandon my country first(one superstar had already done that).Maybe it is justified that Sharukh doesnt care what happens in India because time and again he has been saying that both India and Pakistan are same to him. Makes my blood boil,how on this god's green earth can he compare oranges to apples?
first off we are not Islamic country, we are not observing ethnic cleansing, and our constitution is definitely not biased towards any religion(where as it is in this fav pak, i.e. minorities cant vote for anyone other than their own religion,there by never in a million years can a minority hold a powerful position anywhere) wake up dude, try and love your country, if you cant atleast have some respect for those who cared and died for it.Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Unfair article. do your bit and leave the judgement of others.

Anonymous said...

SRK's interview on NDTV showed his mature , human perspective on the issue . Perhaps you should borrow a recording and watch it several times .

In one of your earlier posts you were blasting some celebrities for being quick to issue statements about the tragedy . SRK was blasted for not doing so . If you do it you are damned (by Shobhaa) and if don't then you are damned too ?

What (if any ) constructive actions are you initiating / participating in to make Mumbai a safer , happier city ?

DSP said...


I am very disappointed in your haphazard conclusion on SRK’s behavior in time like this. SRK is Bollywood’s most intelligent actor and he has expressed his ideas on many things in past and also after Mumbai’s 26/11 attacks. He is one of the few who spoke very wisely on the 26/11 occurrence on NDTV and CNN/IBN. He was very clear in his answers and expressed himself from heart. It is sad that people like you who quickly draws conclusion and calls a proud Indian Muslim a “coward”. What have you done for country in time like this? Instead of bashing an innocent film industry and SRK, you can bring a positive energy and power of PEN, to make India a better place. SRK is very hard working individual and a role-model to millions in India and outside India and bashing SRK in time like this is not going to help increase your readers list, instead you lost a little respect that I had for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why give so much importance to those entertaining packages? Yeah, that is what they are. If youngsters' have icons like SRK, Salman, Aamir, Big-B and others, then only god can save India. Common, what are their credentials???????? They are good actors, dancers, good looking men making good money,thatz it. They are achievers in their field. You cannot expect them to lead the nation. If they are willing to do something for the country being citizens, let them do. Otherwise ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap! Besides criticizing everyone from the Prime Minister , Chief minister to all Bollywood actors u haven’t done anything constructive…I request you to shut your mouth and form a party with people like Simi Garewal and stand for elections.. Put all your great ideas and view points to practice instead of just coming all caked up on some t.v. channel and being critical of everyone and everything around you. It’s easy to sit and comment how we could have avoided the milk from being spilt after the glass has been turned over.

Please stop commenting on people and put your ideas into action..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shoba, I dont know what to say to you and how to react on ur blog, I think i can only give one advice to you please use your brain to do something better and come up with some thing new so that it should help others, after reading your comment i really felt nothing can happen to this country when people like you who is having corrupt mind, I remember once you told on TV i think its NDTV you have supported Mayawati and you really like her and want to see Next Obama for India, If you can think that then what else we can expect from people like you, for me you are just a sick lady and nothing much, 90% of India does not know you and i m sure reamining if they have mind then they should stop reading your blog, I think its better for you to talk about your kitty party, Please for God Sake stop giving your comments on National Issue you does not feet for that, But Still I can Pray for You, God Bless You,

Anonymous said...




dolphin said...

i followed your blog hoping to see good work. but sadly, all you do is sham people. again, i urge you to take up some good work in bombay.

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Its official - SRK retorted against this comment! And, De - you gotta hear this one. It was on HT News, Koel Puri's interview. What say you?

@Kiran, wonderful speaking to you. Inspired again from our conversation, and just to rub it in, I wish to tell you, it's 12:06pm and I am still lying in bed lazing - watching Dish, trying to convince hubby to go to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! On the right path of training, like you suggested ;-)

Nischal S said...

I can't imagine SRK ridicule South Indians, where Karnataka gave his Khan grandfather a gov job for earning his livilyhood and maintain family as Mangalore Port Engineer. May be it is sarcastic to him and we understand why MNS has grudge against him. May be some day he will drown in his own money, fooling people that he will entertain until his life, while earning money threw producing movie, ads and not to mention Cricket Team. Know that SRK- you fool all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time.


Another Kiran In NYC said...

SRK says something and gives out a statement but he leaves what is to be said... totally unsaid!

Pop Quiz....What do you think he left unsaid?

srkfan4life said...

Its really sad to see what some people say about SRK. Out of all the celebs, Hollywood or Bollywood, Shahrukh is the most sweetest person. A great Human being and don't do wrong and what he get, people (well you)going against him for not talking up sooner. You gotta be kiddin me.
What can SRK do. He can't just turn around things to make what happen on 26/11 go away. He is just like us(maybe not you and the haters) and he is not the great almighty to undo things. There is nothing that any celebrity can do but say how sad and disappointed 26/11 is. I am not from India and I am not even Indian but when I saw what happen on CNN all I can say it is sad and upsetting what some people do. I know a lot of people didn't comment because one don't know to say. Someone might say something that that might not be right and then everyone would be mad at that person.
What you need to do is write about happen on 26/11 and not how SRK react to it. Not how long he take to react to it. Grow up lady. I never read your blog but I heard about you and when I heard what you said about SRK on your blog, I just had to find your blog, read it and comment of course. Well i know why you decide to mention SRK name, its the same reason why many other people mention Shahrukh gain attention. Shahrukh is this huge huge HUGE and not to forget wonderful superstar so if anyone mention his name they know they will get notice. Man you people makes me SICK AND MAD. I fell like slapping each and every person that talk bad about SRK. Shahrukh don't resort to violence so i won't too.
Long live King Khan Shahrukh Khan. May god always bless you and protect your from the HATERS.


