Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dots and dashes

Remember guys, you asked for more pics. Well, here's one I love. I met this beautiful young girl at Moyo's in Durban, and complimented her . The face painting was subtle and stunning. She offered to paint mine and I jumped at the chance. Of course, it didn't look half as terrific on me.... but that's a different story. I'll share that pic with you, too. But only if you insist! I only trust the quality and composition of pics I shoot myself. So, when I request someone else to do the job, I get hyper-critical about their efforts, which is really not fair, considering they are doing me a favour.
It was at Moyo's that I sampled crocodile salami and ostrich samosas, besides kudu kebabs and similar local delicacies. Frankly, once was enough. I have a pretty adventurous palate, but one has to draw the line somewhere. For me, it was with crocodile meat.
I am stuck in my hotel room in South Goa. Some of you may have followed the news about the flood situation here. The shooting schedule has gone for a toss. Production just informed me the main lights are stuck at some octroi point. Shooting by the beach is not an option given the cyclonic weather, and we can't shoot indoors minus lights! Thank God for my life saver - the laptop. While I wait for the clouds to clear, all I can do is watch tv. Something I don't have the time for back in Mumbai. I watched Salman Khan's 'Dus ka Dum' (with Hema Malini and Shatrughan Sinha) for the first time, and enjoyed the episode thoroughly. Salman is an absolute natural, and far, far better as a tv host than SRK or the Big B. He is unassuming and spontaneous, charming and likeable. These qualities really bounce out and touch audiences. I get the feeling it's pretty much an unscripted show , or he is the master of improvisation. It works!! Hema looked absolutely ravishing and Shatru looked like Shatru . I had met Hema a few nights ago at Tina Ambani's Harmony Awards and admired her lovely back ( she was wearing a skimpy chantilly lace choli). As always, she carried herself with grace and dignity. On Salman's show, she was far less inhibited as she giggled, blushed and flirted with both men.
I also caught Rakhi Sawant discussing 'Indian culture' and why she refused to bed her fiance!! It was brilliant! And Eleshe, the poor Canadian Indian bakra who won Rakhi's hand in the show, was also interviewed on camera, defending himself weakly by saying he meant the lady no disrespect. Rakhi has broken off the 'engagement', her chastity intact. I love it!
Both my daughters, Avantikka and Anandita have been weeping copious tears after watching, 'Wake up, Sid'. I guess that means the movie is going to be a huge hit. Tears are good for the box office. Go to sleep, Karan. Your money is safe.


Anonymous said...

He is What He is i.e., Salman.
And an intelligent producer i.e., Karan no matter who The actor is superstar or star.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

"She offered to paint mine and I jumped at the chance. Of course, it didn't look half as terrific on me."
Wish we could see the pic:) jaane do..

And now! what is this rakhi upto? drawing the attention of even Shobhaa De:)

Zeba said...

I INSIST you upload your pic in the next post!!!! :-)

Anil Kumar said...

Rakhi Sawant didn't do that show to find a husband...She wanted to make quick bucks by flirting with few desperate bastards.

She can smooch with that NRI on another JUNK REALITY SHOW but can't go to bed with him...What kind of Indian culture you are used to Ms De??

Coming back to that Raand and other so called couples involved in the reality show "pati-patni and woh"...It's disgusting to see that people stoop to such low levels to keep 6 months old babies away from their mother and hand them over to these raand/couples for quick bucks. The producer of such programs should be hanged NAKED in public. MONEY is all that matters in this new india...It doesn't matter how it comes..

And then we have people in the print and electronic media who DEFEND these sluts and randue and admire them and want these kind of junkies should lead us in the 21st century.

I wish the arctic melts quickly and wipe out the human race from the face of this planet so that these kind of NAKED dance can be stopped forever.

obssesor said...

Yea she just didnt bed her fiance...she did just about everyone else.

maglomaniac said...

Oh man the comments are becoming too hot to handle:)
Well I said verification has nothing to do with it.
Anyways Rakhi is Rakhi.I liked the show cause it entertained me.Although at times it was sad that parents do keep coming in to help all.
What my idea wid d show was that I thought they wud be bringing orphaned children.It wud hv been sch a hlp 2 all.
And ya Salman is a real star.
I still remember when SRK called him on the sets off KBC2 as a guest.
And Salman k samne SRK was like a bheegy billi.
And yup d photo I too insist.


