Wednesday, May 15, 2013

He's too sexy for his dish dash!

        Too handsome for his own good!
Here’s a small test : Who is Omar Borkan Al Gala? If that name rings a bell, chances are you are a twenty-something, net-savvy female. I stumbled across the name and image of this person when I noticed my youngest daughter’s status. It read ‘Yummy!” This single word was positioned under a photograph of a staggeringly good looking young Arab with a rakish half-smile and fussily trimmed beard. I confess I was a little startled by her open admission of…. shall we say, unadulterated lust? I decided to conduct my own ‘research’ and discovered more about this international  headline grabber . Omar shot to fame after he was anointed the most desired poster boy du jour by females across the globe. This was right after being thrown out of   the annual Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival in Riyadh. His ‘crime’? His incredible good looks! Authorities feared this young guy (and two other men) were a bit too attractive, too hot to handle, for the delicate local ladies at the Festival! That is just so hilarious!What did the organizers imagine?That women in droves would attack these hunks? Molest them? Rob them of their virtue? Oooooh! The terrible weakness of  out-of-control, lustful women. Ha! Surely this incident marks an international first? I cannot recall another occasion when a man was penalized for his amazing looks! It’s another matter that Omar Borkan has shot to global fame overnight and become an obsession across continents! He has been promptly grabbed by international showbiz agents ready to flog his recent super celebrity status and make big bucks out of  it. A movie role and more….
 Years ago, I had a really fun night in London at what was then considered a pretty risqué men’s striptease club in Soho.  It was a riot! There were at least six bachelorette parties in full swing that evening, which meant it was a crowd of  exaggeratedly rowdy ( read: inebriated)  women, whistling and hooting each time a new act opened on the small stage. The ‘act’ didn’t go beyond a bunch of musclemen stripping off their clothes to throbbing music. As each item of clothing was peeled off, there were prolonged shrieks from the ladies. Since there were six brides in the audience, the strippers made sure to come up and give each one a special treat (let’s leave out details!). Some of those men were seriously well endowed and good looking ( think John Abraham and Akshay Kumar playing male escorts in Desi Boyz). High spirited ladies were placing bids and wondering how much it would cost to take a couple of these fellows home. It was taken in the right spirit – no offence meant, none taken. At the end of the show, most women staggered off to the nearest bar to giggle some more… and prolong the innocent madness of the evening.
Saudi Arabia is a different destination. And this is not to compare cultures or judge them. It is just amusing to note the high levels of male suspicion and fear in Riyadh. While pretending to ‘protect’ local women from swooning at the feet of these men and surrendering to Adonis-like predators from across the border, the organizers were in fact displaying their own paranoia and insecurity. One wonders to what extent they’ll go in future to ensure good looking guys stay away from Riyadh? Will they scan submitted pictures before issuing passes? Will there be an all male screening committee at the venue scrutinizing visitors and sifting Greek Gods from ornery hoi polloi?? Will they come up with a tax on good looks? What about the women? Nobody knows their views . Have they admitted their weakness and confessed they were unable to concentrate on a thing with Omar and his pals prowling the grounds? Poor , deprived women. Can something similar happen in India? Heaven forbid!
My eyes are peeled. I am looking out for Omar sightings. Where will this dishy guy in a dish dash pop up next? My curiosity has peaked. I have noticed my daughter’s fresh updates featuring a whole new set of Omar images.  With each new photo session, he changes his fashionable head gear. From blood red to dune brown. His kohl- lined eyes smoulder and smoke at the lens . He is looking like a million bucks – and probably charging as much. We have countless Omars in India. Fortunately, nobody dares stop us from drooling – yes - even in public. Arjun Rampal  has just topped the  polls as 2012’s Most Desirable Man. Arjun’s gorgeous. But Omar is better. He should definitely come to India. He’ll we welcomed with open arms. Most of them female. But, why leave out equally besotted men?


Arshad Usmani said...

A thing of beauty can be a curse forever.

Read my little article:

Anonymous said...

This blog is lovely, Shobhaa!

Hulks with an attitude always attract young girls.

I have seen this happen ... right from the days I went to college in what had been Bombay.

In the early seventies, the in-thing with the girls was a bit different. Rajesh Khanna was the darling of the teenie boppers.

I consulted a shrink to discern the behavioural pattern.

The lady psychiatrist said something thus:

"Most girls would like to be mothers to the 'somewhat lost looking, men with a decent amount of effeminate characteristic'. Most of the teenagers try to be its exact opposite - showing off their manly traits. That is something the gals would like to avoid like plague as the trend triggers a fear psychosis ... as to what the man could do at home as a husband ... perhaps be a wife-beater? So, the girls would want someone with a chocolate image ... a guy who seems completely harmless and a mixture of clownishness and some smartness. Rajesh Khanna is exactly that in his movies. So the girls are going ga-ga over him."

Soon Amitabh overtook Kaka ... as the angry-young-man.

The psychiatrist explained the phenomenon.

"The sixties had the diffident politician ... who kind of made it big under the rather brow-beating presence of Indira Gandhi. Example President VV Giri. Those who opposed the woman power [example Morarji Desai] had lost out and lost out big. [One could fault his rather notorious urine-therapy, but we shall let that pass.] The girls went for Kaka then and the boy Vasus had to herd them to the cinema making the turnstiles work. Then came the unemployment and a frustrated youth on a national scale wanted to get even. More girls were getting either verbally abused by roadside romeos or occasionally groped while travelling by buses. So they looked for protection from a strong male character who bash up the baddies. In came Amitabh. Actually Dharmendra had the same image ... but he had belonged to an earlier era - so when the image changeover happened, he lost out. Plus, Amitabh could act better."

Perhaps, the trends have changed now.

Perhaps the girls like the rakish guys or the somewhat promiscuous chaps - like say Aamir or Shah Rukh or the Arab chap you mentioned.

I had written two short stories on this phenomenon.

Here are the links:

Santhosh_vijay said...

Ravi Patel said...

With all the modesty at your majesty's command, your highness must confess that the Omar saga has put paid to ever, this unbelieving kafir being allowed into that enlightened 29th and a half century abode of the most pristine believers and the ultimate spiritual homeland of a multitude of the most tolerant and accommodating devotees the solar system has ever encountered. With a tinge of bitterness embedded in me, I will forever regret my inability to storm that divine abode to be ogled at and be seduced by a plethora of beautiful Burkha clad temptresses. With a feisty Sardarni in tow, not that I would have fallen for any of such naughty peccadilloes!

Kalpana Misra said...

I love all the fun and commentary surrounding this hunk - who's obviously a marketing whiz. He was one of three who were deported for being 'too handsome' 0 but we know nothing about the others.
Here we are girls - happily objectifying men, the way they objectify us - and why not? Anything goes - if it's lighthearted and friendly.

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