Friday, October 10, 2008


Mumbai has its Zeenie Baby, and the world has Zubi-baby (Zubin Mehta, to you!). It is just incredible what his presence has done to the city - people who don't know their Wagner from their gardner, are falling over themselves to somehow get an invitation to the concerts.... and the lavish dinners impeccably hosted by the Taj. The one I attended saw a terrific turn out of the culturati dressed in their arty best( Parsee garas for the ladies, band galas for the men). But it was Zubi -baby who stole the show effortlessly with his natural charm, genuine warmth and an abundance of good humour. It was only appropriate that he spoke about the two volunteers who'd wrtten out 12,000 invitation cards, undertaking the daunting task in 40 degrees heat! He invited them up on the podium because he was so overwhelmed by their commitment. The ladies were either missing or too shy, for there was a no show. Zubi broke into Bawa Gujarati and the entire Crystal Room swooned. It's called the Zubin effect. He really is most extraordinary.... I managed to get a personalised autograph that I shall cherish... and now for Domingo at the CCI. I'M KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED NOTHING UNFORTUNATE TAKES PLACE. Zubin has been commenting openly about the communal divide in Mumbai, besides the touchy language issue. There are enough fanatics out there who could stir up trouble. After all, Zubin has also been expressing his strong views on Palestine and other prickly matters. Being pro-Israel is one thing, but being so blatantly political, quite another. Musicians should make music.... and not meddle in matters that are politically sensitive.The great conductor that he is, I hope for his sake he doesn't land in a mess on account of his views.
Sigh.... why not remember the exquisite after- taste of the green apple sorbet at the banquet that had slivers of tamarind, crushed pepper and flakey red chillies adding the right piquancy to it??? Just like Zubin's theekha-meetha interviews.
I kid you not when I say I met a socialite who thought Placido was like a placebo, but was dying to show off her latest Burma rubies at the concert!


Anonymous said...

Green apple sorbet with Imli and pepper... terrific. I bet it tasted even better than terrific. Hmmmm...

Im going to try this and desify it by adding slivers of star fruit (carambola) or imli -shimli, and pepper -wepper and just the dried skins of poblano red mirchi. Anyone else want to try? A shobhaa De blog cook off... hehehehe.

Aiyoooooo@ 12,000 invites for dinners. Friends have been telling me about being invited to "intimate" dinners. HAHAHAHAHA. Unki chori padki gayee :)

Zubin's poor PR wala's must be running around like chickens with thier heads cut off to contain his politiking pronouncements. Still, its all good! Just dont get my "Honey in Limbuu Paani" Placidio in trouble.

Genuine old Parsi Garaa saris on display... lovely! I yearn to own one, wear it with an emerald brooch and all... a real genuine, antique heirloom type but I dont think I could afford a really old one ever!

I love that you do all these interesting things and tell us all about it. Reading your blog always makes me smile, yeah even when you write about people that do things that make me mad.

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

(It was only appropriate that he spoke about the two volunteers who'd wrtten out 12,000 invitation cards)
Claps !!!
red chillies ?
No No No...

Arjun said...

Ever since school days at Campion, our principals used to talk about ZUBIN MEHTA and his music (since he was an alumni).
I'm not much of a classical music affociando apart from a bit of Tchaikovsky and few compositions of Beethoven.... but my dad goes ga ga over the stuff... (he hates it when I call it stuff)!!

BTW 12000 invites is not intimate..... it's a political rally!!!

Vinay. said...

Artists are very sensitive by nature and no subject is taboo for them,regardless of the risk.I dont agree that musicians should confine themselves to music.Do you think only writers have the freedom to say anything on anything?.Some do it with pen while some go oral and yet some others with the brush like Hussian Zubin is not a baby and am sure he knows what he says.Dont spoil your sleep shobhaa baby.ciao

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

hope zubin stays safe..

well wriiten though.

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

"who thought Placido was like a placebo"

This is what I love about you. Am currently reading your book. Super star India.

one hell of a cocky 60 year old.

Luv it Luv it !!

Double Seven said...

Parsis have always done their community proud irrespective of any field that they have taken- be it my accounts tutor of high school Wadia Sir, or for that matter Ratan Tata, Nusli/ Ness Wadia, Adi Godrej and Zubin Mehta among several others big time small time- personalities! I don't know much about symphony and conducting. But after watching Zubin's interview on NDTV and also his interview to Charlie Rose, I was absolutely numb struck to watch him speak his heart and mind out ya! Like he doesn't care about what ignition it can jump-start on the political party or as such but he is too good man... And i always used to think conducting is a bull shit job and also that there's nothing so special about that useless job until I actually read about it on wikipedia.. It is actually one of the most gruesome jobs to perform in a symphony orchestra.. To hold the band together and make them play their instruments in-sync with rest all is not any child's play actually. Kudos to aaproo dikhro Jhubeen. -- 77

Anonymous said...

the end was so very funny....glad no one took Domingo for pizzas

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned the Shabana Azmi interview in a previous post-I do hope you find the time to read this:

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