Unknown said...

Salman may be good in Dus Ka Dum. But the ultimate TV host is Bachchan on KBC or even maybe Big Boss. But Salman really proved to be a surprise with his energy levels. SRK is too huge for TV.

Unknown said...

Crocodile salami and ostrich samosas? EEEEEWW...

Just like the tigers are on the endangered species list largely because of the Chinese, it seems that the South Africans are determined to contribute to the extinction of crocodiles and ostriches (some sub-species are already on the list, if I remember correctly).

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Ofcourse I insist! Pichhur dikhao please?

And Hema Malini is definately one of the most physically beautiful people I have seen.

Salman Khan.. meh.. in the movies, but I have not seen him on TV except in Farah Khan's interview show where he displayed a quick wit. I guess I need to youtube this!

Still I think somewhere deep in my heart there is a resistance to liking Salman Khan because of illegal behaviours. That just colors everything for me.

Poor Elesh... ummmm Rakhi ka Swayamvar 2 was always in the cards. Imagine and Rakhi will be in the clover now that they have found a magic formula. But I still I have to be indulgent about her naively obvious career machinations. Her sexiness is as studied and "camp" as Madonna's. More than a caricature ...sort of a fun and enjoyable liveaction cartoon.

I am curious to see Big Boss with Rakhi Sawant's mother today. The other participants in the show sound strictly yawnworthy right now.Guess what I will be youtubing tonight!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Oh and... Wake up Sid... calling Mumbai, Bombay. NOT COOL!

MNS behaviour ... NOT COOL.

But Karan Johar, seriously... no attention to detail? Even "educated angrez thankyou please" bacchas who actually live in Mumbai, call it Mumbai. Darling, attention to detail is not just making sure your stylist or you shop for Louboutins and chicken kurtas for your lead stars!

Sandipan Mitra said...

Face painting picture please

Dreamer said...

OMG! Salman, a good host with that weird accent and weirder facial expressions?

Vikram Pyati said...

Waiting for ur pic :)

Balan R S said...

Shobhaa De

Watch Wake uP Sid in Kuala Lumpur Ranbir were excellent ,nice to see is colourful and freash storyline, Konkona were good 2 .If Raj kapoor is still alive he will be happy to See Ranbir,In my view no one else can carry the role bside ranbir.U GO THRU THE UP AND DOWN WITH RANBIR, it bring memory of our childhood days Konkona was briliant too.i am say lots of non indian watch here in kuala lumpur.Like u say sleep Karan. pls give your review

Unknown said...

Wake Up Sid could have been Delhi centric or even Kolkata centric. Thus KJO could have avoided the tussle with MNS. Any city in India smells dirty with whatever name we call them.
Ranbir has proved the worthy son of a worthy father.
Every dog has his or her friday.

Jogeshwar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jogeshwar said...

I also insist, please post the picture, BTW what is this paint made of?
I have also watched Salman's show once or twice but I don't get it, the answers to the questions asked can be anything. It's all guess work.

Unknown said...

mz de, absolutely show the pic. and why is big b associating himself with biggboss? it is like, y'know, hugh jackman hosting it in Oz (never!!) or sylvester stallone in the US or emma thompson in the UK - nevairr!! or even shabana azmi. too much dignity is lost when you have guests like the ones on this time - one of them was suggesting a double bed for the couple, and everyone froze when mrs sawant turned up, ismail was looking lost and so out of place. but, yes, there was some chemistry between vindu and KRK ( as the lil twerp insists on calling himself!!). and sallu bhai is charismatic/oomphmatic - his presence on the show and his treatment of his guests,par excellence. even srk and AB sometimes took potshots at their unsuspecting victims.
and thanks for mentioning ms sawant - she is true to her calling, never a dull moment!

Gajendra said...

yeah yeah...please do share the pic with us..

Chandni (Chanz) said...

yeah i agree... rakhi just wanted to make some big bucks... she has nothing in her that would make a good actress out of her...but I really admire her boldness... no matter what.

And Hema Malini has looked stunning everytime I have seen her... She is one of those "got it all" actresses...

I am not a very big fan of Salman Khan so I wouldn't really say anything about him...

