Friday, December 21, 2012

What an outstanding professional! Every single person present at Crossword last evening went away singing the praises of Manoj Bajpayee. Here's one actor who could teach a thing or two to several of his contemporaries - acting skills, of course, and more importantly, just basic good manners. His reading from Sethji went off swimmingly well. Author Namita Devidayal provided able support, as she stayed ''ín character'( Amrita's) and confessed she had come bra-less to the event! Manoj spoke with transparent sincerity and responded to audience questions with candour and good humour. It was a terrific session.... after which my husband and I headed out to Amadeus for a celebratory glass of wine ( Chilean).
The weather is great in Mumbai right now... and we are planning to make the most of it!
From tomorrow, I shall take a break from this space for a few days , and chill at our home in Alibag.
 Catch you soon.
 And have a wonderful X'Mas, blogdosts! 


Pooja Rathore said...

Great manoj Bajpayee.
Sethji is on(now that i am done with my exams),i have a song on my lips straight from sethji...i just loved makes me laugh..the song...My body....your body need for anybody...wah De what lyrics...superhit!
looking good in the pic,Manoj neat...professional!

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