Saturday, May 4, 2013

What do we do with our neighbours and netas...?

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                                  What do we do with our neighbours and netas???
Now that the Punjab Government has declared Sarabjit Singh a martyr and given him a state funeral, tension levels on both sides of the border are bound to escalate, till one or the other blinks. India has been blinking a lot of late. The official Pakistani version is that Sarabjit Singh, who was brutally attacked by co-prisoners inside the Jinnah jail in Lahore , died during a ‘scuffle’. He was referred to as a ‘terrorist’ on several panel discussions and we were casually told that such things ‘happen’. This, at a time when he was in a coma with no hope of recovery ( murderous head injuries had made sure of that). Despite this blatant display of  inhumanity , Pakistani spokespersons tried to make light of the matter . Fact remains Sarabjit was killed in cold blood . Pakistani authorities compounded the tragedy by failing to extend plain decency to Sarabjit’s mother, wife and young daughters, when they went across the border to plead with them  to  allow a seriously injured man to return to his own country, his own people. Today,while we are aghast at the heartlessness of it all,  are we,on our part ready to ask ourselves a few tough questions? Could Sarabjit Singh’s life have been saved had our government handled the case better? The answer is obvious: as usual we screwed up on every level and on all fronts.Yes, we should have stepped in much earlier. Yes, we should have taken more interest in the case, especially after Azmal Kasab and Afzal Guru were hanged. Yes, we could have saved him. But we were indifferent and did nothing. In a way, the Indian Government is also responsible for Sarabjit Singh’s murder.  Sarabjit Singh was killed twice over – by Pakistan and India.
While we are dealing with details of this tragedy, another one has been playing out simultaneously on the streets of  Delhi.The brazen and shocking acquittal of Sajjan Kumar ( accused of having been one of the key perpetrators of violence during the 1984 riots that killed over 3000 Sikhs) rocked the Capital the day the judgment was announced.  Considering this acquittal came at the end of 29 long years  of  bungling, lies and waffling, there was not just outrage and anger displayed by Sikh protestors, but something deeper and graver. If we choose to keep our blinkers on and exonerate this bekaar sarkar, then we are inviting trouble. Big trouble.  Today, we are soft peddling an aggressive Chinese intrusion into Indian territory in Ladakh. We are ignoring the seething rage expressed by a deeply distressed and disillusioned Sikh community which can lead to further alienation in Punjab . Add to that the growing problem of  illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, simmering resentment in Sri Lanka ( will the prickly Tamil issue ever be solved?), and we have an India that is effectively gheraoed on all sides by  neighbours who loathe us and distrust our every move. This is an awful situation to be in. And to think we have brought it upon ourselves.
The thing is, even if Manmohan ( Fevicol) Singh finally listens to the raucous chorus of critics who want him to resign forthwith, and quits, will that solve a thing? Day after day, we demand resignations from our leaders. By doing that, we are in fact, letting them off the hook a bit too easily. There is nothing heroic about resigning. If anything, it’s a cop out. A resignation that culminates in a fair trial  has some matlab. But just a token throwing in of papers is meaningless. When leaders are accused of misdemeanours and crimes, they are obliged to explain. Same as everyone else. The problem in India is nobody dares to nail netas . Who has the guts to nab even one of the Big Boys?  An Arvind Kejriwal can name names and get members of his team to bring up issues and personalities on television. But Arvind has zero clout. And no resources to fight the powerful. He may have public support. But that’s never enough. Going after even a chhota mota player, forget the prime minister , requires enormous will and more importantly, pots of serious money. Today, there is really no difference between our various political parties or leaders. They are all terrible.There is no ideology. No commitment. No vision. And worst of all, there is no ‘sharam’. When levels of shamelessness are this high, every crook and scoundrel in and out of government is protected. That being a given, nobody is scared. The culprits  know that after a few weeks of protests and demands for resignations, it will be back to dirty business as usual. Every neta has dope on every other neta. They also have dope on journalists and media owners. Whether it is the self righteous BJP persons or the complacent Congresswallas, both operate on the same principle – you open your mouth and I’ll open mine. The interests of the country be damned.

But despite widespread cynicism, mercifully there are still a few untainted, independent voices left in the country. Occasionally, one gets lucky and hears them. Those voices are pretty confident there will be a genuine and major parivartan (not the Mamata variety!) soon. The abominable and high handed handling of  both the Sajjan Kumar and Sarabjit Singh cases may prove to be the tipping point. With the Sikhs on the boil and Punjab once again on the brink of  revolt, some instant and convincing damage control is desperately needed. If that requires Manmohan Singh to show the way and step down with what’s left of his tattered dignity , it would be worth doing. Before it’s too late for him. And too late for India.


Drunkard cliques said...

Choose your Friend before you Choose your path
Choose your neighbor before you choose your home
Choose your candidate before you choose to vote

Its all priorities hanging in the mid sky DE mam......

Vaishali said...

Well said, "Sarabjit Singh was killed twice over – by Pakistan and India."

Yes, he could have been saved. Even our government killed him slowly and mercilessly.

Arshad Usmani said...
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Arshad Usmani said...

India is responsible too. Thats right too. When anything happens we just blame others and be indifferent. Nobody wants to take stand besides nobody can take. Becoz big neighbours and big netas are there as big brothers. Inland people are behaving like bigger enemy what to think of Pakistanians. Many could have been saved. But people are dying. And we keep watching. How long! It's time now. Don't let it go. Let's go!

Karanvir Kour said...

If we would have taken some prevention before this incident then Indian government would have saved him

Pooja Rathore said...

i liked your saree the most (good mix neither too traditional nor too modern a good mix ,sober yet makes an impact) ,Arundhati 's was bit too traditional(but beautiful) and rest of ladies looked fine.great pic i must say!

Pooja Rathore said...

God alone knows where our country is heading,your post is bang on ,the congress govt has been huge disappointment and the Prime minister only comments on the situations but no action(as usual its become a habit to remain detached ),somehow the general atmosphere of our country is bad..but onething is for sure cong will not come to power again this time they have messed up very badly and no mercy to them ,congress has failed miserably.

Unknown said...

How do you know government did not try to rescue sarbjit? If you are reading newspapers regularly, you would have read government always brought up sarabjit's issue when there were talks between Pakistan and India. He was in their hands and we cant nuke Pakistan as some foolish people are suggesting. Have we not hanged muslim terrorists like Kasab and Guru and are going soft on LTTE, Naxalites and others? What about Srikrishna commission and Modi is being eulogised by the paid media. As for sikhs and sajjan singh, it is the courts that let him off as the witnesses bumbled and fumbled. Instead of protesting near the court that acquitted him, they are protesting against congress leaders as if they are the judges who let him off. Instead of blaming the government for everything, go through events in historic order and also read every bit of real news.

Vishal Khedkar said...

For Singh's acquittal govt is not responsible since it is the decision of our judiciary. Yes the govt could take Sarabjit's case more seriously but its not only about a single person in jail. May be we forget those Hindu Pakistanis dont want to go back. It must be addressed at larger level not just between two govt but between peoples of the two countries..

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Shabrish Nair said...

Read this, a reel tribute to Sarbjit Singh.