Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jai Durga!!

Sorry guys.... but absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, right? Am glad I have been missed by some of you. It's been super hectic (so.... what else is new?).... from the Raj Thackeray interview and its wild repercussions (you really don't want to know!), to the launch of my new saree collection, aptly titled the Superstar Saree ( milk it to the hilt while the going is good, what?), to attending Tina Ambani's Silver Awards for senior citizens ( made to salsa for some really inexplicable reason), to visiting the Puja Badi at the Tejpal for our annual Ashtami darshan of the Devi, it has been excessive and intense. My eyes are shutting as I key this in - but you know what? I was in withdrawal , too! Really, really missing this space. Glad to back on it, even for a brief posting. I met Jaya B at the Tina A function.... and it was a warm and very Bong encounter as she wished me Shubho Ashtami. Amar Singh, I noticed has tiny, perfectly manicured, womanly hands, with neatly filed long nails. They don't go with the rest of him. Maharahtra's new guv must have lost the plot because he quoted Ulysses and pleaded against old age homes, saying our kids ought to be responsible for us, and look after us when we are really, really old..... after all that we have sacrificed for them. Gosh! Which world is he living in?? He is 78 and very dapper. But someone forgot to tell him Tina's entire initiative is focused on senior citizen care and old age homes!! Dev Anand 'emoted' wonderfully, like he was back playing 'Guide', and a horror called Sudha Chandran (dressed in a lurex tuxedo worn over a ghastly saree!!!!) made for a really OTT compere. While Dev's heroine from 'Guide, the gracious Waheeda Rehman was completely ignored. Parmeshwar looked ravishing, but was wearing fashionably torn jeans and her trademark beret to this function (!). Khair... I feel like Ravindra Natya Mandir is my new home. I mean.... twice in a week is a bit much, don't you think?? Jai Durga. I am all set to hear Placido Domingo over the weekend and dine with Zubin Mehta tomorrow night. It's a hard life!! Ciao, ciao my lovelies...


ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Waaooo! Ms. De I was just complaining to **Aham** about you, and here you are! Were your ears burning?

Somehow, my idea of India doesn't include senior citizen homes. When did they come about? I mean I had heard of them from all (reminder I haven't visited India since 1997) but still failed to picture them in MY INDIA! Chalo, atleast Tina is doing something productive, glad to know that. Though, just the idea of such homes depresses me. I remember in high school we had to volunteer in one such place for a semester - and that was truly a damper on my mood for the whole year. But seriously we do need to take care of our parents, they took care of us, right? As much as I dislike of Arjun Singh - I agree to him in this point. Though, it was the wrong venue to speak about it! What's new Arjun? I know my mom is staying with me, for as long as I am alive. That's all.

How come JB turned bong? Wasn't she just UP-waasi recently? How come she didn't wish you shubh aashtami in hindi? Hmmmmm... Was RT right? Anyway, enjoy your date with Zubin, though I wish it was me instead of you, geniunely!

DO TELL THOUGH - about the 'wild repercussions' with the RT interview. I am always up for some juicy gossip. Don't disappear for too long! P.S. I am here and back, with a new permanent crown (on my tooth!)

Anonymous said...

Jai Durga

Anonymous said...

Tell naaaaa? Kya wild and junglee repercussions hua?

Ahhhh Placidio... like honey in limbu paani. Lovely!

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

OOOh and you looked lovely in the purple sari at the sari collection launch... Blue bindi... totally unexpected and nice... saw the video... and saw a friend on it too.

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

well I am very sorry for Sudha Chandaran's limbs but even I feel she looks horrendous!! With that fat rounded south Indian bindi to her intense make up and cat eyes- OMG! She is so not cool!
Well if Amar's hands won't be soft and silky then who do you think will you think have those type of hands??Jayalalitha? Well may be- the secret of that is they have now become tired in head and in physique minting MONEY! Lol

ugich konitari said...


"Its a hard life!"....


*Aham* said...

Yes yes, Ek ladki... has been complaining about your blog chuppi. Glad that you are back.

About the Raj interview, it was De, De everywhere.. you would've committed suicide if you heard one of the renowned TV channels (read India TV) mein coverage. It was hilarious... the sound effects, the visuals... it was all so hilarious.

