Friday, November 27, 2009

namastey Obamaji !

I just love the idea of a socially ambitious Washington couple gate crashing Obama's party!! That's just so cool! With all those security systems and scrutiny, these two determined climbers, cleverly dressed for the occasion and brazenly walked in! Nobody thought of checking whether their names had been registered. They 'looked' like legit invitees - and clearly that was enough!
It made me think of how easily a couple of good looking terrorists clad in couture and playing their parts to perfection, could penetrate ANY event under the sun.
The reason I have terrorists on my mind is because of the past few days during which it was impossible to think of anyone else. At the end of the tv marathons, I felt drained, dehydrated and on the verge of a nervous breakdown ( okay... that last bit is for dramatic effect). The one person who really engaged my attention was the Israeli ambassador - suave, sophisticated, clever. He had all the answers - well, almost. He told me one important thing that has stuck - forget about past attacks. Don't waste time on them. Move on and stay ten steps ahead of the next hit if you can. Plan and pre-empt . So far, we've been busy deconstructing the 26\11 strike and not thinking beyond what went wrong. The blame game is on, and it is distressing to see finger pointing in place of solidarity. Cops against cops. Politicos against politicos. Mercifully, the commonman is still hanging together.
A fitting reply to terrorist attacks must come from the government, not citizens. As of now, the onus has been placed squarely on us. Absurd.
Oh hell.... forget the horror for now.
Michelle Obama's sequinned strapless dress was super sexy. Now, if only Naeem Khan had designed Shilpa Shetty's reception outfit!! That golden horror story hurt the eyes. And the bouffant made me wonder if a couple of pigeons were nesting inside.


Unknown said...

Hey Shobha,

yeah shilpa's horror story and Shamita's a horror in itself :)

I saw her blabbing on the news channel... and wat the F--- is it abt 'Red Carpet' at the wedding??

Pls comment

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

`A fitting reply to terrorist attacks must come from the government, not citizens.'

HOW? is the big question mark. We are supposed to retaliate, police is not supposed to kill in encounter[ branded as fake]. Even a martyr policeman like Insp. Sharma is not honoured. If government takes any action, there are so many groups, commissions, humanist![or is it humourist:)] organisations which pounce on the Government.

Alex Engwete said...

It was a breach of security in the case involving the brazen party crash by that couple at the White House. Nothing more. (And they'd pay for it: it's a federal felony to lie to federal agents in the U.S.) They couldn't possibly go past checkpoints with AK-47s!... There's, however, a B-movie in which people explode after ingesting undetectable liquid explosives (I forgot the title). But that was a bad movie...
Mumbai wasn't alone on 26/11. The whole world--via newscasts--stood still in remembrance of the horrors... Though there was a foolish Pakistani scholar (he claims to be a political scientist) who intervened from Doha on Aljazeera to claim that "the world was tired of India" pointing fingers at Pakistan; and that India should look at its own internal strife to explain the Mumbai attack. Either this professor has run mad or he's doing political science fiction... The link to the 24-minute YouTube video of the Aljazeera discussion on Mumbai is here.

sayrem said...

"What's gone and what's past help Should be past grief."- Shakespeare

Vivek S Patwardhan said...

The Israeli ambassador said wise words. Hope our authorities are listening.


Vaudeville of Exhilaration said...

It was just yesterday that I realized how horrendous the attacks were. I was nearly in tears watching the reiteration of the news of 26/11 on CNN IBN.

I think it's high time that our politicians move from mere politics to taking some serious responsibility. Rather than posing themselves at the ceremonies of commemoration and solidarity, they should take up the nations responsibility more seriously.

And we citizens on our part should stand against terrorism by not bickering wid one another in the name of region, religion etc.

The Unsure Ascetic said...

A decent looking glib talking President look alike has crashed into the president's office at the White house. So, why cannot a decently dressed invitee look alike crash a garden party at the white house?

Unknown said...

This is highly understandable that a men of high society is being treated with specialty. No wonder if that couple also went in...:)
Is it a myth or something else?
That used to happen in our golden period also when the demons disguised themselves as Munis..
So its not a new thing.
Bout the dress, i don't think Michelle Obama can look sexy in any outfit.
still some perplexity remains with me.
DO rply..


Sparkling said...

I always knew that the Jews understood the 'Art of War' better than anybody else in the world!

That's it! If I say more, I'll be wiped out!

Unknown said...

The couple's gstecrashing is a slap and a blessing in disguise. That type of incident can make the security personnel more alert in future. If our pm and his wife were not the pm and his wife, they could have been prevented from gatescrashing due to their attire and simplicity. Well dressed terrorists, well educated terrorists etc. are difficult to be identified and by the way what about Rahul Bhatt? He is no longer in the news.

