Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gorgeous girls in Goa...

So here's another image of Durban that I shot just outside the museum of Tribal African Arts. I went berserk inside the museum, stunned by the beauty of the products on display, especiallythe Zulu beadwork. Earlier , I had bought loads of painted wooden bangles, this time it would be dozens of earrings and necklaces in exquisite colours. Our own tribal communities also create magic with beads and wood. We see them as cheap handicrafts, when they deserve to be

elevated to being recognised as art.


Here in Goa, the days and nights slip away languidly. I have lost track of time and space. Our shoots seem never ending... but when I see the results on the monitor, the effort is entirely worth it. Since the traumatic elimination rounds have begun, my heart goes out to the girls who have to be packed off at the end of each episode. The bearer of bad news is co-judge Milind Soman. Perhaps that softens the blow somewhat since all the contestants have a huge crush on him.... and at least they get to kiss him a lingering goodbye after taking their time sobbing on his shoulder. Small consolation. I marvel at their spunk and spirit, though. It cannot be easy facing a jury clad in nothing more substantial than the teeniest- weeniest of bikinis (you know the ones I mean - three triangles). There they are, virtually stripped off whatever modesty that's left, answering pretty tough questions about their own imperfections!! But you now what?? These young women are made of pretty stern stuff. They don't blink while listening to the worst criticism and have not cracked under pressure .... so far. The game just got tougher, so let's see who exits tonight. I have been told it's going to be one looooooong episode( which means we may shoot till dawn). I don't mind. I am a creature of the night. The moon is looking glorious and the girls are giggly and gorgeous. Don't you wish you were here??? Come on.... be honest!


obssesor said...

Absolutely! You have no clue how much!

*Aham* said...

Milind is a Tuff guy... hope he doesnt tangle up with a serpent there. With reality shows thriving on cheap publicity, id not be surprised if they make up an affair with one of the damsels and make an icchadhari naagin of an bikini-dhaari abla naari. Fingers crossed.


i toh know, you wouldnt be that harsh. and if you do, youd do that with a heavy heart.


O i so wish I was there... just keep the girls with you locked in a room. Just leave me alone with Milind.

P said...

sounds like fun! though i never quite understood these "beauty/body contest"! Seems crass to me but not when others do it... i just cant see myself attempting to shape up for total strangers and listening to their "judgments"! No disrepect intended. On the contrary I admire these women for their courage and dedication :)
occasionally i do wish i had in me to walk the ramp but these fleeting musings pass as soon as the "diet" concept comes even close to reality! Instead i convince myself that i am lot more cerebral and console myself! :D

Anonymous said...

Silence - The better when The moon is looking glorious.

Jean-Pierre said...

Nice picture of Durban sunset. But where's the picture of the Zulu beads?

avidblogger said...

Wow !! You really seem to be having a great time there. Is this going to be telecast on TV at some point of time??

Christine said...

Hi Shobhaa, same question as above- when will this be telecast?Might be able to catch it on you tube.. whats the name of the contest?

Digistrom said...

"It cannot be easy facing a jury clad in nothing more substantial than the teeniest- weeniest of bikinis (you know the ones I mean - three triangles.."

I think some punctuation is called for here... Ha ha! :P

ms said...

mz de, just saw "inglourious basterds" and laughed at all the stuff that is not PC. his movies have that effect. suddenly realised where the climax of "kaminay" came from, sorry, what "inspired" kaminay. also agree with your review of "wake up sid" - why are so many indian films portraying Cougars? y'know, older women. and yes, bikini-clad young things have nerves of steel when it comes to donning a designer's creation, but such a torrent of tears when they hear the dreaded "E" word-eliminated!!

Theyoginme said...

I would go to Goa anytime... especially monsoon...where exactly are you? South or North? Don't you think there is a link between our tribal culture and that of Africa in terms of art?

The unsure ascetic said...

Can you help me get a free pass for this show?

