Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty and Spice Temple

Can there ever be too much of a good thing? I think not. I love excess. And today has been excessive! Well.... one cannot possibly come to Sydney and not attempt some sort of a lunatic record eating at gourmet heavens like Marque and Spice Temple. Getting to Marque involved a story - my cabbie dropped me off at the Salvation Army building and told me to find my way to what is considered THE place , not just in Sydney, but in all of Australia. The entrance is indeed discreet, as is the chef\owner Mark. But the food is extravagant and adventurous ( a beetroot macaroon with a foie gras filling!), and the place was spilling over at lunchtime - understandably so. Not quite Salvation Army, but....
Like most things Australian, there is nothing pretentious about the superlative and sophisticated cuisine that focuses on fresh local produce and is not afraid to innovate. I am determined to get Mark to Mumbai soon. I can see him making magic with Chef Hemant Oberoi.
I also wanted to kidnap Neil Perry who opened the Spice Temple earlier this year, and patrons haven't stop raving. I went there for a late night supper after watching a fascinating production of Sleeping Beauty at the Opera House, which is one of the most recognised buildings in the world. Why fascinating? The production was a lot like Australia itself - multicultural and innovative. A Japanese dancer as Sleeping Beauty and Banarasi brocade costumes against a set that looked Balinese!The hour was late, but the Spice Temple was packed and buzzed. I was delighted to interact with Baci Moore, the efficient manager who took me through the Spice Temple adventure and philosophy. A menu this inspired doesn't require words. What Perry has achieved is just so sublime, one just has to look heavenwards and thank the Lord for granting such pleasure. As for the unique cocktails, based on the Chinese astro signs ( lemon grass and rose petal soda with tanqueray and citrus falls under the Dragon ), I'll have to come back to Sydney to sample them. But then, any excuse will do to return all over again to a city I adore.


Anonymous said...

Fasting days?

Perdy Mohindru said...

Hi Shobha Ji

good evening

gr8 to hear that u'r njoying yr stay in sydney.

I admire yr. writing style.

R u working on a new book etc, pls do write.

take care



blue star said...

A place has it's uniqueness not only in it's natural beauty but also the degree to which man makes his efforts to make it a place worth revisiting. The Australian govt has done well to live up to its esteem and the image u presented here has made Sydney a culturally sophisticated destination. :)

obssesor said...

enough of food. sick and tired of it!


i had only gone thru few lines of this blog till excess word striked my mind.. `i love excess`.. and this opened up a new windows of thoughts to me..
For sure lovin excess is to become exhaustive..excess is always it is said in hindi .. ati sarvatra varjayet..but our lifestyle today enthrusts us into this excess being..
and all ur stories and novels are based on such characters who lyk excess..... gud.. a gud extention of your own personality.. :) i go to read rest of the blog..

pissed with politics!! said... check it out!!!

Anil Kumar said...

As you are away and having some peace of mind, I just thought I will update you with some chuttad news from subcontinent's Indian news media such as starnews, NDTV, Neo TV and jugalbandi of cricketers and Bollywooders.

1) There is a breaking news on various channels that Yuvraj Singh may miss the next one day match against Srilanka as he is nursing a broken finger. It's a breaking news on all major news channels run by sluts and bastards.

2) Our legendary desperate old man Amitabh Bachhan was on Neo cricket discussion panel and he was discussing 20-20 cricket match while promoting his movie Paa on the show. Get a life dear Bachhan.

3) Our legendery icon Sachin Tendulkar was trying to cover up for his losses in real estate by promoting Aamir's movie with clues similar to finding an Easter egg. Height of chuttadpanaa for quick bucks.

I can go on and on but I just thought I will remind you what to expect when you leave the shores down under. It's disgusting to say the least.

Ishma.. said...

On the contrary, "I love excess" is my fav line of your blog!!

ms said...

g'dday, mzde!! while in melb, trapeze down lygon st and dine at the mask in chinatown. guaranteed bliss!

mahatru said...

@Anil looks like these celebs can go to any extent to make some quick bucks. Earlier it used to b posters on walls for any new release then TV trailers, now Social N/wing sites, online ads, appearing as guests on some reality show aur abb tto hadd hogayi tht Amitji was on Neo Cricket to promote Paa......ridiculous

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Desi NiGGa said...

hi shobhaji... i am an 18 yr old guy!!! and i must tel u... i like ur ritin style ver very much.... i think u r really sexy... an i hav a huge crush on u... muuaaahhaaaa love ya.......

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