And do share the pic with us... It is always a good idea to compliment someone else's photography skills... :)

Harish said...

yes yes! We insist! we want to see your phootu.

heheh! hypercritical yes yes... thats so very Capricorn. They like to do everything themselves.

Another capricorn "Salman", wins no sanman in my eyes.

But yes, he is spontaneous and untutored. Though i still feel the elegance and charishma that Big B brings in, no one else can.


Hema malini's jawaani ke jalwe never seems to end.

She is hip, young and happening.

did you catch Rakhiji's maata ji on Big Boss! you should... you would really appreciate the genes that rakhi wears.

rakhi anyway is sabhyata ki moorat, who just waits for a mahurat to break the naariyal and create a conttroversy. But we enjoy it, and thats what she wants... She wins hands down...

Elesh i love watching such murgas being hooked booked and cooked.

Its always wonderful to witness the ageold drama of a foolish man smitten by a smart WAAT MAARING woman!


ou havent watched Wake Up Sid! It captures Mumba Devi in the best possible light.

Im sick and tired of silly fights over nomenclature. Let them call the city anything...

Bombay Sounds good on the ears and fits in teh tempo of the film. Though I dont feel it matters at all call her Mumba Devi, Bom Bahai,Bombay, Mumbai or whatever, what is needed is that she wins teh respect that she rightfully deserves, not by illegible politics, but by meaningful reforms.

Latha said...

Oh Shobhaa,
Looks like you've eaten everything except elephants & humans or have you.......?
Those 'Kudus' are antelopes with long, curved horns. I wonder how they kill such a beautiful animal.

SUFFIX said...

While in Rome be Rome!! Same goes here for Shobha's African trip, Oh my goodness you have eaten those crocodile meat? yucky...!!

The winky show of Rakhi, all those poor guys, still cant believe, is the show really real!!

Vinay. said...

paint or no paint
your zest and enthu make you the best
rush the photo, we insist

Srushti Rao said...

Yes please share the photograph with us...

Salman is as always amazing. He just provides that freshness to TV shows and he is such a sweetheart and a natural :D. I loved him in Wanted as well... looked like a complete super cool dude.

Rakhi sawant should get Super Nautanki award with all her claims... And yes the "Chatity Intact" bit is funny. Given all that closeness they share on camera, wonder if things are ok with both of theirs hormones if nothing happened between them ;)

I have seen Wake Up Sid and it is a lovely movie. Three cheers to Ranbir Kapoor for a great performance. Loved him totally and he stole the show. A simple story told very simply. No complications and no melodrama.

Harish said...

@srushti De Taali...

In wake Up Sid, when ranbir kapoor visited his mom, i expected some song and dance... and also some aandhi and toofaan... But none happened...

If it was some other K Jo Flick, there would have been "Ek baar firse mujhe kahoo - MAA... Maaa... Maaa...." hahhaha

Pooja Rathore said...

I completely agree with you , salman is better than Big B and SRK . With Big B he talks well but there is something about him.... he wil not let u get closer to him . AS for SRK the scorpion no matter what he does he is secretive and cant open up after a point and salman (capri) is natural , between capri,libra and scorpio the goat(capricorn) wins.
Hemamalini iam knowing more about her and other celebrities as iam currently reading Selective Memories will comment more once i finish the book and yes photo please!

Madhu said...

Please do post your picture with dace painting! We would love to see it.
I did it too in some small town in Andhra Pradesh and loved it but I wasn't looking half as good as those people.

Well Elesh...My husband was wondering if he should call him home for coffee. He is a Canadian and felt super-pity that Elesh had fell for Rakhi. (like Elseh hasn't got anything better to do)

Madhu said...

face painting**

लिना said...

photo pleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ketaki... said...

Hey Shobhaa,

Go on and post that pic.. :) We'd love to see that face painting of yours..
As for Wake up Sid, yaar I donno there are these movies, you know how those movies are going to turn out even before they are released.. 'Wake up' is one of those kinds and frankly, I couldn't associate with anyone from the movie..
Maybe that's because 90% of Indian kids aren't brought up the way Sid is, they are more aware of financial crunches and their responsibilities when they grow up..

Unknown said...

I guess you too wanted to post ur picture thats y u imposed dis condition so "no plz do not share it..." hahaha

Yups "Wake up Sid" is like old wine with new label and great taste.

The gal in d pic is really lovely and so innocent

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