Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Om Puri's outburst...publicity stunt??

Yup. That's what I think. For those not in the loop, Om Puri's wife Nandita, has written her husband's biography, aptly titled 'Unlikely Hero' , which is to be officially launched tomorrow ( could be tonight, I've thrown the invitation card away). I read an excerpt in Tehelka last week and was pretty surprised. I also read Nandita's interview and ... and ... was not surprised. Nandita has always come across as a pushy, ambitious person with a 'star complex'. I recall meeting her when she first came to Mumbai from Kolkata and called herself a journalist. Next thing I knew she had married Om. And from that moment on, her life changed irrevocably. From parallel cinema and art house films, Om made it to international movies via a shrewd agent who knew how to market one of India's most talented actors. Om was busier overseas than in Bollywood. He started making good money. Which was fantastic given his really miserable beginnings with a destitute mother who often didn't have even small change to feed the boy.
Okay. That's enough as a backgrounder.... now here comes the asli story. In an 'angry' interview to a tabloid this morning, Om has expressed his rage and shock at some of the revelations in his wife's book. Especially the ones that recount his sexual exploits with a series of maids, starting with Shanti and moving on to Laxmi. He has accused Nandita of 'reducing a sacred part' of his life 'to cheap and lurid gossip.' He claims he was not aware of the contents of the book and that his wife did not allow him to read the manuscript. He adds he doesn't want to be in the same league as a Shiney Ahuja. Nandita's response has been equally spirited , while admitting her husband is 'livid'. She says - and it sounds like a well thought through quotable quote - "My book on my husband is a biography, not bloody pornography!" Saccch????
If the miya-biwi jhagda in print and across tv channels is indeed real, and Om was completely in the dark about the contents of the book, there is just one acid test left - will Om show up for the launch and promote this 'cheap and lurid' effort?? Will he participate in all the related marketing activities?? And most importantly - will he stay married to a woman he claims has betrayed his trust and exploited him? His sign off line in an interview is pretty telling - " Please don't be discreet. Has she exercised any discretion in talking about my personal experiences? The final decision to put up my life as a tamasha was Nandita's. I can't forgive her."
Over to you, Nandita.... and good look with the book launch. I'm sure you have your sound bytes ready......


Satya.... a vagrant said...

is there any thin to comment on these sorta publisity stunt.
do u think is it logical that om dont kno any thin bout the content of book. rubbish.
its a marketing gimmik shobha

Anonymous said...

(I've thrown the invitation card away)
But you wrote the post.

shashank said...

Can't believe Om Puri's gone the 'bai'sexual way :)
And to come to think of a biography on Om Puri???!!!!
whu'd be interested anyway

Chandni.. said...

ahhh... not again... Publicity stunt. Well, I dont really believe Om puri when he said that he didnt know the contects of the book. And why would the wife write such things about her husband. I wouldn;t even dare to if i were married. Even if my husband is guilty, I wouldn't. Then why did Nandita do it. It is quit obvious that things are sour between the two and hence the outbirst. I love Om's acting. He is good. There is quality in his work. We all know that the glamorous world gets indulged in such gimmicks but who cares. We are mere readers and we jusr read and forget. And so they get the benefit of doubt.

introspection said...

Who cares about the stunts they do to sell their biography. I would'nt dream of reading OM Puri's biography even if it was the last book on the earth.
And why? oh why? does Shobhaa de do a full post on this stupid gimmick in her blog? taking your readers for a ride, are you?

Partha Pratim said...

I am not anymore surprised!

*Aham* said...

in all possibility ... must be a publicity stunt...

I have visited the Puri's at their versova terrace flat long back to invite them to a khalsa college festival... (the same year that you attended) i was greeted by their adopted mongrel dog "Jacky" (hope jackie shroff doesnt visit ur blog)

The family was very grounded with no showed no signs of their stardom. I was pretty impressed by them. They looked like the perfect couple.

Om Puri couldnt attend the function, so he asked Nandita to. And she was very calm composed and very non-celebrityish.

I am zapped to read about the hinted Bai Sexpisode. Everyone likes a peep on the life of another. We are such voyours... and we fall a prey to such gimmicks.

You "threw" the invite somewhere??? im sure you had some bitter experience. Youu wouldnt say so just like that...

shafinaaz said...

