Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life in a metro....

My daughter tells me one has to have a 'metro face' in PARIS! That explains all the 'khadus' expressions I see all around me each time I step into one. The corners of the mouth remain resolutely down. And the eyes are dead. This makes women in particular, look most unattractive, especially if they are wearing too much lipstick. like sad clowns. Nobody talks. Nobody smiles. Everybody appears to be strangely preoccupied. In a city this beautiful, especially at this time of the year, when it is at its dazzling best, it seems incongruous that most of the people lack cheer!
we went to the Grand Palais last night to check out what had been created inside that gigantic space which sees major expositions round the year. it was a children's amusement park, with a huge ferris wheel and all those scarey rides. Unreal and surrealistic. But at least the kids were laughing, and there was so much joy in the air. We decided to walk to Cafe de la Paix, one of my all time favourite hangouts.There was a near full moon in the sky, it was a clear, crisp and cold night. But my daughter's brisk pace wore me out!! By the time we got there, I was ready to collapse. Two glasses of Sancerre and a slab of fois gras later, I was ready to go once more.


supriya said...

congratulations shobha ma'am...!!! u finally got back ur cyberspace lost entry to the blog..!
and wish u a very grand new year..!!

cmpershad said...

Metro face means khadoos expression!

Nice to learn about rotisoorat paris:)

ne2 said...

Your xpressions on "Life in a metro" z enlightenin...I alwys thought Paris has beauty of its own kind coz of it's cultural richness & latest fashion trends.But knowin abt a society wher people look lik sad clowns whilst clowns seem 2 b cheerful shows d changin facets of utlra modern society.It's little gloomy & sad!

mahatru said...

So Ma de

Cyber space is not a returned ur post!!!!

Do you directly type ur posts in blogspot? Its better to do it in MS Doc first so in a situation like dis u can easily recover ur data...!

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