Friday, December 11, 2009

Sold on Sydney!

So much catching up to do. I have finally caught up with my own jet lag and am not zoning anymore. But three days from now, I shall have to rezone and get into India mode, after our three day trip to Melbourne and a stopover in Singapore. If only we could somehow pull Australia closer to ourselves ( literally and metaphorically!), I swear, I'd get here oftener. My son Aditya is so completely sold on Sydney, I shall have to drag him kicking and screaming to the airport early tomorrow morning for our flight to Melbourne at the crack of dawn.

For me, our exquisite lunch at the Palazzo Versace remains a delicious memory of the Gold Coast experience. I was back at the Palazzo after a gap of four and a half years. It was as vivid and colourful as I remembered it - you know, the bright and happy, OTT colours one associates with the brand? Yellows and pinks and turquoises?? The Venetian chandelier ( it works!! Yes. Even in that setting!) in the lobby, the sharply dressed employees who resemble Versace models and have great attitude..... it's all soooooo Versace! Well, The Palazzo has brand new plans lined up for New Year's Eve - the theme is ''Unmasked'" and I'm guessing it's going to be edgy and very noir! Good acts lined up as well, including Estelle! More details coming up. But for now, I have to jump into a cab and rush to keep my date at Marque, one of the top rated restaurants of the world, presided over by an award winning chef - Mark Best himself. Watch this space..

For all you foodies out there, keep reading and coming back for more. Last night at Tetsuya's, both Aditya and I, died several times as the most unexpected tastes exploded inside our mouths over a four hour gourmet banquet at what is considered the most exquisite fine dining experience on earth.... inspired by a genius called Tetsuya!Aaaah.... could I possibly grow another stomach??Such excess.... but am I complaining?


Shachi said...

aha - truly enjoying the holidays - be merry :)

Pratap said...


Its a real pleasure reading your posts.
THANK YOU for letting me live vicariously through you :-)

Anonymous said...

Daal Chawal aur aalu ki bhujiya???

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

" shall have to drag him kicking and screaming to the airport early tomorrow morning for our flight to Melbourne at the crack of dawn."

....but why should the flights be at the crack of dawn to disturb you from the sweet dreams :)

Unknown said...

ohh..i have lived in oz for 7 yrs, wish i was still there..u r making me J, love syd, n njoy the shopping in melbourne :-).

Mukesh Bhatia said...

Ahhh the words itself sound delicious. But very plainly & honestly putting it, I never ever heard of such delicacies & its really really difficult to pronounce. By reading it sounds like a Chinese or some oriental dish. But all said n done, its catchy & mouth watering. Thanx for writing & all the best for ur future rendezvous. You missed to mention @ ur plans if any to meet the cricket celebrities there. May be Steve Waugh or Mcgrath, who I know as very social.

Unknown said...

ahoy, mz de! home is the native, home from the sea!!
glad you are enjoying the life in Oz, but browner pastures back home beckon you relentlessly. come back asap, the country is fragmenting, even as you read this!! i promise you, any partition post-1947 is going to be just as traumatic. which genius came up with this theory that by dividing we rule? divide and collide, more likely.
ps: please visit "dockers" and sample the beer-batter fish. also catch lunchtime performances in Martin Place.

Unknown said...

I thought u r enjoying more of Australia than ur son but these lines " shall have to drag him kicking and screaming to the airport early tomorrow morning for our flight to Melbourne at the crack of dawn." tell that both of are having a gala time there....

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