Well, you did say he has a ruthless agent... nothing like a grand publicity stunt to get a not-so-popular biography whetting appetites even before its off the press! and sex sells, of course.

needless to say, they can keep out of SA. trash belongs in the slum.

shafinaaz said...

my apologies :D
you said 'shrewd agent' not ruthless.. bad paraphrase, there.

and by trash of course, no hint at individuals, but most definitely meant to poke and point in the direction of the content of this new book, or the intentions thereof.

to add to it, even something as potentially scandalous as om puri and his string of maids isnt appetite whetting enough to get people buying the book. thinking about it... not so pretty hey! the agent should go back to the drawing board on that one. AND how does that make nandita look? like a woman scorned among other things...

Sparkling said...

If it a biography, how can the publisher publish a book without having a legal sign off from the person on whom it is written, especially when the person is very much alive?!!!

What are you talking about??? He didn't read the manuscript??? It's complete bull!

cmpershad said...

"He has accused Nandita of 'reducing a sacred part' of his life 'to cheap and lurid gossip.'"

Every one has a dark side which no one wants to bring to light. If his bedmate wants to `tarnish' his image, then there must be much more than just journalism behind publishing this book!!!

CHOTU said...

its simple its repeat of wat happened to be in chetan bhaagat's "5 point someone" wen he mentioned many things but wid his wife's permission!!!!

Ketaki... said...

One sad life all these 'fillumwalahs' have. I was wondering what all things would come out if these people would sit in that chair in 'sach ka saamna'.

Rachita Kar said...

its really amazing the fact that they call themselves 'man and wife' still!!!!!!
secondly, what was Mrs. Puri upto then, when Mr. Puri was in the Bai Act???? wasn't she bothered enough then or she is now???? with a book to her credit.... cheapo

rehaan said...

it can be clearly stated that it has become the " in thing " to write books....every tom dick and harry is writing a book..

mock someone or tell some hidden, offending truth ..this gives publicity == excited readers..finally rich writers...

Gulshan said...

Hi Shobha,

As always it’s a sad situation and sadder comments. In the whole controversy we are taking away the merit from one of the real actors of our cinema… irrespective of all this bull he has done some fantastic work abroad & of course in India…

The post‘s title clearly says Om Puri… so why is everyone reading the post n moaning,,, were they thinking that u wl talk abt Obama???

Love Gulshan

Tranquility Speaks said...

Mr. Puri calls it sacred and Mrs. Puri wants to let the entire world know so as to take badla. Neat.

Life is so unhappy for those under constant arc lights. But I guess it's the couple's choice to make every single detail public or let it stay between them. Wish they'd keep the last iota of dignity intact and sort this out without getting the junta in between. And if they have irreconcilable differences, why not part ways rather than look at this opportunity to make even more money! Unbelievable!

introspection said...


Every one on this blog comes to read Shobhaa's post, and they do read what she writes. They don't go away after reading the title. If we wanted to read about Om Puri, we'll go to his website. or worse read his biography. So what if he did some great films. Every actor has some talent that's why they survive. We see their movies and appreciate their work if it is good, but we certainly don't need to know what 'Om Puri' did as an adolescent or to his maids. (sic)

Let US remain normal human beings, if they (pseudo stars) cannot.

Soumen Paul said...

The writing of biography by Nandita and the whole thing is unknown to Om, are pretty odd. It smells rat. But may be publicity stunt. But Om does not need publicity after contributing so much to the cineviewers. The biography will not make any difference to his legendary profile rather help earn more from a different corner.

Vrij said...

I'm actually very very surprised that Om's wife has not shown his own biography to him before publishing? Ever heard of proof-reading?

gaelikaa said...

She's weird! That's not a cool thing to do at all...

A Mahratta said...

i was expecting a blog on "Abu, Raj and Rada..." :)

maglomaniac said...

People have the right to write what they want,thats what freedom of speech means.
And this may be very true that just to make the book interesting his wife has added these stories.
Om Puri is one of the best actors now.So it doesnt matter at all when u say that he came from a poor background.
I still remember when he got lifetime achievement and he told that the 1st role he got was because the director felt pity on his malnourished condition.
His coming till here shows his greatness.And we got a powerhouse performance to see.
Every one may not be morally right.All have dark shades.Nandini's stories may or may not be true but still she has the right to speak.
aaj ki duniya me sab jayaz hai.

"Waise bhi jayaz najayaz is wat public decides and in this case the popularity of the book would"


maglomaniac said...