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Joy...Joy...Enjoy Shobha.......!!

sanjuayyar said...

Do dig into some great crab at Martin's Corner or Zeebop by the Sea!
Provided you're fed up with Dr.Mallya's over-hospitality, that is!

Peter Williams Amalraj said...

Don't you wish you were here??? Come on.... be honest!

Well.. Very much i wannabe there ..beach and girls .. he..he..

But honestly not in a reality show shoot..

virtually stripped off whatever modesty that's left... These young women are made of pretty stern stuff...

Can't think of such woman... May be with some real woman i wish i am there ;)..

gb said...

hi shobaji
what i like most about u is that u enjoy life freely without any hassles. yur references to sexual content are very inteesting and lewd. i enjoy your style of writing. I was thrilled to read your perhaps 1st novel 'socialite'.
u r in reality a freelance journalist.

Shalini said...

of course wanna be there !!!!!! recently came across your blog and loved going thru your posts !!!

they are simple, honest and fun to read !!!

Keep them coming :)

kala said...

Goa is a place of white beaches, dark drugs and laidback lifestyles. It is a well balanced state with hindu and christian populations balancing each other and keeping ugly religious passions in control. We must thank portuguese rulers and missionaries for making Goa like this. Otherwise this beautiful state would have completely gone into the hands of crazy extremists. Goa is the bridge between Karnataka and Maharashtra making it a sort of neutral Switzerland. If Switzerland boasts of untaxed money, Goa boasts of nirvana. Lotus eaters, we love you.

kala said...

Are the girls exhibiting their sexuality or their correct bodies?

They are trying to protect their modesty with triangles. Good mathematics or bad geometry?

They seem to be tough. But are they so really?
After the show ends, what happens to them? I hope Mallya will take them as air hostesses or ground hostesses.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

LOL @ Digistrom! That was funny about the punctuation.

Perhaps that is how the contestants were imagining the jury. Good for the contestants nerves :) Though imagining some jury members in three triangles might have been much too traumatic!

If I was a contestant I would have used the excuse of that mental image being too traumatic and run straight into the arms of *sigh* Milind *sigh* Soman!

Ohhh Milind Soman....Excuse me a minute while I wipe the drool off my wrinkly chin!

Shobhaa, I would love to see a picture of the beads.

Sidhusaaheb said...

I was going to ask who were the ones wearing the bikinies, the judges or the contestants, but Digistrom beat me to it.


Sidhusaaheb said...

Some pearls of wisdom for the contestants:

"If you really want to be depressed, weigh yourself in grams."

- Jason Love

санжог said...

when you say they are stripped of modesty, I don't agree with that. First they must have decided on their own, Second when a girl stands in front of you in almost nothing, its like a test of your own sanity, it is hard, but atleast you learn to see a woman as a person first.

It is good to see that India is coming out of its conservative shell.

abby said...

Fabulous bloggging going on in here!!. I entered into this menagerie of blog maniacs today itself and am really enjoying the zeal with which you write. I have cherished all your previous works especially "Superstar India". That book is quite a work to marvel at!!I must say you are worth all the socialy active ladies put together. Todays India needs just 10 Shobhaa Des to be an epicenture of prosperity. Why just 10? Because 10 would suffice!!
No-nonsense and upfront. This is what your writings relflect. Spouse and Surviving Men were cogent too. But I really didnt understant as to why men were viewed as such egregious and disgusting creatures in "Surviving Men". Ans yes..seems like you too have a "s" fixation just like Ekta Kapoor for "k"..

mahatru said...

Hey Kala

ofcourse its good Geometry.........donno for gals but for Mallya sure it is.....lolllzzzz

Can't a saree clad gal b on calender?
So Milind is having a gala time

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The Cloudcutter said...

Gorgeous picture of Durban. I'm going to use it as my wallpaper, if you don't mind.
Ahhh Milind! Is he still a dreamboat?

maha said...

sure.... i like goa..

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