Democrazy said...

SRK is a big hammer. He doesnt normally talk while acting. He's either crying, or laughing or stammering, but never simply talks. What kind of directors think of taking him up as a cast in their movies!

Anonymous said...


Maverick said...

Hi Shobha,
This seems to be a catch-22 situation for the "bigger" celebrities. If they say anything, they will be allegations that they are doing it to promote their upcoming films. If they keep mum, guys like you will pounce on them for doing less than what they actually can do.
Where do they go in these times. It's one's prerogative to choose to speak whenever he likes. You can't really force them.

Maverick said...

First of all, it's commendable to see you responding to my views expressed on your blog. Thanks a lot!
I totally agree with what you have said except for a few things. Question which needs to be asked in the first place itself, is as to why should we expect any answers from these celebrities, or from anyone for that matter? Is it going to serve any purpose? I don't think so, because in these troubled times, their comments would be hogging all the limelight instead of the grave issue on our hands. The kind of "sensationalism" we are used to seeing from our media, it will only act as providing them with more fodder. We don't want this collective anger to fade away with a whimper. We, as Indians, more than ever before, are required to stand united and let our strong voices reach the perpetrators of such a heinous crime. We have already seen the outcome of "RGV-VRD and RD-Taj-Visit" episode. Enough of such trivial issues! We don't need our media to digress from it's path which is that of voicing our opinion. Hundreds of Indians like me havn't come on the roads but still can feel for whatever happened on that fateful day. It's not that only when I express my feelings in public, will I be pronounced a true nationalist!
We all are seething with anger, but not everyone can come forward to show how he/she actually feels about this whole issue. We all are sad and are with everyone who is willing to contribute to our beloved nation's peace and harmony.
Would it make any sense if these celebrities offered their cliched "lip service?" I don't think you would buy this idea, just like other Indians who feel strongly on this issue.
I would like to see something coming from those "who can." Many young Indians like me (at least I can quote the example of my friends) are willing to do something which can prevent such carnage from being repeated in the future. But who do we look upto? Is there any celebrity, who is going to show us the way?
We don't need celebrities who can "talk", but celebrities who can "do". We are with the second coterie!

PS: I respect your opinions; my response could be the other face of the same coin :-)

Jai Hind.

Aparna said...

While not many in the media have termed 26/11 as "Islamic Terrorism", why are celebs trying to defend Islam and its tenents ? Who told SRK that 26/11 was Islamic Terrorism ?


Are the celebs so ignorant/dumb or out of touch to decently analyse (superficially), and come to the conclusion that is was PAKISTANI TERRORISM.

I agree with De, the men of Bollywood should have shown some emotion for Mumbai.

But on the flip side, the way the public mood is, these people, who are with govt. (tax payer) aided sucurity, would be the target of the public wrath. So they just din't want to be in the line of fire so kept quite.

As for AB, when I read his "pistol under the pillow" comment, I did think, with all the security that AB has he feels like this what about me ?

ritu said...

hello shobha,

i guess high time you stop criticizing people for no reason.I dont understand what the big deal if he chose not to comment?? Dont you think its extremely silly on your part to write a big blog on the fact that SRK didnt comment rather than writing something costructive about the issue of terrorism and how we can combat it. Stop using your blog for criticizing people and write something meaningful.

attitude personified said...

Respected Mam1

Y don't you see anyone else in Bollywood other than SRK...stop using his name in order to rank your blog high on Google ratings.

Anonymous said...

if he was the PM of India, this would sound wise.. he's just an actor.. You think we people are waiting for what the actors have to comment when such a big tragedy has happened to our country.. Sick people like you are the ones who's waiting for them to comment.. whether they comment or not.. if yes, how was it politically?? You are missing the big picture.. try to understand the situation.. how i wish you were in one of those hotels..

JigsawJai said...

What struck me was, religion in itself, is a delicate topic when it comes to terrorism. I mean, at the end of it, nobody wants their religion to be all misunderstood, even if they know Muslims/Hindus did it? You cant expect a lot from those people. I'd refrain from commenting on those D-guys activities, too, if I'd come up that way and had kids and family at home.

prateek said...

what a hypocrite this woman is ....if u consider urself to be true daughter of india , y dont u help india by doing something creative rather than misguiding people here ....pathetic lady wid a pathetic sense of realization .....

rite now , shahrukh is among the most intelligent celebrities we have in this country , he is the one who can be used as an idol for everyone ....and yet u r trying to tarnish him for some personal bloody interest .....i m not cheap like you to abuse some woman , so i wud not be going explicit but my intentions can be sensed .....

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