Theyoginme said...

This couple is a major 420. Things people do to get attention! Imagine a desi couple trying to pull such a stunt.

On the issue of terrorism perhaps it's time for India to "invest" in it's poor neighbors. Uplift those poor with education and opportunity and maybe those selling their soul will find other ways to achieve glory. Israel is a bad example. Those people will forever be fighting wars. They don't know how to make peace.

You can prepare 10 steps ahead bit it doesn't end fear and hate. That comes with love and empathy and compassion and the power of investment in uplifting the lost.

PT said...

Tareq and Michaele Salahi have not just managed to gatecrash at the White House State dinner party hosted for the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but they have also gained unprecendented fame within a matter of a few days. Only the couple themselves can tell what their intention was in doing such a paranoidal act. The couple did not forge any invitation, neither did they jump a fence nor avoided any security screenings to get in, infact the security let them in. Lawfully, I do not think the couple can be charged with anything (Though I ain't no lawyer) as they seemingly did not trespass into the White House. Also they did not cause any problems once inside, rather schmoozed along with the other invitees quite well!

I think this whole incident is good for the US administration, considering that it allows for improvement in its security measures. The Secret service can learn more from an error like this one, it gives them a chance to improve its security measures. So instead of imposing criminal charges on the Washington couple (if they do so, I would rather consider it another rookie mistake by the Obama admin), maybe they should thank them, for giving a "wake up call". Hopefully the Secret service would capitalise on this incident to strengthen their security measures and should be able to catch any similar security issues in the future.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

That was ballsy of the couple. Love it!!! Check out her facebook pages. They were auditioning for the "desperate housewives of washington" reality series. Sure way to get onto the series. You have to be exquisitely and very deliberately bereft of shame to do the things they do. I am still laughing. Provided my entertainment for the day.

Even so heads should roll at White House security.

Ummmm.. Shilpa didnt ever have any taste if her LV Logos and herve leger and "obviously designer" clothes are anything to go by. Just always a tad too plasticky and just a tad overdone and have we had enough already of that too long waist been exposed! Somehow she didnt dissapoint at her wedding. She stayed true to her slightly tasteless but expensive dressing. Atleast she is consistant, if nothing else... hehehe.

Desmond Macedo said...

"a couple of pigeons was nesting inside"... plenty of indians would've got that grammar incorrect :) :)

Harish said...

yegjacktly! i agree with the Israeli ambassador's "Aage Ki Soch" attitude. Yes, we need to learn lesson from the past. But we need to graduate and pass the test in the present and future too na.

We are too busy stuck on learning lessons from past, and our classrooms get bombed. tai tai phisss...


Come on, your TV marathon was absolutely tiring. But it was fun to watch you do cheer faad of that Shantaram Author. Sadistic pleasure. There were moments when the camera moved past you and you still had the animated reaction on your face. You were most genuine. My sincere Appreciations, thanks for being our voice.

I was outside our college - st. xaviers on 26 November. With an artist group called "We Are The Scene" I had organised a street extempore... where we encouraged people to "SPEAK UP" - the overall campaign was called CHUP NA RAHO.

there was Wide spread cynicism, we formed a circle and let anyone who wanted to say anything take the center of the circle. We had a lot of survivors, savious, footpath wallahs, building wallahs, come and vent their ire.

One gentleman told us in absolute numbness... "Kuch Nahi Hone Waala Hai.. Tum Log Kal Waapas aaoge... Waapas Band Baaja Bajaaoge... Mumbai Toh Fir Bhi Doob Jaayegi.. Behter Hai, tum Waqt Zaaya Na Karo.. aur Tairna seekh lo"

Everyone wants change to happen in a day.

"Change is not Maggi Noodles to be cooked and served in 2 minutes." But im happy that in the largely and easily distracted city of ours, the internal dialogue has began.

That Gate Crash story was hilarious. Did the gate crasher tell the darban that her name was Mrs. Kishan moolchandani? Possibility hai. LOL.


What is this craze of southie chokris falling in love with northie mundas? From Hema to shilpa...

i feel southindian women look great in a southindian attire. She would have looked agdi tavtaveeth... in a Kanjeevaram saree... Remember how sridevi used to walk to filmfare awards in her complete southindian avtaar... complete with golden kamar patta and all.

Regarding the jodi... I dont find this Kundra from Bandra a fit enough match for this Hurr from Chembur.

But I do hope Bollywood doesnt take the trouble to call her back from her honeymoon. Im really not missing her on the silver screen. Not thing substantial as yet...

Desmond Macedo said...

why did u change it?...u were right earlier... :) ..."a couple of pigeons was nesting inside" ...'was' is correct

Unknown said...

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