Friday, July 8, 2011

Madhuri and moi at Remembering M.F.Husain

Madhuri Dixit's timing couldn't have been better! There I was at the podium in the middle of a sweet anecdote ( we all have our favourite Husain stories) about M.F.Husain, and how he had come to our home with the 'Gajagamini' dvd and talked for close to three hours about his love for Madhuri and the true meaning of 'mohabbat'.Boom! As if on cue, Madhuri walked in with her small entourage. She took her place in the front row gracefully and smiled through the narrative. Since Madhuri wasn't a scheduled speaker, I requested one of the organisers to invite her to say a few words about the great artist who was fida over her ( after checking with her, of course). She graciously agreed, and even though she had not formulated a speech, she spoke spontaneously and from the heart. She really is in a league of her own - refined, mature, intelligent. Class always tells.
It was a very special evening, and I am happy to report, the main hall of the famous Jehangir Art Gallery was packed to the rafters with genuine friends and admirers of Husainsaab ( including 200 students!). The speeches were patchy, but Nadira Babber's was outstanding ( even if , as a senior theatre artist, she had probably rehearsed every word and dramatic pause!).
I am off to the Star Majhaa Awards. And looking forward to meeting Anna Hazare. I want to figure out for myself what his magic is all about. If possible, I shall tell him to call off his threatened fast. That tactic will no longer work - not even with his countless admirers.


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Farha Khan said...

Both of u r looking gorgeous :)

Uppal said...

Hi Shobhaa,liked the pic of you and Madhuri.No doubt Madhuri,s persona is a rare blend of beauty, charm,talent,poise and intellect.Any timing'd be perfect for her. Good luck for your meeting with dear Anna!!!

Balaka said...

Hi Shobhaa,really nice pic. Genuineness is such a beauty which always falls short of words or art for appreciation, perhaps that is what Hussain Saab tried to share or spread all throughout his life. Ditto for you and Madhuri in their respective fields,straight from the heart...just wish and Pray that all such hearts connect in a straight line and polarize all other random points to extend the line even further..Amen..

Radhika Gupta said...

you both look so elegant in that pic... have a nice meet with anna hazare..!!

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Bidding farewell to a great artist with.... may be, he will be missing these hoors in jannath:)
U rightly said that Anna saheb has done is job and let the Govt. do its job.

Harman said...

nice picture,People will always remember ..Hussian Sahib..Agreat artist of all times..
what a lovely tribute!

goodluck said...

You are looking more glamorous.

Tsomo85 said...

Two stunning ladies! Have fun meeting Anna & please share your opinion with us! Always enjoy reading your blog!

Pooja Rathore said...

I admire madhuri she is an inspiration.she has achieved a lot and made a place for herself and the qualities you have mentioned about her played a big role in putting her where she is today god bless her.
you are a sweetheart , a friend i liked the way you dressed up ( somehow a saree makes a point).
waiting to hear your take on our dearest Anna Hazare!

The Panorama said...

MF Hussain was a great artist and it saddens me no end that he died in exile. India failed him.

I have always adored Madhuri of my favourite actresses!

Now, I cant wait to read your post on Anna Hazare!!
PS: You both look lovely in the pic.

Ambika said...

I fail to see the magic of Anna. I had met him as a hopeful, optimistic student when he first cmae out against Maharashtra's political leaders.
After that meet and what Anna Hazare has been saying and how he has been saying...I can describe him as a loose "cannonball".

goodluck said...

Anna must concentrate on black money first and we want to see 26 names whom government is trying to protect by all means. That 26 names holds the key.

Divya Virmani said...

Madhuri looks stunning in this always! Wouldn't comment on you at all since you already know how to look 30 even at the age of 60. Madhuri on the other hand is a true inspiration. There's no dancer like her in the entire industry. She literally holds the number 1 spot anytime, anyday... doubt anyone would disagree with me!?!


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