Saturday, July 9, 2011

SAP it up!

This is an overdue post! Apologies. Sooooooo much happens... and so fast. There's the Proust Questionnaire with moi that appears in The Hindu today, and my review of Arvind Adiga's book, 'Last Man in Tower' which is in the India Express. Both will be up tomorrow. But for now, let me just share my SAP experience with you. It's a pity I was felled by a coughing fit towards the end of my presentation ( and I am not blaming Bangalore's infamous pollen for it, please note!), but I was truly zapped by SAP - the super fabulous 23 -acre campus ( a birdwatcher's paradise - yes, it's that environment friendly!), and the dynamism of Ferose V.R. , the 37-year-old M.D. who keeps his 4,000 plus flock motivated and competitive through various creative initiatives, like the Book Club ( passionately driven by Sumeet Shetty, who seems to have read every book ever written by anyone!). These are the two guys in the pictures. During my short visit, I got the chance to see leadership in action.... and lots of smiles!
I bet you are waiting to read about my Anna Hazare encounter. Ummmm - what if I told you I found Nana Patekar ( who was the chief guest at the STAR MAJHAA Awards) more impressive? In fact, Nana was brilliant! More about both of them in a day or two.


obssesor said...

Nana is any day a better bet.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

kuch lete kyon nahi? Vicks hai naaaa:)

Tsomo85 said...

"Sala ek machar admi ko hichra bana thi"
Looking forward to read more!

Anonymous said...

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Manjiri Kale said...

Abhinandan...... :-)

blue sky thinking said...

Anna is man of action, Nana plays his part (well) on the screen.

Wouldn't it be a surprise, if the dim fashion bimbo chose real apple over a movie orange

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