I agree that we come here to read Shobhaa's blog or else we could have gone to Om Puri's website.
but what you forgot is that De chose to wrote about Om Puri,it itself justifies the legend.
And we commenting here means this topic means something to us.
I am commenting this today cause I feel there is something when my 2cents matter atleast to me.There are a lot many posts,many I read but on some I comment and when we comment it means there is something of importance to us not because it is just Shobhaa De's blog.

I very much agree with you.


Sanya said...

Looks like someone is really jealous about the publicity another journalist, who has pulled off a serious book (unlike Shobhaa De, who excels in making money out of high-society gossip) is getting.

Perhaps because she is a tabloid writer and finds her space cramped? And who is she to say Nandita was an 'ambitious, pushy' woman? Is it because she was from Kolkata, and this is not in keeping with Shobhaa De's right-wing beliefs about Mumbai for Maharashtrians? (Even Om Puri is not from Mumbai, so that must be pricking Shobhaa too.) Or is it because she can't stand pushiness and ambition from others -- having oodles of it herself?

And why are people so conservative in this country? Doesn't it show double standards that actors who perpetrate the casting couch in Bollywood are among the media's best buddies, while an actor's genuine life story is splashed around sleazily -- and then labelled sleazy in itself?!

These half-literate tabloid journalists should read some of the genuine biographies of great people, whether or not they were written by the subject's spouse, and they'll see what a biography means.

mahatru said...

Please pick some interesting post topics........not at all interested in such cheap publicity stunts.

Nothing to comment

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Dhiraj said...

Shobha jee, what prompted you to throw away the invite, because you could not take the place of Nandita.

I know how crappy a writer you are and here blaming and saying names about others who are genuine.

I believe and I believe firmly that Om Puri is not lying. These new chokras and chokris do not know what poverty is and they could never understand since they were born with silver spoon and things have been on platter for the world is an easy plave to live for them. F**k off.

This biography is not at all cheap gimmick. Its a true story of an entreprenuer...My salute to Om Puri and Nandita Puri as well.

Dhiraj Sinha

Gulshan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gulshan said...

Thanks introspection and maglomanic for paying any heed to my comments… I AM SAYING THIS FOR THE LAST TIME, MY COMMENTS ARE FOR SHOBHA n I am not looking for any validation ..and if Shobha has any issue wth my comment she can moderate them… but I am not looking for any validation from nobodies!

venkat said...

Shobha, Everyone knows that most of your articles are not well thought and quite low standard, have you ever wondered then how they are surviving and surviving well in this competative market. i am sure you know the answer - intellectuals like you are curse to the society and i am sad that you will not suffer in your life time for your sins. hope you will get another "janma" to do the "prayaschit".

Anonymous said...

Those were some "big" words coming from someone who's a gossip monger herself.

Looks like Shobha has taken the Om-Nandita episode to heart and is mighty depressed on how someone can write something so cheap and sleazy other than herself.

I have a suggestion, buy all your books (yes - buy them), shut yourself in a room for a few days, read all of them and then write a post about how worthless your books are and whether it was a good idea to spend money on them.

dola said...

Om Puri is a legend n I admire him. He is not only a reel hero he is a real hero. He is an inspiration.if u have talent wherever u r u will get ur right place.hats off to you. N yes every great man should have sum secrets ...dark secrets. N as they r great we come to know whereas the commoner who r sleeping at an single opportunity dont get focussed.Hats off once again the legend.I will purchase n will quench my thirst.

Farah Beal said...

Poor Om Puri! That he should have married such a woman! Not only is there no dubt that he is an actor of genius and one of the greatest actors in the world, he is also a very good man!
I knew Om Puri personally in the lare 1980's.
I met him backstage at the Prithvi Theater where he had just given a zesty and superb perfomance in a comedy.
He gave me his phone number without any fuss, and when I clled, he agreed to meet me at the Taj mahal Hotel for an interview.
On subsequent occasions he even visited my homeand we also met at Bollywood parties.
Even when "Ardha Satya" was all the rage, he was a simple, unostentatious man who was always himself, and he had a heart of gold.
Oh Om,you can have any woman in the world that you want!
Men like you belong to the world, and not just to one lucky (and ait turned out, unworthy) person.

Farah Beal said...

Shobhaa De has nothing but admiration for Om Puri!
It is his wife's betrayal of her wonderful husband that she has condemned.
And I do too!
Om Puri, the whole world loves you.
Divorce your unworthy wife.
You belong to the world and you can have any woman in the world that you want.
Stay single and enjoy your freedom.
Please don't mmake the mistake of giving up your freedom ever again!
Farah Beal

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