Superstar Sarees by SuperStaarini De... if i was a chokri, id have grabbed it and draped it... do u design the sarees yourself, or are just endorsing???

Regarding Tina Anand Khanna Ambani event... Amar Singh's hands.. hehehheheh.. your eyes no... what do we call it "Teekhi Nazar"...

Sudha Chandran, I have been following her closely since her naachey mayuri days... she has been immortalized in school textbooks... and with no second thoughts we salute her spirit... but but but.. i wonder what happened to her suddenly... She has the bottom of AASa paarekh, the top of Vidya Sinha... and her dressing sense.. my goodness. Gory! ewww...

She couldn't easily taken to writing or acting in some "substance" roles. Some of the movies that she has done are "Quid mein hai bulbull", "Pati Parmeshwar", "Phoolan Hasina Ramkali".. now, do we need to know of the content of these movies... she couldve easily reached ranks of shobana and revathy.. but her choice... at one point i thought she would become the next silk smitha... The celebrated daughter of a librarian, like this. Bad. Bad.

Maharashtra's gov.. ? ohh they are expected to be learned... not like the CMs and such a statement... from him is a pity.

Nikhil said...

Hi, Sorry my message is not connected to the posted item. Its just that I had reviewed your book Superstar India in 'Citadel'. Do take a look - http://authornikhilkhanna.blogspot.com/

I have a request, which I sent as a message on facebook. tc.

Anonymous said...

how do you mananage to look like a million bucks even now???

hey!we look forward to you acerbic quotes on our filmstars.

whatever happened to your pen dipped in acid??

i feel your posts have become too tame for comfort...anyone agrees with me?


Anonymous said...

Jai Durga.

This wasn't a spicy post. To use a word in fashion, pl "sex up" your writes, na! Write like Shobha De; what's the fun otherwise, hmmm? ;D


Anonymous said...

You have mentioned here and there in your blog, about the nature of crap being dished out of late to Indian audiences in the name of cinema, I request you to categorically write about it -- a final word, so to speak. A lengthy, detailed post.


Anonymous said...

Totally loved reading your interview with the goonda Raj. Would want to know the repercussions too, if you please.

Haan, lekin abhee kuch filmi-shilmi, gossip-wossip ho jaaye...Shobhaa masala aur tadka mar ke:-)

Cinematically Perfect.

Pri said...

ahh....updating us lesser mortals with THE times i see ;)

keep the glam rocking!!

tejaswini desai said...

i think you are the most vulgar and cheap writer i have ever come accross. Kindly use better language Honey. at least people might start respecting you then...

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Ah, I was wondering whats keeping you so busy to be away from blog and here you are :-)...Good to see you back with this small but sweet post. BTW Sudha Chandran used to be very gracious in earlier days but I agree, these days she looks nothing less than horror! Thanks to her roles in tele soaps that she looks this ghastly otherwise I used to like that lady earlier!

dreamer said...

Dasamier subheccha!!!

Anuj Talpade said...

you are plain hilarious, De!!

Was smiling ear to ear when I read the punchline of your Amar Singh hand description ... "...They don't go with the rest of him" .. and you just left it at that... very saucy, very tongue in cheek. Open to a million mean interpretations courtesy our bitchy brains!

And "a horror called Sudha Chandran" ... hahahaa .. you can be sooo nice, lady. Love you!!! And I had no idea a Tuxedo could be worn OVER a saree!!!?!!! (GULPS.)

Happy Dassera!

Pinku said...

Subho Bijaya,

the dinner with Zubin sounds like much fun, wish there was some way I could get to attend one of his programmes.

Anonymous said...

Being a newbie to ur blog i read only a few posts uptil now.
Wat strikes me as i read ur posts is -This blog is all about:Cinema,Fashion,Parties etc etc,the so called outer world that u live in.
I want to ask you a few things
When u go for the inaguration of an 'Orphanage' or an 'old age home'
did it nytime occur to you to actually do something for the 'society' apart from giving a few glances to those innocent creatures or the helpless,sick old people?
Didnt u ever feel like visiting the same orphanage the next day and actually taking up a responsible task that would benefit the society in some way?
Life is not all about living for urself and then writing for thousands to read.
It is actually sitting up and doing something for the society.

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